Tuesday Oct 21, 2014

Oracle Sales Cloud Rel 9 research note by Nucleus

Nucleus Research reviews Oracle Sales Cloud Release 9 which was announced at Oracle OpenWorld on September 30, 2014. In addition to industry-specific solutions for communications, high technology, industrial manufacturing, consumer goods, and financial services, Nucleus highlights the following as notable advances:

  • Enhanced sales rep productivity with task-based smart-phone apps that enable sales reps to update their opportunities on the go with minimum data entry.
  • Support for partner relationship management enabling the partner sales staff to qualify leads and register opportunities with a partner portal from mobile devices.
  • New data capabilities. Integrated customer management imports company and contact information from Dun and Bradstreet, while Oracle Sales Cloud’s data quality engine identifies duplicates in real time.
  • Templates to drive standardizations of contracts to accelerate the contract development process while supporting compliance.
  • Oracle Voice, Oracle Call Report, and Oracle Mobilytics for improved forecast accuracy and to drive better capture and visualization of data for decision making and sales management.


  • “Nucleus sees the extension of the mobile and data management capabilities as further steps Oracle is taking toward embracing the Dark Cockpit design principles of simplification, focus, automation, and coaching.”
  • “Oracle Sales Cloud R9 sweet spots are companies who have complex territories, multiple product lines, and a diverse workforce…”
  • “Release 9 provides further differentiation for Oracle with industry solutions…”

Read Nucleus full report here

Friday Oct 17, 2014

Kanaracus: “Oracle’s Larry Ellison Throws Down the Cloud Gauntlet”

Chris Kanaracus, U.S. Correspondent of IDG News Service, did a masterful job of condensing Larry Ellison's hour-long OpenWorld keynote into a readable two-minute news story. It was published on September 28 in PCWorld. Kanaracus cleverly included some of Ellison’s competitive barbs, as well as Ellison’s announcement of Oracle’s entry into the PaaS market and Oracle's impressive inventory of cloud applications which is “by far the largest portfolio of cloud applications.” Read More »

Friday Oct 10, 2014

LifeSize: Oracle Marketing Cloud Customer Spotlight

"With the help of the entire Oracle Marketing Cloud, we have been able to achieve significant results by delivering the right content to the customers at the right time," says Marketing VP Megan Lueders from Lifesize. Lifesize is the leading provider of business-class video collaboration technologies. With Oracle Marketing Cloud, the company has improved its conversion rates by 25 percent and generated $100M in pipeline. That's just the beginning of the growth Lifesize hopes to achieve. Watch Video »

Wednesday Oct 08, 2014

Make Field Service a Source of Profit With Great Customer Care

The steady proliferation of customer self-service options and technologies is changing expectations for what the customer experience should look like. The demand for a service option that fits conveniently into a customer's lifestyle is higher than ever.

Field service technicians and call center reps are often the only personal contact that a customer may have with your company. Making the most of these touch points to build solid customer relationships can help transform customer service from a cost center to an exciting and robust source of profit and growth.

In our newest white paper, Field Service and Customer Care: Transforming the Customer Experience, we share the technologies and methods that can change the way your customers view your service operation for the better, including: 

  • How machine-to-machine communication can help you prevent customer complaints
  • Why your field service technicians are a critical part of the sales process
  • How successful businesses are using customer data

Download the white paper here

Tuesday Sep 30, 2014

Kodak Improves Business-to-Business Customer Service with Cloud-Based, Customer-Experience Platform

Say cheese! Kodak taps the #Oracle #Cloud to build an innovative customer experience platform. #CX #oow14 http://ora.cl/pNC

Friday Sep 12, 2014

Thought Leadership in Cloud Computing - Check this site now!

Oracle has launched a major campaign in association with the Financial Times aimed at C-level execs and decision makers.  It is called “Business in the Cloud” and is research based.  Be sure to re-use this rich content with your customers and prospects.

See the campaign here

Monday Sep 08, 2014

Government Social Media Strategy Must Move Beyond Tweets and 'Likes'

By John Soat - Forbes

Government agencies have begun to see the benefits of social networking. For several years now, many agencies have implemented, if not mastered, the foundation of a social media strategy, using popular tools to share information with the public and hear what constituents are saying. Many of these efforts are tied to “open government” initiatives that aim for increased transparency and public participation.

Still, there are, no doubt, plenty of government entities that don’t make full use of the most recent advances in enterprise-class social media strategy, such as multi-site management, targeted listening, and sentiment analysis, known collectively as social relationship management (SRM). This is the logical next step in social strategy for agencies, as they look for modern, efficient, and cost-effective ways to connect with the public they serve.

