Tuesday Feb 17, 2015

Relationship Advice for Marketers via Oracle Marketing Cloud

Tips to build engagements: relationship advice for marketers : http://ora.cl/8Jy

VIDEO: Oracle President Thomas Kurian on Marketing & CX

Perhaps no other business role has more to gain – and lose – in the ever-important world of customer experience (CX) than today’s marketer. Customer centricity and CX have become the leading strategic focus across almost every business around the globe. And yet there’s still no clear-cut winner on who owns customer experience. What is clear, however, is that marketing and its numerous customer touch points has the greatest opportunity to take the strategic wheel with today’s empowered, digital, social and mobile consumer.(...)

Oracle’s Thomas Kurian understands the CX imperative and the heavy weight on marketers to lead it. Having a consistent cross-channel view of customers with the ability to reach, engage, understand, segment, target and automate in an effective way is a major undertaking. But it is one Oracle has dedicated years of resources and time towards.   “We are the only ones in the industry that can actually solve these problems.” He goes on to say how Oracle is helping the marketer develop a “cross-channel identity graph” so marketers can know their users across all their channels and touch points. “The fact that we have this unified view of people, across all these channels, fundamentally transforms the power of marketing tools.” You can hear more from Kurian in this video.

Your Service Opportunity - a new collection of Vidlets by Oracle

Digital disruption has affected customer behaviour and changed the role of customer service forever, bringing with it a massive opportunity for you to place Service at the hub of customer engagement.

What will your opportunity look like? Our new vidlets expose and discuss the digital service challenge.

Supercharge Your Sales with Oracle CPQ

Watch this short video to find out how your customers can maximize their sales reps productivity, increase volumes, eliminate errors and reduce training costs or sales cycles with Oracle CPQ Cloud!

Friday Feb 06, 2015

Modern Customer Service : new video!

Modern Customer Service is about making it easy. Easy for customers to engage with your brand. Easy to serve your customers. Easy to adapt to the changing needs of your business. Here is a new 3-minute high-level overview of how Oracle Service Cloud meets today's service requirements is available on YouTube. Watch & share!

Thursday Feb 05, 2015

Why User Experience is Pivotal to Customer Experience

Technology provides tremendous capabilities for companies wishing to improve their customer experience. Hear from Thomas Kurian, President of Oracle, how Oracle researches customer needs to design solutions with market-leading design & functionality.

Watch video here

Thursday Jan 29, 2015

Oracle Voice: A Technical Innovation to Talk to Your Customers About

One of the charters of the Oracle Applications User Experience team is to explore emerging technology and possible enterprise use cases and quickly turn that into product. Oracle Voice, for sales reps who use the Oracle Sales Cloud, is a great example of that.

In October 2013, the UX team tested a prototype of Oracle Voice on Oracle sales reps at Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco and gathered feedback to build a solid product. It became available to you and your customers on iTunes in June 2014.

Oracle Voice allows sales reps to efficiently retrieve and capture sales information before and after meetings. Research shows that we tend to forget what we just learned if we don’t write it down within 20 minutes. With Oracle Voice, sales reps using Oracle Sales Cloud can capture key account information by speaking rather than typing.

Get up to speed on Oracle Voice so you can talk to your customers about it. It’s important that they hear about our innovations and our nimble development from you.

  • See what you can do with Oracle Voice in this post from the Voice of User Experience blog.
  • Read the Oracle Voice press release.
  • Check out a YouTube playlist of Voice demos that are being built for different devices, such as Android, and for employees in the HCM realm.

Oracle Voice is just the beginning of the dramatic technologies coming from the Oracle AppsLab. We’re exploring wearables, augmented reality, beacons, and much more—and building applications that enhance the user experience of Oracle Applications using these emerging technologies.

Misha Vaughn (Oracle UX Team)

Wednesday Jan 28, 2015

Oracle CX Newsletter for customers - January 2015 issue

The January edition of the Global Oracle CX Customer Newsletter is out! Get your copy

Saturday Jan 24, 2015

Oracle Cloud present and future

Here is an interesting article from Forbes to read for understanding where is Oracle on the Market Cloud, and where it is aiming.

Friday Jan 23, 2015

Why Oracle Cobrowse delivers faster, better service— and more sales

With TrueView visual you can optimize cobrowsing on web and mobile: http://ora.cl/0R1

Tuesday Jan 13, 2015

Securing Cloud Data is Not a Game

Are you gambling with your business data in the cloud? All cloud providers aren’t created equal when it comes to security. How do you know which to choose? Learn how a modern cloud can reduce risk and secure your business in the cloud.

