Monday Mar 24, 2014

Manage Your Pipeline with Oracle Sales Analytics

Oracle Sales Cloud Analytics delivers fact-based insights to Sales Reps so they know in terms of how far they are from meeting their target quota, what are their pending activities and how many deals they have in the pipeline.

Check this video to see Oracle Sales Analytics in action.

Evaluating the Team Leaders' Quarterly Sales with Oracle Sales Cloud

How has my sales organization been performing over the last period? Sales Performance Trend metrics show sales executives trends over multiple quarters. Oracle Sales Cloud enables sales reps to know more and help their companies grow more.

Check this 1'23" You Tube video to find out the best practices in evaluating the Team Leaders' Quarterly Sales with Oracle Sales Cloud.

Thursday Mar 20, 2014

Oracle Applications Cloud Release 8 - Readiness Content

Oracle Sales Cloud Release 8 is the new landmark in Cloud based Sales Force Automation solutions. See the Release Readiness Content Microsite HERE ! The site features:

Spotlight: Smarter Selling Video

Watch a presentation delivered by Scott Creighton, Vice President CRM Product Management which spotlights top level messages and product themes, reinforced with a product demo of the Oracle Sales Cloud.

Spotlight: Smarter Selling Document

Download the presentation delivered by Scott Creighton, Vice President CRM Product Management which spotlights top level messages and product themes, reinforced with a product demo of the Oracle Sales Cloud.

What's New

Learn what's new in the upcoming Oracle Sales Cloud release by reviewing expanded discussions of each new feature and product, including capability overviews, business benefits, setup considerations, usage tips, and more.

Release Content Document

Learn what's new in the upcoming Oracle Sales Cloud release by reviewing summary descriptions of each new feature and product.

Wednesday Mar 19, 2014

Release 25 of Oracle CRM On Demand is Generally Available

Oracle is pleased to announce that Oracle CRM On Demand Release 25 is Generally Available as of February 28, 2014.

The past year has seen many exciting developments with Oracle CRM On Demand.  As an integral part of Oracle's Cloud product portfolio and investment strategy, we continue to invest heavily in Oracle CRM On Demand.  Details on our strategy can be found in our Oracle CRM On Demand Statement of Direction and our Strategic Roadmap.  These documents highlight our ongoing innovation and development and long-term commitment to Oracle CRM On Demand.  Oracle CRM On Demand is also supported by our Applications Unlimited Lifetime Support Policy, which can be found on the Oracle Support Site.

Oracle CRM On Demand now provides three releases per year, allowing us an opportunity to rapidly deliver innovations to existing and new customers.  Each release is driven by input from our customers.  We have a terrific set of enhancements available with Release 25:

  • Pre-built Oracle Social Relationship Management integration to enable social-based support channels, social marketing and campaigns and internal collaboration
  • Usability improvements with streamlined navigation when searching for a record, new context-sensitive lookup lists when searching for Contacts, and new applets for displaying Open Tasks and Open Appointments
  • Greater extensibility with additional optimized custom fields, push-based deployment of new web applets, extended workflow coverage, more web services to improve system administration and configuration and extended JavaScript API, giving you more control over the user interface
  • Enhanced Analytics for Opportunities and Service Requests that allow for even more visibility into relations, and role-based custom dashboards that permit assigning different dashboards to users based on their role

For more details on the new features in Release 25, please review the Transfer of Information (Doc ID: 779858.5) recordings available on My Oracle Support.

We have even more great features planned for our upcoming releases.  Over the next few releases, you can look forward to exciting new features such as:

  • A revamped User Interface, inspired by the tablet and mobile user of today
  • A standardized JavaScript API framework allowing advanced customization of the User Interface
  • A new RESTful API that can be used to rapidly create new avenues into Oracle CRM On Demand, specifically mobile solutions
  • Enhanced mobile solutions, including new device support and more flexibility
  • Pre-built Oracle Social Relationship Management integration to enable social-based support channels, social marketing and campaigns and internal collaboration
  • Improved Analytics with new subject areas and a Report API that permits scheduling and delivering of your reports

Stay connected with the Oracle CRM On Demand vibrant communities on My Oracle Support where you can collaborate with your peers and Oracle CRM On Demand experts.

