Saturday May 31, 2014

Now open! FY15 Global Partner Kickoff Registration - June 25 & 26

Register today for OPN's FY15 Global Partner Kickoff! During this year's live webcast - Rich Geraffo, SVP, Worldwide Alliances & Channels, Oracle - will shed light around Oracle's vision, strategy and opportunities for the upcoming fiscal year. You'll also have a chance to hear from other Oracle executives, thought leaders and partners!

  • EMEA Partner KickOff: June 25, 7:00am PDT / 3:00pm BST
  • LAD Partner KickOff: June 25, 9:00am PDT / 1:00pm BDST
  • NA Partner KickOff: June 25, 11:00am PDT
  • JAPAN Partner KickOff: June 25, 6:00pm PDT / June 26, 9:00am JST
  • APAC Partner KickOff: June 25, 8:00pm PDT / June 26, 11:00am SGT & 8:30am IST
Once registered, watch + participate in the live webcast via the OPN homepage or OPN Facebook page on the day of the event.

Friday May 30, 2014

Oracle Social Relationship Management Implementation Bootcamp for partners

We are pleased to inform you that the first Oracle Social Relationship Management Implementation Bootcamp for partners will take place in Atlanta (USA), June 23-26.

Information and registration here.

Please note that we intend to deliver a similar Bootcamp in EMEA (probably in UK) in the August-September time frame

Friday May 23, 2014

How Social 'Listening' Enables Real-Time Marketing

"Companies have long tried to build strong customer relationships through well honed marketing programs. The challenge is that the playing field keeps changing—trends shift, new technologies emerge, and customers change and become more demanding.

So old-school marketing strategies no longer work. What companies need today is real-time marketing enabled by real-time listening..."

In this Forbes article, learn how Oracle new Marketing Cloud and Social Relationship Management solutions help companies aligning their marketing platforms to their CX strategy.

Are you a leader when it comes to digital CX?

Learn how Oracle Commerce uniquely enables you to drive the best business results—higher traffic, increased conversion rates and greatest average order size. Watch this short video and start increasing AOV soon!

Plus: take our quick survey to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your digital marketing strategy:

New Business Opportunities with Oracle BPS/BPO model: webinar replay available now!

Missed the Business Process Services (BPS, aka BPO) Webinar for EMEA partners?

Take the replay now and find new business opportunities for Oracle CX partners!


  • Options available to you from Oracle
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    • Requirements for participation
  • Cloud for BPS Partners
    • Framework
    • Business Terms

Thursday May 22, 2014

Atradius Collection's Success in Netherlands with Oracle Sales Cloud

Atradius Collections is the leading collections agency in the world. In this short 4' video, learn how Atradius (Netherlands) is using Oracle Sales Cloud to capture the voice of its 14,500 global customers & deliver the highest customer service.

Spotlight on Enigen UK

The start of 2014 has certainly been a busy and successful time for Enigen UK!

They have just won ‘Oracle Specialised Partner of The Year’ recognition of their success and relationships with customers, delivery capabilities and business development through Social Media. The full press release is available via Oracle and Enigen.

Enigen have continued to invest heavily in ‘all things Oracle Applications’, putting them in a strong position to offer the full CX Suite, but they have also invested heavily in their recruitment strategy.

The Enigen Oracle Service Cloud Team (aka RightNow) is made up of ex RightNow Professionals and the most recent addition to the team has been to their Oracle Sales Cloud Team.

Sundar Karumanchi has joined the Enigen Team as a ‘Fusion CRM Domain Architect.’ Sundar joins from Oracle Fusion CRM Product Development, where he’s been leading the application development streams for a number of key features and functions, over the past 6 years.

Full Q&A Via:

To keep up-to-date with Enigen, find them on Twitter via @EnigenCRM

The Art of Easy with Oracle Service Cloud (aka RightNow)

We from the Oracle Service Cloud have recently posted a series of 6 blogs talking about the art-of-easy.

Modern customer service is about making things easy, but making things easy isn’t trivial at all. 

Read what the experts’ product area owners have to say about the art of making it easy for customers, agents and management in a modern customer service organization (and feel free to share this with your clients).