And why should citizens care? Because it’s certainly true that government could benefit from the process optimization, service enablement, and cost cutting that SRM promises.

That’s why Oracle has put together an initiative, known as the “Social Garage,” intended to work with government agencies on extending their social networking efforts to where they generate actionable engagement with constituents as well as demonstrable returns. The initiative involves consultants and engineers from Oracle as well as outside partners, and it’s aimed at all levels of government: individual agencies; city, county, state, province, and federal; even the ruling bodies of  Native American tribes in North America (...).

Read the entire article in Forbes here

Wednesday Aug 27, 2014

GM Uses Social to Drive Customer Engagement and Improve CX

Every day more than 500 GM employees engage customers across 400 social media channels. Learn how GM is using Oracle’s Social Intelligence Center to transform itself and its service, marketing, and public relations.

Watch this short yet very interesting YouTube video report about their Social approach and learn how this company promote and protect its brands with the help of Oracle Social solutions.

Monday Aug 25, 2014

Whitepaper: The Socially Enabled Enterprise

Sharing the results of our new executive study, which explored the opportunities and challenges global organizations are facing in the transition to becoming socially enabled enterprises. Oracle, Leader Networks, and Social Media Today recently conducted an online survey of over 900 Marketing and IT executives to understand how companies are leveraging social technologies and practices throughout their organizations.

Read Now!

Tuesday Aug 12, 2014

What the Content+Commerce Equation is Missing: the Customer and Their Context

There’s been a lot of talk about content and commerce and the role of each in the customer experience. But we think there’s a lot to the story that isn’t being addressed. So, we’ve joined the conversation – and brought a unique perspective. This perspective is what drove our major product release last week, and a new whitepaper on content and commerce environments.

It’s no secret that content and commerce have collided. Enabling brand exploration and selling product should now be thought of as the same process. But the unification of content and commerce goes beyond having a single website URL or videos on the product detail page. Shoppers want to see rich content in context of their product searches – and in turn, they want to be inspired to explore brands in new ways. Bottom line: how consumers engage is not predictable. Researching, buying, advocating or seeking help is no longer tied to specific steps in the funnel, or to touchpoints. It’s all just interactions, filtered by their need at that moment.

But delivering this type of experience is hard. Inside of organizations, legacy ways of thinking about Marketers telling authentic brand stories (inspiring) and Merchants as being the eyes of the business (selling) has forced everyone to ask: who and what should drive our collective experience?

Read the full article, by Brenna Johnson - Oracle - here!

Monday Aug 11, 2014

HOSTING Empowers Customers with Oracle Service Cloud

HOSTING, a leading cloud service provider for mission critical applications, focuses on providing the best customer experience with Oracle Service Cloud by tracking every engagement and touch point.

Watch this short video to find out the value of Oracle Service Cloud for HOSTING - a leading actor in the Cloud World!

Batesville successfully implements Oracle Sales Cloud on top of JDEdwards - Video

Watch this 2' video and see how Batesville - a leader in the funeral industry - is using Oracle Sales Cloud to provide reps and managers with unprecedented access to analytics, standardize its sales process, and increase sales efficiency and effectiveness on top of JDEdwards.

TomTom Achieves a Near 50% First-Contact Resolution Rate for 2 Million Contacts Each Year, Provides 26 Million Self-Service Answers with Oracle Service Cloud

"Oracle Service Cloud enables us to provide the highest levels of post-sales support and ensure we hit targets for our most important KPI—customer satisfaction." – Mark Hilton, Director, Reverse Logistics and Support Services, Customer Care, TomTom NV

Here are some of the benefits Oracle Service Cloud (aka RightNow) delivers Tom-Tom:

  • Provide consistently high post-sales service across multiple channels and in 28 languages for the customers who contact TomTom each year for technical support, product queries, or to ask about software updates—such as the location of new traffic-enforcement cameras, motorway services, or newly opened routes
  • Cut the number of return material authorizations (RMAs) issued to customers wanting a GPS refund or replacement during the warranty period—a process that is costly for TomTom and has an impact on customers’ perceptions of product quality
  • Increase productivity of contact-center agents in Europe, the Americas, and Asia
  • Improve customer satisfaction year-on-year by capturing and incorporating post-contact feedback into management information reports
Read the full report here

Tuesday Aug 05, 2014

The Next Big Thing In Modern Marketing: Data As A Service

This may sound odd coming from a guy who makes his living in the technology industry, but here goes: To succeed in the digital economy, you must spend less time on the tech and more on the data.

The reality is that we live in an increasingly connected business world where data fuels our ability to create new products and services. Data floods into our systems from myriad channels—social media, mobile devices, sensors, corporate systems—you name it. Managing that enormous and ever-changing flow of data isn’t simple.

