Thursday Oct 11, 2012

Deal Registration Moves to Oracle Partner Store (OPS)- The Four Action Items for Partners

In November 2012, Oracle’s partner deal registration process will move to the Oracle Partner Store (OPS). During this time, OPS will become the single source for partners to register deals, obtain deal status, and place orders.

What will partners need to do?

1. Request an OPS Account – If your company is new to OPS the first thing you need to do is request an account (if your company already has an OPS account, go to step 2). It’s important to have the person who will be managing your OPS account make this request as soon as possible. They will be set up as your company’s primary administrator.

2. Set-Up Users in OPS – Setup of users can start immediately, and will be handled by the primary OPS administrator at your company. The process is simple, but all existing users of Global PRM (Partner Relationship Management) deal registration will need to be set up in OPS before November 14, 2012

3. Review/Action Any Registrations Pending Submission in PRM – Prior to November 14, 2012, all pending registrations should be submitted in the existing PRM system. It is important that this step is complete so registrations will not need to be re-entered when the system is moved to OPS on November 17, 2012. Registrations pending submission are easily identified on the registration listing screen with either “Incomplete” or “Returned to Partner” in the status column. 

4. Attend Training – Oracle will offer multiple VAD and VAR training sessions beginning October 29, 2012. It is recommended that all users attend one of these important sessions. 

Detailed instructions on each of these tasks can be found on the OPS Information Page. OPS will offer several enhancements to the deal registration process, including:

  • Simplified Registration Form
  • Easier Product Selection
  • Expanded Browser Support
  • Shared Registration Visibility Between VAD and VAR
  • Pre-set Customer Selection From Partner Ordering Base

Best Regards,

Titina Ott

Vice President, Worldwide A&C

Systems And Business Processes 

Thursday Oct 04, 2012

Oracle Announces Leading ISV Integration With Oracle Sales and Marketing Cloud Service

More Than 100 ISVs, including Big Machines, Marketo and Xactly, now Provide Integrated Offerings to Help Maximize Sales and Single Customer Viewpoint

  • Demonstrating its continued commitment to business value via open standards and the cloud, Oracle today announced that more than 100 leading ISVs are integrating in the cloud with Oracle Sales and Marketing Cloud Service, a service available through Oracle Cloud.
  • For the first time Oracle Sales and Marketing Cloud Service users can choose from a wide array of directly integrated third-party solutions, providing a new level of choice, seamless deployment and single view of customers with preferred implementations.
  • Top partners, including ActivePrime, Avaya, BigMachines, Box, Brainshark, Callidus Software, CirrusPath, Clicktools, CRMIT, DBSync, EchoSign from Adobe, Eloqua, Fliptop, FPX, HarQen, HubSpot, iHance,, InsideView, Interactive Intelligence, Lingotek, LinkPoint360, Marketo, Nuance, PerspecSys, Postcode Anywhere, Revegy, salesElement, StrikeIron, upsourceIT, White Springs, X+1 and Xactly, have announced their availability and integration today.
  • By integrating with Oracle Sales and Marketing Cloud Service, ISV solutions can easily be leveraged by customersBy choosing Oracle Sales and Marketing Cloud Service as a sales platform, customers will continue to have complete choice of their own quoting, lead management and sales methodology solutions and it will all be pre-integrated with Oracle Sales and Marketing Cloud Service.
  • With demonstrable integration fusing standards-based technologies, such as SOAP web services, Oracle Sales and Marketing Cloud Service customers choosing ISV integrations will also benefit from familiar ease-of-use and the Oracle Sales and Marketing Cloud
  • ervice user interface, including buttons, links and custom objects for a rich user experience.
  • ISV integration with Oracle Sales and Marketing Cloud Service also enables on-demand contextual data exchange capabilities, linking Oracle Sales and Marketing Cloud Service business data with third-party application data for a complete CRM view.
  • ISVs building robust, repeatable integrations with Oracle Sales and Marketing Cloud Service can begin the process of achieving Oracle Validated Integration, an Oracle PartnerNetwork program that recognizes Oracle partner solutions with proven integration to Oracle Applications. ISVs can learn more about Oracle Validated Integration    here.
  • For customers, Oracle Validated Integration means that a partner’s integration has been tested and validated as functionally and technically sound, that the partner solution is integrated with Oracle Sales and Marketing Cloud Service in a reliable, standardized way, and that the integration operates and performs as documented.
  • Oracle Cloud provides a broad portfolio of Platform Services, Application Services, and Social Services, all on a subscription basis. Oracle Cloud delivers instant value and productivity for end users, administrators, and developers through functionally rich, integrated, secure, enterprise cloud services.

