“Everybody from online, CRM and data, channel management, communications, and content had to pull together to deliver one campaign and Eloqua was the glue that held it all together.” says Paul Higgins, Marketing Director, TalkTalk Business (UK, telco) in this 2'23 video.


  • Nurturing multiple sales channels with very diverse customers.
  • Generating leads qualified to a very high standard.
  • Engaging a fatigued and apathetic target audience.
  • Positioning the brand as industry thought leaders.


  • “What’s Your Business Grade?” campaign
  • Eloqua automated email nurture strategy
  • Eloqua Partner Network – Stein IAS


  • ROI of 20:1.
  • 40% uplift in sales opportunities in the smaller end with a 25% reduction in costs.
  • 20–25% increase in sales qualified leads for mid-market, corporate, and enterprise customer sets.
  • Open rate highs of 61.84% and click to open highs of 15.97%.