Monday Mar 07, 2016

Commerce: Growing the Beard in 2016!

In 2015 Commerce investment increased by 145%...Brenna Johnson describes why 2016 Commerce investment will be even bigger:

While ecommerce is beyond the chasm, there’s still a lot that’s about to happen. Apparently, the opposite of “Jumping the Shark” is “Growing the Beard” – and this is going to be an explosive Riker’s-Beard-kind-of-year for commerce. It was good before, but things are about to get better.

2015 saw a 145% increase in investor money pumped in to ecommerce. I’ll leave the stats and projections to the pros, but my senses tell me 2016 is bigger than your average growth year for commerce.   Here’s why…

New Commerce Cloud Customer Testimonial Video: Live Comfortably

Learn more about how Live Comfortably uses Oracle Commerce Cloud to implement a direct-to-consumer strategy and create an immersive online experience for their customers.

The vision of the Live Comfortably brand is to bring comfort to the world.  They believe everyone deserves to Live Comfortably.  The spirit in their name brings forth an emotional connection with customers.  It is something that we all deserve to enjoy.  Live Comfortably launched in 2011 with a luxury bed collection, and now brings their luxurious products direct to consumers on their gorgeous website.

This Live Comfortably site, utilizing Oracle Commerce Cloud is being highlighted in this new video.

Watch and share this video with prospects and customers, and also share the Live Comfortably website as an example what your customers can do with Oracle Commerce Cloud, to increase their business and provide a world-class customer experience

Oracle Social Cloud integrates with Unmetric

We are thrilled to announce integration with Unmetric, a social media intelligence platform focused on brands. Read Mike Marzano (Unmetric) full interview about the Umetric integration with Oracle Social Cloud here!

Extracts from the interview:

Maggie Schneider Huston, Oracle: Would you please describe what Unmetric does? 

Mike Marzano, Unmetric: We describe Unmetric as the only social media intelligence platform focused on brands. Our products help digital marketers, social media analysts and content creators harness social signals to track and analyze competitive content and campaigns, and to create better content and campaigns of their own. Hundreds of global brands and digital agencies use Unmetric for real-time insights from the owned channels of over 40,000 brands across more than 30 sectors on all the major social networks including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Linkedin, and Instagram.  

MSH: Can you give me an example of what the integration between SRM and Unmetric will look like in real life? 

MM: The integration was driven by a key Automobile Manufacturer who partnered with both Oracle and Unmetric as they managed their social efforts across the globe. As mature social marketers, they recognized the value of having a complete array of paid, owned and earned insights at their fingertips. With the integration of Unmetric's competitive owned channel insights into Oracle SRM, they can now completely evaluate their strategy's effectiveness in each of their global markets and course correct in real-time.


New Social Customer Success videos

Check these new videos, featuring Oracle Social Cloud customers:

Avaya Transforms with Oracle CX Cloud

Communications giant Avaya doubles Net Promoter Score, Enhances Customer Experience, and Looks to Cut IT Maintenance Costs by 30% with Oracle Cloud Solutions that incorporate Oracle Sales CloudOracle Marketing Cloud, Oracle Social, Oracle Database Cloud ServiceOracle Java Cloud Service, and Oracle Integration Cloud Service products.

Read Avaya’s success story here

Thursday Mar 03, 2016

Can you make sense of your Business Data?

Got an incomplete picture of your business? Don't know where to start to bring more value to your business? Not to worry, a data-driven cloud can help you.

46% surveyed stated they had data scattered across various business units. 39% said they had a hard time making a business case for further data analysis.  And some may not even know they have a cloud silo problem.

Time to move to the modern cloud...  Find out why.

Wednesday Mar 02, 2016

Reminder: 2016 EMEA Digital Transformation partner Community forum - April 12 & 13th

Registration for the FREE exclusive two-day EMEA Digital Transformation partner Community forum, April 12&13, Budapest (Hungary), is now open!

Details and registration here

This is a must attend event if you are:

  • An existing Oracle CX partner looking to leverage the Oracle Digital opportunity
  • A partner that wants to understand how to be successful leveraging Oracle's complete Digital Business Platform solutions (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and DaaS)
  • A partner with a Digital or Customer experience go-to-market practice
  • Looking to extent your network within the Digital community

Dates and Location

  • Tuesday, April 12th & Wednesday, April 13th, 2013
  • Hotel Boscolo Budapest, Erzsebet korut 9-11 Budapest 1073 Hungary

Seats are limited, so register early!

Oracle Cloud Service Promotions extended through Oracle Q4 FY16

The existing Oracle Cloud Service promotion offerings have been extended through Oracle Q4 Fiscal Year 16 (March 1, 2016 through May 31, 2016).

They include free months of service  (subject to conditions) for many Oracle Cloud Service products including Oracle Sales Cloud, Oracle Service Cloud and Oracle Commerce Cloud.

For more information, contact your Oracle Sales Representative or your Oracle Partner Manager.

Tuesday Mar 01, 2016

D+M (Denon + Marantz) Group & Oracle Service Cloud (Forbes article)

D+M Group, pioneer of high-end home stereo equipment such as Denon and Marantz, deployed Oracle Service Cloud to support customers in additional channels and improve customer experience.

Now with new, innovative products D+M is further leveraging Oracle Service Cloud for "in app" support and to proactively address product issues!

