Tuesday Aug 28, 2012

Oracle ATG Web Commerce 10 Implementation Developer Boot Camp - Reading (UK) - October 1-12, 2012

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Reading, UK, October 1-12, 2012!

OPN invites you to join us for a 10-day implementation bootcamp on Oracle ATG Web Commerce in Reading, UK from October 1-12, 2012.This 10-day boot camp is designed to provide partners with hands-on experience and technical training to successfully build and deploy Oracle ATG Web Commerce 10 Applications.

This particular boot camp is focused on helping partners develop the essential skills needed to implement every aspect of an ATG Commerce Application from scratch, (not CRS-based), with a specific goal of enabling experienced Java/J2EE developers with a path towards becoming functional, effective, and contributing members of an ATG implementation team. Built for both new and experienced ATG developers alike, the collaborative nature of this program and its exercises, have proven to be highly effective and extremely valuable in learning the best practices for implementing ATG solutions. Though not required, this bootcamp provides a structured path to earning a Certified Oracle ATG Web Commerce 10 Specialization!

What Is Covered:

This boot camp is for Application Developers and Software Architects wanting to gain valuable insight into ATG application development best practices, as well as relevant and applicable implementation experience on projects modeled after four of the most common types of applications built on the ATG platform.

The following learning objectives are all critical, and are of equal priority in enabling this role to succeed.

This learning boot camp will help with:

  • Building a basic functional transaction-ready ATG Web Commerce 10 Application.
  • Utilizing ATG’s platform features such as scenarios, slots, targeters, user profiles and segments, to create a personalized user experience.
  • Building Nucleus components to support and/or extend application functionality.
  • Understanding the intricacies of ATG order checkout and fulfillment.
  • Specifying, designing and implementing new commerce features in ATG 10.
  • Building a functional commerce application modeled after four of the most common types of applications built on the ATG platform, within an agile-based project team environment and under simulated real-world project conditions.

The Oracle ATG Web Commerce 10 Implementation Developer Boot Camp is an instructor-led workshop spanning 10 days.


  • Application Developers
  • Software Architects

Prerequisite Training and Environment Requirements:

  • Programming and Markup Experience with Java J2EE, JavaScript, XML, HTML and CSS
  • Completion of Oracle ATG Web Commerce 10 Implementation Specialist Development Guided Learning Path modules
  • Participants will be required to bring their own laptop that meets the minimum specifications:  
    • 64-bit PC and OS (e.g. Windows 7 64-bit)
    • 4GB RAM or more
    • 40GB Hard Disk Space
  • Laptops will require access to the Internet through Remote Desktop via Windows.

Agenda Topics:

Week 1 – Day 1 through 5

Build a Basic Commerce Application

In week one of the boot camp training, we will apply knowledge learned from the ATG Web Commerce 10 Implementation Developer Guided Learning Path modules, towards building a basic transaction-ready commerce application. There will be little to no lectures delivered in this boot camp, as developers will be fully engaged in ATG Application Development activities and best practices. Developers will work independently on the following lab assignments from day's 1 through 5:

Lab Assignments


Environment Setup


Build a dynamic Home Page


Site Authentication


Build Customer Registration


Display Top Level Categories


Display Product Sub-Categories


Display Product List Page


Display Product Detail Page


ATG Inventory


Build “Add to Cart” Functionality


Build Shopping Cart


Build Checkout Page


Build Checkout Review Page


Create an Order and Build Order Confirmation Page


Implement Slots and Targeters for Personalization


Implement Pricing and Promotions


Order Fulfillment

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Week 2 – Day 6 through 10

Team-based Case Project

In the second week of the boot camp training, participants will be asked to join a project team that will select a case project for the team to implement. Teams will be able to choose from four of the most common application types developed and deployed on the ATG platform. They are as follows: Hard goods with physical fulfillment, Soft goods with electronic fulfillment, a Service or subscription case example, a Course/Event registration case example.

Team projects will have approximately 160 hours of use cases/stories for each team to build (40 hours per developer). Each day's Use Cases/Stories will build upon the prior day's work, and therefore must be fully completed at the end of each day. Please note that this boot camp intends to simulate real-world project conditions, and as such will likely require the need for project teams to possibly work beyond normal business hours. To promote further collaboration and group learning, each team will be asked to present their work and share the methodologies and solutions that they've applied to their cases at the end of each day.


Oracle Reading CVC
Room: Wraysbury
Reading, UK

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Registration Fee (10 Days): US $3,375

Please click on the following link to REGISTER or  visit the Oracle ATG Web Commerce 10 Implementation Developer Boot Camp page for more information.


Patrick Ty
Partner Enablement, Oracle Commerce
Phone: 310.343.7687
Mobile: 310.633.1013
Email: patrick.ty@oracle.com

Monday Aug 27, 2012

Successful Fusion CRM Bootcamp in Paris - July 24-24th

The first Fusion CRM Bootcamp for EMEA partners successfully took place in the Paris Pullmann Bercy hotel on July 24-26th.

The agenda covered 14 Fusion CRM topics in depth, including detailed presentations and hands-on exercises, delivered by a team of Fusion CRM experts from Oracle Product Development.

89 participants represented 55 companies from 14 different countries, attended this event which was also a great opportunity to network with Oracle Product Development and Alliances & Channels executives during the breaks and the "Fusion Lounge" session each day after the training.

As expressed by the participants in the event survey, the overall satisfaction reached to an impressive percentage of 85+ with the response of “met or exceeded the expectations” and with individual comments such as:

  • On top of the presentation of Fusion CRM as a product, this event allowed to better understand Oracle's product and rollout strategy. The ability to meet the development team was really a bonus.
  • Extremely valuable information given that enables integrators to go on the road of Fusion CRM
  • Excellent organization, good product information coverage and demonstration

Additional Fusion CRM bootcamps are planed across EMEA in the next quarters, although they will probably be under a different format which is still to be defined.



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