Tuesday Apr 30, 2013

2013 B2B Commerce Survey – Insight Into Key Trends Include Customer Experience, Mobile and Online Growth

According to Forrester Research, B2B e-commerce sales are now more than twice the size of B2C e-commerce and are expected to achieve $559 billion in sales in the US by the end of 2013.1 With an increasing focus on principles and trends of B2B, Oracle conducted our B2B Commerce Trends survey for the third year in a row.2

For this particular report, Oracle surveyed almost 100 B2B commerce professionals across North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific.  We found some interesting parallels for both B2B and B2C this year and their similar goals for 2013.

Like B2C, many B2B organizations have established an online channel and the focus in 2013 will be how to grow this channel to maximize revenue, especially with an increasing focus customer experience (CX).  Both are pursuing how to best achieve CX with key success metrics, and keeping a close eye on customer acquisition and retention.  62% of B2B respondents have a CX program in place and 57% said that customer acquisition is a top success metric.

According to the survey, key themes and goals for B2B commerce in 2013 include:
  • B2Bs are Becoming the New B2Cs: -- B2B organizations are not just talking the talk, they are also walking the walk and adopting B2C commerce best practices as a way to drive revenue and market share. 80% of respondents agree that customer expectations have changed due to B2C retail practices.  Personalization, online catalogs and SEO continue to be the top three B2C practices that influence revenue the most for B2Bs.

  • It’s All About Mobile…Still – For the second year in a row mobile continues to be of strategic importance for B2B e-commerce, especially as a way to better enable sales teams and encourage e-commerce adoption rather than resistance.  26% of respondents said that mobile web/apps influence revenue the most, with only 9% of respondents having no plans for mobile in 2013.
  • Online Remains a Growth Opportunity – In 2012, over 80% of respondents said that they invested in their commerce platform.  And, in 2013, 28% of respondents said that they have over 50% of their revenue now coming from the online channel and only 5% predict no growth in their online business in 2013.  This shows that there is still a tremendous opportunity to move more customers online and streamline processes and sales, which will be the key to furthering B2B online success. But complexity remains a challenge with the majority still dealing with product, pricing, channel and back-end issues.

    At the same time B2B needs to better engage with the direct sales team when building online channels to help overcome channel conflict.  35% of the respondents who said they are not dealing with channel conflict report 50% of revenue or above coming from online channel.  This shows that for those still dealing with channel conflict, if addressed, sales from the online channel have potential to go much higher.  

Download a full copy of the survey results 

In conjunction with our B2B commerce survey we are also releasing the results of our 2013 B2C Commerce Trends survey.

1 “Building a World-Class B2B eCommerce Business” Forrester Research, January 7th, 2013
2 Oracle Endeca conducted B2B Commerce Surveys in 2011 and 2012

Tuesday Apr 23, 2013

CRMIT Solutions enables Customer Experience (CX) with email integration to Oracle Fusion CRM

CRMIT Solutions, a leading cloud based Customer Experience (CX) solution provider and system integrator today announced the launch of CRM++ Email Workbench version 2, a comprehensive email integration solution to manage, capture, collate, respond and distribute important customer email activity all within the Oracle Fusion CRM system.

This new Email Workbench now leverages the extensibility of Oracle® Fusion CRM framework for delivering effective customer service in addition to its existing integration capability with Oracle® CRM On Demand

CRM++ Email Workbench provides a comprehensive solution to manage, capture, collate, respond and distribute important customer email activity all within the CRM system. Every update, development and opportunity is immediately shared with appropriate team members, without having to manually update or append any new information. One of the key features of the new CRM++ Email Workbench is the ability to link prospect and customers emails with your CRM data so you have better information about your interactions with customers. The seamless automation of service requests and one-stop email communication aids better visibility and accessibility to all customer information and emails within the system.

Head more details here

Siebel CRM's Latest Innovations

Oracle’s Siebel CRM continues to deliver innovative new solutions to customers—including six major releases and a newly published product roadmap highlighting planned annual innovation packs through 2015. We asked Oracle's Aaron Shidler, vice president of CRM product strategy and management, to provide insight into Oracle's ongoing innovations and commitment to Oracle's Siebel CRM.

