Wednesday Feb 25, 2015

Oracle Service Cloud February 2015 Release is Generally Available!

We are pleased to announce the availability of the Oracle Service Cloud February 2015 Release. 

This latest release provides broad range of enhancements across the Oracle Service Cloud pillar.  Highlights include:

  • Web Customer Service: Private Messaging Support for Facebook
  • Web Customer Service: Mobile Compatibility for Integrated Cobrowse
  • Contact Center: Service Email, Outreach & Feedback Enhancements
  • Contact Center: Agent Browser User Interface
  • Contact Center: Incident Archiving Improvements
  • Oracle Policy Automation for Service Cloud
  • Platform: Add-In Manager Enhancements
  • Platform: Supporting IPv6

To find out more, please check out these resources:

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Sunday Feb 01, 2015

Oracle Voice Brings a Mobile, Speech-Enabled Virtual Assistant to the Oracle Sales Cloud in Release 9 on Smart Phones

Sales Reps now have a fast, friendly and fun way to talk to the Cloud

Redwood Shores, Calif—Jan 15, 2015

News Summary

A Sales system is only as good as the sales data it holds, and most of this data comes from field sales representatives who are expected to enter it on their laptops and desktops. But typical reps spend 32% of their time traveling and waiting for meetings. During these times, the only device available may be a smart phone. No surprise then that current sales data may be delayed getting into sales systems, impacting sales leaders' visibility into sales activity.

Release 9 of the Oracle Sales Cloud brings Oracle Voice (officially "Oracle Fusion Voice Cloud Service for the Oracle Sales Cloud"), a speech-enabled virtual assistant that lets sales reps speak directly to the Oracle Sales Cloud on their smartphones. Oracle Voice represents Oracle's ongoing commitment to bringing the best user experiences to the Oracle Applications Cloud. It's a fast, friendly and fun way for reps to view their work, so they walk into meetings prepared. Walking out of meetings, they are able to quickly create Notes, Activities and Contacts, and update Opportunities while the information is still fresh in their minds. With increased usage, everyone benefits from current sales data, improved visibility from sales activities, and better sales decisions.

News Facts

  • Oracle first delivered voice user experiences in Oracle Fusion Mobile Expenses on the smartphone, and found such a great reception we decided to pursue other areas where it benefits the user.
  • The next most meaningful group of users were sales representatives, whose primary device is often the smart phone and whose primary job is talking.
  • Instead of relying on slow typing on a smart phone, sales reps can enter information three times faster by speaking to the Oracle Sales Cloud through Oracle Voice – a key user experience improvement. Since details are precisely captured and follow-ups are quicker, deals are closed faster and more efficiently.
  • Oracle Voice focuses on letting field sales reps quickly accomplish a few key tasks that are frequent yet time-critical: creating and viewing Notes, Tasks, Appointments, Contacts and also editing and viewing Opportunities. For example, one-command access to Opportunity details and notes lets them walk into meetings better-prepared. Capturing sales information through notes and activities right after a meeting retains important details in the system that would otherwise be forgotten.
  • Oracle Voice allows users to switch between voice, touch, and typing as needed.
  • Users don't need any training to navigate and interact with Oracle Voice; they can simply tap and speak in a command. Oracle Voice takes them through a natural, conversational dialog to help them view or capture sales data in real-time.
  • The Oracle Applications Cloud, in this case, the Oracle Sales Cloud Release 9, provides a unique capability to deliver innovative user experiences, leveraging Nuance's automatic speech recognition and text-to-speech conversion.
  • Oracle Voice is currently only available in North America with support for US English.
  • In a recent study, 80% of Oracle field sales reps testing Oracle Voice said the product exceeded their expectations for productivity and ease of use.

