Tuesday Nov 19, 2013

Breathe new life into your Siebel CRM with Experian QAS

It’s no secret that the CRM landscape is changing with the arrival of SaaS based CRM deployments. As organisations start questioning the value of their existing on-premise systems, this may be an ideal opportunity to consider addressing long standing issues, such as those of data quality.

Data quality is important for any organisation but particularly for Siebel CRM owners, who are responsible for the functionality, accuracy and effectiveness of their systems. As customer and business data is acquired, the quality of the data at the input stage and over its lifetime may be compromised and can degrade. Our 2013 global research report* results reveal that 55% of organisations report incomplete data, 43% encounter duplicates, and 32% find typos, as some of the most common data errors.

Low quality reference data in your Siebel CRM can lead to a poor customer experience; it can dilute the effectiveness of marketing and sales communication, and reduce an organisation’s ability to make accurate decisions. All of which may cost time and money and have a long term impact on the bottom line.

As strategic CRM conversations may already be taking place within your organisation, now can be the ideal time to take a critical look at data quality, a key driver in high performing CRMs. Take this opportunity to identify your organisation’s data quality challenges, gain management buy-in and user support to breathe new life into your Siebel CRM.

As an Oracle Gold Partner, Experian QAS has a strong heritage in providing customers with data quality solutions that integrate into a wide range of Oracle Applications:

  • Oracle’s Siebel solutions
  • Oracle’s People solutions
  • Oracle’s E-Business Suite
  • Oracle’s CRM On Demand
  • Oracle’s JD Edwards solutions
  • Oracle’s RightNow

We also have a dedicated team of data quality consultants that can help implement a bespoke data quality strategy based on your business needs. Visit www.qas.co.uk to find out more.

Charles O’Neil – Principal Siebel Consultant, Experian QAS

*Experian Global Data Quality Research, Dynamic Markets, 2013

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