Tuesday Mar 24, 2015

Speeding up the innovation cycle with SaaS

The old way of doing things, by which companies had to wait years for an IT project to be finalized, is no longer sustainable, says Steve Miranda, Executive Vice President of Applications Development at Oracle. Read this article to find out why, he believes, IT has embraced Cloud.

Kronos Uses Oracle CPQ Cloud to Transform Selling Practices

Kronos helps organizations in 100+ countries manage their most strategic asset with workforce management tools. After offering on-premises solutions for 35 years, Kronos has transitioned into a cloud solution provider with Oracle CPQ Cloud.

Sr. Director Leah Hill, Kronos Global Service Business Development, talks about the minimal costs of adoption and the culture they've built based on standards and efficiency. Watch Video »

Oracle CRM Watchlist 2015 Winner

Leading CRM expert, best-selling author, analyst and regular contributor to ZDNet, Paul Greenberg, has listed Oracle as a 2015 winner on his CRM Watchlist. Paul is an advisor to both public and private organizations and continues to define the landscape of CRM including industry trends, challenges and opportunities. As the Executive Vice President of the CRM Association, and Chairman of the University of Toronto’s CRM Centre of Excellence, Paul is considered one of the industry’s top thought leaders.

As part of his regular contribution to ZDNet, Paul published his 2015 CRM Watchlist to select CRM vendors making an impact in the market, from 2014 to 2017. Paul clearly defines impact as a leading solution provider in a specific field that’s currently prevalent and will maintain sustained impact over time. In his words, these are companies “providing what customers are looking for in a way that individual customers find meaningful.” Paul’s evaluation also considers a company’s outreach - including its customers, analysts, and journalists – as key influencers in the market. Over 142 companies submitted applications for this year’s CRM Watchlist evaluation and Oracle’s CX suite was selected as one of the winning vendors! (...)

Read the rest of the article and find out Paul Greenberg CRM Watchlist on Oracle Andrew Keleher blog here

Using Big Data to Improve the Customer Experience

Using Big Data to improve customer experience [video]: http://ora.cl/d6b

Are customers ever truly loyal?

Service leaders, here’s a mustread report for you: Reinventing customer retention success with the help of customer psychology. ‪See this nice animation here: http://ora.cl/S7p

5 Trends Driving The Marketing Cloud Revolution

By John Bara, the President and CMO of Mintigo

Big data and marketing clouds require modern marketers to further embrace analytics.  For some marketers, this means getting out of their comfort zone.

The stereotype of marketers is that they are in marketing because they are not good in math or science. That myth is not exactly true.  Most marketers choose the career because they enjoy the energy of a dynamic environment, and have skills in creative, planning and project management. Increasingly, people come into the new world of modern marketing because they enjoy math, science and analysis.

The explosion of big data across all market segments has led to the need for a more analytical approach to marketing. Understanding the big trends behind the cloud and big data phenomenon and some of the resulting major trends in marketing will empower the CMO of the future.

I believe there are five trends that are driving the marketing cloud revolution:(...)

Read John Bara 5 trends here

Implementing and Running Oracle Sales Cloud - a series of video's

Deciding to implement a cloud application for the first time is a big decision, since it is so different from any on-premise type of project that you might have ran so far!

Oracle has recorded a series of videos that can help understand the process of choosing, implementing and running Oracle Sales Cloud:

Packaged Solutions for Midsize Companies

Designed for growing companies, Oracle Accelerate offers affordable, packaged enterprise-class software solutions that are easy to deploy. Help your customers and prospects find an Oracle Accelerate solution offered by an Oracle Partner!

Oracle Accelerate solutions help midsize organizations get up and running rapidly and efficiently, with minimal business disruption. Built around Oracle’s best-in-class enterprise applications, this is the same software that is being used by the largest companies in the world.

  • Simply to deploy solutions
  • Reduced project risk
  • Deep industry capabilities
  • Fast time to benefit
  • Foundation for innovation and growth
  • From expert partners with simple to deploy solutions

Find Oracle Accelerate Solutions for CX

Find Oracle Accelerate Solutions for Oracle Sales Cloud

Find More Oracle Accelerate Solutions

E-Book: SaaS for Dummies!

Heard of SaaS but don't know where to start? Ever wonder what all the cloud jargon and buzzwords mean? Check out this new dummies e-book designed especially for business managers.

Take Action: Share this e-book with your prospects and customers to help them on their journey to the cloud.

This eBook will help line of business managers understand how they can take advantage of cloud solutions to solve their business challenges in the digital world.

Download and share the e-book SaaS for Dummies

More Oracle Cloud promotions in Q4!