· Supporting Quotes

  • "Oracle's own sales organization was involved in developing Oracle Voice for the Oracle Sales Cloud. We wanted to be sure that the user experience is seamless, works well on mobile devices, and is easy for all sales reps to use," said Kate Fitzgerald, Group Vice President, Oracle Sales Automation.
  • "It understands me better than similar speech-enabled assistants do," said Andrew Dunleavy, Sales Representative, Oracle Fusion Middleware.
  • "Busy sales people on the go need to very quickly and effectively interact with their enterprise systems. With Oracle's enterprise experience, and Nuance's natural language processing, we have made it as simple as using their voice," said Jeremy Ashley, Vice President, Oracle Applications User Experience.
  • "Mobile smart phones and tablets are quickly becoming the leading devices for interacting with enterprise applications, and Oracle has led the way through our broad set of mobile apps. Working with Nuance, we are also leading the way in using speech interfaces to make it easier and more natural to interact with enterprise solutions," said Alan Fothergill, Vice President, Oracle Applications Development

  • Looking for a fun, speech-enabled virtual assistant for your sales team? Try Oracle Voice!
  • Want to create a task quickly after a meeting? Talk to Oracle Voice as you would in a natural spoken conversation!
  • Want to create an appointment quickly after a meeting? Talk to Oracle Voice as you would in a natural spoken conversation.
  • Getting ready for a sales meeting? Just tap on the microphone button and say the name of the Opportunity to bring up details.

Supporting Resources

Tuesday Nov 25, 2014

Oracle Service Cloud November 2014 is now Generally Available

Today marks yet another great quarterly product release for Oracle Service Cloud. The November 2014 release delivers a broad range of improvements to Cross-Channel Contact Center, Web Customer Service, and the Service Cloud Platform. 

In order to receive release announcements on a regular basis, it is recommended that customers and partners subscribe to the News and Announcements discussion forum on the RightNow Community. 

Release Resources

November 2014 Quarterly Release information can be found by clicking the links below.  Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the resources that are available to you. They include:

Key Elements of the Oracle Service Cloud November 2014 Release

Oracle continues to empower its customers to deliver great customer experiences with Oracle Service Cloud.  The November 2014 release of Oracle Service Cloud adds new capabilities that enable agents to view and understand the customer’s journey, designed to increase customer satisfaction and resolution. In addition, this release previews new “easy” access options for infrequent users as well as adding enhancements to key areas of the product including Contact Center, Co-browse and Platform. 

Web Customer Service: Understand the Customer’s Journey with Visitor Browser History

Visitor Brower History adds new functionally to Chat that allows agents to view recently visited web pages to better understand the customer's transition from self to assisted service. This feature empowers agents to skip question and answer time and jump right to resolution thereby reducing average chat handle time and increasing customer satisfaction. Additionally, agents can effortlessly access the historical URLs and gain immediate visual insight into the actions that led to the customer's need for agent assistance. Visitor Browser History delivers a connected experience by continuing the conversation from the point of escalation. 

Web Customer Service: Enhanced Co-browse

The November release adds enhancements to Co-browse including:

·  Instant mode, with no plug-in requirements: Faster launch process to make co-browsing even more efficient. 

·  More control over customer UI: New options for on-page launch points along with the ability to easily configure the look and feel of each customer-facing element. 

·  Contact Center Efficiency: By enabling agents to handle issues more quickly and accurately; Increase customer satisfaction, with co-browse we reduce the potential for miscommunication.

Contact Center: Communicate to Preferred Email Address 

Every communication is important to your business. Ensuring those communications are delivered in the customer’s preferred method is imperative to a great customer experience. This release improves functionality around customers with multiple email addresses. Organizations can communicate with the customer’s preferred or initiating email address rather than using other email addresses that maybe stored for them. Additionally, an agent working on the incident response can select the contact’s email address from a menu for a future reply when the customer requests the change. This enhancement allows organizations to adhere to email legislation and best practices by reducing duplicate communications to contacts.

Contact Center: Access Service Cloud from Any Browser 

Oracle is enhancing the desktop with an intuitive browser based interface for infrequent users. The November release will provide a first preview of this new interface. Infrequent users will have the ability to access common tasks and reports across incidents, contacts, organizations, tasks, and custom objects using any browser.

The Agent Browser UI will utilize the existing service cloud meta-data, speeding deployment without requiring additional configuration.  The Agent Browser UI will be provided in addition to the existing smart client and mobile agent desktop.  

Contact Center: Agent Desktop Enhancements 

We continue to improve the Agent Desktop with new key capabilities that increase agent efficiency and productivity. New capabilities include: 

·  Recent item in drop down: Agents spend a lot of time setting values in drop down and search fields. Often they use the same values repeatedly. This feature will allow them to quickly set the value to commonly used entries. This will save them time and provide a better user experience for the agent 

·  Recent items in search fields: User’s can now reduce number of clicks to find recent items in search; additionally this also reduces server hits.