Read and share the full background story on Forbes

What's New - Oracle Commerce Cloud Webinar - March 9th, 5pm CET

What's New - Oracle Commerce Cloud Webinar

The "What's New" session continues the knowledge sharing for Oracle Commerce Cloud, the new landmark eCommerce SaaS solution. Oracle Commerce Cloud features the latest commerce technology and is designed to ignite business innovation and rapid growth, while simplifying IT management and reducing costs.

Please Join Oracle Commerce Product Management as they share an overview of the latest release of Oracle Commerce Cloud. For the newest release, they will dig into new functionality including multi currency price lists, external payment gateway integration API’s, A/B Testing, expanded promotions, agent console enhancements, new webhooks, access control improvements and a lot more….

Join this session if you are interested in developing a deeper understanding of the next game change in eCommerce.

Registration Information

In order to submit your registration you will be asked to login using your OPN (Oracle PartnerNetwork) account credentials. In case you do not have an OPN account please review the information available on the Oracle PartnerNetwork portal on how to create the account. This process will also ensure your certifications are aligned to your company ID.

Register here

Monday Feb 29, 2016

Social Listening : deriving actionable insights from conversations

Brands are comfortable and familiar with pushing messages via social channels. However, pulling insights from what customers are saying there isn’t as common, and uncertainty remains about its value. But with the right tools and queries, social listening can reveal the knowledge needed to make actionable business decisions.

WHAT’S IN THIS REPORT? This report examines social listening’s place in the social data landscape and why some marketers remain unconvinced about its value. It also covers the ways in which brands are using social listening to derive actionable business insights. Additionally, it includes an overview of current and future social listening tools.


You Don't Need Amazon, You Can Sell On Your Own

The rise of the Amazon effect is pretty well documented: here, herehere and here. Every major e-commerce company views them as either a channel partner or a threat. There is very little middle ground. Within the B2C and direct to consumer market, Amazon's position is unshakable. Now that they are moving more deeply into the B2B business I find myself talking about how to compete (or not compete) with the Amazon way of doing business. I hear questions like:

  • How do I keep them from eating away my margin?
  • How do I compete with millennial buyers who use Amazon at home?
  • How do I maintain relationships with my existing clients as this new thing comes along?

I want to take some time to answer these questions and to lay out how any B2B company can compete with Amazon.


Oracle Commerce Cloud for Your Business

In July 2015 Oracle was featured in a Forrester report titled - Brief: Oracle Commerce Gets the Cloud Treatment. We believe this is an important read for business leaders considering a new ecommerce platform. In our view, it provides a good synopsis into the reasons why Oracle chose to develop a cloud-based commerce platform, known as Oracle Commerce Cloud, and what the platform provides. Commerce Cloud has evolved since this report was published and it’s important to highlight some key features and why they are important to executives running modern commerce businesses.

Commerce Cloud is a SaaS ecommerce platform derived from Oracle’s on-premises product, Oracle Commerce. Commerce Cloud differentiates itself from this on-premises offering in several ways including:


Thursday Feb 25, 2016

5 Steps to Start an IoT-Enabled Service Strategy

Billions of devices (things) will be connected to the Internet and the value of IoT-enabled customer service is pretty straightforward: differentiated customer experience and reduces costs for the business.

This new blog post presents the basics around Internet of Things (IoT) & Customer Service.

Read Daniel Foppen's blog entry to learn 5 steps to getting started with IoT-enabled customer service.

Fast Cloud Analytics for EMEA Partners

Join us on March 9th at 10am CET for a live webcast and Q&A to hear from the Oracle experts, how you as an Oracle partner can accelerate your analytics business with the Fast Cloud Analytics Program.

The Fast Cloud Analytics Program is a market proven, high volume, recommended business program delivered by leading Oracle Cloud Partners consisting of a suite of Oracle Analytics flagship cloud offerings bundled with a “Jump Start” partner consulting services offering.

What’s in there for my customers?

Everything your customer needs to quickly, efficiently and affordably make a successful Business Intelligence Proof of Value and initial live project - (e.g. This is use case driven with a one day “jump start” included such as “QuickInsight” @ $7.7k and “Analytics Warehouse” @ $36K).

  • Simple to Use and Consume
  • Free 30 day Trial for Customers: click “Try it” and go
  • Transparent Pricing and Partner Resell Margin: We will clearly explain how partners can earn a good margin for reselling these cloud solutions: and collaborate in our Sales campaigns.
  • More Visual: with Data Visualization capabilities, business users can point and click to upload personal data and blend it with IT-managed data
  • More Mobile: Deploy analytics on the go from the Oracle public cloud, without fire wall issues at customer data centres
  • For Everyone: For all Apps users in cloud or on-premise – does not need to be an Oracle database customer
  • Friendlier: a new user interface simplifies the layout, making it easier for users to quickly create their own Data Visualization Analytics to see what’s important
  • Additional Partner Services: to guide best practice for success, and provide advanced data management

Join the Webcast on 9th MARCH 2016 - 9:00 UK / 10:00 CET- (audio will play over your computer speakers or headset)
AND / OR DIAL in to the audio portion of the Webconference at:

· +44 (0) 208 11 81 001 (United Kingdom) or click for More Local dial-in telephone Numbers

· Audio only Call ID: 9139664 - Call Passcode: 333111

In the meantime, you can also See and Try Oracle Data Visualisation to Re-Boot your partner Business and other resources such as:

Tell Your Customers about Data Visualisation

Partner Training in BICS Implementation 3-day Workshops


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