Oracle Service Cloud (aka RightNow) August 2014 is now Generally Available

We are pleased to announce the availability of the Oracle Service Cloud August 2014 Release.

This latest release provides significant new features and capabilities across the Oracle Service Cloud pillar.  Highlights include:

  • Fully-featured collaboration service
  • Optimize agent utilization in Experience Routing
  • Leverage preloaded data with Virtual Assistant
  • Simplify and improve the design delivery and effectiveness of interviews in Policy Automation
  • Providing ODBC & JDBC client-side driver for data-access in Cloud Service Platform
  • And more…

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Key Elements of the Oracle Service Cloud August 2014 Release

In the August 2014 release of Oracle Service Cloud, we continue our commitment to improving and enhancing the Oracle Service Cloud suite of applications in order to empower great customer experiences. 

The August 2014 release provides significant new features and capabilities across the Oracle Service Cloud pillar.  A new level of service collaboration is being delivered through the Cross-Channel Contact Center.  With this fully-featured collaboration service, agents are now empowered to harness the expertise across your organization directly from their Agent Desktop. You will also benefit from new Web Customer Service enhancements to Experience Routing which optimize agent utilization, and with Virtual Assistant, the ability to leverage preloaded data to personalize and anticipate users’ needs without requiring them to first type a question. Policy Automation delivers a new level of functionality to simplify and improve the design delivery and effectiveness of interviews. On the Cloud Service Platform, we are providing ODBC & JDBC client-side drivers for data-access that deliver a seamless out-of-the-boxexperience for data access.  


Service Collaboration

Harness the expertise across your organization with robust Service Collaboration.  By providing seamless access to the best resources throughout your team, your service agents can work together to more quickly resolve issues and deliver a higher level of service.  In this release, agents can collaborate directly from the incident workspace without leaving the agent desktop and can collaborate anytime and anywhere with mobile collaboration apps.  Service-specific functionality enables frequent collaborators to prioritize their conversation participation based on urgency and business priority.  Agents stay informed with real time capabilities such as activity streams and integrated notification alerts on important posts.  Along with enhancing the productivity and efficiency of your agents, you can harness undocumented knowledge present in your organization and make information more accessible to the whole organization for future inquiries.


Chat - Experience Routing Optimized Assignments

With Experience Routing we streamlined the implementation of skills based routing.  In this release, you will improve the responsiveness to your customers by evenly distributing the workload to optimize your agent utilization when assigning chats. For example, if there are multiple qualified agents available to take a chat, we assign the chat to the agent who is handling the fewest number of simultaneous chat sessions.  The addition of reporting on queue performance by profile gives you a better understanding of how different agents groups perform against skill types. Also, enhanced trend reporting enables you to detect trends in changing skill and staffing requirements.  

Virtual Assistant - Extensions for Dialog Personalization

Virtual Assistant enables your customers to have a conversation that offers personalized and engaging human-like interactions.  The improved integration capabilities in this release enable you to ‘inject’ personal and contextual information from other data sources at the point of initiation in order to influence the content and direction of the dialog flows.  This allows you to start the interaction by anticipating likely user needs, reflecting your understanding of what the user is experiencing, rather than a generic ‘How may I help you?” type of prompt.


Improved Interview Experience

Further improvements to the interview experience for easier and more effective dynamic interviews.  The enhanced layout provides the ability to embed images, organize the design of the layout with a side-by-side view and intuitively show or hide controls.  In this release we have also streamlined the ability to audit interviews. You now have the ability to store and view decision reports in the Agent Desktop or any connected application, and to capture evidence you can simply choose and upload any document.

Greater Modeling Productivity

To improve the modeling of interviews, in this release we introduce collaborative modeling to enable designers to work together on the same project. This prevents any conflicting changes and shows what has changed and why. 

Sample Projects

We have added even more sample projects to help you effectively build a business case, quickly get new interviews started and enhance existing interviews.

Integrate to Any Application

The new Web Service Connector allows you to securely integrate interviews with any application and easily map policies onto the data model of other applications all through a standards-based integration.

To further facilitate deployment efficiency you will find a new and simplified Hub user interface that provides a view of separate histories for project changes and deployments as well as the ability to centrally manage and review data service connectivity.


Managed ODBC & JDDBC

We are pleased to announce the availability of ODBC & JDBC data access capabilities in this release.  The most common cloud integration scenarios start with data access.  ODBC & JDBC are client-side drivers for data-access that deliver a seamless out-of-the-box experience for data access.   These drivers allow common off-the-shelf software to query, extract, and report on data that lives in the Oracle Service Cloud.  3rd party reporting tools, analytics, data integration tools, visualization tools, spreadsheets and more can gain immediate access to your data. These new ODBC & JDBC drivers for Oracle Service Cloud offer greater data access convenience, flexibility, and compatibility.

A complete list of enhancements to Oracle RightNow Service Cloud can be found in the August 2014 Release Notes


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where to get documentation about using ODBC/JDBC for Oracle Service Cloud instance. Documentation have no details/manual explaining functions to use.

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