Monday Mar 07, 2016

Commerce: Growing the Beard in 2016!

In 2015 Commerce investment increased by 145%...Brenna Johnson describes why 2016 Commerce investment will be even bigger:

While ecommerce is beyond the chasm, there’s still a lot that’s about to happen. Apparently, the opposite of “Jumping the Shark” is “Growing the Beard” – and this is going to be an explosive Riker’s-Beard-kind-of-year for commerce. It was good before, but things are about to get better.

2015 saw a 145% increase in investor money pumped in to ecommerce. I’ll leave the stats and projections to the pros, but my senses tell me 2016 is bigger than your average growth year for commerce.   Here’s why…

Monday Feb 29, 2016

Social Listening : deriving actionable insights from conversations

Brands are comfortable and familiar with pushing messages via social channels. However, pulling insights from what customers are saying there isn’t as common, and uncertainty remains about its value. But with the right tools and queries, social listening can reveal the knowledge needed to make actionable business decisions.

WHAT’S IN THIS REPORT? This report examines social listening’s place in the social data landscape and why some marketers remain unconvinced about its value. It also covers the ways in which brands are using social listening to derive actionable business insights. Additionally, it includes an overview of current and future social listening tools.


You Don't Need Amazon, You Can Sell On Your Own

The rise of the Amazon effect is pretty well documented: here, herehere and here. Every major e-commerce company views them as either a channel partner or a threat. There is very little middle ground. Within the B2C and direct to consumer market, Amazon's position is unshakable. Now that they are moving more deeply into the B2B business I find myself talking about how to compete (or not compete) with the Amazon way of doing business. I hear questions like:

  • How do I keep them from eating away my margin?
  • How do I compete with millennial buyers who use Amazon at home?
  • How do I maintain relationships with my existing clients as this new thing comes along?

I want to take some time to answer these questions and to lay out how any B2B company can compete with Amazon.


Oracle Commerce Cloud for Your Business

In July 2015 Oracle was featured in a Forrester report titled - Brief: Oracle Commerce Gets the Cloud Treatment. We believe this is an important read for business leaders considering a new ecommerce platform. In our view, it provides a good synopsis into the reasons why Oracle chose to develop a cloud-based commerce platform, known as Oracle Commerce Cloud, and what the platform provides. Commerce Cloud has evolved since this report was published and it’s important to highlight some key features and why they are important to executives running modern commerce businesses.

Commerce Cloud is a SaaS ecommerce platform derived from Oracle’s on-premises product, Oracle Commerce. Commerce Cloud differentiates itself from this on-premises offering in several ways including:


Tuesday Feb 23, 2016

What's Driving Retail Executives to the Cloud?

Because the global economic climate is uncertain, especially in retail, CEOs have a tough job. Their necks are on the line to growth revenue and earnings, so when their primary or secondary profit center, ecommerce, isn’t performing well, they must ask some tough questions.

In the context of company performance and ecommerce, we have found that CEOs care about three main things:

Read the rest of the article here

Monday Feb 22, 2016

CPQ: Learn from the Romans!

In order to build bigger and better buildings the Roman invented "hydraulic" cement. Oracle CPQ Cloud can help cement your organisation together and make it bigger and stronger…

Read this post to learn a little history and help your customers build bigger and stronger organizations!

Who won the Social Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl represents a huge opportunity for advertisers. This infographic from the Oracle Social Spotlight blog highlights the big wins and major misses off the field.

2016 Trends: The IT Industry will start to become more diverse

Oracle Corporation Chief Executive Officer Safra Catz knows firsthand what diversity can bring to an organization. At Oracle OpenWorld this past October, she spoke about its benefits. “Diversity brings a different perspective and openness for companies,” she said. “Whether it’s women, or it’s minorities, or other unrepresented groups, getting the best out of people, when you have the whole population to choose from, is how you solve the hardest problems.”

In order to stay competitive, businesses need to be innovative, and diversity is a great catalyst for that innovation. Diversity of gender, ethnicity, and educational background within an organization results in internal and external benefits such as better problem solving, an increase of new ideas, and more effective communication with customers. However, in 2015, top technology companies released sobering statistics on the diversity of their employee pools. The attention to the lack of diversity in the tech industry has set up 2016 to be a year of action for companies large and small.

