Monday Feb 13, 2017

8 reasons to choose Oracle Commerce Cloud over Salesforce Commerce Cloud

In this new white paper "The 8 Reasons to Choose Oracle Commerce Cloud over Salesforce Commerce Cloud.", we investigate why Oracle Commerce Cloud is the Choice for E-Commerce Growth and Performance and what are the 8 reasons why Oracle Commerce Cloud beats Demandware with an affordable, modern, and open SaaS solution.

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Gartner Magic Quadrant for Field Service Management

On November 03, Gartner published its Magic Quadrant for Field Service Management: The FSM market is growing rapidly in response to proven business results from projects and technology developments in mobility, SaaS and machine learning. Application leaders on product selection projects should use this assessment of qualifying vendors as part of their evaluation process.

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Monday Jan 30, 2017

3 predictions for 2025 you can take to the bank

Read this great article by Mark Hurd about three major business predictions, and includes powerful supporting facts that support the move to cloud:

Innovation-starved companies stuck in today’s slow-growth economic environment can look forward to better days ahead, because tech spending is going to pivot quickly to unleash their full potential in ways that many executives don’t yet realize.

Before I get to how things will change, however, let me describe the current environment. Globally, economic growth is mediocre – at best. Strip out China and a few other countries and growth is actually negative. Yes, 2015 corporate earnings grew by 5% for the average Fortune 500 company, but revenues grew a skimpy 1%. That means earnings have come mainly through spending cuts and belt tightening – not new business opportunities and innovation.


Tuesday Jan 17, 2017

Highly Effective Retailers

Here is a great article by Zach Hanlon highlighting the behaviors of successful retailers:

No doubt your team knows how to optimize product pages, how to make checkout easier, and other holiday best practices. But perhaps your holiday sales numbers weren’t as attractive as you’d wanted, even after you followed all the day-to-day best practices...

What the Best Retailers Do Differently

As part of a proper holiday postmortem, don’t just focus on campaign effectiveness and operational challenges. Expand the process and evaluate your internal and external capabilities in light of your strategic priorities such as brand advocacy, customer experience, and LTV. In other words, explicitly link your capabilities with customer value.

The best retailers in the world succeed because they do things differently. They typically have strong brand loyalty, are known for a seamless customer experience, and maintain meaningful relationships with customers. Linking value to customer experience or brand loyalty can be difficult, but this should be attempted on a regular basis.


Tuesday Jan 10, 2017

Rise of the Digital Front Line – your opportunity! (iPaper and videos)

The Rise of the Digital front Line iPaper contains practical actions to reduce customer engagement effort and deliver outstanding Service.

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Digital Service Videos: What will your opportunity look like? These short videos discuss the Digital Service challenge

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Monday Jan 09, 2017

Millennials vs Baby Boomers: buying behaviors

Here is a great Article and Infographic by Mia McPherson contrasting the differences between Millennials' and Boomers' buying patterns:

Millennials and Baby Boomers differ vastly in their shopping behaviors, yet they also demonstrate strikingly similar buying values. In a digital age wherein the power and the money of America’s largest generations influence ecommerce revenue performance, the challenge for retailers is to maintain awareness of the range of shopper expectations and accommodate for ever-changing needs.

The first step in attracting, winning, and retaining Millennial and Baby Boomer shoppers is understanding their buying behaviors. Below, we’ve compiled a side-by-side comparison, including differences and similarities between the generations based on the study, “Retail Today Defined by The Power and The Money; How Millennials and Baby Boomers are shaping the today and tomorrow of global retail.”  Read the full study for more insights on Millennial and Baby Boomer shoppers.


3 areas of focus that can bring more holiday cheer

Here is a timely article by Zach Hanlon discussing the best practices of successful retailers during the holiday season, with an eye on next year.

The holidays can account for as much as 30% of retailers’ total sales. To say this is an important time of year would be an understatement. In 2016 the National Retail Federation predicted US holiday sales (that is, in November and December) would be up 3.6% to $655.8 billion. Bain & Company largely agreed with this number, placing its own prediction between 3.5% and 3.9%. These numbers were somewhat encouraging. Selling in an “up economy” is certainly easier, but 2016 wasn’t in a post-recession boom like 2014. Success still depended on brands being able to execute their strategy

How Did Your Brand Do?

