Thursday May 30, 2013

Oracle’s application strategy is focused on customer choice and the cloud

In an interview with Aaron Lazenby for Profit, Applications Development EVP Steve Miranda said that buying “best-in-class application services has helped us establish a strong presence in the cloud space.” Through the acquisitions we gained talented people, good ideas, and experience that “really bolstered our development efforts” and helped us learn how to manage our customers’ needs in terms of cloud deployments, upgrades and service level agreements.

Oracle’s strategic acquisitions of RightNow, Taleo, Eloqua, and other enterprise cloud applications have strengthened the company’s cloud-based offering, which includes a platform-as-a-service component, infrastructure as a service, database as a service, and a set of integrated application services. Oracle Cloud Application Services include solutions for talent management, customer experience, human capital management, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and more.

“Unquestionably, we have the broadest cloud-based set of applications,” says Steve Miranda, executive vice president of application development at Oracle. Here Miranda talks to Profit about Oracle’s application strategy, what’s coming next, and how customers—including on-premises solution customers—benefit from the recent cloud acquisitions.

Read the full article, featuring Steve Miranda's interview here

Oracle Is Leading the E-Commerce Race

Gartner’s Magic Quadrant report shows IBM, Oracle and hybris as leaders in the e-commerce space for 2013.

Anthony Myers in CMS Wire says, “Gartner considers the e-commerce space to still be dominated by the same leaders named in its last Magic Quadrant report” in 2011.

Forrester agreed with Gartner’s assessment of the leaders in its latest e-commerce Wave from 2012.

“Oracle made the leader quadrant on its strength of being used across many industries, having advanced features like coupon tracking and serialized coupon codes and its ability to integrate with Siebel systems,”

Wednesday May 29, 2013

Oracle RightNow Bootcamp for EMEA Partners - Amsterdam July 8-19

The Oracle RightNow Implementation Camp was created to enable partners with the implementation tools and methodologies required to implement solutions to their clients with an advanced level of understanding of the technology, its features and its market preparedness. The course will cover a wide range of topics to give each student a basis of understanding of the product. Each student will learn the key points in each topic area, and will learn how the product should be configured and implemented in various different situations.

By the end of the boot camp each student should be able to design, and implement a RightNow CX environment in many different markets and scenarios. Each student will complete the course with a level of understanding which will allow them prepare to take and pass the Oracle RightNow CX Essentials 2012  certification exam in the future.


July 8 through 19 inclusive (10 days)


ORACLE Amsterdam, Netherlands (Training may be relocated to Oracle Utrecht, depending on the final number of participants)


$2,500.00 (plus taxes) per person.

Participants will have to care about their own Travel & Expenses, including housing, dinners and lunches.


Registrations are managed on a 'first come, first served' basis. Please register here: Register 

This class will fill up quickly, so please register as soon as you can to avoid any disappointment.  If you would like to book your seat to the training and complete the registration later, please send an e-mail to

Discover Fusion CRM webcast - Thursday May 30th at 1PM GMT

Discover Fusion CRM

Join us for a webcast on Thursday 30th of May 2013 at 1pm (GMT) to discover Oracle Fusion CRM, Featuring FUSE, CRM Desktop and Fusion TAP, the iPad client for Fusion CRM.

Webex link:
Click here to join the webcast.

Conference ID: 595 777 225

Phone conference:
here to see the phone number.
Conference code: 0159973

PIN code: 5678  

Everyone Does NOT Speak English

A guest post by Joe Gum, Senior Director, Oracle Financials Product Strategist

Imagine trying to purchase a new phone, pay your bills, or book a cruise online if the software isn’t in a language you speak. As sophisticated users of the internet, we see a distinct increase in the number of multilingual users, as well as in the amount of Web content. E-commerce is growing in importance for the international market that lies at our fingertips.

Business owners can decide to ignore these issues and keep their businesses small and regional. Global companies don’t have that luxury, nor would they want to. These companies need enterprise-grade software that can be used around the world. The software needs to accommodate different languages, various local business practices, and local regulations compliance.

We designed Oracle Fusion Applications from the ground up with the global customer in mind. The suite includes essential internationalization functionality, translation and multi-lingual support, and localization features. For example, Oracle Fusion Applications support multiple date formats, number formats, names, addresses, phone numbers, and currency symbols. It also supports unlimited accounting representations and statutory reporting needs—all on a single global instance using standard preferences and setup. This allows global customers to adapt their software for a specific region or language without requiring multiple installations of the product and without engineering changes or customizations.
At this point, no customer should have to settle for less. Why select a cloud service vendor who is halfway there when you can select one who can meet all your global and multi-national needs? And, with the ongoing addition of new language support with every release, Oracle Fusion Applications soon will support the world’s 22 most popular languages.

