Sunday Jun 29, 2014

Oracle CRM On Demand Release 26 is Generally Available

Oracle is pleased to announce that Oracle CRM On Demand Release 26 is Generally Available as of June 27, 2014. Oracle CRM On Demand is part of Oracle's long-term commitment strategy and the product roadmap proves our investment.  

Oracle CRM On Demand is also supported by our Applications Unlimited Lifetime Support Policy, which can be found on the Oracle Support Site.

Some of the features and enhancements in this release include:

  • An updated user interface, specifically tuned for mobile sales users, that provides a more engaging and intuitive experience
  • Pre-built social collaboration with Oracle Social Network embedded in Oracle CRM On Demand, enabling collaboration of employees in team sales and support activities
  • A newly developed Divisions framework, which works in conjunction with the Picklist Value Group feature, giving you the ability to map users by division, with data specific to the division, improving usability and reducing administrative cost
  • Expanded availability for Oracle CRM On Demand Desktop to multi-tenant customers, allowing users to work directly in Microsoft Outlook with their Oracle CRM On Demand data
  • Enhanced marketing capabilities allowing users to create beautifully crafted campaigns, communicate with their customers using engaging email templates, and track interactions with customers
  • Improved analytics with new business intelligence content such as sample requests data for richer call activity history analysis and territory-based book analysis support for events.

For additional details on the new features in Release 26, please review the Transfer of Information recordings available on My Oracle Support.

Over the next few releases, some of the more exciting enhancements that are planned include the following:

  • A revised calendar, visual indicators, and additional UI enhancements to improve the user experience by providing a more intuitive, modernized interface
  • Oracle CRM On Demand Desktop Lite, which provides appointment, task, contact, and account synchronization between Oracle CRM On Demand and Microsoft Outlook, and includes email integration enabling users to see more data from a single point of view
  • Role-based IP address restrictions, to give you even more flexibility with configuring your security settings
  • A next generation Connected Mobile Sales application, with support for built-in device components, such as storage
  • A new set of RESTful APIs, that can be used to rapidly create new avenues into Oracle CRM On Demand, specifically mobile solutions
  • Built-in map interface enabling the ability to map contacts and customers within a certain proximity of a specific location
  • An enhanced search providing you “fuzzy-like” search results
  • A new report scheduling API allowing you to submit report executions offline and email the results to your users

As a reminder, we have various product areas to help customers and partners maximize the value of Oracle CRM On Demand.  The following are some of the product areas that might be of benefit:

  • Oracle Cloud Marketplace, which encourages partner innovation
  • Customer Advisory Boards, which consist of industry-leading customers where Oracle engages directly with our customers, and provides them an opportunity to influence our future strategy and roadmap
  • The Oracle CRM On Demand User Group, which is managed fully by customers, whose mandate is to work with Oracle Product Management and help influence our product strategy
  • The Communities link on My Oracle Support, which you can use to collaborate with peers and Oracle CRM On Demand experts
Oracle CRM On Demand is a valuable asset to Oracle’s portfolio, and we will continue to expand its functionality through Oracle internal development as well as through partners and other integrations.



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