Friday Apr 24, 2015

Oracle Siebel IP2014 Partner Workshop - Reading (UK), May 13&14

Oracle is hosting a special 2-day event to give our partners an overview of the Siebel IP 2014 release, and an opportunity to work through hands-on labs and demos to learn about key concepts and best practices with Open UI.

May 13 - May 14, 2015 9:00AM – 6:00PM GMT

Oracle Office Reading, Oracle Thames Valley, Park Oracle Parkway Reading RG6 1RA, United Kingdom

The Oracle Siebel IP2014 Partner Workshop will feature key experts on our team who will guide you through the IP2014 release.

Key topics include:

  • Open UI and Responsive Web Design
  • How the Plug-in wrapper works with RWD
  • HTML Template Manager
  • Event Helper
  • Building Mobile Apps and Touch Devices
  • Migrating to IP2014
  • A preview of IP2015

Need to catch up on Open UI? Come and join us at our pre-session workshop. We’ll briefly touch on:

  • What is Open UI?
  • Siebel’s history and transition from the HI client to Open UI
  • What you can do with Open UI?
  • How does Open UI fit into Siebel’s Architecture?
  • The incredible opportunity for partners to help existing Siebel customers migrate to IP2014, and building compelling user experiences for their Siebel Applications across multiple channels (e.g. Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, etc.)


  • Practice Managers/Directors
  • Developers: Java, Siebel, User Interface, Web
  • Architects
  • Functional and Technical Consultants
  • Delivery Management Resources
  • Sales Consultants

Register here

Thursday Apr 23, 2015

“Digital Disruption: It’s Not What You Think” by Oracle’s Rob Preston

A Guest Post by Oracle’s Rob Preston, Editorial Director, Content Central (pictured left)

TechTarget’s Tom Goodwin uses Uber, Facebook, Alibaba, and Airbnb as examples of players with new tech-savvy business models that are disrupting their industries. Goodwin believes that our economic future lies in controlling the software interfaces that connect goods and services with the customer. In his mind, it’s all about the digital customer interface and things such as costly brick and mortar, physical goods, and intangible services are old school and irrelevant.

But Oracle’s Rob Preston contends (in a recent Forbes OracleVoice article) that digital disruption is much more than the customer interface. “It’s also about modernizing manufacturing and financial processes, overhauling entire supply chains, bringing more intelligence to marketing and sales strategies, making it easier for people and teams to collaborate, and rethinking talent recruitment and management,” he says. contends that digital disruption  runs much deeper than the customer interface.

Preston states that this disruption caused by cloud, mobile, data analytics, and social might not be as exciting as that caused by the likes of Uber and Airbnb, but it’s just as profound. Preston does a nice job of weaving in examples, industries, and insights into the article to make his case.

Want to Outperform Your Competitors? 4 Ways to Serve Up a Cloud Advantage

A Guest Post by Rod Johnson (pictured left), Group Vice President, Applications Business Group, Oracle

With more and more companies moving towards the cloud we wanted to find out how this cloud adoption impacted the success of these businesses. To do this, Oracle sponsored a global study, “Cloud Computing Comes of Age,” conducted by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services.

What did we find out?

  1. IT is not your opponent. IT and LOB share equal responsibility for cloud in high performing organizations.
  2. Move further, faster. Cloud leaders are not only more likely to use cloud across the top five functions (recruiting, marketing, sales, training, travel/expense management), but are also much more likely to be pushing cloud into more core business functions including procurement, supply chain and accounting.
  3. Be a role model. More than twice as many cloud leader respondents said that their CIOs had taken a leadership role in the move to the cloud compared to cloud novices (62 percent to 31 percent). These CIOs value the agility and efficiency cloud provides and they’ve made it a part of every conversation.
  4. Play to win. 72 percent of cloud leaders launched new products, 62 percent entered new markets, 55 percent expanded geographically, and 39 percent launched new business over the past 3 years.

The survey shows the clear business benefits of adopting cloud computing, but also highlights important insights for organizations that are looking to capitalize on the opportunities presented by the cloud.  IT and business leaders must work together to promote a more holistic cloud strategy if their organizations are to benefit from the next wave of cloud computing.

 Find out more about the study here.

Tuesday Apr 21, 2015

Webinar: Oracle Commerce Cloud overview and partnership opportunities for Oracle EMEA Partners

Oracle Commerce Cloud is the new landmark eCommerce solution, combining the power of Market Leading Oracle Commerce for merchandizing, self-service commerce and content management, with all the benefits of SaaS business applications, including agility, speed of deployment and lower TCO.

Join us for an OPN webcast specially designed to give our EMEA partners a preview on Oracle Commerce Cloud product positioning, business benefits, features & functions. During this 90’ webinar, we will also share with you the partner business opportunity and OPN enablement plans.

Date & Time: Tuesday, May 05, 2015, 09:30am to 11:00am CET

Join this session if you are interested to develop your Customer Experience practice with the next eCommerce market’s game changer.


  • Commerce Market Dynamics
  • Oracle Commerce Cloud Strategy
  • Oracle Commerce Cloud Value Proposition, Differentiators & Target Customers
  • Oracle Commerce Cloud Features & Roadmap Details
  • Oracle Commerce Cloud Pricing
  • What’s in it for Partners?
  • Partner Enablement Plan
  • Next Steps & Call to Action
  • Q&A


  • Dan Turner - Sales Director Commerce EMEA
  • Stuart Anderson - Sales Consulting Director Commerce EMEA
  • Richard Lefebvre - EMEA CX Partners Program Director

Registration: register HERE

Friday Apr 17, 2015

UK Special: Modern Business Summit, London 28-30 April 2015

We have a brilliant line up of speakers for our Modern Business Summit in London. The agenda includes customer case studies and sessions with CX experts. Which sessions are you most interested in?