The new language additions include and are not limited to: Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French (European), French (Canadian), German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish.  With multiple language capabilities, customers can run Oracle Fusion Applications in any combination of these languages to support their global enterprises.

We also provide localizations in Oracle Fusion Applications. These are country-specific extensions to meet local business requirements. China, for example, is a country with many different local and legal requirements. The Oracle Fusion Applications payroll solution has extensions for China, as well as for Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and United States. For Financials, localizations also exist for China, plus United States, Singapore, France, and the European Union.

Even without country-specific features, Oracle Fusion Applications can be configured to support many local requirements, such as payroll and transaction taxes.

In the ERP space alone, customers in 20 countries enjoy the robustness of Oracle Fusion Applications. These customers include companies located in United Arab Emirates, France, United States, Netherlands, Argentina, Singapore, South Africa, China, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Japan, United Kingdom, Kuwait, Korea, India, Germany, Russia, Sweden, and Cyprus.  Many of these implementations are multi-national customers implementing in multiple countries.

You can depend on Oracle Fusion Applications to be easy and straightforward to operate in multiple countries. We designed it to help global companies like yours be successful in expanding to new markets and locales. These localization efforts support general business functionality across all areas of the business process, such as financial management, supply chain management, human resources, and the like with country-specific tax and statutory updates.

Partner Webcast Series : Innovation in Applications - Program

We are pleased to invite you to join the Innovations in Applications webcast series. Innovations in Applications will present Oracle Product's new functions and features including sales positioning. The key objectives of these webcasts are to inspire Partner's personnel to conduct successful sales, after sales and delivery at their Customer. Moreover, we aim to inspire you to conduct further Product Training and Certifications. And finally we'll provide you a chance to join Ecosystem's Product specific Community to learn and to contribute.

Innovations in Applications will be presented as per the schedule below after the billable day (4:00 to 5:00 PM CET). The webcast is intended for Partner's Implementation Certified Specialists but Innovations in Applications is open for other Partner's personnel as well. At first, Oracle representative will discuss Oracle's contribution to partners. Then you will see product breakout session followed by Q&A with Oracle Experts. Each session will last for maximum 1 hour. A Q&A document covering all questions and answers will be made available after the webcast.

The next Innovation in Applications Webcast is schedule on July 1st. See full program and register here

Empowering Marketers with Web Experience Management

Unable to get new digital marketing initiatives to market as fast as you would like?  Tired of dealing with IT bottlenecks that prevent you from making routine site updates or launching new digital marketing campaigns quickly?  Your customers have little patience for a brand that fails to meet their expectations for a contextually relevant and interactive digital experience that supports their journey as a customer.  As a result, speed-to-market and business agility are more important than ever before when it comes to gaining and sustaining a competitive advantage.  Are your existing web experience management tools and processes up to the challenge?

If you are a marketer that has to secure a developer resource whenever you want to create a new landing page or make an important update to your website, get ready for your competitors to eat your lunch.  Today’s market moves much too swiftly and companies with marketing teams that are forced to rely on IT for the execution of their digital marketing efforts are at a steep disadvantage.  That’s why it’s so important to have a web experience management platform that empowers marketers and other non-technical business users to manage many aspects of the digital customer experience themselves.

Oracle WebCenter Sites makes it easy for marketers to contribute and manage websites with visual and intuitive content authoring and layout capabilities designed for the non-technical user. Oracle WebCenter Sites enables marketers to simply drag ­and­ drop content right into the context of a web page using a “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) authoring interface. Rich search functionality and visual search results make the process of locating images and other content for use within pages, streamlined and efficient.

Because of WebCenter Sites’ intuitive and easy-to-use tools for managing online experiences, our customers have gained the ability to get to market faster with their digital marketing initiatives.  As marketers and other line of business users take greater control of managing the web experience, our customers have seen the lead time for new online campaigns shrink from months or weeks down to a matter of days, and routine site updates can be made in a matter of minutes without having to secure a developer resource to execute them.

Oracle at Gartner Customer Strategies & Technologies Summit (CRM)

Oracle is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor of the Gartner Customer Strategies & Technologies Summit
(CRM), taking place June 5-6, 2013 in London.

Get Smart, Think Social, Be Mobile

The Must-Attend Event For CRM Professionals
Those new to CRM will explore the building blocks of CRM. Those more experienced, there will be tracks dedicated to sales, marketing, customer service and customer experience, each focusing on the key CRM trends.

