Friday Feb 22, 2013

Replays of CRM & CX Best Practices demo webcasts

Each and every Friday evening, at 19:00 CET / 18:00 UK, Oracle invites you to a one hour webcast, led by the Oracle CRM/CX Sales Consulting team and featuring:

  • Demo best practices and previews
  • Lessons Learned from Sales Cycles
  • Competitive & product/solution positioning information
  • Product updates& progress

While this timing is not very comfortable for EMEA partners, you are welcome to take the replays (click on the "replay" tab once in the event page) of these webcasts whenever you find it appropriate.

Here are some examples of recent webcasts with direct access to the replay:

Please visit the "Partner Webinar Series CRM/CX Best Practices" page to experience many more topics of great interest.

Monday Feb 18, 2013

Live Webcast: Oracle Buys Eloqua - Thurs., Feb 21 - 18:00 CET, 17:00 GMT

Companies Can Deliver More Engaging Experiences and Drive Revenue Performance

Oracle has recently completed its acquisition of Eloqua, a leading provider of cloud-based marketing automation and revenue performance management software. The combination is expected to create a comprehensive customer experience cloud that helps companies transform the way they engage, support, and service their customers.

Join Oracle President Mark Hurd and senior executives from Oracle and Eloqua to learn how this combination of best-in-class solutions is expected to enable modern marketers to provide a highly personalized and unified experience across channels, create brand loyalty through social and online interactions, grow revenue by driving more qualified leads to sales teams, and provide superior service at every touchpoint.

Eloqua will become the cornerstone of Oracle's Marketing Cloud and is expected to help modern marketers:

  • Respond immediately to a buyer’s “digital body language”
  • Drive best practices in campaign targeting and execution, testing, measurement, profiling, and lead nurturing

Don’t miss this important Webcast. Register Now! and submit your questions on line.

Monday Feb 04, 2013

CRM On Demand Demo Pods DSA and LTA decommissioned as of February 22nd



The CRM On Demand Demo Pods DSA and LTA will be decommissioned as of February 22nd.


We are moving all Pods to a new data center in Salt Lake City (SLDC) where there will be higher end hardware and more bandwidth. This will make the performance of the Pod much better and provide us room to grow.

Does this mean Oracle CRM On Demand is going away?
ABSOLUTELY NOT. We remain fully committed to Oracle CRM On Demand. We have added so many customers to Oracle CRM On Demand that we have moved into the SLDC to accommodate the growth.

How do I get a new demo account for my own use?

New demo accounts will be provisioned on the new demo Pod, UDA, starting January 18th, but you can request one anytime. Follow the normal process to request an account by filing a Service Request (SR) and be sure to specify that you want a new demo account on UDA in the Salt Lake City Data Center (SLDC). You will be able to use both accounts at the same time, until February 22nd 2013, to transfer any configurations you have done to the new demo Pod.

To save you time, please request all demos in one SR, and include the names of the demo accounts you already have. If you currently have 4 demo accounts, you can request up to 4 demo accounts in one request. There is a maximum of 10 demo accounts permitted per partner as part of your Oracle Partner Network benefits. For example:

"Please provision me 4 demo accounts for the following people:

My current demo accounts are:


What about the integration I have running?

If you have an integration that you are hosting, you will need to update it to handle requests from the following URL: This URL will be the new endpoint.

What about my APA account? (Partner Development account)

That Pod has already been migrated to SLDC. No action is required for accounts on Pod APA. This email is to notify you of the change to the DSA / LTA demo accounts.

Can my existing DSA / LTA account be migrated so I do not have to request a new one and redo my configurations?

No. To ensure the best possible use of hardware, we are not migrating any DSA or LTA demo accounts.

Can I have my DSA / LTA account past February 22nd ?

No. The demo Pods will be decommissioned on February 22nd There is not an option to extend that timeline. You can have both a DSA / LTA and UDA account to help copy over any customizations or data you need for ongoing demos.



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