1) "Modern Customer Service" by JP Saunders

2) “What Happens When Easy Goes Wrong" by David Fulton

3) “Easy Decisions Complex Problems" By Heike Lorenz

4) "Moving at the Speed of Easy" by Chris Omland

5) "Knowledge Makes It Easy For Everyone" by Nav Chakravarti

6) "Making Easy both Efficient and Effective" by Melinda Uhland

Happy reading!

Daniel Foppen (Oracle Service Cloud Product Manager for EMEA)

Oracle Service Cloud May 2014 Release is available

We have marked yet another successful quarterly product release.  The May 2014 release of Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow) delivers a broad range of improvements to Web Customer Service, Cross-Channel Contact Center, and the Service Cloud Platform. 

Release Resources

May 2014 Quarterly Release information can be found by clicking the links below.  Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the resources that are available to you. They include:

In the May 2014 release of Oracle Service Cloud we continue our commitment to improving and enhancing the Oracle Service Cloud suite of applications in order to empower great customer experiences. 

Customers will benefit from new Web Customer Service features, including Experience Routing to provide the most qualified resource to a given interaction, and an increase in the breadth of Siebel Service with the ability to channel service requests through Customer Portal. The Cross-Channel Contact Center has enhancements to multiple products and features. The Agent Desktop delivers a more flexible and faster user interface.  You will have more access to the voice of the customer with one-click configuration to enable Feedback for mobile devices, as well as enhancements to Social Monitoring, and Search.  On the Cloud Service Platform, we are delivering advancements to improve performance and new APIs to increase extensibility.  A complete list of enhancements to Oracle RightNow Service Cloud can be found in the May 2014 Release Notes.


Chat - Experience Routing

Increase customer satisfaction by providing the most qualified resource to a given interaction. For agents, maximize efficiency by aligning specific customer needs to their skills and availability. Experience Routing identifies agent product skills, language skills, and workload to optimize customer engagement and agent utilization. Additionally, the Queue Affinity scheme enables you to designate primary agent responsibilities, overflow coverage, and VIP queues without needing to make changes in real-time. Experience Routing provides prioritization and assignment control to meet business objectives.

Customer Portal - Self Service for Siebel

Existing Siebel Service users extend the breadth of the service experience to their customers through Web Customer Service. In this release, end customers can create service requests in Siebel Service from the “Ask a Question” page in the Customer Portal. Additionally, Smart Assistant can be enabled to potentially resolve the customer’s service request without an agent, before the service request ticket is created.


Agent Desktop - Enhanced Smart Client

This enhanced user interface (UI) provides agents with a highly flexible and faster desktop. Enhancements to Smart Client add several new features, including an updated look and feel, enhanced movable controls, and overall UI performance improvements. Now agents can personalize their Smart Client experience with the ability to position UI controls for their individual work preferences, such as drag and drop of select side bar controls to the left or right side of the console. These movable controls can also be undocked and arranged on another monitor for more convenient use of monitor space.  Additional functionality provides the ability to anchor Quick Search and Recent Items to the bottom of the console. This release also includes enhanced UI performance, delivering faster response time and reduced memory consumption.

Social Monitor - Enhanced SRM Integration

Increase your social responsiveness with the native integration of Oracle Social Response Management (SRM) and Oracle Service Cloud Social Monitor.  In this release, you will gain the ability to identify the severity of a customer issue and escalate more quickly by leveraging SRM’s noise filtering and semantic analysis.  Social Monitor searches are executed every 5 minutes (previously 15 minutes). This allows customers to meet their service level agreements (SLAs) for the social channel. Additionally, Facebook “dark posts” and “unpublished posts” are now monitored and agents can respond to comments on “dark posts”. On the agent desktop, Twitter and Facebook responses are included in context of a service incident, and service quality is ensured by way of automatic follow-up tracking as well as the ability to trigger actions on any customer response to an incident.

Feedback - Mobile Optimized Surveys

Increase response rates by offering a format automatically optimized for the device on which the survey is being viewed. This new capability optimizes your survey for mobile by simply selecting a checkbox. In the survey designer, you can choose to dynamically display questions or content based on mobile detection. Additionally, survey completion reporting is expanded to determine usage of your surveys from mobile versus the standard desktop.

