Tuesday Jun 23, 2015

What is the stage of your marketing data?

Today’s modern customers have high expectations. What is the stage of your marketing data and how you can use it wisely? http://ora.cl/kTp

When it comes to mobile content not much beats the power of SMS

You may want to rethink your current mobile marketing strategy if SMS is not included: 90% of SMS messages are opened and read within the first 90 seconds of receipt http://ora.cl/Trk

According to CMOs this is priority one for consumers

CMOs are realizing that the customer experience (CX) is vital for any brand to have any kind of hope of surviving the next years http://ora.cl/7d0

Modernize Your Customer Experience by attending 2015 OOW CX Central

In today's world you need to exceed your customers' expectations. Your customers expect a seamless experience when they interact with your brand. Don't fall behind. Attend CX Central @ OpenWorld to:

Hear how customers are modernizing their business with native mobile, social, and analytics technologies to beat out their competition.

Learn from industry experts and discover how to leverage best practices for never missing an opportunity with a customer and gaining a competitive advantage.

Find out about the latest in Oracle Cloud and CRM solutions, including marketing, sales, service, and commerce

See CX Central details here

Oracle's Larry Ellison Calls Cloud A 'Much Better Business. Here's Why!

When an industry is being disrupted, the way that cloud computing is upending the technology business today, established companies like Oracle are supposed to hedge their bets and cling to their old ways.

Instead, what was striking about Oracle’s Q4 FY2015 earnings call last week was the unequivocal way Oracle’s top three executives described the company’s cloud computing shift, as well as how fast its customers are adopting Oracle’s broad cloud software, platform, and infrastructure products.

“I would not trade the cloud revenue for the license revenue, as cloud revenues and cloud bookings mean significantly more in revenues and earnings over time,” Oracle CEO Safra Catz said.

Oracle Executive Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison described cloud as “a much better business for us.”

Read  the reasons why in the full Forbes article

More Business with Oracle Sales Cloud Quick Tours

Quick Tours is a simple, interactive application that gives users a taste of Oracle Sales Cloud functionality and experience. Users get instant, self-serve access through Oracle Single Sign On (SSO), with no approvals required

Interactive HTML experience of Oracle Sales Cloud for the main components of Oracle Sales Cloud, including: Leads, Opportunities, Accounts, Contacts and more. Call outs and videos guide a user through the journey, providing tips and additional information at every step.

You can invite your Customers to take a Tour, so they will try in a quick and modern way how Oracle Sales Cloud is performing.

Try it yourself and Invite your Customers to have a Quick Tour HERE

Monday Jun 22, 2015

Live Webcast – Larry Ellison Unveils New Oracle Cloud Platform Services - Today 10am PST

Launch Webcast: Integrate, Accelerate and Lead with the Oracle Cloud Platform

Watch live as Larry Ellison, Executive Chairman of the Board and Chief Technology Officer and Thomas Kurian, President, Product Development, unveil new Oracle Cloud services.

Discover how you can drive innovation with the leading enterprise Cloud platform:
  • Integrate with next-generation Cloud services.
  • Accelerate application development and deployment.
  • Lead the transformation of your business.

Tune-in early -- live interviews start at 10:00 a.m. PST Register today.

Wednesday Jun 17, 2015

Boxfusion Consulting Sales Cloud Reference Forum - June 23rd

Join us for another Oracle Customer Reference Forum on June 23, 2015, to hear Andy Stevens, Delivery Director of Boxfusion Consulting, talk about why they have chosen to implement Oracle Sales Cloud. Andy will share Boxfusion’s selection process for Oracle Sales Cloud, its implementation approach, and benefits derived from the application. He will also talk about Boxfusion’s experiences helping customers implement Oracle Sales Cloud.

Register now to attend the live Forum on Tuesday, June 23, 2015, at 8:00 A.M. Pacific Time/11:00 A.M. Eastern Time and learn more from Boxfusion Consulting directly.

Listen to all Customer Forum replays available on demand here, including Acorn Paper, APEX IT, Batesville, Hardware.com, iBasis, and more!

Register Now: Save Yourself Time and Headaches With Oracle Service Cloud Report Administration Tips & Tricks

We invite you to register for this upcoming Oracle Service Cloud Ask the Experts webinar.

Save Yourself Time and Headaches With Report Administration Tips & Tricks

Wednesday, June 24 @ 8 a.m. PST/11 a.m. EST

Join Kenny Tietz, Oracle Service Cloud Analytics Product Manager and previous Customer Care Operations Manager, as he dives into the tips and tricks that will save you time with report administration. Hear Kenny discuss how to avoid common pitfalls that plague experienced and new administrators alike when creating/maintaining reports for their organizations. During this webinar Kenny will talk about:

  • The report lifecycle
  • The importance of creating and sticking to a reporting plan
  • Using templates and report linking to save time and create consistency
  • Benefits of using the Report Management tool

Register Now!

Tuesday Jun 16, 2015

New Oracle eBook: Social Selling

Why is social selling important and valuable to both sales and marketing? Download this new Oracle eBook

Be an Advisor, Not a Sales Person!

60% of buying decisions are made prior to speaking to a sales person. Learn how to achieve bigger and more profitable deals for your organization. Read the article here

Applying a Retail Best Practice to Improve Field Service

How do you design field services to give retail customers everything they want? Applying retail best practices to improve the experience. Read here

Increase predictability with Oracle Field Service Cloud

Who says predictability is boring? To achieve mobile workforce excellence you need to predict and forecast all kinds of service events - the good news is now you can and you can improve CX at the same time!

View & Share the original video »

Monday Jun 15, 2015

Announcement: Oracle University Cloud Learning Subscriptions

We are pleased to announce the availability of 10 new Public Cloud learning subscriptions along with 7 end user learning subscriptions. 

These subscriptions provide training for developers/consultants/implementers in the areas of Getting Started, Implementation, Administration, Co-existence, Collaboration and Analytics. In addition, we also provide end user training which is entirely role based with all key tasks recorded in short, easy to digest videos, starting at 48$ per month per user.

Learning subscriptions are available for the 10 most popular Public Cloud offerings including 8 SaaS offerings and 2 PaaS offerings. 64 presenters from across the company are featured in 2645 videos.

You can access all these subscription on the Cloud home page at education.oracle.com/cloud.

For a first view of the new Oracle University Cloud Learning Subscriptions, visit this 90 second video describing the Cloud offerings.

Thursday Jun 11, 2015

Robo Silicon Joins Ranks of Live and Successful Oracle Sales Cloud Customer

Robo Silicon is a leader in the manufacture of engineering and construction materials. It’s also one in the latest wave of Oracle Sales Cloud customers to go live and tell its modern sales transformation story.

In this new video, Balaji Jayashankar, Robo Silicon’s Head of Sales and Marketing, describes how Oracle Sales Cloud, integrated with SAP on the back end, is helping reps and management gain and sustain higher levels of sales performance. The themes covered by this business leader will help reinforce your key messages including: mobility, pipeline visibility (“This visibility has really improved our performance and has helped us in sustaining it.”), flexibility and integration, and territory management. 



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