·  Pinning/unpinning recent items: Users can now pin recent items, allowing agents to quickly return items, and items can easily be unpinned as well. 

·  Tool Window in Status Bar: The tool window can dock in the Status Bar or the full tool window functionality can be expanded, increasing screen real estate. 

Contact Center: Experience Routing Enhancements

In May 2014, we introduced Experience Routing with its innovative approach to skills based routing. With this release, we further enhance Experience Routing to give contact centers the ability to customize the agent skill requirements for each queue. This offers contact centers more flexibility to control the quality of service offered.  New capabilities allow contact centers to specify an ideal skill score requirement for a queue. Chats arriving into this queue will be assigned to agents with a skill score equal to or greater than this value. This new feature helps organizations deliver VIP Treatment by assigning your best agents to your most valued customers, optimize agent skill utilization by leveraging each agent’s full range of competencies (from novice to expert skills) as well as meet SlonLA targets by expanding the pool of eligible agents during traffic spikes. 

Platform: New Regional Hosting Centers

Delivering reliable services requires you to ensure your business is protected should something go wrong. Your business demands a robust solution that has the global access and redundant infrastructure to deliver exceptional service anytime and everywhere it is needed.

In 2013, we opened our hosting centers in Kitakyushu Japan, Sydney Australia, and Singapore. In 2014, we opened the UK Government Cloud.  Work is being done to expand our presence in the US, as well as PCI compliant offerings in non-US geographies. The Oracle Service Platform “Available Everywhere” Cloud Infrastructure is now hosted in thirteen robust market leading global hosting centers. All our hosting centers are World-Class geographically disbursed, Tier IV “Carrier Class” to meet our strict standards for availability, reliability, and security.


If your customer is interested in upgrading, please refer them to these resources: Select the link below and navigate to the “Upgrade Guides” section

Upgrades can be initiated online at under the My Site Tools section.

We will engage with your customer to create your upgrade plan, including development effort and timeline. We will also do everything we can to help facilitate a smooth, successful acceptance test and upgrade.

Saturday Nov 22, 2014

Siebel CRM Innovation Pack 2014 is Available

Enabling customers to maximize their investment in Oracle’s Siebel CRM applications, hundreds of new features, functions, and enhancements are provided with Siebel CRM IP2014

Siebel CRM IP2014 delivers a new intuitive user experience specially developed for mobile responsive devices; new mobile applications and framework and expanded product functionality while increasing business agility and lowering total cost of ownership for customers.

Siebel CRM IP2014 expands industry capabilities with new applications and functionality for Public Sector, Communications, Financial Services and Life Sciences among others.

This release provides customers with a complete Customer Experience (CX)solution with additional integrations to Oracle CX portfolio products such as Oracle Policy Automation, Oracle Real Time Decisions and Oracle Knowledge Management as well being able to leverage the extreme performance capabilities of the Oracle 12c In-Memory database.

Innovation Pack Themes

The Siebel product focuses on three primary investment themes based on the feedback from our customers

  • Customer Experience (CX) : Seamless customer experience across the CX portfolio (mobile, social, service etc)
  • Industry Innovation: Feature rich solutions to over 20 industries
  • Business Agility : We recognize that your business needs to be agile with the ability to adopt new product innovations as well as competitive market solutions into your CRM deployment quickly.

 The Siebel CRM Innovation Pack 2014 Data Sheet has been uploaded in the EMEA CX Partner Community Beehive Workspace here

Friday Nov 21, 2014

Oracle Cloud extended to Industry Vertical solutions

Oracle has a very aggressive plan to build Industry Vertical Solutions on top of its CX Public Cloud (SaaS) products.

Check this YouTube microsite in order to watch mockup demo's of the first vertical add-on's that will be available to industry customers in Consumer Goods, Financial Services, High Tech & Industrial Manufacturing and Communications

Thursday Nov 20, 2014

OPA Newsletter - Winter 2014 edition

The Winter 2014 edition of the Oracle Policy Automation OPA Newsletter is out: get your free copy here

Wednesday Nov 19, 2014

Oracle Cloud Adapter for Oracle RightNow Cloud (12.1.3) Released

The Oracle Cloud Adapter for Oracle RightNow Cloud (12.1.3) is now generally available. This adapter is certified to work with Oracle SOA Suite 12.1.3

Oracle Cloud Adapters are designed to dramatically simplify Integrations between Cloud and On-Premise Applications. Oracle Cloud Adapter for Oracle RightNow Cloud Service is another one in the series of Cloud adapters that we have released, providing enhanced developer productivity via intuitive design-time wizards and intelligent run-time capabilities such as smart security and session management.

