Tuesday Nov 24, 2015

Why Outstanding Service is the ‘New’ Marketing in Today’s Customer Powered Economy

By Jeff Lundal, Group Vice President, Oracle Service Cloud

There are several known pain points keeping today’s Chief Marketing Officers (CMO’s) up at night.  And let’s be honest, the pain points haven’t changed that much over the years.  For instance, how do I quickly and effectively grow customer retention and brand loyalty?  How do I increase brand advocacy?  How do I show my Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer solid return on investment regarding marketing spend? 

Just as the Head of Customer Care strives to deliver impactful service across new and evolving experience channels with an ever shrinking budget, the CMO must quickly deliver measurable customer and revenue results for minimal marketing spend.

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Friday Nov 13, 2015

What Should Digital Transformation Mean To Your Business?

"Digital transformation is both an end result and an ongoing process.”  Read this article on Forbes describing the relationship between Digital Disruption and Transformation. Quick read.

Wednesday Nov 11, 2015

Oracle Service Cloud & OPA customer is recognized for "Next Generation Customer Experience."

Constellation Research awarded KP OnCall with the SuperNova Award in the "Next Generation Customer Experience" category!

Kaiser's clinical contact center expedited diagnosis with patient choice of channels, reduced costs and freed up nursing resources for more series symptoms with Oracle Service Cloud and Oracle Policy Automation!

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Saturday Nov 07, 2015

New Ventana Research White Paper on Digital Transformation

Adopt new approaches with 7 key technology enablers to undertake digital transformation.

Download this new Ventana Research whitepaper: Modernize Your Business with Digital Technologies

Also join this Ventana Research On-Demand Webcast: 7 Digital Technologies That Will Grow Businesses

CX Thought Leadership & Customers in the Spotlight

Looking for fresh content to share with prospects? Check out the latest issue of Profit!

The November 2015 issue is filled with articles around Service Automation & CX:

  • Customer Success - Kohl's EVP of Digital Technology discusses CX strategy in today's digital environment and the future including expanding service channels and Oracle supporting the customer experience. Read/Share!
  • Partner Success w/Integrated Service - Convergys: Oracle Service Cloud helps more than 2 dozen clients interact with their customers. Read about multiple success stories!
  • Social Customer Service - Oracle is helping companies deliver more socially engaging support services with features like Community Self Service and integration with Oracle Social Cloud. Read/share!
  • Thought Leadership - Innovation & Customer Experience: Brian Curran & Merlyn Gordon present principles & processes for innovation. Read/Share!
  • Thought Leadership - Beyond CRM: Joe Fuster discusses CX & Cloud strategies. Read/Share!

Thursday Oct 29, 2015

Essintial Enterprise Solutions Dispatches Technicians and Closes Service Tickets 25% Faster End-to-End

“With Oracle Field Service Cloud, we’ve transformed the customer experience and effectiveness of our field service operation. It is a phenomenal tool for service technician dispatching and routing. The cloud-based Oracle solution also enables us to reduce costs while increasing service efficiency.” – said Tom York, CEO, Essintial Enterprise Solution, after the successful deployment of Oracle Field Service Cloud (aka TOA) leading to a technician dispatch and Service Tickets closure improvement of 25% while Optimizing Productivity and Reducing Costs.

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Monday Oct 19, 2015

Oracle Service Cloud at the University of Oxford

University of Oxford Handles 94% of Student Website Queries via Cloud, Improves Service and Efficiency.

"With Oracle Service Cloud, it’s quicker and easier for visitors and prospective and on-course students to find the information they want on the University of Oxford website, and it enables us to handle targeted communications more efficiently and effectively."– Tara Jewell, Head of Academic Administration Division Communications, University of Oxford 


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Reliance Commercial Finance successfully deploys Oracle Sales Cloud and Service Cloud

Reliance Commercial Finance, a consumer lending group in India, is using Oracle Service Cloud & Oracle Sales Cloud to redefine their customers' experience. The video speaks to Oracle's broad and deep set of capabilities, strong technology and robust platform.

