Thursday Jan 24, 2013

Google calendar and Oracle Fusion CRM synchronization add-on by Aryvart

ARYVART, a France and India based Oracle Partner, has just released a Google Calendar <-> Oracle Fusion CRM synchronization add-on.

Managing appointments or tasks can sometimes cause issues when using the various calendars that are available on a smartphone, on the desktop (e.g. in Microsoft Outlook) or in Google. Adding the CRM dimension can make things even more complicated when one needs to replicate a task or an appointments between the calendars!  

If Oracle Fusion CRM offers out-of-the box synchronization with Mobile devices calendars as well as with Microsoft calendar, nothing was available to sync with Google Calendar until Today!

Known for their Web Services expertize (data exchange between heterogeneous applications and systems), Aryvart has developed this synchronization add–on certified by Oracle: Net synchronization is automatically processed every ten minutes. The application detects new appointments or new tasks in Google Calendar or in Oracle Fusion CRM, then synchronizes automatically with the other systems.

A dual stream synchronization mechanism, developed between the two calendars (Google Calendar and Fusion CRM), ensures that all new appointments or new tasks are automatically reported in both agendas.

Watch the Google Calendar - Fusion CRM synchronization video on You Tube: " - Blog:

Lien sur l'article en français sur le blog :

Siebel Open UI: The new “user friendly” Siebel CRM - a White Paper by Enigen

"Oracle Siebel CRM is still without a doubt the most comprehensive CRM solution on the market, despite the rise of new CRM products like or Microsoft Dynamics. However, it can’t be denied that Siebel has been losing advocacy amongst its users due to the current expectations and standards in terms of what we call User Experience (or UX)...."

In a recent whiter paper signed by the seasoned CRM Consultant Luis Melo, the UK based Oracle Partner Enigen (Twitter @EnigenCRM) reviews the issues adressed by the new Siebel Open UI and comments on supported platforms, features & fonctions as well as deployement options.

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Oracle Fusion CRM Implementation Training On Demand: My training when I want it....

Oracle Fusion Applications : Learn what you need and when it suits you

The Oracle University’s course "Oracle Fusion Applications: CRM Implementation" has just become available in a Training On Demand format.

What is Training On Demand? It is an Expert training delivered by Oracle’s top instructors in a sophisticated streaming video recording, available for 90 days, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Students can perform full-text search, fast forward, go back over a previous topic, etc. as they want. It is THE most flexible training format as of Today!

Besides the the course topics, you can find a Sample Video and an Introduction from the Instructor on this webpage

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