Tuesday Jun 16, 2015

Applying a Retail Best Practice to Improve Field Service

How do you design field services to give retail customers everything they want? Applying retail best practices to improve the experience. Read here

Increase predictability with Oracle Field Service Cloud

Who says predictability is boring? To achieve mobile workforce excellence you need to predict and forecast all kinds of service events - the good news is now you can and you can improve CX at the same time!

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Tuesday Jun 09, 2015

Boost Sales Productivity and Lead Generation with Oracle Cloud Adapters for Sales Cloud and Eloqua

With the mission to drive sales results, and sell anywhere and anytime, many organizations are adopting Oracle Sales Cloud, a key component of Oracle Customer Experience Solution.  The deal velocity increases along with the productivity of the sales teams with modern selling tools using Oracle Sales Cloud.

For customers to confidently and conveniently convert more pipelines into error free quotes, and progress them into orders in the back office, as well as to collaborate more with other applications in the Customer Experience stack via rich set of integrations, Oracle Cloud Adapter for Oracle Sales Cloud is being introduced.

Oracle Eloqua, Oracle's leading Cross-Channel Marketing Solution, enables marketers to plan and execute automated marketing campaigns.  Integration between Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud and any SaaS or on-premise CRM application is enabled by the new Oracle Cloud Adapter for Oracle Eloqua Cloud Service, driving faster progression of marketing leads to sales opportunities, and unified customer data management. 

These all new cloud adapters for SaaS applications - Oracle Sales Cloud Adapter and Oracle Eloqua Cloud Adapter provide rich and intuitive design time capabilities as well as run time efficiency.   Oracle is extending its Cloud to on-premise integration solution portfolio by releasing these cloud adapters on its premier integration platform Oracle SOA Suite 12c.

The Sales organizations will also benefit from their investment in the Oracle Sales Cloud application in various other integrated business processes by leveraging the Oracle Sales Cloud Adapter, such as:

  • Closed Loop Analysis for Marketing campaigns:  The integrated marketing with Eloqua for progression of leads can be extended to analysis of marketing campaigns and responses. 
  • Sales and Service co-ordination:  The customer information can shared across with service teams, as well as visibility to the service requests can be provided to the sales teams for better account management.
  • Lead to Order:  The leads/opportunities can be progressed to orders in the back office order management systems (viz. E-Business Suite, SAP).

 You can access the datasheets, documentation, and more information on this website.

Monday May 18, 2015

Oracle Sales Cloud Quick Tours for Customers and Partners

Quick Tours are designed to provide a very simple and attractive way to support your lead generation campaigns for Oracle Cloud products.  Any person anywhere can now get an instant product “Quick Tour” on a self service basis. OPN partners Sales Reps can also use Quick Tours as a lightweight tool to engage with existing qualified opportunities. 

We currently provide two flavors of Oracle Sales Cloud Quick Tours:

“Interactive” Quick Tour: This lets a user click around and directly explore an emulated Sales Cloud experience. It looks and feels almost exactly like production product (but is built on a different light-weight technology stack). It includes embedded guidance and videos to convey the value propositions. Interactive flavor is currently available for Sales Cloud:  http://bit.ly/salescloud-quicktour-play

“ClickThrough” Quick Tours:These are simple, guided, static click through product presentations. Sales Cloud is further developed and includes embedded videos: http://bit.ly/salescloud-quicktour-click

Leverage these Quick Tours showcases when speaking with your customers and prospects in order to grow your Oracle Sales Cloud projects!

Monday May 11, 2015

Simplify and Speed Sales with a Modern CPQ Solution

How can modern Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) drive faster, smarter online commerce experiences? Check out these CPQ Executive Brief series and learn to provide seamless online shopping experiences. Register here


Monday May 04, 2015

Oracle Cloud Marketplace is on LinkedIn

If you are an ISV or an SI, we invite you to follow Oracle Cloud Marketplace on Twitter and/or LinkedIn! We will begin shortly to feature specific ISV Apps from Cloud Marketplace and related cloud partner ecosystem info on this feed. 

https://twitter.com/ORCLMarketplace #OracleCloudMarketplace


Wednesday Mar 25, 2015

Driving Industry Transformations with Oracle Cloud

Cloud solutions for industries leverage the comprehensive Oracle product portfolio to address distinct industry-specific requirements.  With solutions for financial services, communications, consumer goods and more, Oracle enables you to accelerate the delivery of innovation, improve customer experiences, and improve margins to drive competitive advantage.

