Saturday Jan 24, 2015

Oracle Cloud present and future

Here is an interesting article from Forbes to read for understanding where is Oracle on the Market Cloud, and where it is aiming.

Friday Jan 23, 2015

Do You Know What Your Salespeople Are Selling?

Sales organizations, beware- Today’s customers are more informed than ever and have no patience for salespeople telling them what they likely already know or how great your products are.

Read this article by Jeb Dasteel (Oracle SVP and Chief Customer Officer) and Amir Hartman

Why Oracle Cobrowse delivers faster, better service— and more sales

With TrueView visual you can optimize cobrowsing on web and mobile:

Wednesday Jan 21, 2015

2 Oracle Sales Cloud, PaaS and CX Integration Update Webinars for EMEA Partners

We are pleased to invite you to a series of 2 webinars, specially designed to give our EMEA partners an update on the Oracle CX solutions, latest releases and integration strategy. Join these sessions if you are interested to develop your Customer Experience practice and business with the market’s fastest growing CX SaaS and Cloud vendor.

(Note: the content is similar to the one delivered or to-be-delivered soon during these face-to-face Oracle partner events: Dubai (03/11), Paris (16/12), Utrecht (18/02), Reading (25/02), Madrid (12/03) and Milan (18/03))

1) Tuesday, March 03, 2015, 10:00am CET (duration 60')

In this first session, Ben Dhanjal, CX Product Management Director EMEA, will be discussing the overall Oracle CX strategy, then unveil the Release 9 of Oracle Sales Cloud and present the solution roadmap.


  • Oracle CX strategy update (15’)
  • Oracle Sales Cloud (Fusion CRM SaaS) Release 9 update and roadmap (30’)
  • Q&A’s (15’)


  • March 3rd session: register here

2) Wednesday, March 04, 2015, 10:00am CET (duration 60')

In this second session, Ben will be discussing Platform as a Service (PaaS) which is the best starting point to adapt the CX solution to the customer’s unique requirements, then will discuss what is Oracle strategy and plans to offer the most effective integration paths between the different CX assets


  • Introduction to PaaS  (25’)
  • Oracle CX Integration Paths strategy (20’)
  • Q&A’s (15’)


  • March 4th session: register here

Agenda Announced: Modern Service Experience in Las Vegas

Consider sponsorships and register you/your customers to attend

Oracle Service Cloud just announced the agenda for the 2015 Modern Service Experience in Las Vegas (March 31 – April 2). With keynotes and general sessions, breakouts, the Ask the Expert program and networking opportunities, there’s something for everyone – including Service/IT executives, system administrators and developers. At this focused service event, attendees will connect with their peers, learn how to be more successful users of the product, have direct access to Oracle product experts, and gain insight into Oracle’s vision for Modern Customer Service. View the full agenda here: and get more information (including registration) at Interested in sponsoring? Contact

Tuesday Jan 20, 2015

Implement, on-board or sell Oracle Social Cloud successfully! Register to our OPN Webinar

In the past year we have seen a significant increase in partner interest for Oracle Social Cloud enablement. To better prepare you for success with implementation, on-boarding and selling Oracle Social Cloud solutions –  Oracle PartnerNetwork will be hosting live webinars for you!

In our first webinar – Oracle Social Cloud: Preparing for Success – we will provide an update on the Social Cloud capabilities.

If you are implementing Oracle Social Cloud solutions that include Social Engagement & Monitoring Cloud and Social Marketing Cloud it is critical that you attend this session to understand how to make the appropriate accommodations to service offerings and implementation engagements.

We will also review where you can find implementation training for Oracle Social Cloud Service – and review the recommended training path for successfully passing the certified implementation exam.


  • Wes Barnes, Senior Product Manager, Oracle Social Cloud
  • Todd Schorle, WWA&C Partner Enablement, Oracle Social Cloud

Date & time

  • February 3rd 2015, 3:00PM – 4:00PM GMT

This event is offered FREE of charge to selected Oracle Partners.

Register Here

Saturday Jan 17, 2015

The 5 drivers of the successful modern Sales Force

The 5 drivers of the successful modern sales force. How to be insight driven and stay ahead of competitors with Actionable Analytics. Read:

Video: Oracle President Thomas Kurian on Customer Experience

Oracle President Thomas Kurian on Oracle's commitment to helping businesses transform and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Watch video here


New: Oracle Customer Concepts Magazine!

Connected customers expect connected brand experiences. How well connected is yours? Read our blog to learn more.

Friday Jan 16, 2015

Oracle BigMachines CPQ Cloud Implementation Bootcamp coming soon to EMEA

We are planning to run one or more Oracle BigMachines CPQ Cloud Implementation Bootcamps in EMEA - most probably starting with a UK location - in the forthcoming months. Important: please note that only partners with either BigMachines CPQ Cloud ongoing projects or projects about to be started (duly identified in the pipeline) will be approved to this training. In addition to this main qualification criteria, partners with an existing Oracle Sales Cloud practice will be prioritized.

If you are interested to join one of these future sessions, please send a short mail to, indicating your Oracle CPQ Cloud opportunity name and number.

The Oracle BigMachines CPQ cloud Implementation Boot Camp was created to enable partners with the implementation tools and knowledge required to implement and manage the solution for their clients with an advanced level of understanding of the application, its features and market preparedness. The course will cover a wide range of topics to give each student a basis of understanding of the product. Each student will learn the key points in each topic area, and will learn how the product should be set-up, configured, and implemented in various different situations.