Analytics - Search Dialog Enhancements

Empower your customers to personalize their report’s search window layout to their unique preference. This new functionality will allow console users to resize, reorder, and stack filters, organizing them in the way that they find most useful. Formatting is made easy with an intuitive design that simply leverages drop down menus as well as drag and drop capabilities. With these Search Dialog enhancements, users will save time by prioritizing filters of importance, having quicker and easier selection of filter values, and retaining layouts for future use.


Integration - ROQL Enhancements

Improve the functionality offered to developers to build dynamic data integrations.  In this release, you now have the ability to discover object model meta data using ROQL queries.  This feature allows for developing low maintenance ‘metadata-driven’ cloud data integrations.

The Site Information Object, now available through ROQL, includes the ability to retrieve data such as the CX release information, supported API versions, and applied service packs on a given Service Cloud instance.  This enables developers to build integrations that are adaptable across multiple CX versions. 

Integration - Enhanced Public API Support for Mailboxes

Enable email-based integrations or incident forward customizations using information about mailboxes. Existing mailbox objects have been enhanced to access additional attributes through public APIs. This functionality provides the ability to determine the mailbox values for from address, reply-to address, incoming/outgoing enabled, friendly from address, mailbox type, and more.

Extensibility - Business Rules Invoke Object Event Handlers

Extend the business rules framework by leveraging object event handlers. Object event handlers are PHP scripts used for custom business logic that can be associated with create, update and delete operations on standard and custom business objects. This feature allows customers to trigger those object event handlers via business rules.


Upgrades can be initiated online at under the My Site Tools section.  We will engage with your customer to create your upgrade plan, including development effort and timeline. And, we will do everything we can to help facilitate a smooth, successful acceptance test and upgrade.  If your customer is interested in upgrading, please refer them to these resources:

Oracle RightNow Cloud Service Upgrade Recording - Navigate to Tab Upgrade

Documentation Link - Navigate to Upgrade Guide section

We hope you are as impressed with this great release for Service Cloud as we are. For more information contact: (Oracle Service Cloud Product Manager for EMEA)

Tuesday May 20, 2014

Novia Systems France implements Oracle Sales Cloud in 6 weeks only!

Novia Systems, an IT Services Corporation, selected Oracle Sales Cloud for its own business and commercial usage following a thorough analysis of all SFA solutions vendors.

Main selection criteria’s included:

  • The Oracle Sales Cloud Interface user friendlyness as well as the mobile application were seen as critical success factors for the user adoption
  • The capability to adapt the solution to the company’s existing processes thanks to its customization platform
  • The easiness to integrate with Microsoft Outlook
  • The rich out-of-the-box functionality, in particular a product catalog that addresses 100% of Novia Systems’s unique requirements
  • The quality of the reporting tools which allow an efficient management of the sales performance at each and every level.

While maintaining the legacy CRM which was planned to be terminated in March, Novia Systems experts were given only one month to perform functional and technical analysis in order to guarantee a go-live on April 1st.

As part of the Novia systems (Ex T-Systems) and EFFITIC merger, this 50 users SFA project was involving the integration and the migration of 2 existing systems. In order to meet the 6 weeks deadline, Novia Systems gathered an internal team of 4 CRM and BI expert consultants, including one consultant in charge of the integration and one for both the Change Management and the end users training.

Besides the involvement of Novia Systems Executive Management in the project, the team could also take benefit of an ad’hoc support of Oracle Consulting Services. Overall, Novia Systems was capable to put together an organization and a methodology which made possible to meet the targeted go-live date and the business requirements.

The Oracle Sales Cloud solution fully addresses Novia Systems’ requirements and expectations. Users benefit from an intuitive and powerful application which enables them to update any sales information, even when being on the road.

With this « 6 weeks only » project, the Oracle partner Novia Systems has demonstrated its capability to successfully deploy Oracle Sales Cloud while managing the project in the targeted time and budget.

