Monday Jul 30, 2012

Oracle Holds #1 Revenue Share in CRM Applications

Redwood Shores, Calif. – July 26, 2012

News Facts

  • 'The CRM Applications market totaled an impressive $19.1B in 2011.' said Mary A. Wardley, IDC VP of CRM and Enterprise Applications. IDC’s market definition is a combination of the following four applications categories: 1) marketing automation, 2) sales automation, 3) customer service and 4) contact center.
  • The combination of Oracle's performance within these four combined categories gives Oracle a total CRM applications revenue share of 11.0%, placing them in the number 1 position.

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Tuesday Jul 24, 2012

Rightnow Partner Update Webcast Replay

Listen to the webcast replay to learn more about the benefits of the Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) Program, the value of Oracle Validated Integration, and next steps for RightNow partners.

Oracle Customer Experience Applications Critical to Success in Today’s Consumer-Centric Market

A guest post by Anthony Lye, SVP Oracle Development

We’ve entered a new era for customer relations: the age of the empowered consumer. With proliferating social media and mobile technology, customers expect to interact with businesses constantly, from anywhere and at anytime. This new era demands state-of-the-art, integrated customer relations, as customer experience is now the primary differentiator and driver of business value.

During the next five years, if businesses lack awareness of their customer touchpoints—any of them—they will leave the door wide open to brand erosion and smarter competition. There are 5 especially crucial aspects of customer relations for organizations to consider:

  • Social media: Optimizing online presence, especially by generating positive, timely posts and comments on Facebook, Twitter and other social outlets can define business’ reputations, as 65 percent of Americans do Internet research before they shop.
  • Mobile marketing, sales and service: Customers expect a mobile experience that’s sophisticated, context-aware and automatic. Streamlined mobility will be a deciding factor in customers’ choice to interact with businesses.
  • Multi-channel marketing and sales: Today’s market embraces a “commerce anywhere” sales approach. As such, companies need to integrate their approach across touchpoints and interactions that go way beyond just social and mobile to wherever and whenever customers engage businesses. In any location, at any time of day, customers need to receive relevant content that drives sales.
  • Customer and business insight: Companies must invest in Web analytics and business intelligence (BI) tools to clearly see how customers operate, how best to target different groups, and how various touchpoints do or don’t bring profit.
  • Addressing changing markets and technology: As Customer Experience technologies change at breakneck pace, so too do customer demographics. Global business expansion, especially to developing countries, means e-commerce organizations need to scale up their operations to handle increased visitor loads, and manage more complex security concerns.

Overwhelmed? Don’t be. Oracle offers Customer Experience solutions that connect all interactions within a brand. Our applications deliver targeted promotions and offers to customers, personalize product displays for particular devices, engage customers at the point of need by proactively helping them answer immediate questions, and build long-term brand loyalty.

At the Customer Experience Online Forum on July 31 I’ll discuss further Oracle’s cloud-based Customer Experience solutions—the most reliable and secure enterprise cloud services available.

I hope you’ll join me.


Monday Jul 16, 2012


On July 10, 2012, Oracle announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Involver. Involver is a leading provider of SML™ (Social Markup Language), a social media development platform that enables developers to create highly customized marketing applications for social media sites and web campaigns. The transaction is expected to close in the summer of 2012, and until the transaction closes, Oracle and Involver will continue to operate independently, and it is business as usual. Learn more here.

NEW Oracle RightNow Guided Learning Paths

The Oracle RightNow CX Cloud Service Sales and PreSales Specialist guided learning paths are intended for partner organizations who specialize in selling Oracle RightNow. The recommended online training sessions provide sales training solutions that equip the teams with the product knowledge, market knowledge and selling strategies to help them achieve their revenue targets. Partners are invited to learn more here and start their path towards Specialization.

Monday Jul 09, 2012

Oracle offers three Cloud Model options for Applications Partners

Oracle provides application partners with three different Cloud model options, each a well-used, standard, and fully approved way of structuring Oracle business. View this new PartnerCast here to learn more

Friday Jul 06, 2012

Oracle Could Lead In Cloud Business Apps Within Year

Below is the reprint from an article, writen by By Pete Barlas, Investor's Business Daily, published on Investorscom:

Oracle (ORCL) is all but destined to become the largest seller of cloud business-software applications, analysts say, and perhaps within a year.

What that means in the long run is much debated, though, as analysts aren't sure whether pricing competition might cut into profit or what other issues might develop in the fast-emerging cloud software field.

But the database leader, which is either No. 1 or 2 to SAP (SAP) in business apps overall, simply has the size and scope to overtake current cloud business-app leader, (CRM), analysts say.

Oracle rolled out its first full suite of cloud applications on June 6. Cloud computing lets companies store data and apps on the Internet "cloud" and access it quickly and easily.

The applications run the gamut of customer relationship management software to social networking sites for employees, partners and customers.

For longtime software giants like Oracle, the cloud is a big switch. They get the great bulk of revenue from companies and other enterprises buying or licensing software that the customers keep on their own computer systems. Vendors also get annual maintenance fees.

Analysts estimate Oracle is taking in a mere $1 billion or so a year from cloud-based software sales and services now. But while that's just a sliver of the company's $37 billion in sales last year, it's already about a third of the total sales for Salesforce, which is expected to end this year with some $3 billion in revenue.

Operates In 145 Countries

Oracle operates in more than 145 countries vs. about 70 for Salesforce. And Oracle has far more apps than Salesforce.

Revenue doesn't equate to profit, but it's inevitable that huge Oracle will become the largest seller of cloud applications, says Trip Chowdhry, an analyst for Global Equities Research.

"What Oracle has is global presence," he said. "They have two things driving the revenue: breadth of the offering and breadth of the distribution. You put those applications in those sales reps' hands and you get deployments not in just one country but several countries."

At the June 6 event, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison emphasized that his company could and would beat in head-to-head battles for customers.

Oracle makes software to help companies manage such tasks as customer relationships, recruiting, supply chains, projects, finances and more. That range gives it an edge over all rivals, says Michael Fauscette, an analyst for research firm IDC.



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