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Thursday Sep 24, 2015

Oracle Sales Cloud Customer Success video's

  • Reference Forum: iBasis discussed its move from CRM On Demand to Oracle Sales Cloud (replay)
  • Customer Success Forum: interview with BoxFusion, Oracle Sales Cloud customer describes its success (June 2015), Andy Stevens, Delivery Director of BoxFusion Consulting, shared BoxFusion’s selection process for Oracle Sales Cloud, its implementation approach, and benefits derived from the application, as well as experiences from helping customers implement Oracle Sales Cloud
  • Customer Success Forum: interview with Atradius, Oracle Sales Cloud customer describes its success (August 2015), Sonja van Haasteren, Global Customer Experience Manager of Atradius Collections, talked about the company’s journey with Oracle CX products focused on Oracle Sales Cloud with Oracle Marketing Cloud and the path to expand with Oracle Data Cloud
  • Video: Avaya, Using Oracle Sales and Marketing Cloud Services, Oracle Integration, and Java Cloud Services; Avaya was able to extend existing services and projects a 30 percent reduction in costs over time
  • Video: BoxFusion, Andy Stevens, Delivery Director of BoxFusion, discusses the benefits of using Oracle Sales and Marketing Cloud integrated with Siebel
  • Video: CX Video Montage, reveals how Fastaff, General Motors, Convergys, T-Mobile, and Maritz are using Oracle CX Solutions to transform their businesses
  • Video: Hitachi, David Sheridan, VP U.S. Oracle CX Solutions, discusses how Oracle Marketing Cloud and Oracle Sales Cloud provide Hitachi Consulting with single workstream from lead to closure
  • Video: iBasis, Katherine Doe, Vice President with iBasis, describes how Oracle Sales Cloud lets the salesforce see customer information from anywhere for deep insight into leads and prospects, more collaboration, and better outcomes
  • Video: KEC, Suneel Aradhye, Group CIO, and Sudip Mazumder, Head of IT at KEC International Limited, discusses the benefits of using Oracle Sales Cloud
  • Video: Perficient, Tom Munley, General Manager Oracle Emerging Technologies, discusses how Oracle Sales Cloud with OBIEE helped implement a new quota management program and bring together a salesforce dispersed throughout the U.S.
  • Video: Robo Silicon, Balaji Jayashankar, Head of Sales and Marketing of Robo Silicon, the largest manufacturer of sand and construction aggregates in India, describes how Oracle Sales Cloud is helping reduce its business conversion lead time
  • Video: US Nursing, Cynthia Bynum, Director of Marketing, discusses how Oracle Sales, Marketing, and Social Clouds provided US Nursing the functionality and insight to place orders faster and recruit and assign nurses on assignment faster, which is critical to providing quality patient care throughout the United States
  • Video: YMCA, Silicon Valley YMCA CFO, Ed Barrantes, shares how Oracle ERP, EPM, and Sales Clouds will help double its subscriber base and achieve financial excellence

New Service Cloud customer success video's

Wednesday Sep 09, 2015

Five Best Practices for Platform as a Service Success

Research firm IDC estimates that the market for platform as a service (PaaS) solutions will have a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 30 percent and reach $14 billion by 2017.1 PaaS provides application runtime, database, integration, messaging, and other services in the cloud, accelerating application development and reducing infrastructure acquisition and maintenance costs.

Here are five best practices for maximizing the business value of your PaaS solutions. Get the free paper here.

Tuesday Aug 25, 2015

Forrester Brief: Oracle Commerce Gets The Cloud Treatment

New report by principal Forrester Commerce analyst, Peter Sheldon, highlights Oracle's new Commerce Cloud.

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Monday Jul 27, 2015

Oracle Commerce Cloud―Analysts, Press, Customers Applaud New Product

It’s been a big month of media and glory for Oracle Commerce Cloud.

In a press release on June 29, 2015, Oracle unveiled its new Cloud Commerce solution built for the Oracle Public Cloud. Analysts, press, and customers are already touting the strength of the product and its competitive differentiation against other offerings on the market, as well as it being a core differentiator in Oracle’s customer experience cloud applications offering.

Praise from Leading Market Analyst

So far the biggest highlight of the launch has been the public kudos from Peter Sheldon, lead Forrester Commerce analyst. In his freshly released report, Sheldon states: “[T]he new platform has a high degree of commonality with the long-standing on-premises version in regard to features and capability.  However, there are many all-new capabilities that differentiate the cloud version that include:

