Thursday Apr 12, 2012

Spotlight on RIVA: CRM integration for Oracle CRM on Demand and Microsoft Exchange

Introducing Riva from Omni - an Oracle ISV partner specializing in Enterprise Management and Integration Solutions

Riva delivers advanced, server-side integration for Oracle CRM On Demand and Microsoft Exchange or even Novell GroupWise. Riva allows Oracle customers to go beyond the standard Outlook plug-in to deliver additional value for the end user as they interact between Outlook and CRM On Demand.

Riva syncs CRM On Demand to ALL Exchange mail apps, not just Windows Outlook.  So, whether customers are using Outlook 2010, Outlook Web Access (web client), Outlook 2011 for Mac, Apple Mail, Outlook on Citrix  or a mobile device, Riva's got them covered.

There are no plug-ins to be installed, configured, managed and maintained on users' desktops, laptops as Riva delivers Server-side synchronisation for CRMOD and Exchange. The automation of CRM and Outlook integration will remove the reliance upon users to synchronise between the two with Riva handling this process.

Riva allows administrators to define sync policies and apply them to individuals or groups of users depending on their sync requirements. Administrators will be able to determine and manage the exposure of the most pertinent detail to be synchronised between Outlook and CRM On Demand.

Custom and organic contact filtering for large deployments i.e. Based on ownership, groupings and contact frequency, filters can be applied on what contact records are shared with the users.

Riva provides the capability to synchronise CRM and Outlook beyond Contacts, Calendar entries and Email. The synchronisation can be extended to cater for  opportunities, quotes and custom objects for example within the Outlook interface.

Riva SmartConvert Folders can automate the creation of opportunities and associated contacts for example if they don't already exist. This can facilitate a reduction in manual detail entry through quick association whilst also benefiting user adoption.

From a mobile perspective, Riva allows users to view and manage their CRM On Demand contacts, calendar, tasks, opportunities and cases from iPad, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry devices.  Again, there are no mobile apps or additional plugins to install, configure or manage. We sync CRM On Demand to Exchange.  Because the mobile device is connected to an Exchange mailbox, the information automatically syncs down to the native address book, calendar and mail apps on the smartphone or tablet.

Riva Datasheet for CRM On Demand Riva Brochure – Oracle CRM On Demand 

Technical Knowledgebase & Riva Trial
Comparison to Outlook Plug-ins Riva Diagram – Riva Comparison with Outlook Plug-ins

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Friday Feb 03, 2012

Spotlight on CRM IT Social CRM++: a Web 2.0 Productivity Tools for CRM on Demand

CRMIT, an Oracle ISV and one of the leading CRM On-Demand System Integrators in EMEA, has developed SocialCRM++, an efficient collaboration system for managing customer relationships and data in a well-organized and process-centric way. SocialCRM++ has the competence to bring new and dynamic methods for improving the quality and speed of interactions between your CRM On Demand users and the CRM data itself.

SocialCRM++ is built as a cloud-ready plug-in to CRM On-Demand, it allows you to seamlessly connect to broad set of data without losing any confidential information.

SocialCRM++ is a SaaS based Web 2.0 On Demand solution for Oracle CRM On Demand implementations. This changes the face of traditional, transactional CRM and makes it an information sharing platform, which is fun to use and at the same time improving productivity. Your CRM users can follow each other / share public / private messages / respond to others / form groups and interact / follow important CRM records / share URLs / Files and more. If you are having a hybrid model of deployment, you can use SocialCRM++ to collaborate between your CRM Users and Non-CRM Users too!

To summarize, SocialCRM++  incorporates all the basic features of a social app including secure interfaces to follow people, post status updates, respond, share, create or manage groups, events, post files and lots more; all with a CRM focus. So, you will be able to target all your social messages around CRM records, documents or even general topics, as per your requirement. CRMIT’s SocialCRM++ is available in multiple deployment models : It can be hosted within your premises, or in a private / public cloud.

To get a glimpse of how SocialCRM++ works, view this YouTube video:



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