Monday Jul 29, 2013

Oracle and partnership: what's in it?

Oracle and have recently announced some partnership. In order to highlight what is the exact nature of this partnership, all Oracle CRM customers, including Oracle CRM On Demand customers, will receive a communication which confirms that, beyond the areas of partnership, Oracle and keep competing in the CRM market place and Oracle is still committed to deliver the market-leading CX and CRM capabilities and services.

Read the communication here 

Friday Jul 26, 2013

Eloqua Sales & Presales Guided Learning Paths now live!

We are happy to announce that the Guided Learning Paths for Oracle | Eloqua Sales & Pre-Sales are now available to OPN partners.

If you are interested in Eloqua news and upcoming training, please make sure to join the Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud Service Knowledge Zone to be notified of any Eloqua partner enablement updates.

Thursday Jul 25, 2013

Customer Experience: Will Your Company Pass The Toothbrush Test?

Businesses have been trying to master the art and science of customer relationship management (CRM) for years, but how is CX different from CRM? Here’s Bob Hayes’  answer to this question in this Forbes Article

Tuesday Jul 16, 2013

Why deliver customer service in the Cloud?

8 solid reasons why you should deliver customer service in the #Cloud [infographic]:

Oracle RightNow Cloud Service – 2013 Loopback Replay

It’s been an exciting few years of innovation with the Oracle RightNow Cloud Service offering. In case you haven’t stayed up to date with all the new features that we have delivered and the value that they can provide to you, this is your chance to learn about the highlights of what makes our latest Oracle RightNow Cloud Service offering so powerful.

The Oracle RightNow Cloud Service 2013 loopback Webinar provides at-a-glance insights on the following areas: 

  • Where is RightNow After Six Quarters as Oracle
  • Six Quarter Summary
  • Product Highlights
  • Voices of the Customer – Upgrade Experiences
  • Next Steps – Best Practices for Upgrades

Don't miss your chance to ensure your business is delivering the best experiences to your customers.

Take the webcast replay at your convenience here!

Friday Jul 12, 2013

Improve your Customer Experience with Oracle Policy Automation

Improved Customer Experience is a key imperative of all organizations in today’s world. Cost reduction, on the other hand, is also a key objective in most companies, as margins are dropping and profit is declining. The Big Question is how to deal with both challenges in parallel? A possible answer could be… “It’s all about service automation; it’s all about service standardization”.

Oracle Policy Automation is built to address this challenge. It allows business users to easily transform business logic into guided interactive interview processes and call scripts using natural language  - English, German, French, Spanish and many other languages. It automatically transforms written statements including complex rules and calculations of business users into customer or agent facing questions and underlying decision models. Never mind if you are dealing with sales advisory in Retail and Consumer Goods industry, guided service and support in Telco industry or even inspection and audit management in Registration & Audit business, OPA has proven it’s capabilities of handling this across channels and industry covering all customers and consumers touch points and providing a complete decision tree based audit trail.

Read more about Oracle Policy Automation on

Thursday Jul 11, 2013

Oracle RightNow Cloud Service ebook

 3 things companies can do in order to maximize customer satisfaction with Oracle RightNow Cloud Service... click here: [e-book]

The Oracle Customer Experience Benchmarking Tool

Lag or lead? What's your company's #CX like? Take this quick 10 question test to find out!

New Features, Fresh Competitive Edge: Get the Most from Oracle RightNow Cloud Service

Are you taking full advantage of your customer service solution? If you’re not up-to-speed with the new features of Oracle RightNow Cloud Service, this is your chance to catch up—and gain the competitive advantage.

Join our live Webcast on Tuesday July 16, for a rapid overview of Oracle RightNow Cloud Service's most powerful new capabilities, and what they mean for your organization. You’ll learn how you can:

  • Take full advantage of RightNow's evolution under Oracle
  • Stay ahead of the competition with key innovations and enhancements
  • Upgrade with confidence, based on other user experiences

Don't miss this chance to learn how Oracle RightNow Cloud Service can help you deliver an even smarter customer experience.

Live Webcast - Oracle RightNow Cloud Service – 2013 Loopback

Time: Tuesday, July 16, 2013, 11:00 a.m. PT / 2:00 p.m. ET

Register Now

Tuesday Jul 09, 2013

New Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow) Knowledge Zone for partners

The RightNow CX Cloud service Knowledge zone has been updated to the new Mosaic format, and is now Live.

Please visit and bookmar the new URL:

Are You Stuck in Idle When It Comes to Achieving Your Customer Experience Goals?

According to Oracle’s recent Global Customer Experience Impact report, a study of 1,300 senior executives, most organizations seem to be stuck in idle when it comes to achieving their customer experience goals. While the overwhelming majority of executives agreed that customer experience is critical to their businesses’ success, many are still struggling when it comes to delivering the kind of experiences that their customers want.  So what’s standing in the way?

Inflexible technology, internal challenges and a lack of investment are among the primary factors preventing organizations from delivering the best possible customer experience. Survey respondents indicated that the following issues are some of the biggest customer experience related obstacles:

  • Silos within the organization and conflicting key performance indicators and incentives between different channels and business units
  • Limitations of inflexible technology and application infrastructure
  • Difficulty regularly tracking performance measures and customer feedback
  • Don't have a consolidated, accurate, 360- degree customer view across all touch points
  • Siloed systems that prevent them from easily sharing information or supporting continuous processes across touch points
  • Lack of money allocated to customer experience initiatives

These obstacles indicate that a real shift in approach is required for those organizations that really want to push forward on their customer experience initiatives. And this shift in approach needs to come by way of initiatives that span people, processes and technology.

Oracle's Global Customer Experience Impact report surveyed more than 1,300 senior executives across 18 countries on the state of customer experience. This study, one of the largest of its type ever undertaken, yields crucial new insights on the challenges, strategies and lessons learned for succeeding in the customer experience (CX) era. View the survey results, or take the CX assessment survey to see where your organization stands.

Friday Jul 05, 2013

Oracle Customer Experience Benchmarking Tool

Discover if Your Company’s Customer Experience is Lagging or Leading the Competition!

Simply answer 10 multiple choice questions to find out and receive:

  • Your CX Initiatives Ratings Your company’s overall and detailed CX domain ratings
  • How You Compare to Your Competitors and Peers Find out if your CX initiative is leading or lagging

Put your #CX to the test here:



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