Friday Apr 04, 2014

New Options for Moving Oracle On-Premise Application Licenses to the Oracle Cloud

We are pleased to inform Oracle CRM partners that, under special conditions, Oracle allows for migrating perpetual licenses ('on-premise' license model) to Oracle Cloud Services within the same domain of functionality. It is most appropriate for customers with active licenses who wish to transfer to comparable software within the Oracle Cloud.

If you are interested by this new program, please contact your local Oracle CRM sales representative or directly

Thursday Mar 27, 2014

Oracle BigMachines Transition Guidelines

The Oracle BigMachines Transition Guidelines is a comprehensive guide for BigMachines partners to help them through all aspects of transitioning partnership including partner integration and combined GTM strategy, about Oracle PartnerNetwork, partner training and certification, marketing and branding, growing business with Oracle.

The guide will be posted shortly on the Oracle CPQ Knowledge Zone for partners.

Thursday Mar 20, 2014

Oracle Customer and Partner Successes : A references microsite powered by Endeca!

Speed up your sales cycle by providing the right reference at the best moment in time! Get access to thousands of Oracle Customer and Partners references, by product, by industry, by media type, etc. at which is powered by Endeca Guided Search

Wednesday Feb 19, 2014

4 Takeaways on Modern Customer Service from CloudWorld

Oracle held CloudWorld last week in San Francisco. While there were many ideas and themes being discussed in the Customer Service track, several stood out as key differentiators for any company interested in a modern approach to delighting customers.

Read Christina McKeon report on the 4 Takeaways on Modern Customer Service here

Friday Feb 14, 2014

New Program & Enrollments OPN Membership System

On March 10, 2014, the OPN Membership, Programs and Enrollments (P&E) System will be migrated into the Oracle Partner Store (OPS).

The Oracle Partner Store will streamline and automate P&E processes including OPN membership and resell rights applications for your company. The new solution will improve end to end transaction velocity, provide you with real-time transaction status, and allow you to self-manage your OPN memberships with Oracle.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Cascading privileges between worldwide and associate partners
  • Streamlined user access/management
  • 360 degree view of partner profile and privileges
  • Elimination of landing pads for ISVs
  • Simplified agreement and company registration process
  • Elimination of separate Knowledge Zone application requirement

Key Dates:

  • March 1st - 8th: System Blackout Period (no new applications will be processed)
  • March 8th - 9th: OPS Down Time
  • March 3rd and 12th: Live Partner Trainings (details below)
  • March 10th Go Live

Impact To Sales – Important Changes Effective March 10th:

  • Agreement start and end dates will be systematically enforced. When OPN Memberships expire all other privileges for the partner will cease. This includes deal registration and ordering (OPS, EDI/XML, and offline) until the membership is renewed. Manage your business and plan accordingly





P&E Overview


March 3rd, 2014
9:00 – 10:00 AM PT

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PW: Oracle123
Toll- Free US/CA Dial-In: (800) 869-4361
Toll-Free International Dial-In Numbers

P&E Overview


March 3rd, 2014
8:00 – 9:00 PM PT

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PW: Oracle123
Toll- Free US/CA Dial-In: (800) 869-4361
Toll-Free International Dial-In Numbers

P&E Refresher


March 12th, 2014
9:00 – 10:00 AM PT

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PW: Oracle123
Toll- Free US/CA Dial-In: (800) 869-4361
Toll-Free International Dial-In Numbers

P&E Refresher


March 12th, 2014
9:00 – 10:00 PM PT

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PW: Oracle123
Toll- Free US/CA Dial-In: (800) 869-4361
Toll-Free International Dial-In Numbers

Contact your regional Partner Business Center.

Friday Jan 31, 2014

Why a savvy CMO and experienced CIO are necessary to succeed - Free White Paper

Get your free copy of the Oracle White Paper "Value of Social data" and find out why Social data won’t help you without a framework for using it!

Sunday Jan 26, 2014

Oracle Social Cloud in action

Exciting! Have you followed Trentino University 2013 - the biggest sports event ever hosted in Trentino, Italy, with 61 countries and 3600 athletes participating? Watch this video on how the Oracle Social Cloud helped the event’s community managers identify the right communication channels, listen and follow the main trends on social networks and set up an editorial plan.