By the end of the boot camp each student should be able to implement and manage a CPQ implementation project in many different markets and scenarios. Each student will complete the course with a level of understanding which will allow them to take and pass the Oracle BigMachines CPQ Cloud Essentials 2015 certification in the near future.

Modules covered in training (which is available within CPQ Cloud BigMachines Product).

  1. Configuration Essential
  2. Commerce Essential
  3. Document Engine
  4. Integration Essentials

Labs & Hands-On Exercises for each of the above modules.

Duration: 4.5 business days (in class)

Note: The duration is intended for general reference. The boot camp instructor may recommend a different approach in rolling the class. Students are required to check the boot camp duration for the scheduled event they are interested in.


This training is intended for partners with the following roles: Implementation Consultants, Configuration Analyst and CPQ Software Developer

Prerequisite Training/Knowledge:

  • Foundation Knowledge on CPQ BigMachines Cloud product.
  • Completed CPQ BigMachines Cloud Admin Essentials Part 1 from OPN Network and passed the assessment.


  • Basic understanding of at least one other related Oracle CRM/CX product implementation (Oracle Sales Cloud, Siebel, Eloqua Marketing Cloud, RightNow CX Cloud Service, etc)
  • Strongly recommend the individual be Specialized in a Customer Experience (CX) related product

Thursday Jan 15, 2015

OPA Partner Virtual Bootcamp Replay

This is the replay of a 2 hours Oracle Policy Automation (OPA) virtual bootcamp training that you are welcome to take at your convenience in order to get familiar with the OPA solution. The session includes a practical demonstration.

Before accessing the Webex based replay, please note of the following:

  • You will need to download the free web-ex player
  • The file is big and it takes a few minutes ‘buffering’ before it begins to play.  (if nothing happens straight away this is normal and the recording will kick in after a couple of minutes)

“Some Non-Predictions for 2015” by IDC’s Mike Fauscette

Mike Fauscette, industry analyst / executive from IDC, tried to resist writing his predictions for 2015, but “the pull is strong,” he says. So his “random thoughts on software, business and digital transformation” are really a state of the industry. He doesn’t mention Oracle in his post, but our strategies and solutions are right in line with what is and what is coming.

For example, he says that customer experience is still a top initiative for most companies. There are big budgets, big struggles, and a big need for CX strategies that “get it right” and lead to big wins.

Another non-prediction of his—consumers want a complete shopping experience and not one that is dictated by segregated channels. Let us shop on or offline, mobile device and physical store, all channels converging into one experience.

And one more—mobile should be a standard. We work from anywhere with whatever device is handy so the technology should follow suit. No more “mobile first” strategies from vendors.

Fauscette’s ten forecasts come with lots of detail and insight. Take a few minutes to see which ones resonate with you. (Kathryn Perry)

How Cloud Computing Is Revolutionizing Business - an article by Mark Hurd, Oracle CEO

Cloud computing is triggering a stunning shift in how businesses operate. Modern SaaS applications for marketing, HR, and ERP are allowing companies to accelerate operations and engage more intimately with their customers thanks to heretofore unseen heroes in their ranks.

In the course of just a few years, this new generation of social/mobile SaaS applications with built-in analytics is redefining mission-critical business priorities while erasing the traditional distinctions between front-office and back-office activities.

These changes are essential for companies striving to remake themselves into smarter and faster-paced organizations that can move in lockstep with customers’ rapidly shifting requirements. And at the center of these dramatic transformations are SaaS applications that are easier to procure and install, that are upgraded more frequently, and that mirror the work styles of today’s businesspeople as well as consumers.

Until just a few years ago, CEOs would tell me that while they were eager to move functions such as marketing and HR to the cloud, they were planning to keep all mission-critical systems on-premises for reasons of security and risk management.

At the time, that was a perfectly rational and well-considered strategy. Marketing, HR, and sometimes ERP were seen as vital but not mission-critical processes that could serve as test cases for the new cloud computing model. If all went well, the business would gain some savings and other benefits. If there was a problem with the new approach, no production systems would be involved.

But since then, many CEOs have dramatically changed their outlook about the cloud and how widely it can and should be deployed within their businesses—and with very few exceptions, those executives are becoming much more bullish on the cloud. So in 2015, I predict we’ll see some profound manifestations of that revised C-suite outlook, particularly in these four areas:

Read the end of this great article by Mark Hurd (Oracle CEO) on LinkedIn here

Tuesday Jan 13, 2015

Fusion Learning Center Updates

The OPN Team applies updates to the Fusion Learning Center monthly. December updates include:

  • ProductDirect: Oracle Sales Cloud R9 - Essentials for Customer Data Management and DaaS
  • ProductDirect: Oracle Sales Cloud R9 - Essentials for Sales Performance Management
  • ProductDirect: Release 9 - Oracle Sales Cloud for CRMOD Customers

Total Cloud—What Does Complete Look Like for Oracle?

A new IDC Whitepaper for you to discover:
  • How the cloud provides faster access to new functionality and increased revenue
  • How your competitors and peers are taking advantage of modern cloud deployments
  • What the future will bring for both users and vendors 
Read the IDC white paper




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