Q. Please give us a big-picture look into Oracle's commitment to its Siebel solutions.
A. Since the acquisition, Oracle's Siebel team has delivered six major releases, containing 39 new products and more than 525 enhancements across 21 industry-specific solutions. Such a commitment makes sense when you have thousands of customers and millions of users—including many very large companies relying on Oracle’s Siebel products for their CRM needs.

Q. What does Oracle's Siebel team have planned for 2013 and beyond?
A. We've made a clear commitment to Oracle's Siebel customers via our product roadmap and statement of direction to deliver new and innovative solutions on a regular basis. We are currently planning to introduce these solutions in our annual innovation packs and fix packs.

Q. Everyone is talking about customer experience (CX) these days. How is Oracle's Siebel team addressing the CX imperative?
A. Oracle's Siebel is innovating in several areas to drive excellent customer experiences: usability, cross-channel enablement, and mobile. The main driver for creating a great customer experience is usability—enabling simplicity and productivity for all types of users—on any browser or device, leveraging the latest, greatest UI controls. With our latest release, Siebel delivers on all this with a user interface that is:

  • Contemporary. Siebel runs in all browsers and all browser-capable devices using the latest Web technology standards, such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML 5, while providing a native application user experience.
  • Productive. Siebel is designed for a user experience that reduces clutter and user keystrokes.
  • User-sensitive. The user experience enables Siebel to adapt to the needs of users—their preferences, their devices, and their desire to complete processes efficiently and effectively.

For cross-channel enablement, Siebel supports a complete set of buy-and-own processes that span multiple channels and leverage multiple Oracle assets. Siebel has lowered the total cost of ownership for customers by providing more than a dozen integrations, including:

For mobile platforms, Siebel’s open UI supports a full range of browsers and devices, including support for device integration, location services, and phone, URL, and contact integration. The same solution customers enjoy in a variety of channels today can be delivered on mobile devices by leveraging out-of-the-box templates or creating your own look and feel. We plan to add disconnected mobile operations in 2013.

Read more here.

Tuesday Apr 16, 2013

Deli XL (NL) Improves Online Customer Experience, Turnover, and Margins with New Oracle E-Commerce Platform

Part of the Bidvest Group, Deli XL is Holland’s leading food distribution company. The organization offers a complete product and solution range for the business-to-business food service market. Deli XL serves more than 30,000 customers with a product range of more than 60,000 items from 800 suppliers. Customers include hotels and restaurants, care facilities, schools, lunch rooms, amusement parks, and conference centers. The company’s products range from fresh and frozen food, to cutlery and cleaning products, as well as services, such as food and beverage concepts, product range analysis, and food service efficiency tools. Deli XL’s has private labels include Deli XL Huismerk, Fresh4You, Kook, Vers&Zo, and Reuser & Smulders.

Deli XL wanted to replace its custom-built legacy Web store with a single, online platform that supports multiple Websites to serve customers better, faster, and more cost-effectively as they place and track orders. It selected
Oracle ATG Web Commerce for its new e-commerce platform—enhancing customization capabilities for customer profiles, increasing up- and cross-selling opportunities, and improving the overall customer experience.

Oracle ATG Web Commerce:

  • Developed a reliable, high-performance Web store and open platform, offering relevant and inspiring food advice, including cooking tips, recipes, and suggestions about complementary products, tailored to the customer’s profile and orders, enabling a significant increase in cross- and up-selling
  • Provided an e-commerce environment that spurred online revenue growth and improved profit margins by offering customers suggestions about complementary or alternative products during the ordering process
  • Completed the Oracle ATG Web Commerce implementation for 20,000 online customers within 12 months, thanks to a support team from Deli XL, Oracle partner Mindcurv, and Oracle ATG Consulting Services
  • Implemented an e-commerce solution that is part of the company’s supply chain automation and optimization roadmap, enhancing commerce and supply chain potential
  • Launched Oracle ATG Web Commerce with three pilot customers initially and received strong positive response from those using the new platform

“Oracle ATG Web Commerce’s stability and superior functionality made it an easy choice for Deli XL. The solution’s ability to customize proposals for cross- and up-selling purposes, as well as its easy-to-use platform made it our first choice in replacing our legacy e-commerce platform,” said Rene Van Gelderen, director IT and program management, Deli XL.

