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Oracle Fusion CRM Fuels New Sales Opportunities and Efficiency For The Athene Group

The Athene Group Leverages Oracle Fusion CRM For Global Collaboration and Increased Mobility

Redwood Shores, CA – April 5, 2012

News Facts

The Athene Group, a CRM strategy and technology implementation services provider, has deployed  Oracle Fusion CRM to help achieve new levels of collaboration, mobility, social networking and enhanced communications within the sales organization.
A global organization with a majority of employees working in virtual environments across the United States and India, The Athene Group needed to further enhance collaboration and drive new sales for future success.
Oracle Fusion CRM now delivers the collaboration environment, seamless Microsoft Outlook integration, mobility features and active streams required to boost their sales goal initiatives to the next level.
Whether The Athene Group sales team is in the office, at the airport or out in the field, Oracle Fusion CRM Desktop has provided new time-saving efficiency, mobility with smart phones and increased record creation of customers due to the ease-of-use and integrated CRM capabilities directly within Microsoft Outlook.
After the implementation of the sales campaign functionalities in Oracle Fusion CRM, The Athene Group can now more effectively and frequently communicate messages to different sales constituencies by reaching hundreds, if not thousands, of potential sales with a single email, versus individual phone calls or emails.
The Athene Group has already reached new sales opportunities that had previously gone dormant due to the new touch points enabled by Oracle Fusion CRM.
With Oracle Fusion CRM, The Athene Group now plans to begin a cohesive environment of social networking with not only internal business development, marketing and sales, but also project delivery and consultants who work with customers and are intrinsic to ongoing sales.

Supporting Quote

“As a CRM technology consulting group, that is also a business that relies heavily on CRM for managing and growing our client base, we are incredibly excited with the results from our recent deployment of Oracle Fusion CRM,” said Vikas Bhambri, managing partner of CRM practice, The Athene Group. “With a diverse workforce that is spread across two continents and constant travel for our consulting clients, we needed to increase our own collaboration and mobility tools. Oracle Fusion CRM delivers this in spades, thanks to the incredible integration of Microsoft Outlook and CRM on smart phones, sales campaign management, and more.”
“With Oracle Fusion CRM, Oracle has raised the bar for CRM in sales performance management, enterprise integration, and business flexibility,” said Anthony Lye, senior vice president of CRM, Oracle. “The Athene Group is an excellent example of how the sales focus of Oracle Fusion CRM can make a radical difference in how teams operate more effectively and better accomplish the end goal of selling more.”

Acorn Paper Products Company Adopts Oracle Fusion CRM

Upgrade and Addition of Oracle Fusion CRM Will Help Improve Visibility, Increase Sales Productivity and Revenue

COLLABORATE 12, Las Vegas, NV – April 23, 2012

News Facts

 Acorn Paper Products Company, one of the largest independent packaging and janitorial supply companies in the western United States, has completed its upgrade to Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.2 from Oracle E-Business Suite 11.0.3, and has selected Oracle Fusion CRM to help improve sales team visibility, collaboration and productivity and drive increased revenue opportunities.
Acorn includes a manufacturing division that processes more than 150 million square feet of corrugated paper every month, a wholesale division serving about 600 customers nationwide, and a creative services division that designs packaging and corrugated displays.
Maintaining inventory of more than 1,600 different corrugated boxes, more than any other company in the U.S., Acorn fills 500 orders a day with 98 percent of these orders filled in 24 hours or less.
Even though Acorn is a longtime Oracle customer since 2000, the organization’s huge growth and new business and technology goals for productivity, insight and efficiency now required a dramatic shift from Oracle E-Business Suite 11.0.3 to the innovation, power and capabilities available in Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.2. and Oracle Fusion CRM.
With an upgrade to multinode x86 hardware running, Oracle Linux, Oracle Database 11g, and Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.2, Acorn now supports a new Oracle iStore-powered Internet storefront, Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g to help management understand and respond to changes in the business environment and Oracle Application Express for Web-based application development.
Throughout the deployment and evaluation of its business and technology needs, it became apparent to Acorn that Oracle Fusion CRM and its ease of integration with Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.2 would simultaneously answer many of its CRM issues with proven results to manage orders, prospects, customers and the company’s sales pipelines.
Part of Oracle Fusion Applications, Oracle Fusion CRM delivers a social collaboration environment, seamless Microsoft Outlook integration, mobility features and activity streams that are vital to boosting sales results.
Acorn plans to use Oracle Fusion CRM to enhance visibility of sales performance with real-time sales analytics tools designed for rapid decision making and problem solving, allowing the company to monitor and correct issues accordingly.
The critical CRM functionalities within Oracle Fusion CRM are also expected to provide untapped insight into Acorn’s available inventory, product pricing, customers’ purchasing history and sales trends for further business value, efficiency and revenue growth.
Acorn plans to go-live with Oracle Fusion CRM in June of 2012.

Supporting Quote

“Acorn Paper Products Company has been an Oracle customer for well over a decade, and I believe that Oracle has given us a real competitive advantage,” said David Weissberg, CEO, Acorn Paper Products Company. “Still, our system was behind the times and our sales program was presented with some challenges that I wanted to address. For these reasons, we chose to upgrade to Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.2, where we experienced a seamless transition with zero downtime and our bottom line has consistently improved each month since going live with the system. We also discovered how Oracle Fusion CRM, combined with our ERP, can create incredible insight, and is now a key and strategic part of our path to future growth.”
“Every organization reaches a point where it needs to evaluate how its technology is keeping up with its business, and Acorn Paper Products Company is an exceptional example of this,” said Cliff Godwin, Senior Vice President, Oracle Applications. “Acorn’s upgrade to Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.2 is already delivering outstanding ROI and efficiencies across the board. Recognizing the intrinsic need for CRM coupled with ERP, Acorn’s deployment of Oracle Fusion CRM will help its field teams, manufacturing and executives to create an even more powerful sales organization.”


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