Survival In A CX-Centric World- Forbes article

Deliver or else: survival in a CX-Centric World

Thursday Apr 16, 2015

IDC's Oracle Cloud: Platform-as-a-Service Vendor Profile

This IDC Vendor Profile reviews key potential success factors for Oracle, including its market potential, technology/solution, go-to-market and product strategies, and differentiators, and provides essential guidance for technology adopters.

Read and share this IDC Vendor Profile: IDC Vendor Profile: Oracle Cloud: Platform-as-a-Service

Wednesday Apr 15, 2015

Need a Forthright Endorsement for Oracle Service Cloud? Here's Crestron!

Crestron is the world’s leader in smart home technology systems. And this world leader is using Oracle Service Cloud to realize its vision and take care of its customers. Crestron has 90,000 customers contacting it through email, phone and chat, which are all tracked through Oracle Service Cloud. Richard Sasson, Crestron's Global Director of Technical Services, gives this “phenomenal tool” a full endorsement.

Crestron is realizing its vision with Oracle Service Cloud.

View Part 1 (1 min, 52 sec)
View Part 2 (2 min, 24 sec)

Swiss Post Solutions Markets More Effectively with Oracle (Video)

Dr. Sandro C. Principe, Head of Strategic Marketing and Sales for Swiss Post Solutions, describes how Swiss Post strategically unified all acquisitions and managed sales across 16 countries, under one operating model, supported by a unique combination of Oracle CX Cloud Solutions. Watch this video!

Tuesday Apr 14, 2015

Interested in an Oracle CPQ Cloud Bootcamp? Submit your interest!

Are you interested in an Oracle CPQ Cloud (aka Big Machines) OPN Bootcamp?

Submit your interest by using the below process:

  • Step 1: Navigate to this page
  • Step 2: Click on “Request a Bootcamp “under Boot Camp Resources, right side menu bar
  • Step 3: Another window will open up with a registration form….under Cloud Solutions please select “Oracle BigMachines CPQ Cloud Service Implementation Bootcamp”
  • Step 4: Please select Delivery Month and in comments please add the location details
  • Step 5: Please click “Continue” to submit the form.

Monday Apr 13, 2015

Customer-Obsessed Marketing Is Your Next Competitive Edge

Oracle CEO Mark Hurd on customer-obsessed marketing. ‪#‎OracleCX15

Shoppers with reward cards see little point in loyalty

It seems that the idea of being loyal to a particular brand is a thing of the past. Researchers found "a third of people preferred low prices to points or other incentives" - So if customer loyalty is a myth, what should you focus on instead?

Customer Concepts Magazine

Put the consumer back into B2B, when people buy from people what tips can you learn from the B2C community? #CustomerConcepts

Why Most Customer Experience Improvement Efforts Fail

The most well-intentioned CX improvement plans often go awry unless they’re woven into a single holistic approach. That’s the inescapable conclusion from a week of discussions on stages and on the sidelines of Oracle’s Modern Customer Experience Conferences held last week.

Thursday Apr 09, 2015

Who Said What About Oracle’s Customer Experience Conferences in Las Vegas

Oracle Kathryn Perry was among the throngs of people from around the world who gathered in the Entertainment Capital of the World last week to attend Oracle’s Modern Customer Experience Conferences 2015. The four interactive events included marketing, sales, commerce, and service. They were designed to help attendees explore the trends, techniques, and technologies to deliver a seamless and effective modern customer experience.

There are three articles, which were written after the event, that she wants to draw to our attention:

The first was published in MTA Martech Advisor and covers the announcement of the integrations between Oracle Marketing Cloud, Oracle Commerce, and Oracle WebCenter Sites. We all know how nice it is to ‘be remembered’ across digital channels. However, it’s a challenge for companies to personalize and unify our experiences due to the different platforms, people, and processes. John Stetic, group vice president, Product Development, Oracle Marketing Cloud, says, “Oracle is uniquely positioned to address this challenge … These integrations not only help marketers increase efficiencies, but also drive revenue and enhance the customer experience.”

The second article appeared in Associate Editor Maria Minsker relays that Oracle CEO Mark Hurd talked about how Oracle is gearing up for the Internet of Things. “Java makes sense to have on those things” he said, referring to car companies that will become software providers. He also sees Oracle offering solutions that will take the massive amount of data that will be produced by connected devices and sift the worthwhile from the worthless. But for the time being, Hurd reminded the audience that they can be boldly confident of Oracle’s CX priorities: delivering cross-channel integration and agile solutions.

The third article is in Forbes and is written by Oracle’s SVP Kevin Akeroyd. He states that CMO’s don’t need more data. They need “the right data, married with the right behaviors, in the right context, in real time.” And that data needs to be integrated across all the customer experience channels, not housed in a faraway place. In addition, modern marketers don’t need more bells and whistles, but instead “an open framework that connects data, apps, media, and content.” Akeroyd gives examples of how Oracle Marketing Cloud is successfully supporting its customers and shares five astute questions that marketers are asking as they transition to modern marketing.

Posted by Kathryn Perry on April 7, 2015


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