Read more here


Friday Apr 12, 2013

2 eSeminars for you: Channel Sales Enablement with Fusion CRM and What's coming in Sales Cloud?

Please join us for these two eSeminars featuring Fusion CRM updates:

1. Come learn how Fusion CRM enables Companies to manage Channel Sales more effectively:

Thursday, April 25, 2013 - 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM PST - Create a Calendar Event Link :  Channel Sales Enablement:  http://www.oracle.com/go/?&Src=7604459&Act=443&pcode=WWPN12035291MPP447

2. Come learn about what’s new in Oracle Sales Cloud, aimed at today's collaborative, mobile sales force. See how the right sales tools can help your customers achieve better results by transforming the way their Sales teams perform.

Thursday, May 16, 2013 - 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM PST - Create a Calendar Event Link : What's coming in Sales Cloud: http://www.oracle.com/go/?&Src=7604459&Act=445&pcode=WWPN12035291MPP451

Replays will be available from the same pages after the eSeminars

Thursday Apr 11, 2013

Lafarge Gains Competitive Edge by Boosting Sales Force Efficiency with CRM on Demand, Logica and CapGemini

“Thanks to Oracle CRM On Demand, our sales force, customer service, and marketing teams now all share the same tool. As such, we have a complete view of our customers, which helps us effectively meet their sales and service needs, efficiently solve any delivery problems, and better promote our innovative and competitive products in the sustainable construction market.” — Nicolas Bouffier, Project Management Officer, CRM Program, Lafarge

Lafarge worked with two partners on its CRM initiative. Logica Business Consulting helped Lafarge to select the appropriate solution and draft functional specifications. Capgemini then is responsible for deploying the solution and provide ongoing user support.

“On the strength of its good understanding of our business issues, Logica Business Consulting provided the appropriate help by choosing the Oracle CRM on Demand solution thanks to the Sales Force Effectiveness models produced,” Bouffier said.

Read the Lafarge story here

Oracle RightNow integration to CTI by BeEnlight

BeEnlight offers a CTI integration to Oracle RightNow which is available now!

The integration has been developed using Be360 (home made cloud middleware) through  a new level of integration that bypass the simple concept of a connector, working in multi-way directions between different products, apps and customer existing solutions. The solution can be deployed either on the Cloud or On Premise.

Phone control options are now embedded in the Oracle RightNow CX desktop.

Oracle RightNow via Be360 is also integrated with BeEnlight's Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) called BeInCONTACT and their global phone & data network BeCONNECT offering a complete Customer Experience solution, from the initial contact through the entire customer lifecycle.

A live demo environment is ready for customer demonstration. For more details, please visit www.beenlight.com or contact  massimo.triggiani@beenlight.com

Wednesday Apr 10, 2013

Now Available: Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud Service Knowledge Zone!

The Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud Service Knowledge Zone is live through the Oracle Partner Network at 

Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud Service Knowledge Zone

Check it out for current information about the Oracle/Eloqua integration and join the Knowledge Zone if you want to receive information related to Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud Service.

Oracle Fusion CRM - Lotus Notes integration solutions by iEnterprises

Oracle is pleased to introduce iEnterprises’ productivity solutions for Oracle Fusion CRM integration with Lotus Notes.

iEnterprises helps you maximise your CRM and Lotus Notes investments by integrating them with each other and increase productivity and corporate knowledge. Allow users to focus on the task in hand, not administration.