Successful retailers know a good holiday season isn’t enough to hit revenue targets—it takes a well-executed brand strategy and efficient operations to reach your goals. Now that the holidays are over, how did your company fare? Which parts of your strategy worked? Which parts of your holiday strategy did you execute well? Where did your brand fall down? 

Regardless of your performance the most important question you need to ask is, “How could we have done better?” Whether or not you hit your holiday targets, most brands have room to grow in three main areas: operations, customer obsession, and financials.


Can virtual experiences replace reality?

Our new report - Can Virtual Experiences Replace Reality? - explores how brands are innovating in their sales, marketing and service functions to deliver a better end-to-end experience.

This report discusses how technology innovations have reshaped customer behavior and their relationships with brands and offers a guide on how to keep up with fast changing expectations.

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Monday Dec 19, 2016

Cablevision transforms their technology using Oracle Sales Cloud

Cablevision, the biggest cable provider in Argentina, decided to move to Oracle Sales Cloud and transform their technology in order to better meet the needs of their three million customers. Watch here!

Customer Spotlight: Yorkshire Building Society and Oracle Social Cloud

Yorkshire Building Society is a leading mutual organization in the UK, providing mortgages, savings, investments, and insurance products to 3.1 million members via a network of 307 branches and agencies. Its vision is to be the most trusted provider of financial services in the UK.

Learn more about how Yorkshire Building Society finds success with Oracle.

  • How YBS Launches More Effective Campaigns through Social (1:42) (Video)
  • Social Gives Control & Peace of Mind in a Regulated Industry (1:51) (Video)
  • Social Media In A Regulated Industry: How Yorkshire Building Society Does It (OracleVoice on Forbes)
  • Using Social as Your Largest Focus Group: Lessons from YBS (0:32) (Video)
  • Want to Succeed in Social? How Your Content Can Stand Out (0:32) (Video)
  • Yorkshire Building Society Builds Brand Loyalty with Oracle Social Cloud (Success Story)

Why D2C is a Powerful Business Model for B2B

Here is a great article highlighting how B2B companies are reaching out to new consumers by going direct:

If you’ve been in B2B a while, you know how disruptive technology and process innovations can be. You’ve also seen that business models are changing across almost all the major vertical markets. Disruption happens like that. One year, you have solid market share, and the next you’re fighting for existence against some startup whose bootstrapped an online store and has a vision for domination selling directly to consumers.

Warby Parker, for example, is upsetting the near impenetrable eyewear industry. In 2016, it joined a long list of new companies selling directly to consumers and upending traditional markets. Warby Parker is valued at $1.2 billion and closed another $100 million series D round of funding this past April. In the fall of 2016 we saw Dollar Shave Club get acquired in a massive deal by Unilever. In 2017, we’re likely to see Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company, among others, get acquired as well. More...

Thursday Dec 15, 2016

Oracle CX Cloud suite leader in Forrester wave!

We’re very happy to announce that Forrester Research has named Oracle CX Cloud Suite a Leader in its 2016 Wave for CRM Suites in both the Enterprise and Mid-Market reports.

The Forrester Wave comes on the heels of reports from Nucleus Research and Ovum, which also cite Oracle CX Cloud Suite as a market leader.

Monday Dec 12, 2016

The last minute E-Commerce holiday checklist

Great article by So young Park regarding tips on what your Commerce partners should be thinking about as they approach the Holiday Season.

Over the last few years, I’ve written several posts about preparing for the holidays, including Five Tips for Maximizing Success This Holiday Season and 3 Extra Holiday Readiness Tips from a 15 Year Veteran.

I wrote those posts assuming you were planning ahead with some time to spare. Sometimes that’s a luxury, though, and by now, if you’re not already into your holiday season, you’re pretty darned close. So these are a few last-minute tactics you can still do to improve holiday conversions…


3 customer service lessons from Bangkok Airways

Read about how the Cloud transformed customer experience at Bangkok Airways.

Read here.

Friday Nov 18, 2016

Compare Oracle Sales Cloud to Salesforce

In this new Oracle site, you can compare Oracle Sales Cloud to Salesforce with feature-to-feature comparison, market analysis, customers' feedback and many other useful contents.


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