Friday Feb 03, 2012

Spotlight on CRM IT Social CRM++: a Web 2.0 Productivity Tools for CRM on Demand

CRMIT, an Oracle ISV and one of the leading CRM On-Demand System Integrators in EMEA, has developed SocialCRM++, an efficient collaboration system for managing customer relationships and data in a well-organized and process-centric way. SocialCRM++ has the competence to bring new and dynamic methods for improving the quality and speed of interactions between your CRM On Demand users and the CRM data itself.

SocialCRM++ is built as a cloud-ready plug-in to CRM On-Demand, it allows you to seamlessly connect to broad set of data without losing any confidential information.

SocialCRM++ is a SaaS based Web 2.0 On Demand solution for Oracle CRM On Demand implementations. This changes the face of traditional, transactional CRM and makes it an information sharing platform, which is fun to use and at the same time improving productivity. Your CRM users can follow each other / share public / private messages / respond to others / form groups and interact / follow important CRM records / share URLs / Files and more. If you are having a hybrid model of deployment, you can use SocialCRM++ to collaborate between your CRM Users and Non-CRM Users too!

To summarize, SocialCRM++  incorporates all the basic features of a social app including secure interfaces to follow people, post status updates, respond, share, create or manage groups, events, post files and lots more; all with a CRM focus. So, you will be able to target all your social messages around CRM records, documents or even general topics, as per your requirement. CRMIT’s SocialCRM++ is available in multiple deployment models : It can be hosted within your premises, or in a private / public cloud.

To get a glimpse of how SocialCRM++ works, view this YouTube video:

Thursday Jan 19, 2012

Spotlight on Dealmaker: a CRM on Demand add-on to maximize Sales Teams Productivity

The TAS Group® and Dealmaker provide you with unique differentiators against competing CRM systems.  We help your customers to sell smarter and manage better, with better CRM system adoption.  According to the Aberdeen Group, customers of The TAS Group realize 21% greater quota attainment. The TAS Group’s unique value is the result of combining intelligent software applications and deep sales methodologies.  The Dealmaker® intelligent software platform provides real-time automated deal coaching, configurable sales process, deep methodology, and smart reasoning to deliver better sales results - consistently. The predictive analytics provide accurate sales forecasts.

Dealmaker inside Oracle® CRM on Demand helps your customers achieve sustained, predictable and profitable sales growth through increased adoption of buyer-driven sales processes, instant, accurate forecasting, increased win rate with Target Account Selling® (TAS®), shortened sales cycles with better customer alignment, improved account penetration with account management methodology, automated deal-specific inspection and coaching, and objective, predictive analytics based on each company’s business rules.  Dealmaker Pulse provides intelligent social networking for sales, with instant objective deal alerts.

Dealmaker and Oracle® CRM on Demand combine to bring structure to the sales process, and make the sales person smarter with guidance and best practice through each step in the pipeline.  Forecasts are based on data collected during the sales process, and remove sales person subjectivity for dramatically increased forecasting accuracy.  Pipeline analytics and deal analytics allow sales people to prepare better for deal reviews, and help sales leaders accelerate revenues with early warning performance insights so they can focus their coaching efforts.  Embedded account planning and opportunity management methodology are the foundation for planning, finding, creating and winning more opportunities.  Globally proven change management processes provide learning, assessment, certification, application and revision for improved adoption and sustainment of selling best practices.



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