The Lotus Notes Connector for Oracle Fusion CRM developed by iEnterprises is an easy to use tool that allows you to access CRM functionality and CRM data from your Lotus Notes desktop client. It will instantly synchronize your Lotus Notes email, calendar, ToDos and personal address book (PAB) to and from your Oracle Fusion CRM system.

The Lotus Notes Connector has been developed by iEnterprises from more than 10 years experience of developing their own Lotus Notes based CRM solution, iExtensions. With it, their pioneered the concept of being able to work from your in-box and it is this expertise that their have sought to make available to organizations using Lotus Notes and CRM Systems such as Oracle CRM on Demand and Siebel CRM.

Email sales@ienterprises or visit www.ienterprises.com for more information.

Monday Apr 08, 2013

Free CRM solutions specialists certification vouchers for EMEA partners

Dear partners,

We have few remaining free certification vouchers available for you in Oracle FY13 Q4. If you are interested to take benefit of this offer, please send an eMail to richard.lefebvre@oracle.com before Friday April 12 COB indicating, for each requested voucher:

  • Country
  • Partner company name
  • Consultant name
  • Consultant eMail
  • Manager name
  • Product Focus Area (e.g. Fusion CRM, ATG, RightNow, Siebel, etc.)
  • Exam to be taken
  • Exam ID
  • Specialization targeted
  • Sales assessment to be taken (yes/no)
  • Presales assessment to be taken (yes/no)

You may request several vouchers per company or per consultant. Please fill one request (such as the above list) per consultant.

Vouchers allocation priority will go to high value solutions (Fusion CRM, RightNow, ATG, Endeca) first and to partners having already certified sales and presales specialist in the given category.

This offer is only valid to EMEA based partners.

Learn About the World's Most Complete Cloud for the Enterprise - London May 14th & Munich May 15th

Oracle are excited to announce that CloudWorld London will take place on the 14th May 2013 in London and on the 15th May 2013 in Munich with Mark Hurd, President and Thomas Kurian, Executive Vice President, Product Development as keynote speakers.

Mobile, social, and cloud are redefining how business gets done. Immediate access to the latest technologies is essential to be able to innovate and thrive. Discover your next steps at Oracle CloudWorld, a premier executive event series hosted by Oracle and strategic partners in select cities around the world. At CloudWorld, you’ll learn from thought leaders from Oracle and other leading organizations share how best to leverage disruptive technologies to drive transformational change. Experience insightful keynotes, real-world case studies, hands-on demos, face-to-face networking, and in-depth tracks:

  • Sales – Customer Experience – Empowering People, Powering Brands
  • Customer Service and Support – Customer Experience: Empowering People, Powering Brands
  • Human Resources – Power HR's Business Contribution
  • Finance and Operations – Run a Back Office that Puts You in Front
  • Application Developers – Transform Developer Experience with a Powerful and Flexible Platform
  • Applications IT - Sessions for Security and Integration

In one day you’ll learn how Oracle Cloud can transform your organisation.

London : Tuesday, 14 May 2013, 08:15 – 18:30, ExCel Center, ICC Capital Suite, agenda and registration
Munich : Wednesday, 15 May 2013, 9:00 – 19:00, The Westin Grand München, agenda and registration

Oracle ADF Mobile 3-days Hands-on Workshop for Oracle Applications Partners - Reading May 21-23

Oracle ADF Mobile is a Java and HTML5 mobile development framework that enables developers to build custom applications or extend Oracle Applications, for iOS and Android, from a single code base. Based on a hybrid mobile architecture, ADF Mobile supports access to native device services, enables offline applications and protects enterprise investments from future technology shifts.

ADF Mobile leverages HTML5, JavaScript and CSS to develop rich user interfaces across multiple platforms and devices. The application logic can be written in Java, so there’s no need to learn a new programming language for each platform.

This Invite-Only hands-on workshop will be delivered by Oracle Development at No-Fee to Partners. It will consists of presentations, live demo and hands-on labs and will highlight designing mobile applications and UI, accessing device service, configuring security, integrating with backend web services.