Here are the relevant links for the RightNow Cloud adapter:

Oracle Cloud Adapter in the news !

Enhance your customer experience with Oracle RightNow Cloud Adapter

Don’t let SaaS Simplicity Become Cloud Complexity

Oracle Cloud Adapter-Customer Insights Webcast: Advanstar

Thursday Nov 13, 2014

Oracle Doubles Investment in Configure, Price, and Quote Cloud Solutions for Midsize, Announces New Release

Since acquiring BigMachines in November 2013, Oracle has doubled its investment in configure, price, and quote (CPQ) technology for midsize organizations using as their customer relationship management technology—including a range of important new features in the latest release of Oracle BigMachines Express CPQ Cloud Service (formerly BigMachines Express).

“Mistakes and bottlenecks in sales, pricing, quoting, and renewals processes can have a significant impact on sales efficiency and revenue,” says Oracle Vice President of Development Christopher Shutts.

Built on the platform, the solution allows simple and familiar administration by sales operations teams and supports easy deployment so organizations can get up and running in less than 60 days.

Speeding and Simplifying Sales Processes
New features in the latest release of Oracle BigMachines Express CPQ Cloud Service help organizations accelerate revenue by reducing costly quoting errors and minimizing the time spent processing orders.

“These new features underscore Oracle’s commitment to helping our customers simplify complex product and services, complicated pricing and approvals, and multiple pricelists and currencies," says Shutts.

New features include

  • Product bundling. Quickly create product bundles by configuring features in complex products with interdependent pricing.
  • Price formulas. Easily define price formulas tailored to business needs, and empower administrators to set pricing based on configuration inputs and selected products or features.
  • Dynamic product rules. Create dynamic product rules that match products with specific text strings to support faster deployment, increased accuracy, and greater flexibility.
  • Quoting enhancements. Make proposals easier for buyers to understand by summarizing line items. Quickly customize fonts to improve aesthetics and ensure brand consistency.

Find out more about Oracle BigMachines Express CPQ Cloud Service. Read a press release about the investment.

Sunday Oct 26, 2014

Oracle CRM On Demand Release 27 Is Generally Available

Oracle is pleased to announce that Oracle CRM On Demand Release 27 is Generally Available as of October 24, 2014.

Some of the features and enhancements in Oracle CRM On Demand Release 27 include:

  • Modernized Calendar with a new look and feel and the first in a series of usability improvements such as a new top-level section to view and navigate to multi-day appointments, tooltips to view the subject of an appointment, and new day/week/month buttons for quickly switching between different views of your calendar. 
  • Even more enhancements in User Interface and Usability with interactive image fields with five star or stop light graphics to display information in a rapidly understandable format. Concatenated fields allow you to combine multiple fields into one for more flexible layout options and better use of real estate on the page – all while maintaining favorite features such as inline edit, field validation, required fields and more. Additionally, we have improved the Global Header management capabilities so that users can define more icons and applets to be displayed using a set of icons available in Oracle CRM On Demand for quicker user access without having to open the Action Bar.
  • Maps and Proximity Search is an exciting new feature that enables you to plan your trip by finding other Contacts or Accounts within a radius of the Contact or Account you are going to see. The proximity search can be based on everyone within a certain radius or based on a custom list of high-value customers. 
  • Analytics has been improved with more subject areas such as Order and Event. We’ve also added a new Report Execution API that allows you to run a report at a time of your choosing and retrieve that generated report to distribute to sales management. 
  • A new integration option, RESTful APIs, allows you quickly retrieve record details as well as create, update and delete records. The RESTful API is an addition to our existing APIs; it allows for much more rapid development and it serves as a great tool for extending UI customizations. We have added Web Services v2.0 coverage for exposing more child relationships to Campaign, Household, Contact, and Portfolio.
  • Enhanced our vertical offerings by enhancing the Household and Portfolio record types for Financial Services and adding features like allocation filtering on Sample Request Items and contact state license validation for Life Sciences.
  • Control of context sensitive lists enable you to determine precisely what filters are available in Lookup Windows for your users.  A popular feature with our customers that use Service Requests is the ability to associate an Address to a Service Request. Automatically assigned based on the Account or Contact the Service Request is for, it is now possible to track the actual location at which the service was completed. Additionally, you now have the option to export Attachments for specific Record types as well as the ability to export Attachment details without exporting the actual attachment via the Data Export Assistant to help you with managing your attachments in the most efficient way possible.