Watch video here

Friday Jan 09, 2015

RightNow & JDEdwards Integration Demo by SOA Suite 12c including mobile app

To get access to the Oracle demo system please visit first OPN (OPN account required)

Oracle GSE account members with interest in Tech, FMW, JDEdwards or Service Cloud; +GSE +PDIT DSS

Customers today constantly engage with companies across multiple channels. Companies need to be able to engage, sell to, and service customers across all channels: the web, in a store, over the phone, via a mobile device or through social channels. Customers desire a simple, secure and consistent experience, whether it is a bank they are interacting with, or a retail store they are ordering a product from, or a service and maintenance request they are creating.


The demo illustrates how to

  • Leverage common development technologies to enable compatibility and re-usability across multiple channels
  • Access information and applications intuitively and securely through self-service portals for customers, employees and partners
  • Automate and manage cross enterprise business process shared services across multiple channels


  • Mobile & Identity Management: MAF 2.0, OAM Mobile and Social, OAG, OID
  • Integration:  Pre-built integrations RightNow, JDEdwards
  • Infrastructure: SOA 12c, Oracle Service Bus, WebCenter Portal

Call to Action

For questions/feedback please contact petraas.bhathena@oracle.com or anand.prasad@oracle.com in GSE.

For more information about Cloud Integration please visit the SOA Partner Community Workspace here AppAdvantage & Cloud Integration (free membership required www.oracle.com/goto/emea/soa)

Tuesday Dec 30, 2014

Oracle SaaS-OnPremise Integration with Fusion Middleware demo available

With the increasing popularity of software as a service (SaaS), there is a key imperative to quickly, efficiently and securely integrate the newer SaaS applications with their existing on-premise counterparts. Using an incident management/service delivery scenario, this demo shows how Oracle Fusion Middleware streamlines this integration via a unified framework of middleware components that masks the technical differences and enforces consistency via a common integration platform for SaaS and On-Premise applications.


  • Incident management/service delivery scenario with multiple user personas to reflect real world use case
  • SOA Suite 12c with Oracle Cloud and On-Premise Adapters to integrate Oracle Service Cloud and E-Business Suite applications
  • Scalable and secure access management for cross-application processes and transactions via OAM Mobile and Social, OAG, OID
  • This demo is mostly an iPhone based demo.

(To get access to the Oracle demo system please visit first OPN (OPN account required))

For more information about SaaS integration attend our Multichannel Integration hands-on workshop at the Fusion Middleware Community Forum 2015 or visit the SOA Partner Community Workspace (Community membership required).

Tuesday Dec 23, 2014

Invite Your Customers to Attend the Modern Service Experience

In Las Vegas on March 31 to April 2, Oracle Service Cloud (formerly known as RightNow Technologies) will lead a two-and-a-half day event where attendees will hear from visionary speakers and industry experts, network with Oracle Service Cloud customers and Oracle leadership, attend sessions specifically designed for their role – executive, system administrator, and developer, engage in presentations about recent product developments and what’s coming for Oracle Service Cloud, and share and celebrate their successes with their peers. More information/registration is available on the Conference microsite.


Partners will be an integral part of the experience Oracle Service Cloud is crafting for the Modern Service Experience; please contact Nan Acklin at nan.acklin@oracle.com if you are interested in sponsoring the Modern Service Experience.

Monday Dec 22, 2014

Oracle and Datalogix

On December 22, 2014 Oracle announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire Datalogix to extend Oracle Data Cloud with industry-leading solutions for data-driven marketing to inform and measure cross-channel digital marketing. The proposed transaction is subject to regulatory approval and other customary closing conditions. Until the transaction closes, each company will continue to operate independently, and it is business as usual.

Datalogix connects offline purchasing data to digital media to improve audience targeting and measure sales impact. Datalogix aggregates and provides insights on over $2 trillion in consumer spending to deliver purchase-based targeting and drive more sales. Over 650 customers including the top US advertisers and digital media publishers use Datalogix to increase the effectiveness and measurability of their advertising.

Datalogix will become part of the Oracle Data Cloud, a leader in Data as a Service. The combination will provide comprehensive consumer profiles that will power personalization across digital, mobile, offline and TV. With Datalogix, Oracle Data Cloud will deliver the richest understanding of consumers across both digital and traditional channels based on what they do, what they say, and what they buy enabling leading brands to personalize and measure every customer interaction and maximize the value of their digital marketing.

Read the press release


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