Friday Jul 04, 2014

Fox Head’s e-commerce strategy puts users in the driver’s seat with Oracle Commerce

In 1974, Geoff Fox launched Moto-X Fox from a 1,500-square-foot office near San Jose, California. The business, distributing European motocross parts, grew quickly, and within two years founder Geoff Fox was making and selling his own components to a dedicated customer base. To serve those new customers, he also launched a catalog business—cutting and pasting photos and descriptions of his products into a makeshift booklet and photocopying the whole thing for motocross fans.

Read the complete success story to find out how Fox Head’s e-commerce strategy puts users in the driver’s seat for unforgettable shopping experience powered by Oracle Commerce!

Why Today's Enterprise Social Strategies Won't Work Tomorrow

Rapid change in technology, as exemplified by Moore’s Law, is a given. Even at that, the pace of change for enterprise social technology has been remarkable.

Personally, I embrace change. I started my career on the marketing side, then fell in love with the start-up world. Two years ago Oracle acquired my startup company Vitrue, a leading SaaS platform for social marketing.

Since then, the environment around enterprise social software has exploded in a fury of innovation, acquisition and integration. As evidence, check out the chart below, which shows all of the new features and capabilities that have been added to Oracle Social Cloud in that timeframe.

I offer that brief bit of history to bring context to a lesson I believe CMOs and CIOs should take to heart: yesterday’s enterprise social strategy won’t work today, and today’s won’t work tomorrow. Why? Well, let’s examine a few core principles of the social environment. To Be Continued....

Read the rest of this very interesting article about the history and future of social selling by Reggie Bradford, Senior Vice President, Oracle Product Development here!

Oracle is a Leader in e-Commerce (IDC)

IDC has published an extensive evaluation of the top e-commerce platform players. Oracle shares the very top Leader spot, coming in well ahead of the likes of Hybris and Demandware. Oracle further solidifies it's spot as a top e-comm platform provider through this research.

IDC points out the many strengths of Oracle Commerce:

"Oracle Commerce, which outside of Oracle is still commonly referred to as Oracle ATG since the acquisition in 2010, is a capability-rich ecommerce platform and a popular ecommerce platform of choice by both large regional and international retailers. The Oracle ecommerce platform scored highly in our assessment due to its extensive and industry-leading range of sophisticated and granular capabilities as well as being part of a broader suite of complementary offerings covering marketing, sales, service, and social. Oracle also scored strongly due to the flexibility of its deployment options that include on-premises, hosted, cloud, or a combination as required by a retailer. In addition, IDC rated Oracle highly for having a varied licensing structure, supporting the deployment models based on a perpetual licensing basis and supported by Oracle Financing as required.

From a global perspective, Oracle Commerce is available in 22 languages (which Oracle plans to continue expanding) and supported by an extensive direct and indirect (through regional partners) global go-to-market capability to engage with potential customers and implementation projects. Oracle demonstrated a clear near- and long-term omnichannel strategy for the evolution of its ecommerce capability to become a singular commerce platform for retailers with both store and online operations."



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