  • “The Oracle cloud itself. Commerce Cloud lives exclusively in Oracle’s cloud environment which means high availability and elastic scalability across a mature, global cloud infrastructure. It also means four upgrades per year on an automatic push model, with Oracle planning to increase the velocity of upgrades to every six weeks …
  • “Oracle Cloud marketplace for extensions. Although there are no extensions available today, Commerce Cloud will eventually leverage the Cloud Marketplace for both paid and commercial extensions to the platform as well as prebuilt integrations to third-party commerce ecosystem solutions …
  • “Web-based administrative tools. For Commerce Cloud, gone is the legacy Flex-based “Business Control Center” inherited from ATG and the web-based “Workbench” inherited from Endeca. These tools are instead replaced by an all-new web administration tool built using Oracle’s Alta UI platform, on which the company is standardizing all of the new cloud products …
  • “A new REST API architecture.The underlying codebase of the on-premises version of Oracle Commerce has been completely wrapped in a new level 3 REST API that uses Swagger (an open source API management platform) to manage all of the APIs …
  • “A new responsive starter store. Commerce Cloud ships with a single-page design and responsive-enabled starter store, loosely based around a fictitious consumer coffee maker brand …
  • “New “cloud”-exclusive features. in keeping with the mantra of old and new, Oracle is developing a new A/B testing tool for Commerce Cloud (due for release in the later part of 2015) that will be natively integrated with the new administrative tools and is designed to remove the need to use and integrate a third-party testing tool …
  • “A new pricing model. Initially, Oracle will provide two term-based pricing models for Commerce Cloud: 1) a usage-based, tiered model based on annual page views of the storefront and 2) a revenue share model designed to allow Oracle reps to put apples-to-apples proposals in front of clients also considering Demandware.”

Sheldon continues by outlining Oracle Commerce Cloud’s product strategy and target market. Functionality of the Commerce Cloud aligns nicely with the segments of the market that are missing a solid SaaS commerce tool capable of handling aggressive growth. Sheldon believes we are right on with our targets of midsize B2C brands, small retailers, and larger brands looking for a SaaS solution to complement their on-premise solutions. Additionally, our ability to support and sell Commerce Cloud globally—particularly in emerging markets—is viewed as very positive.

Oracle has a vast opportunity in the Commerce SaaS market. With a shiny new product, we enter a field of faltering players as Demandware‘s profits decline and lag behind in marketshare and eBay (Magento) enters uncertain waters.

Other Highlights from Recent Press

Our customers and early partners have been busy speaking to media, highlighting the key product features and the differentiators in our strategy. Below are a few key quotes:


  • Mark McKnight, e-commerce and marketing director at Rock/Creek, says he “is also excited that Oracle Commerce Cloud will improve Rock/Creek’s speed to market, letting his team create more original campaigns around products and engage its vibrant community more regularly.” (Source: Outdoor Retailer Rock/Creek Builds Its Community and Online Business—Forbes.com)

Lower Costs

  • “E-commerce is a strategic way to extend the reach of the Rock/Creek business,” says McKnight. “But we like to focus on bringing the best rock climbing, paddling, running and hiking gear to our customers—not managing a technology infrastructure.” (Source: Rock/Creek to help Launch Oracle Commerce Cloud—Nooga.com)

Powerful Solution Ecosystem

  • Partners such as Spindrift and Object Edge are tapping into Oracle Commerce Cloud. “With Oracle Commerce Cloud we can now deliver the core commerce components of our customer implementations and also serve as the design agency for the broader customer experience,” said Keith Hurley, director, Spindrift (a DigitasLBI Company). “We will be able to focus on the broader business benefit from day one to deliver rapid, clean, performant solutions using our industry-leading knowledge.” (Source: Oracle Adds Commerce Cloud to Its CX Platform—Retail TouchPoints.com)
  • “What is really, really nice for a company like ours, we’re able to treat Commerce Cloud as an ecosystem as opposed to a platform,” Garewal said. That means rather than solely using the service to deploy e-commerce websites, Object Edge can create its own tools and use those of other developers to deliver more powerful functionality to clients. (Source: Oracle Delivers Commerce Cloud to Ease E-Commerce Deployments—CRN)

Learn more

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Monday Jul 13, 2015

Cloud and On-Premises IT: ready for 'Decade Of Coexistence'?

Oracle President of Product Development Thomas Kurian recently brought that coexistence to life as his team demonstrated new PaaS and IaaS products

Watch the full demos that summarize how how Oracle PaaS will handle three specific cloud-to-on-premises pain points: speedy mobile app dev, integration of cloud apps with on-premises apps, and monitoring performance in this new hybrid world

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Tuesday Jun 23, 2015

Cooking up leads: 3 ingredients of an award-winning recipe

How can you make the most out of your leads? Here are 3 core ingredients in our modern marketing recipe for success http://ora.cl/wgG


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