For additional details on the new features in Oracle CRM On Demand Release 27, please review the Transfer of Information (TOI) recordings available on My Oracle Support (

Over the next few releases, some of the more exciting enhancements that are planned include the following:

  • Recurring meetings
  • iCalendar and vCard support to allow you to transfer your Oracle CRM On Demand Calendar Appointments and Contacts to any iCalendar and vCard supported applications
  • Custom Tooltips for Fields and Buttons so you can provide help, tips and guidelines
  • Continued investments in Maps and Proximity search for Route Planning
  • Many features in RESTful APIs, JavaScript APIs to provide even more flexibility for your integrations
  • Personalized Detail Pages so that users can hide fields they don’t use, while allowing administrators to manage far fewer page layouts
  • Display Events in Calendar as a different color so users can see all scheduled activities in one place
  • Drag and drop in the calendar for quick and easy rescheduling

As a reminder, we have various resources to help customers and partners maximize the value of Oracle CRM On Demand. Below are some of them:

  • Oracle Cloud Marketplace, where customers can browse and review partner applications that enhance Oracle CRM On Demand
  • Customer Advisory Boards, which consist of industry-leading customers where Oracle engages directly with our customers, and provides them an opportunity to influence our future strategy and roadmap
  • The Oracle CRM On Demand User Group, which is managed fully by customers, whose mandate is to work with Oracle Product Management and help influence our product strategy
  • Communities on My Oracle Support, which you can use to collaborate with peers and Oracle CRM On Demand experts
Oracle CRM On Demand is a valuable asset to Oracle’s portfolio, and we will continue to expand its functionality through Oracle internal development as well as through partners and other integrations.

Monday Oct 06, 2014

Announcement: Oracle Sales Cloud Enhancements Help Sales Teams Optimize Efficiency and Performance to Increase Sales

New smartphone applications, industry solutions, and customization and integration features help organizations generate more revenue

Oracle OpenWorld, San Francisco—September 30, 2014

News Summary

Customer expectations are rapidly changing, and organizations need to change the ways they sell accordingly. To help sales teams achieve more efficiency and drive sales, Oracle has introduced major updates to Oracle Sales Cloud that include new smartphone and tablet applications, prebuilt and drill-down reporting capabilities for analytics, new partner relationship management capabilities, and industry-specific solutions. With the latest release of Oracle Sales Cloud, organizations can rapidly innovate to meet customers’ changing needs by enabling sales professionals to plan, prospect, collaborate, and close more effectively and efficiently.

News Facts

  • Building on its commitment to help sales teams sell more, know more, and grow more, Oracle today announced the latest release of Oracle Sales Cloud.
  • Oracle Sales Cloud Release 9 helps organizations increase sales and optimize efficiency though enhanced mobility, analytics, partner relationship management, and industry-specific solutions.
  • Optimized for mobile devices, the latest release includes new mobile apps such as Oracle Voice, Oracle Mobilytics, and Oracle Sales Cloud Call Report that help sales teams quickly execute transactions and activities and allow for analysis of forecasts, pipelines, and deals while on the move.
  • To provide organizations with deep domain knowledge and purpose-built applications that are designed to meet their unique sales needs, lower costs, and reduce implementation times, the new release also includes industry-specific sales solutions for communications, high technology, industrial manufacturing, consumer goods, and financial services.
  • To further enhance productivity and give sales teams more comprehensive analysis and greater customer visibility, the new release adds new subject areas and attributes to the extensive lineup of prebuilt reports that are included in Oracle Sales Cloud.
  • Sales teams can also personalize Oracle Sales Cloud to meet the unique needs of their organization, with full custom object support.
  • Oracle's standards-based open and flexible platform enables integrations with other best-of-breed customer experience (CX) applications such as Oracle Marketing Cloud, Oracle Service Cloud, and Oracle Commerce, resulting in a 360-view of the customer and enhanced closed-loop reporting.