Thursday Jan 09, 2014

Forbes article on Oracle's Cloud Growth

In this online article, Forbes review Oracle's Cloud Growth based on an interview from Larry Ellison and Mark Hurd.

Monday Dec 23, 2013

Oracle acquires Responsys - Cloud Based B2C Marketing Software leader

On December 20, 2013, Oracle announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Responsys, the leading provider of enterprise-scale cloud-based business to consumer (B2C) marketing software. The proposed transaction is subject to Responsys stockholders tendering a majority of Responsys' shares and vested equity incentive awards in the tender offer, certain regulatory approvals and other customary closing conditions, and is expected to close in the first half of 2014. Until the transaction closes, Oracle and Responsys will continue to operate independently, and it is business as usual.

Responsys is used by the most respected business to consumer brands across the globe to manage and orchestrate marketing interactions with their customers across email, mobile, social, display and the web. More than 450 companies across a wide range of industries rely on Responsys to drive more revenue and improve the customer experience at every interaction.

The addition of Responsys will extend Oracle's Customer Experience Cloud, which includes the Oracle Sales Cloud, Oracle Commerce Cloud, Oracle Service Cloud, Oracle Social Cloud and the Oracle Marketing Cloud. By bringing together Responsys and Oracle Eloqua in the Marketing Cloud, for the first time CMOs across industries will be equipped to drive exceptional customer experiences across marketing interactions and throughout the customer lifecycle from a single platform.

Thursday Dec 12, 2013

Eloqua Markies award winners (lead nurturing program)

A sophisticated lead nurturing program utilizes creative workflows and segmentation to deliver measurable results. Congrats to the winners of the Eloqua Markies award-lead nurturing category!

Tuesday Dec 10, 2013

Oracle Commerce Customer Experience in brief!

In this 2' video, learn why you need to create, manage and optimize customer experiences across touchpoints, while increasing profits and maintaining competitive advantage!

Outsmart the competition with the right Social Customer Services Strategy

In this 8 pages booklet, easy to download and to read, you can understand how to outsmart the Competition with the Right Social Customer Service Strategy

Tuesday Dec 03, 2013

Oracle Sales Cloud promotions extended throughout May 2014

Ongoing Oracle Sales Cloud promotions, which include free months and/or pre-approved discounts (subject to T&C's) have been extended throughout May 2014.

For more information about these exciting promotions, please contact your local Oracle Sales & Marketing Sales Representative, Oracle Direct, your Oracle Alliance Manager or

Friday Nov 22, 2013

Why's stealth launch is a B2B game changer

In its last issue, SiteQ released an article about the new design from which we have extracted the following comments:

Last Thursday the team started to roll out its new adaptive design strategy with a new Human Capital Management zone that is much more than the sum of its parts.  

Beyond the obvious visual impact -- here’s five things this new design brings to the B2B party.
  1. Perfect pitch. This zone’s content laser focuses on business issues and knows how to make the buyer a hero. Content is short, on point -- and chest beating and tech speak are blissfully absent. Score: A+
  2. Easy to digest. From the Overview page to the Products listing, this zone delivers a visual tour de force that makes its messages and content highly scannable and very easy to digest. Score: A
  3. Role based content. Web teams have been trying to organize sites by role for over a decade and no one has been successful. proves it can be done. Score: A+
  4. Constant context. White papers and other takeaway content (a must for B2B buyers) are always presented in context to the business issue. Meanwhile, the Products tab organizes Oracle’s myriad of products to perfect effect. Unfortunately, entitled content isn’t always marked and the zone pops more windows than a hurricane. Score B+
  5. Persistent calls to action. A floating call to action module follows the visitor up and down the page. Each option (Call, Chat, Try It) delivers a tiny mega-menu that allows visitors to quickly identify next steps. A clear best practice.Score: A+

Tuesday Nov 19, 2013

Is Siebel dead?

Is Siebel dead? Many partners have heard the same buzz, orchestrated by our competitors or by people who aren't aware of the Oracle CX solutions strategy, that the market's flag ship CRM solution was future less!

In this 4' YouTube video, Matthew Banks, Senior Director Oracle Customer Experience, tells the truth about the future of Siebel and take the opportunity to review its unique benefits for companies that care about Customer Experience and about Customer Loyalty.



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