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Friday Feb 12, 2016

Forbes article: All Nippon Airways (ANA) & Oracle Service Cloud

All Nippon Airways (ANA) deployed Oracle Service Cloud to manage customer inquiries across multiple channels including web, chat and email and improve customer satisfaction and revenue growth.

Read the full background story on Forbes

Monday Feb 08, 2016

Mobile eCommerce-Over 30% of On-Line Sales in 2015!

Smartphones and tablets account for nearly a third of online sales during the holiday shopping season.

An early look at e-commerce data for the holiday 2015 shopping season finds mobile devices—smartphones and tablets—driving 30.4% of online sales, according to Custora, a provider of e-commerce marketing analytics that tracks retailer clients’ results.

Apple devices accounted for 76.9% of mobile online orders while 22.7% were made on Android devices during the holiday period of Nov. 1-Dec. 31, Custora says.

During November and December, e-commerce revenue increased 12.1% over the 2014 holiday season, says Custora, which gets its information from aggregate, anonymized data from more than 200 online retailer clients representing over 500 million shoppers and $100 billion in e-commerce revenue.

Read the Internet Retailer article here and when having in mind that Mobile commerce is critical to success, remember that Oracle Commerce Cloud features Responsive Design to optimize customer experiences on smartphones, desktops and tablets!

Wednesday Feb 03, 2016

Oracle Sales Performance Management is a Leader!

Oracle Sales Perfromance Management (SPM) has moved to the Leader Quadrant in Gartner’s Sales Performance Management Magic Quadrant 2016. 

Visit the Gartner page here

Monday Feb 01, 2016

Multichannel Ecommerce Marketing Strategy: Part 1

This is the first of three in a series regarding how companies can develop a highly effective multichannel e-commerce marketing strategy

Retail and ecommerce marketing leaders have the same ever-increasing goals: capture more attention, generate more traffic, and earn more sales. Marketing teams are busy churning out campaigns, updating product and landing pages, and dreaming up new deals and promotions. All marketing leaders share similar challenges. Increased competition and a plethora of new channels and devices make it difficult to reach the target audience. Marketing teams are stretched trying to accomplish initiatives and maximize ROI with limited resources.


Tuesday Jan 26, 2016

Hawaiian Telcom using Oracle Service Cloud with help from Accenture

Accenture helped Hawaiian Telcom complete the first phase of a transformational project to support future growth. The Oracle Service Cloud deployment unifies access to customer details, orders, billing and facilities.

“We are pleased with the increased efficiency that the unified view has afforded to our customer service representatives and field technicians,” said Kevin Paul, senior vice president technology for Hawaiian Telcom.

Hawaiian Telcom’s goal is to cohesively assess and implement contact center and web self service capabilities at a speed that supports their dynamic business.

Read the press release!

Monday Jan 25, 2016

Factors Driving SaaS Commerce Growth in 2016

Retailers and ecommerce leaders know customers now have more options as to where, when, and how they interact with brands. In 2016, businesses know they can't be sedentary with their marketing and ecommerce operations:

  • 27% of companies say technology bottlenecks slow implementation of website updates and revenue-generating campaigns.
  • Ecommerce operations are more complex than ever. Retailers often operate in an average of seven languages and in more than 100 geographies.
  • Digital competition has also increased, with tens of millions of retail websites globally, growing every year.
  • 47% of companies have difficulty delivering an integrated experience.
Read the full article here

Monday Jan 18, 2016

Five Tips to Improve Sales Performance

Authored by Joe Fuster, Global Head of CX for Oracle, this brief provides thought leadership based on real world experience and current sales research from sources including CSO Insights, Aberdeen, and more.

  • Align Strategies
  • Simplify Activities and Processes
  • Analyze Performance
  • Collaborate with the Sales Team
  • Gamify Performance Dashboard

Executive Brief: 5 Tips to Improve Sales Performance



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