Tuesday Mar 03, 2015

OPN Website has gone Mobile

We are pleased to announce the initial launch of the OPN Website's mobile responsive interface. This design refresh aligns the website with Oracle.com and the OPN Solutions Catalog supporting an “Anywhere, Any Device” user experience for tablets and smartphones.

Phase one of this rollout includes four key content areas:

  • OPN Homepage
  • 6 Category Pages (comprised of 40 pages)
    • Get Started
    • Get Trained
    • Differentiate Your Offerings - New
    • Develop Solutions
    • Market & Sell
    • Manage Membership
  • Searchable Product Resource (Knowledge Zone) Directory
  • New Header Design Cascaded Across Entire Site

Content structure / processes remain unchanged with this update. The initial release is in English, translated content will move to the new templates over the next two weeks.

Monday Mar 02, 2015

Upcoming Webinars for Oracle Service Cloud

Here are a series of webinars covering the last Oracle Service Cloud release that you might like to attend in order to understand the value of the latest announcement:

  • Mar 3, 2015 8:30 am PST - Partner - Release Overview Webcast: Oracle Service Cloud February 2015 - Christopher Patterson, Senior Director, Product Management
  • Mar 5, 2015 8:30 am PST - Customer - Release Overview Webcast: Oracle Service February 2015 - Christopher Patterson, Senior Director, Product Management
  • Mar 18, 2015 8:00 am PST - Ask the Experts: Provide a More Intelligent Chat Engagement to the Right Customer, Right Agent at the Right Time - Victor Chan, Director, Product Management, Oracle Service Cloud
  • Mar 18, 2015 8:30 pm PST – Ask the Experts: Provide a More Intelligent Chat Engagement to the Right Customer, Right Agent at the Right Time - Victor Chan, Director, Product Management, Oracle Service Cloud

REGISTRATION LINK for EXTERNAL webcast for Customers and Partners - February 2015 Release

Friday Feb 27, 2015

Oracle Social Grabbing the Attention of Key Influencers

Oracle Social is grabbing the attention of key influencers. Rival IQ noted that Oracle Social has more than double the audience of its closest competitor, Hubspot. Salesforce and Adobe fall far behind with only an estimated 10 percent of the audience that Oracle has.

According to the key influencers, here’s why Oracle Social is a step ahead of the competition:

  • We have the largest social presence of any of our competitors, driven mainly by more than one million Facebook fans.
  • Social professionals follow our handles to learn the latest about how companies are and how they should be leveraging social across CX, including marketing, service, commerce, and sales.
  • We cover the latest happenings at Oracle related to Social and CX, as well as curating and cultivating content from prominent thought leaders in this space.
  • We publish a consistent stream of relevant news, original content, and timely presentations to promote engagement.

See the online buzz from key influencers here!

Wednesday Feb 25, 2015

Oracle Service Cloud February 2015 Release is Generally Available!

We are pleased to announce the availability of the Oracle Service Cloud February 2015 Release. 

This latest release provides broad range of enhancements across the Oracle Service Cloud pillar.  Highlights include:

  • Web Customer Service: Private Messaging Support for Facebook
  • Web Customer Service: Mobile Compatibility for Integrated Cobrowse
  • Contact Center: Service Email, Outreach & Feedback Enhancements
  • Contact Center: Agent Browser User Interface
  • Contact Center: Incident Archiving Improvements
  • Oracle Policy Automation for Service Cloud
  • Platform: Add-In Manager Enhancements
  • Platform: Supporting IPv6

To find out more, please check out these resources:

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Sunday Feb 22, 2015

Customer Concepts on Predictive Analytics, Intelligence and Big Data vs. Sales

Is your ability to predict buying behaviour in poll position or at the back of the grid? Get revved up here

Thursday Feb 19, 2015

Optimize Sales Processes with Oracle

From lead generation to forecasting, a modern best practice transforms your sales processes, taking selling to the next level. In this micro site specially designed for Sales Executives, you will find several samples of Oracle’s key modern best practice for data-driven sales.

“Why Oracle Thinks It’s a Lead Horse in Digital Marketing”

Oracle acquired Responsys one year ago. At that time Gartner’s Julie Hopkins reported that the acquisition would make Oracle the “lead horse in the race” against Abode, Salesforce, and IBM. In this article, Dom Nicastro of CMSWire checked in to see if Hopkins was right and how the integration was going.