The new Oracle Cloud Industry Solution microsite helps you understanding how Oracle will support you business plan in selected industry verticals. Check it here

Where browsers and mobile collide – Oracle's unified Alta UI

The world of user interface design continues to evolve, and the UI for enterprises today stretches across desktop browsers to multiple channels including that of mobile. Oracle's Alta UI was introduced in late 2014 to ensure that Oracle's own applications lead this trend, and more importantly to you Alta is available to customers to adopt in their own desktop browser and mobile application development. In a Linked In continuing mobility Q&A series we take the opportunity to interview Laura Akel from Oracle to give you a greater insight into the Alta UI, where Oracle is taking Alta & why it's valuable to you.

Read the full interview in order to find out about User Interface's present and future.

Tuesday Mar 24, 2015

More Oracle Cloud promotions in Q4!

Oracle Q3 active Cloud Promotions (free months) have been extended throughout Oracle Q4 FY15. Some of them have been even improved. For more details, please contact either your Oracle Partner Manager, an Oracle Sales Representative or myself. 

Sunday Mar 08, 2015

Oracle SaaS For Dummies

Are you considering moving your sales or marketing operations to the ‪‎Cloud? Here’s what you need to know.

Feel free to share with your customers and prospects!

Tuesday Mar 03, 2015

OPN Website has gone Mobile

We are pleased to announce the initial launch of the OPN Website's mobile responsive interface. This design refresh aligns the website with Oracle.com and the OPN Solutions Catalog supporting an “Anywhere, Any Device” user experience for tablets and smartphones.

Phase one of this rollout includes four key content areas:

  • OPN Homepage
  • 6 Category Pages (comprised of 40 pages)
    • Get Started
    • Get Trained
    • Differentiate Your Offerings - New
    • Develop Solutions
    • Market & Sell
    • Manage Membership
  • Searchable Product Resource (Knowledge Zone) Directory
  • New Header Design Cascaded Across Entire Site

Content structure / processes remain unchanged with this update. The initial release is in English, translated content will move to the new templates over the next two weeks.

Thursday Feb 19, 2015

Optimize Sales Processes with Oracle

From lead generation to forecasting, a modern best practice transforms your sales processes, taking selling to the next level. In this micro site specially designed for Sales Executives, you will find several samples of Oracle’s key modern best practice for data-driven sales.

Tuesday Feb 17, 2015

Relationship Advice for Marketers via Oracle Marketing Cloud

Tips to build engagements: relationship advice for marketers : http://ora.cl/8Jy

VIDEO: Oracle President Thomas Kurian on Marketing & CX

Perhaps no other business role has more to gain – and lose – in the ever-important world of customer experience (CX) than today’s marketer. Customer centricity and CX have become the leading strategic focus across almost every business around the globe. And yet there’s still no clear-cut winner on who owns customer experience. What is clear, however, is that marketing and its numerous customer touch points has the greatest opportunity to take the strategic wheel with today’s empowered, digital, social and mobile consumer.(...)

Oracle’s Thomas Kurian understands the CX imperative and the heavy weight on marketers to lead it. Having a consistent cross-channel view of customers with the ability to reach, engage, understand, segment, target and automate in an effective way is a major undertaking. But it is one Oracle has dedicated years of resources and time towards.   “We are the only ones in the industry that can actually solve these problems.” He goes on to say how Oracle is helping the marketer develop a “cross-channel identity graph” so marketers can know their users across all their channels and touch points. “The fact that we have this unified view of people, across all these channels, fundamentally transforms the power of marketing tools.” You can hear more from Kurian in this video.

Your Service Opportunity - a new collection of Vidlets by Oracle

Digital disruption has affected customer behaviour and changed the role of customer service forever, bringing with it a massive opportunity for you to place Service at the hub of customer engagement.

What will your opportunity look like? Our new vidlets expose and discuss the digital service challenge.



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