Tuesday Mar 04, 2014

Oracle Sales Cloud and JD-Edwards EnterpriseOne: the perfect sales-to-production combination!

Oracle Sales Cloud and JD-Edwards EnterpriseOne have many things in common: both offer a rich standard set of functionality, both can be deployed rapidly and both offer the maximum return on investment. Combined together, they deliver most of the business processes functions that are needed to run a Small or Medium Business.

  • Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is an integrated applications suite of comprehensive enterprise resource planning software that combines business value, standards-based technology, and deep industry experience into a business solution with a low total cost of ownership. JD Edwards delivers over 80 application modules to support a diverse set of business processes and key industry solutions such as Consumer Package Goods, Manufacturing, Asset Intensive, and Projects and Services.
  • JD Edwards EnterpriseOne offers more choice of databases, operating systems, and hardware so you can build and expand your IT solution to meet business requirements. EnterpriseOne is the first ERP solution to run all applications on Apple iPad and it also delivers mobile applications.

From its release 8, Oracle Sales Cloud delivers pre-packaged integration with JD-Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1, including Account & Contact data synchronization, as well as an out-of-the-box “opportunity to quote” process which enables the sales organization to create or update JDE quotes and configurations directly from their Oracle Sales Cloud opportunity screens!

Some of the benefits that any business may get from this unique combination include faster implementation, faster time to market, error reduction and better user adoption.

Join the EMEA JD-Edwards partner community to find out more about the ERP market leader for SMB here.

Wednesday Feb 26, 2014

Oracle Sales Cloud update: release 8 and beyond

In this 1 hour webcast, Scott Creighton, Oracle VP Sales Cloud Product Management, discuss the Oracle Sales Cloud Release 8 functionality improvements and the solution's near future strategy as well as new market differentiators such as PaaS.

Oracle Service Cloud February 2014 release highlights in video

Find more information about the Oracle Service Cloud February 2014 release by watching the Oracle Service Cloud – February 2014 Release Overview video which is 18' long and requires a webex account.

You may also want to read and download the release data sheet here

Tuesday Feb 25, 2014

Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow) February 2014 Release is Generally Available

The February 2014 release of Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow) delivers a broad range of improvements to Cross Channel Contact Center, Web Customer Service, Policy Automation, and the Service Cloud Platform. 

Release Resources

Key Elements of the Oracle Service Cloud February 2014 Release

In the February 2014 release of Oracle Service Cloud we continue our commitment to improving and enhancing the Oracle Service Cloud suite of applications in order to empower great customer experiences. 

Organizations will benefit from several new Web Customer Service features including additions to Virtual Assistant, a break-though application that provides pro-active interactions that humanize the self-service experience. Enhancements to the Mobile Agent App further empower service organizations to adapt and customize the mobile experience to their unique mobile requirements, and additional functionality has been added to the Cross-Channel Contact Center to improve administration, information access and agent user experience.  Policy Automation adds functionality to further simplify and streamline the policy automation process as well as increases language support.  And, we continue to provide high value APIs, integration, and extensibility capabilities.

Cross-Channel Contact Center

  • Mobile Agent App
  • Asset and Product Registration
  • Web Accessibility for Feedback
  • Report Delivery Option
  • Microsoft Outlook Integration

Web Customer Service

  • Feedback Reports for Virtual Assistant
  • Virtual Assistant Extension of Interface Functionality
  • Community Search Experience
  • Dynamic Form API in Customer Portal

Policy Automation

  • Interview Refinements
  • Enhanced Agent Desktop Capabilities
  • Improved Rule Navigation
  • New Reusable Sample Projects
  • More Language Parsers

Service Cloud Platform

  • PHP and SOAP File Attachment Sharing APIs
  • Assets Support in APIs and ROQL Enhancements

A complete list of enhancements to Oracle RightNow Cloud Service can be found in the November 2013 Release Notes. In order to receive release announcements on a regular basis, it is recommended that customers and partners subscribe to the News and Announcements discussion forum on the RightNow Community. 

New Training

RightNow Social Monitor Administration Collection

This collection of free, on-demand eLearning modules covers the basics of configuring and using RightNow Social Monitor for administrators. This series covers the following topics:

  • RightNow Social Monitor: Social Monitor Overview
  • RightNow Social Monitor Administration: Editing Search Schedules
  • RightNow Social Monitor Administration: Subscribing to an RSS Search
  • RightNow Social Monitor Administration: Creating Topic Monitoring Themes

Click here to access these courses.