Oracle Q3 active Cloud Promotions (free months) have been extended throughout Oracle Q4 FY15. Some of them have been even improved. For more details, please contact either your Oracle Partner Manager, an Oracle Sales Representative or myself. 

New Role Available: Oracle Standalone Cobrowse Dynamic Agent Desktop Cloud Service 2016 Implementation Consultant!

Today’s customers have high expectations. In customer service, a picture really is worth a thousand words.

Visual sharing is a natural way to communicate. And cobrowsing with customers during a phone or chat interaction enables you to deliver faster, better service—along with increased conversions and upsell/cross-sell opportunities. 

Oracle PartnerNetwork is pleased to announce that we launched Oracle Standalone Cobrowse Dynamic Agent Desktop. This is a leader in cobrowsing solution and brings a big advantage thru the TrueView feature, mobile compatible – regardless of the platform.

How can I find out more?

Oracle RightNow CX Cloud Service solution has enriched its portfolio adding Oracle Standalone Cobrowse Dynamic Agent Desktop option to its Desktop seats.

Access now the Oracle Standalone Cobrowse Dynamic Agent Desktop Cloud Service 2016 Implementation Consultant guided learning paths and get familiar with topics as: Organization Management, Staff Management, Security Management, End User Interface Customization, Product Configuration, and How to Work with Legacy Deployments.

The guided learning paths offer as well a complete Deployment Guide with the necessary steps to deploy Cobrowse as efficiently as possible. Most of these steps will also apply to deploying Cobrowse in an add-on to RightNow Chat, Dynamic Agent Desktop or Enterprise Contact Center.

How can I get recognized?

Oracle Standalone Cobrowse Dynamic Agent Desktop Cloud Service 2016 Implementation Consultant Assessment is the final step towards becoming an Oracle Standalone Cobrowse Dynamic Agent Desktop Cloud Service 2016 Implementation Consultant. Pass the test, score 80% or more, and get your OPN Specialist Certificate!

Oracle Service Cloud with Cobrowse empowers businesses to deliver personalized customer experiences through connected real time engagements and enhance revenue!

Monday Mar 23, 2015

Check out the new Oracle Sales Cloud Marketing & Sales Kit!

The new Oracle Sales Cloud Marketing & Sales Kit will equip your team with the proper processes, tools, resources, and intelligence to increase revenues and engage with customers earlier and more effectively.

Oracle BigMachines CPQ Cloud Service 2016 Implementation Essentials is in beta testing!

Request your free exam voucher and be one of the first to take the exam and receive recognition in the marketplace as Oracle BigMachines CPQ Cloud Service 2016 Certified Implementation Specialist!

Registration open: Oracle Digital Transformation EMEA Partner Community Launch Summit - Budapest, April 28-29


Digital Disruption: Adj. dig·it·al dis·rup·tion dij-i-tl dis-ruhp-sh?n - Change that occurs as new digital technologies or business models affect the value proposition of existing goods, services and markets

Be part of the Digital Disruption wave that is prevalent in all our partners and customers discussions today. Join us in Budapest to understand what Oracle’s Digital proposition is and how the Digital Business Platform can help change Oracle’s opportunity within your partners go to market proposition.

This will be a great opportunity to understand the value of the complete Oracle Digital Business Platform that leverages our IaaS, PaaS and SaaS solutions.

This will be the first Digital Transformation EMEA Partner Community Summit and is a must attend summit if you:

  • are a partner that wants to understand how to be successful leveraging Oracle’s complete Digital Business Platform solutions
  • are a partner with a Digital go-to-market practice
  • want to know more about Oracle’s complete Digital Business platform

The goal of this summit will be to give our Digital Agency partners, Global / regional SI’s and regional solution partners the opportunity of understanding:

  • Oracle’s Digital Business Platform
  • How you can leverage it
  • Sales plays
  • Available Oracle assets

Oracle executives driving the different product areas will share their insight on new products and market trends, and will be available for one-on-one meetings to discuss go-to-market plans and sales opportunities.

Budapest, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, will be the perfect location to start on your Oracle Digital journey with Oracle's Digital Partner Community launch summit. Detailed venue and hotel booking information will be sent to you shortly.

Date & Location: 28th – 29th April 2015, Budapest, Hungary


Don't miss out on attending this key Oracle Digital Disruptive launch event! Save the date now: 28th – 29th April 2015 and watch out for your formal invitation coming soon.

Siebel Partner Webconference Call - March 20 2015 - Replay Available

If you missed Friday March 20th Siebel Partner Webconference, please find the replay link here (1 hr 2 min)


  • Welcome - Allison Woolsey, Product Marketing, Oracle
  • Siebel CRM Strategy and Roadmap Update - George Jacob, Group Vice President, Oracle
  • Innovation Pack 2015 Insight - John Bedford, Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle
  • Q & A


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