This summit will give you insight, ideas, and inspiration. Designed for both business and IT CRM leaders, the Gartner Customer Strategies & Technologies Summit will help you to maximize the potential of your CRM initiatives.

Visit Oracle in the showcase and talk to our experts about Oracle’s Solutions for Customer Experience Management- Web Commerce, Sales and Marketing, Service and Support and Oracle’s Fusion CRM Sales and Marketing products.

Agenda details can be found

Click here for more information on Oracle's Complete CRM & Commerce Solutions.

For more information on the conference or to register for this event,
click here.

Friday May 24, 2013

Oracle Knowledge 8.5.1 is available

We are pleased to announce the availability of Oracle Knowledge 8.5.1 (Enterprise)

Significant improvements in:

  • Language support for expanded global reach
  • Speed and scale for improved customer experience
  • Architected analytics for improved stability and performance at scale
  • Support for Oracle tools/platforms for greater compatibility
  • Prescriptive knowledge delivery capabilities for consistency and efficiency

Key Highlights:

  • Oracle Knowledge integration to Oracle RightNow Cloud Service to provide the leading SaaS service solution with advanced enterprise knowledge
  • Language support for Hebrew and Arabic to enable expanded global reach
  • Additional NLP Investments for improved customer experience
  • Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) enhancements to drive agent engagement
  • Upgraders to enable customer migration and reduce downtime
  • Oracle Engineered Systems: Exalogic, Exadata

Thursday May 23, 2013

Oracle RightNow Cloud Service May 2013 Release

The last release of Oracle RightNow Cloud Service is out. It delivers significant enhancements in the following areas:

• Simple Browser Implementation for Portable/Mobile Devices
• Mobile Image Attachments
• Mobile SEO
• Addin Support for Chat
• Social Monitor
• New Standard Reports
• Community Moderation
• Mobile Agent App
• Report Management Module

For more details, read the Oracle RightNow Cloud Service May 2013 release data sheet

Tuesday May 21, 2013

Discover Fusion CRM webcast - Thursday May 23rd at 1PM GMT

Discover Fusion CRM

Join us for a webcast on Thursday 23 of May 2013 at 1pm (GMT) to discover Oracle Fusion CRM, Featuring FUSE, CRM Desktop and Fusion TAP, the iPad client for Fusion CRM.

Webex link:
to join the webcast.

Conference ID: 595 777 225

Phone conference:
to see the phone number.
Conference code: 0159973

PIN code: 5678  

Oracle Customer Concepts magazine issue 2013.6 is out!

Did you know? Many organizations aren’t meeting their CX objectives. Stay ahead of your competition and learn how to become a CX leader with the latest edition of the Oracle Customer Concepts Magazine

Oracle Eloqua’s Marketing Platform Wins "Best Marketing Automation Solution" Award

Proudly announcing  that Eloqua’s marketing platform wins "Best Marketing Automation Solution" Award.

Read all details here

Customizing and extending ATG’s out-of-the-box capabilities Training

Do you want to fine-tune your repository definition and make use of advanced features like caching and inheritance? Then this 2-day course, just released by Oracle University is ideal:

Extending the ATG Platform Rel 10.1.2

Learn To:

·         Use the advanced repository.

·         Derive property values from other repository objects.

·         Create custom Servlet Beans (droplets).

·         Configure repository caching for optimal performance.

·         Create custom components and form handlers.

·         Manage transactions.

·         Create custom nucleus components to manage your repositories.

·         Handle complex form input and control transactions.

The course is available in an In Class and Live Virtual Class format.

Remember that your OPN discount is applied to the standard prices shown on Oracle University’s website.

Get in contact with your local Oracle University team for more information and assistance.

BPI On Demand wins with Oracle Sales Cloud (Fusion CRM SaaS) at FWMW Ltd

One of Oracle most active CRM SaaS partners accross EMEA, BPI On Demand announces the following Oracle Sales Cloud (previously known as Fusion CRM SaaS) at FWMW Ltd:

BPI On Demand is extremely happy to have won FWMW’s CRM business, helping drive a 50% increase in revenues by automating wasted Admin and internal bureaucracy, by leveraging the Oracle Social Network. Taking advantage of the first year free option FWMW Ltd, a UK based marketing agency, felt it was the only option on the market beating and Microsoft Dynamics. BPI On Demand won the deal based on 3 key factors: 1) First Year Free, 2) Planning for the Future software and not just a sales tool! 3) BPI On Demand’s zero upfront cost set up and implementation model.

Fred Wilkinson, Founder & CEO of BPI OnDemand

For more information about BPI On Demand and its unique implementation services cost model, please visit



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