RightNow Social Monitor User Collection

This collection of free, on-demand eLearning modules covers the basic set-up and configuration tasks for RightNow Social Experience community administrators. This series covers the following topics:

  • RightNow Social Monitor: Social Monitor Overview
  • RightNow Social Monitor User: Performing Searches
  • RightNow Social Monitor User: Adding the ChannelUsernames Field to Contact Records
  • RightNow Social Monitor User: Responding to Incidents
Click here to access these courses. 


If your customer is interested in upgrading, please refer them to these resources:

Upgrades can be initiated online at under the My Site Tools section.

Monday Feb 24, 2014

Latest Release of Oracle Eloqua Introduces Innovative New Modern Marketing Execution and Reporting Capabilities

Today’s modern marketer is increasingly tasked with a complex balancing act that involves helping their organization identify and understand its customers, create relevant and engaging experiences, find and nurture opportunities, deliver revenue and demonstrate marketing’s impact on the bottom line. To help CMOs and their global marketing teams balance these complex objectives, Oracle today extended the Oracle Marketing Cloud. The new features and enhancements to Oracle Eloqua, a component of Oracle Marketing Cloud, help modern marketers optimize the customer experience and execute marketing campaigns that have a measurable impact on revenue.

News Facts

Extending its commitment to helping CMOs and their global marketing teams optimize the customer experience and execute marketing campaigns that have a measurable impact on revenue, Oracle today introduced new functionality and enhancements to Oracle Eloqua.
With the latest release of Oracle Eloqua, marketers can deliver more meaningful engagement and experiences than ever before by integrating data sources to build a complete and actionable view of customers.
The enhancements support key marketing initiatives, including content marketing and social relationship management, by empowering marketers to deliver targeted and dynamic content in emails, blogs, social media sites and landing pages.
To help further optimize the performance of marketing campaigns, the latest release of Oracle Eloqua also includes Revenue Dashboards that provide clear and actionable visibility into marketing’s impact on revenue and customer responses.

Oracle Eloqua is the only solution that enables marketers to manage campaigns with owned, earned and paid media objectives in a single platform.

Read the complete product release announcement here.

Wednesday Feb 19, 2014

Oracle Sales Cloud Mobile for Smartphone .

Watch this 3' YouTube video and see how you can have complete and easy access to your CRM system while on the go with Oracle’s latest mobile app smarterselling [compatible with OS, Android, or Blackberry]

Friday Feb 14, 2014

New : Eloqua for Life Sciences

Marketers in the medical device manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries face unique challenges in their efforts to reach healthcare providers, payors, and prescription influencers with personalized communications. At the same time, diminishing budgets require more output from less resources, which makes traditional in-person marketing too expensive and inefficient. To help life science organizations address these challenges and better target and engage with key healthcare audiences, Oracle today announced Oracle Eloqua for Life Sciences.

News Facts

  • To help life sciences organizations better reach and engage customers, Oracle today introduced Oracle Eloqua for Life Sciences.
  • The latest addition to the Oracle Marketing Cloud, Oracle Eloqua for Life Sciences is a flexible and scalable cloud-based solution for marketers in the medical device manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries that offer industry-specific best practices and capabilities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing campaigns.
  • To improve efficiencies in the development and execution of marketing campaigns, Oracle Eloqua for Life Sciences offers predefined contact and account fields, customized campaign templates based on industry best practices, and life science-specific reporting templates that drive user adoption, optimize performance and help marketing organizations achieve rapid time to value,.
  • To improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, industry-specific capabilities in Oracle Eloqua for Life Sciences help marketers target specific healthcare audiences, improve engagement, enhance measurement and produce actionable reporting.
  • The advanced targeting and segmentation capabilities also improve campaign reach and maximize sales staff effectiveness by enabling marketers to personalize engagement and foster one-to-one conversations with healthcare professionals and prescription influencers.
  • Oracle Marketing Cloud now has industry-specific marketing solutions for financial services, industrial services and life sciences. Each industry product is developed with the industry user in mind, incorporating marketing, content, and data analysis best practices.