After taking this course on Oracle ADF Mobile, you can build mobile solutions for Oracle Applications, and undertake customer-facing demos, proof-of-concepts (POCs), and pilot implementations. If you are an application developer, technologist, consultants in Oracle Application Practice and interested in extending Oracle Applications to mobile devices for your customers – you do not want to miss this workshop.

This workshop will be covered in 3 days and will cover following topics:

  • ADF Mobile Overview and Environment Setup
  • Hands on: Configure Development Environment for ADF Mobile
  • Designing Mobile Applications
  • Defining Applications and Features
  • Data Services: Java Beans
  • Hands on Lab Part 1: Creating Java Beans and Mobile UI
  • Developing the Mobile UI
  • Data Services: Web Services and Local Data Persistence
  • Hands on Lab Part 2
  • Deploy and Distribute ADF Mobile apps
  • Device Services Integration
  • Hands on Lab Part 3
  • Security Configuration
  • Test and Debugging


  • Implementation Consultants of Oracle Applications Technology
  • Java Developers within Oracle Applications Practice
  • Mobile Solution Developers and Architects


  • Java knowledge is a must
  • Knowledge of Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle ADF is good to have

Workshop Preparations

  • Review following video recording before coming to workshop


  • Review following ADF Mobile Web Page


  • Install JDeveloper and ADF Mobile Extension
  • Configure mobile SDK – Please use the specific  Android/Xcode versions specified below:

Windows: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E18941_01/tutorials/MobileTutorial/jdtut_11r2_54_2.html

Mac: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E18941_01/tutorials/MobileTutorial/jdtut_11r2_54_1.html

System Requirements

This workshop requires attendees to provide their own laptops as well as a mobile device
Attendee laptops must meet the following minimum hardware/software requirements:


Date & location 
Reading, UK, May 21st – 23rd 

Questions or registration? contact christopher.venezia@oracle.com

Wednesday Apr 03, 2013

Free Social Media and Customer Experience breakfast and lunch seminar - Wednesday April 24th, Moorgate, London

Enigen UK would like to invite you to a free breakfast and lunch seminar on Wednesday 24th April in Moorgate, London.

With startling statistics such as 81% of consumers are willing to pay more for a better Customer Experience (CX) we have teamed together with industry experts from both Customer Experience and Social backgrounds, to present the latest strategies and technologies to help your business improve and grow.


  • From 9am: Registration and Breakfast
  • 9:40: Introduction from Enigen Alex Love
  • LBi - “The Importance of Customer Experience Management in The age of the socially Empowered Consumer”
  • David Wood, 3seven9 – “Building Effective Social Media Strategies”
  • Gemma Trippas, Oracle – “Managing your social media campaigns through Technology”
  • 12.00: Networking Lunch

LBi are a global marketing and technology agency who work with a range of organisations, from famous global brands like BT and Sony to disruptive start-ups. LBi will cover Customer Experience Management and how it has evolved to have much more focus on Social.

David Wood heads up the new business for 3seven9 and has worked with enterprise level companies as well as Small-Medium Businesses to create and implement their digital programmes. David’s presentation will cover the all-important topic of how to create an effective social media strategy that gives you ROI, the problems that you may face along the way and how content marketing is becoming a game changer.

To register please email: events@enigen.co.uk

Tuesday Apr 02, 2013

InFact Group closes a Fusion CRM deal at a German Beverage Trade company

InFact Group closed, in a short 2 months sales cycle, a Fusion CRM deal at a German Beverage Trade company. The project, is due to go live in the next Summer time frame.  

Comparing Oracle Fusion CRM with other market's SFA leading products, this company was looking for a solution offering a product catalogue, including pictures, as well as mobile access on PC tablets. 

See the customer testimony on the InFact Group web site here

New exam in beta - Oracle RightNow CX Cloud Service 2013 Technical Essentials

Get your free voucher for the RightNow certification available in beta, by using the OPN Beta Certified Specialist Exam Voucher Request Form. Don't miss this opportunity as numbers are limited! Find out more information about this exam


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