Oracle Customer 2 Cloud Program: what´s in it for partners? a special Webinar for EMEA partners

The new Oracle Customer 2 Cloud (C2C) Program offers sizeable CX Cloud business opportunities for our partners into their existing Siebel, Peoplesoft or Oracle eBusiness Suite customers installed base, leveraging financial incentives that allow customers switching part of their On Premises solutions' maintenance fees against Cloud subscriptions from the market leading provider of CX Cloud business solutions.

Look at this introduction video to have a first feeling about the C2C program and then join us on Tuesday June 10th at 9am CET (8am UK) to find out how you and your customers can benefit from this program to secure existing Siebel, Peoplesoft or Oracle eBusiness Suite accounts while generating new business opportunities.

Register here!

Oracle Social Relationship Management Sales Awareness Training - Dubai, June 16&17

The Oracle Social Relationship Management Sales Awareness Training is designed to enable new and existing partners with the product knowledge, market knowledge and selling strategies to help them achieve their revenue targets.

  • This training is targeted to partners. Any sales, pre-sales, practice sales, consultants, marketers, and social media and community managers are welcome!
  • This event is offered FREE of charge to Gold+ Oracle Partners

Interested partners should register here to reserve their seat.  Space is limited!

Innovations in Applications - EMEA Partners webinar, June 2nd, 15:00 GMT / 16:00 CET

We are pleased to invite you to the next - free of charge - Innovations in Applications webcast for EMEA OPN partners which will take place 02 June, 15:00 GMT / 16:00 CET, featuring the following CX specific breakout sessions:

- Oracle Sales Cloud R8 (delivered by Blanca Lopez, Pre-Sales Consultant, Oracle Sales Cloud)

Oracle Sales Cloud is an easy-to-use Sales Force Automation that helps companies Do More, Sell More and Grow More. In this session we will present the new and exciting features of release 8 including the integration with Oracle CPQ.

- Oracle Marketing and Social Cloud (delivered by Markus Joldzic, Sales Consultant for Marketing & Social)

Generate more Leads with Oracle Social : With the integrated Oracle Marketing and Oracle Social Cloud, Oracle offers an unparalleled ability to build robust multi channel marketing campaigns and track campaigns through both traditional channels and social channels. The integration between Oracle Eloqua and Oracle Social Relationship Management (SRM) enables marketers to provide advanced marketing automation and extend it to the Social Web. Publish your Marketing Content to social media and enhance the Universal Customer Profile with engagement data from social channels. See how easy it is to create lead capture tools such as landing pages and promote quick and easily socially as well as extend their visibility by hosting landing pages directly on Facebook.

Register Today!

Monday May 19, 2014

Reminder: New Business Opportunities with Oracle BPS/BPO model: a webinar for our EMEA partners, May 22nd, 5pm CET / 4pm GMT

Please join Thomas Skov, Director BPS Oracle EMEA, and myself on Thursday May 22nd for a 60' webinar specially designed for our EMEA CX partners during which you will be hearing about new business opportunities based on Business Process Services (BPS), aka Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), leveraging Oracle CX Cloud and On Premises solutions.


  • Options available to you from Oracle
    • Business Value of BPS
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  • Cloud for BPS Partners
    • Framework
    • Business Terms

Date & Time: Thursday May 22nd, 5pm CET (4pm GMT)

Registration: register here

Thursday May 15, 2014

3 new Oracle Service Cloud Reference Videos

ResortCom Moves to Modern Customer Service with Oracle Cloud
ResortCom International, a leading timeshare resort servicing company, takes advantage of Oracle Service Cloud’s comprehensive features, security, and flexibility to provide enhanced customer service in reduced timeframes. Watch/Share now!

Q-See Secures Improved Customer Experience with Oracle Cloud
Oracle Service Cloud helps Q-See, a global leader in providing advanced surveillance solutions, track every customer interaction at customer support centers across the globe. Q-see has kept support costs flat while sales grow significantly. Watch/Share now!

HOSTING Improves Customer Experience with Oracle Cloud
HOSTING, a leading cloud service provider for mission critical applications, focuses on providing the best customer experience with Oracle Service Cloud by tracking every engagement and touch point. Watch/Share now!



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