To truly maximize the value of data to business operations, you must somehow separate the data from the underlying tangle of management, legal, and integration problems that often stunt our ability to use data for competitive advantage. Here’s how:

1. Separate the data from the application. Oracle ORCL +1.24% has a little history doing just this—we’ve been disrupting data and information management from as far back as 1977, when the company separated databases from the applications that used them. Now, we are doing the same with data in the form of Oracle Data as a Service for Business (Oracle DaaS for Business), a data licensing model that provides data through a cloud service to fuel applications anywhere.

Oracle DaaS for Business allows you to abstract and build a single stream of data from both internal and external sources to send to any application or engine of your choice, simply and easily. The first two services available are Oracle Data as a Service for Marketing (Oracle DaaS for Marketing) and Oracle Data as a Service for Social (Oracle DaaS for Social), with more to follow in other enterprise categories such as sales and service.

2. Extract full data value. Even more important, we have taken care of several truly monumental headaches that often stop companies from building such a data stream. The first is something called addressability. Most companies lack the ability to link the various types of customer touchpoints (think: e-mail, social handles, phone numbers, third-party cookies, mobile apps) across various data streams to build a single view of the customer. We are extremely focused on building a comprehensive addressability map that allows businesses to link together a single connected view of the customer. You can imagine that this initiative will only grow as more channels (think: wearables) and forms of data emerge in the real world.

We also handle commercial rights—data is governed by an incredibly complex legal maze of data-usage models and privacy regulations that vary worldwide, and it takes a lot of work to ensure that data from millions of sites has been vetted for commercial use and compliance.

DaaS also provides effective data management methods that separate the signal from the noise, as well as the ability to integrate and activate that data into the many different platforms used by marketing, sales, and service teams in order to impact customer interactions in real time. Business users now need only to log on and access data streams that they can customize to their needs. Moreover, they can augment the unique value of their own data with our marketplace of third-party data.

3. Let data become your connective tissue. Think of DaaS as a NASDAQ or NYSE for data, in the sense that data from a whole range of sources flows through the Oracle marketplace—from B2B to social to transaction and commerce sites—to the tune of more than a billion profiles a month. And that data stream isn’t just happening in advertising; you can use it in your site optimization systems, and you can use it for service and social engagement. It’s a unifying element that pulls all of your marketing, sales, and service activities together.

Here’s an example of how it works: Let’s say that you are running a campaign that targets prospects across online, video, search, and social. With most current systems, you probably create separate audience segments for each channel, resulting in disjointed ad and content experiences for your potential customers. You’ll also probably remain oblivious to actions and reactions that take place in different channels, as well as conversations on the web in which customers discuss their experience with your company.

With Oracle DaaS for Marketing, all of that can get connected in some very interesting ways, because we link fragmented customer activities into a single profile. Now, your prospective customer looks for a flight on Kayak and gets plugged into all your ad campaigns across these channels. They go to your site and see a more targeted landing page than others, based on what they were researching. You can tell when they become a customer and stop showing them the prospecting ad. And, if they say something about your company on Twitter TWTR -1.5%, you’ll be able to respond to it immediately.

It’s just vastly different behavior, and exactly what defines the data-driven approach so vital to modern marketing success. This is the kind of competitive advantage that happens when you can focus on the data.

Omar Tawakol (Group Vice President and General Manager, Oracle Data Cloud)

Wednesday Jul 30, 2014

The Customer View on Oracle Sales Cloud: an analyst report by Constellation Research

"Oracle Sales Cloud presents the market with a paradox, being both a new product and a mature product at the same time. In fact, Oracle Sales Cloud supports many advanced business processes. At its most basic level, Oracle Sales Cloud is a sales automation tool with established capabilities such as helping sales representatives keep track of contacts, accounts, and opportunities, and helping their managers make forecasts and manage territories. While it has unusually deep functionality for a new product with features such as integration and territory management, it is also subject to the same rules of software development as any new product.

To resolve this paradox, Constellation interviewed customers, developers, systems integrators, end users, and product managers at Oracle itself. Constellation reviewed demos, attended trade events, and asked Oracle for detailed product information. Oracle’s early internal deployment provided a drink-your-own-champagne experience in improving the product. Extensive conversations with customers, systems integrators, and competitors
lead Constellation to seriously recommend Oracle Sales Cloud on short lists for existing customers and select prospects..."

This is an extract of a recent report on Oracle Sales Cloud by R "Ray" Wang from Constellation research. Read the full report on our EMEA CX Partners Community Beehive Workspace here (send an eMail to richard.lefebvre@oracle.com to receive your access to the community workspace if you don't have one).



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