Key Benefits

Oracle Eloqua for Life Sciences helps marketers in the medical device manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries increase revenues and reduce costs by supporting the design and delivery of personalized communications across all channels.

Key benefits delivered by Oracle Eloqua for Life Sciences include:

  • Optimized campaign management and execution: An intuitive user interface specifically designed for the life science industry makes it simple to create campaigns, landing pages and forms, and automate email, demand generation, and content marketing programs.
  • Fast and accurate targeting: Oracle Eloqua Targeting and Segmentation technology helps life science marketers increase engagement, improve efficiency and drive sales by quickly and easily delivering relevant, targeted, and meaningful communications across traditional and social channels.
  • Simplified marketing compliance: By logging, tracking and sending an exact copy to your system for every communication from marketing, Oracle Eloqua for Life Sciences enables marketers to deploy compliant and approved digital communications across all channels.
  • Better lead management: Oracle Eloqua Lead Management helps improve sales team productivity by identifying the best leads and nurturing unqualified, or cold leads, to help move them along the buyer’s journey.
  • Enhanced customer insight: Oracle Eloqua Marketing Measurement capabilities provide deep insights into marketing activities and campaign performance, showing impact on qualified sales leads, pipeline and ROI.
  • Rapid deployment: With Oracle’s proven methodology and pre-packaged content for eDetailing, medical education events, formulary approval and online product education campaigns, marketers can ensure rapid time to market for marketing campaigns.
  • Simple integration: One-click integration enables marketers to quickly and easily integrate actionable customer insights into its existing enterprise applications. The solution also integrates with more than 100 social media and direct mail tools via connectors hosted in the Oracle Eloqua AppCloud.

Supporting Resources

Thursday Feb 13, 2014

What’s New in Oracle Commerce v11?

This release makes considerable progress in bringing together the industry-leading Commerce Platform (ATG Web Commerce) and Guided Search/Experience Management solution (Endeca Commerce) under one unified brand with a consistent delivery cycle and version numbering.  Keep in mind that for this release the software is still available in both the “ATG Web Commerce” and the “Oracle Endeca” product packs (changes are forthcoming in eDelivery which will have a unified Oracle Commerce product pack).

Themes for Oracle Commerce 11 include:

•     Commerce, Content, & Experience, Synched – Unification of critical functionality that links commerce, content, experience platform & personalization – further unifying the Commerce Platform, Merchandising, Guided Search, and Experience Manager

•     Business Tools – Enhanced infrastructure and features for managing and delivering differentiated commerce experiences

•     Omni-Channel – Create once, deploy catalog / cart / commerce anywhere – online, on-the-go, in-the-store

•     Integrations – Reference quality, best-practice source code to help unify all the pieces of the commerce experience – commerce, content, services, social, and sales integration enhancements

For more information about our latest release, please download and read the What’s New In Oracle Commerce 11 document.  Also available is the What’s New in Oracle Commerce 10.2.1 Assisted Selling Reference Application document, which was released simultaneously and features the new Assisted Selling Application.  The Assisted Selling Application will be updated to the v11 platform in the next couple of months.

The early feedback from customers, partners, and the field on Oracle Commerce 11 has been very positive with quite a few customers looking to get going immediately on upgrades to this latest version.

Wednesday Feb 12, 2014

Oracle Sales Cloud Mobile for Tablet

Check this 2' YouTube video to see Oracle's latest mobile application for sales representatives and sales managers provides a single, native application across all platforms—OS, Android, or Blackberry—phone or tablet. 

Only Oracle Sales Cloud Mobile provides complete and easy access to your CRM system while on the go: manage opportunities, review pipeline, adjust forecast, email your sales team, search LinkedIn—all from one application. Smarter sales: anywhere, any time, on any device.

Wednesday Feb 05, 2014

Sell better with Oracle Sales Cloud imbedded Social capabilities

In this 1'20" video, you can experience how to sell better by collaborating with your team with opportunities in Oracle Sales Cloud. It features how to create social conversations, add participants, ask a question, etc.

Sunday Jan 26, 2014

CRM On Demand Integrated with Oracle Social Engagement & Monitoring – video

Don’t miss this quick walkthrough (2'59" YouTuve video) of the Oracle CRM on demand Integrated with Oracle Social Engagement & Monitoring.


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