Thursday Jun 12, 2014

Extend Oracle Sales Cloud with Oracle Platform as a Service

Use these Oracle guided-learning courses to learn how to extend Oracle Sales Cloud with Oracle Platform as a Service (PaaS) services. While this course is focused on using Oracle PaaS infrastructure services, many of the techniques presented are applicable to customers on Software as a Service (SaaS) environments.

If you are a consultant embarking on an Oracle Fusion Applications SaaS implementation project or an Independent Solution Vendors (ISVs) looking to integrate a solution with Oracle Sales Cloud, this training is for you!

Be Prepared: Technology Trends Converge and Disrupt

Cloud. Big data. Mobile. Social media: these mega trends in technology have had a profound impact on our lives.

And now according to SVP Ravi Puri from North America Oracle Consulting Services, these trends are starting to converge and will affect us even more. His article, “Cloud, Analytics, Mobile, And Social: Convergence Will Bring Even More Disruption” appeared in Forbes on June 6.

For example, mobile and social are causing huge changes in the business world. Big data and cloud are coming together to help us with deep analytical insights. And much more.

These convergences are causing another wave of disruption, which can drive all kinds of improvements in such things as customer satisfaction, competitive advantage, and growth.

But, according to Puri, companies need to be prepared.

In this article, Puri urges companies to get out in front of the new innovations. H3 gives good directions on how to do so to accelerate time to value and minimize risk.

The post is a good thought leadership piece to pass on to your customers.

724% Return on an SFA project with Oracle Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud combined!

Oracle Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud customer Apex IT gained just that―a 724% return on investment (ROI) when it implemented these Oracle Cloud solutions in its fast-moving, rapidly-growing business.

Apex IT was just announced as a winner of the Nucleus Research 11th annual Technology ROI Awards. The award, given by the analyst firm, highlights organizations that have successfully leveraged IT deployments to maximize value per dollar spent.

Fast Facts:

  • Return on Investment – 724%
  • Payback – 2 months
  • Average annual benefit – $91,534
  • Cost : Benefit Ratio – 1:48

Business Benefits

In addition to the ROI and cost metrics the award calls out improvements in Apex IT’s business operations—across both Sales and Marketing teams:

  • Improved ability to identify new opportunities and focus sales resources on higher-probability deals
  • Reduced administration and manual lead tracking—resulting in more time selling and a net new client increase of 46%
  • Increased campaign productivity for both Marketing and Sales, including Oracle Marketing Cloud’s automation of campaign tracking and nurture programs
  • Improved margins with more structured and disciplined sales processes—resulting in more effective deal negotiations
Read the full Apex IT ROI Case Study. You also can learn more about Apex IT’s business, including the company’s work with Oracle Sales and Marketing Cloud on behalf of its clients.

You can point your prospects and customers to the CX blog for a similar recap of the Apex IT award and a link to the Case Study.



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