Sell More, Know More, Grow More with Oracle Sales Cloud

Oracle Sales Cloud is part of Oracle Customer Experience Cloud, which empowers organizations to create consistent, connected, and personalized brand experiences across all channels and devices.

With the latest release of Oracle Sales Cloud, sales professionals can benefit from:

  • Enhanced productivity and predictability: Intuitive forecasting allows sales managers to review, analyze, and adjust forecasts while mobile, improving productivity and predictability and offering opportunities for coaching in the field.
  • Improved collaboration: Sales staff can easily log customer engagements using a tablet or smartphone, capturing what was discussed or what products were presented and then sharing with the wider team for enhanced collaboration.
  • Streamlined partner relationship management: Partner sales staff can qualify leads and register opportunities in a simplified partner portal, and channel account managers can view a dashboard with key metrics and manage partners while working on mobile devices.
  • Simplified administrative processes: Contract and sales agreement templates help drive efficiencies by standardizing corporate contract policies and negotiation workflows while also supporting internal controls and compliance with contractual obligations and regulatory requirements.
  • Optimized sales performance management: Sales managers can reduce manual, time-consuming work with automated processes that help easily migrate territory geographies and rules, import currency conversion rates, and export quotas.
  • Integrated customer data management: Streamlined data enrichment processes enable company and contact data from Dun and Bradstreet to be imported, while Oracle Sales Cloud's enterprise data quality engine improves data integrity by identifying duplicates in real time.

 Supporting resources

NEW! Quarterly Oracle Service Cloud Product Update for you...

The Oracle Service Cloud development team would like to share with you the inaugural edition of the quarterly Oracle Service Cloud Product Update!

You’ll find the Product Update chock-full of information about Oracle Service Cloud – release details; tips and tricks, best practices, and how-to's; featured product users; highlighted user accomplishments; upcoming activities; opportunities to connect; and select conversations from our Customer and Developer Forums.

Monday Sep 15, 2014

New Customer Experience & SOA Integration Demo

At our SOA Community Workspace ( SOA Community membership required) you can find details about a great customer experience demo using SOA Integration technology:

With this release the number of viewlets (video’s) has grown from 21 to 37.  Each viewlet can be shown individually or in conjunction with any others and can show either technical feature or business centric demo’s.  There is a matrix of options for using the demos, to help you select relevant materials  there is a ScenarioMatrix.xls spreadsheet, you can filter on any of the columns to reduce to the viewlets that interest you.

In this release feature enhancements have been made to:

  • RightNow – New business scenario’s.
  • RTD – Integrated into several front-ends, Composite Pagelet for RightNow, plus back-end viewlets.
  • WC-Sites – updated with latest MyBank demo with SCV MyProfile.
  • SCVLite VirtualBox VM (due to be uploaded to retriever mid-may).
  • Retail Banking Client-OnBoarding viewlets.
  • Documentation on Design Pattern and SCV Service.
  • New MDM / EDQ scenario viewlet.
  • Improvements to ATG, eBS.

Java Cloud Service - SaaS Extension

Use Java Cloud (Java Cloud Service - SaaS Extension) to extend and integrate Oracle SaaS applications!



Friday Sep 12, 2014

Reps Sell More with Integrated Email - video

More hours in the day, or less admin? Which would help your sales team exceed their targets? Oracle Sales Cloud fully integrated with Outlook. Relieve their burden, boost your number. Check out this video

Wednesday Aug 27, 2014

10 PaaS patterns to extend Sales Cloud. A MUST SEE!

Sales Cloud's Extensibility framework is a robust tool that lets you customize a Sales process to your business need. If the desired customization/extension can be achieved using Extensibility framework, it is advised to go that route. However, there may be cases where declarative customization proves suboptimal in sufficiently addressing the business case. In such an instance, it is beneficial to explore options on PaaS.

In this post by Oracle Niranjan Kumbi, you will be able to look at ten patterns that could be used to extend your sales process using PaaS, illustrated by simple pictures that are making it easy to understand.



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