It takes some settling in after an acquisition, so 2015 is the year that Oracle will put the addition to its portfolio into action.

According to Steve Krause, group vice president of product management for the Oracle Marketing Cloud, Oracle is working on some major integrations. One of the first is Responsys’ Push IO, a push notification platform, which is integrated into the Oracle Responsys Marketing Suite.

Nicastro reminds his readers that Oracle bought Eloqua for B2B marketing automation capabilities, and then acquired Responsys to do the same for B2C.

Read Dom Nicastro's article here

Tuesday Feb 17, 2015

Relationship Advice for Marketers via Oracle Marketing Cloud

Tips to build engagements: relationship advice for marketers : http://ora.cl/8Jy

VIDEO: Oracle President Thomas Kurian on Marketing & CX

Perhaps no other business role has more to gain – and lose – in the ever-important world of customer experience (CX) than today’s marketer. Customer centricity and CX have become the leading strategic focus across almost every business around the globe. And yet there’s still no clear-cut winner on who owns customer experience. What is clear, however, is that marketing and its numerous customer touch points has the greatest opportunity to take the strategic wheel with today’s empowered, digital, social and mobile consumer.(...)

Oracle’s Thomas Kurian understands the CX imperative and the heavy weight on marketers to lead it. Having a consistent cross-channel view of customers with the ability to reach, engage, understand, segment, target and automate in an effective way is a major undertaking. But it is one Oracle has dedicated years of resources and time towards.   “We are the only ones in the industry that can actually solve these problems.” He goes on to say how Oracle is helping the marketer develop a “cross-channel identity graph” so marketers can know their users across all their channels and touch points. “The fact that we have this unified view of people, across all these channels, fundamentally transforms the power of marketing tools.” You can hear more from Kurian in this video.

Your Service Opportunity - a new collection of Vidlets by Oracle

Digital disruption has affected customer behaviour and changed the role of customer service forever, bringing with it a massive opportunity for you to place Service at the hub of customer engagement.

What will your opportunity look like? Our new vidlets expose and discuss the digital service challenge.

Modern Commerce, Higher ROI: It’s All About Experience

Learn how leading B2C and B2B brands are using Oracle Commerce to:
  • Drive higher traffic
  • Increase conversion rates of visitors to buyers
  • Increase average order value
  • Improve the customer experience and innovate faster
More information here!

Supercharge Your Sales with Oracle CPQ

Watch this short video to find out how your customers can maximize their sales reps productivity, increase volumes, eliminate errors and reduce training costs or sales cycles with Oracle CPQ Cloud!

Oracle is quietly becoming a cloud giant (Network World article)

Oracle is quietly becoming a cloud giant... Its cloud business is now half the size of Salesforce, and the gap is closing quickly.

One of the drawbacks to the Christmas season is that good stories slip by and no one covers them until much later, if at all. Such was the case with Oracle's third quarter earnings, released on December 17. By that point, not many people were paying attention (tip of the hat to Forbes for first noticing it) to anything except shopping lists, but what Oracle had to say was significant.

Oracle is pulling off a minor miracle. It is adapting to and adopting a whole new technology and business model that should, in theory, be completely contrary and contradictory to its current model. One of the subtheories of Geoffrey Moore's business bible, Crossing the Chasm, is that companies established in one old industry are often unable to change with the times when their market shifts. As a result, they are often left behind or forced to go through a painful reinvention. (...)

Read the entire Network World article by Andy Patrizio here

Winning the Customer Experience Race with Accenture

Visit or download the Winning the Customer Experience Race Infographic from Accenture and find out how you can best meet your customers expectations, while increasing revenue, in a 4 steps plan!

Monday Feb 16, 2015

ICMI Webcast: Forbes Reveals How Financial and Retail Companies Modernize Customer Service by Cedric Turner

Customers have lots of options. If you don’t deliver the right answers fast, they’ll go somewhere else.

That’s one of the reasons knowledge is the top customer service investment, according to a recent Forbes survey of 400+ executives. Financial services and retail companies use knowledge to provide fast, accurate answers across channels—and better train agents—while ensuring 100% regulatory compliance.

Join this ICMI webcast on March 5 at 1 pm EST / 10 am PST to hear ICMI and Oracle discuss how companies are getting ahead on the Roadmap to Modern Customer Service.

 You will learn:

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