Tuesday Jun 23, 2015

What is the stage of your marketing data?

Today’s modern customers have high expectations. What is the stage of your marketing data and how you can use it wisely? http://ora.cl/kTp

When it comes to mobile content not much beats the power of SMS

You may want to rethink your current mobile marketing strategy if SMS is not included: 90% of SMS messages are opened and read within the first 90 seconds of receipt http://ora.cl/Trk

According to CMOs this is priority one for consumers

CMOs are realizing that the customer experience (CX) is vital for any brand to have any kind of hope of surviving the next years http://ora.cl/7d0

Oracle's Larry Ellison Calls Cloud A 'Much Better Business. Here's Why!

When an industry is being disrupted, the way that cloud computing is upending the technology business today, established companies like Oracle are supposed to hedge their bets and cling to their old ways.

Instead, what was striking about Oracle’s Q4 FY2015 earnings call last week was the unequivocal way Oracle’s top three executives described the company’s cloud computing shift, as well as how fast its customers are adopting Oracle’s broad cloud software, platform, and infrastructure products.

“I would not trade the cloud revenue for the license revenue, as cloud revenues and cloud bookings mean significantly more in revenues and earnings over time,” Oracle CEO Safra Catz said.

Oracle Executive Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison described cloud as “a much better business for us.”

Read  the reasons why in the full Forbes article

Tuesday Jun 16, 2015

Be an Advisor, Not a Sales Person!

60% of buying decisions are made prior to speaking to a sales person. Learn how to achieve bigger and more profitable deals for your organization. Read the article here

Thursday Jun 11, 2015

Robo Silicon Joins Ranks of Live and Successful Oracle Sales Cloud Customer

Robo Silicon is a leader in the manufacture of engineering and construction materials. It’s also one in the latest wave of Oracle Sales Cloud customers to go live and tell its modern sales transformation story.

In this new video, Balaji Jayashankar, Robo Silicon’s Head of Sales and Marketing, describes how Oracle Sales Cloud, integrated with SAP on the back end, is helping reps and management gain and sustain higher levels of sales performance. The themes covered by this business leader will help reinforce your key messages including: mobility, pipeline visibility (“This visibility has really improved our performance and has helped us in sustaining it.”), flexibility and integration, and territory management. 

The suite vendors always beat the point solution guys

The Australian Financial Review outlines Oracle's cloud strategy, quoting Larry Ellison on how "the suite vendors always beat the point solution guys."

Larry Ellison's Oracle is trying to transition from a mature data management software vendor into the world's biggest play on cloud computing, writes The Australian Financial Review.

"The suite vendors always beat the point solution guys," Ellison is quoted as saying. "It's happened in every generation of computing where the end user, the customer, doesn't want to be the integrator of 30 separate applications from 30 separate vendors. It's no different now; it's just all in the cloud."

Read the article here

Wednesday Jun 03, 2015

Engage Magazine May 2015

Philip Graves & David Lopes shatter the customer loyalty myth in Engage Magazine last issue

Tuesday May 26, 2015

How The Cloud Answers Two Businesses' Need For Speed

Find out how cloud allows you to adjust to market changes, to interact with customers more directly and meaningfully, and to deploy applications more quickly http://ora.cl/ZDu

Driving Engagement and Conversion with Marketing Apps!

As you start your journey to Modern Marketing, you have a choice of tools. Discover how Modern Marketers are taking advantage of AppCloud to drive success http://ora.cl/P5v

The Secret Sauce for Your Sales Team

Not all leads are created equal. Find out what are the benefits of Oracle Customer Experience Cloud http://ora.cl/qLd

Oops! How to Recover from a Social Media Fail - and Prevent One in the Future

Learn how to recover from a Social Media fail and prevent one in the future http://ora.cl/QGI

SPECIAL.T by Nestlé Improves Consumers’ Online Experience with a Multi-Channel Customer Experience Solution

“Managing our customer interactions with Oracle Service Cloud enables us to move very quickly. Instead of worrying about servers and IP addresses, we can implement best practices, features, and functionalities to optimize our customers’ digital experience. The benefits of working with Oracle Cloud solutions are enormous.” said Pascal Monnier, IS/IT Manager, SPECIAL.T by Nestlé, Nestlé S.A.

Read the full success story of Oracle Service Cloud at SPECIAL. T by Nestlé here.

Read more Oracle Service Cloud success stories here.

Monday May 18, 2015

The Customer Journey, Orchestration and What B2C Marketers Need To Know

Discover how to improve customer journey, orchestration and many other things that ‪#‎B2C marketers need to know http://ora.cl/5Hl

Oracle Cross-Channel Marketing: Build Adaptive Customer Experiences

Customers move in highly unstructured, unpredictable ways. Discover how to build adaptive customer experiences: http://ora.cl/G5T


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