Supporting Quotes

“BigMachines is a leader in Configure, Price, and Quote solutions in the Cloud. Our solution delivers accurate quotes directly from an opportunity, integrated with the leading Oracle Sales and Marketing Cloud application from Oracle,” says John Pulling, Senior Vice President of Products at Big Machines. “Together, Big Machines and Oracle efficiently automate changes, enabling a faster, more efficient sales process for our joint customers.”
”Modern marketing and sales must engage customers and prospects in real time across the web, email, social media, online and offline channels to understand where and how to allocate their budgets for maximum return,” said Srini Venkatesan, Senior VP, Products and Engineering at Marketo. “Alignment and integration with Oracle Sales and Marketing Cloud Service allows Marketo’s solutions to deliver innovative capabilities for sales and marketing to adapt and grow their business on the core Oracle platform for CRM.”
“Sales incentives are the best way to drive better performance. Well managed incentives improve the bottom line, particularly when combined with effective sales systems,” said Christopher Cabrera, president and CEO of Xactly Corporation. “With Oracle Sales and Marketing Cloud Service and Xactly working together, customers gain insight and efficiencies. The combination can create more effective compensation programs, while motivating sales to work to its full potential."
“The tremendous integration of leading ISVs with Oracle Sales and Marketing Cloud Service is a testament to the undeniable business value and demand from customers,” said Anthony Lye, SVP of Oracle CRM. “Oracle Sales and Marketing Cloud Service continues to define the industry, and we are proud to work with these leading ISVs to help users simultaneously maximize sales and revenue and extend their current deployments for a deeper and single customer viewpoint.”

Supporting Resources

Oracle Unveils Oracle Social Relationship Management Suite at Oracle OpenWorld

New Service Enables Companies to Listen, Engage, Create, Market and Analyze Interactions across Multiple Social Platforms in Real-Time

During his keynote presentation, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison announced the Oracle Social Relationship Management (SRM) Suite.
Oracle Social Relationship Management Suite is an integrated enterprise service that enables companies to listen, engage, create, market, and analyze interactions across multiple social platforms in real-time providing a holistic view of the consumer.
Oracle Social Relationship Management Suite is integrated with Oracle’s enterprise applications, including Oracle Fusion Marketing, Oracle Fusion Sales Catalog, Oracle ATG Web Commerce, and Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), allowing organizations to use social to transform their corporate business processes and systems.
Additionally, Oracle Social Relationship Management Suite is integrated with Oracle Platform Services, including Oracle Java Cloud Service and Oracle Database Cloud Service, enabling marketing teams to integrate social with their custom Web pages, landing pages and marketing tools.

Unleashing the Power of Social

    • Providing a holistic view of consumer interactions, Oracle Social Relationship Management Suite includes:

    • Oracle Social Network (OSN): Provides a secure collaboration platform that supports real-time collaboration and networking for users inside and outside the organization.
    • Oracle Social Marketing: Enables marketers to centrally create, publish, moderate, manage, measure and report across multiple social campaigns and platforms. It also helps marketers publish social content, engage fans and customize their brand's look and feel.
    • Oracle Social Engagement & Monitoring Cloud Service: Enables organizations to analyze social media interactions while also empowering customer service and sales teams to effectively engage with customers and prospects. It gives organizations the tools they need to understand customers and take the appropriate actions by monitoring, listening, learning, and responding to signals and trends across the social web.
    • Oracle Social Sites: provides brands and agencies a powerful and rich editing experience that end users can leverage to dynamically develop and launch social sites.
    • Oracle Data and Insights. A service that caters to a growing enterprise need for externally information by providing information, directory and insights about common business entities.

Supporting Quote

“By fundamentally changing the way organizations connect with their different stakeholders, social is changing the rules of business,” said Thomas Kurian, executive vice president, Oracle Product Development. “With the Oracle Social Relationship Management Suite we are empowering our customers to embrace this change by integrating the tools required to listen, engage, create, market and analyze social interactions into existing applications and services.”

Wednesday Oct 03, 2012

Oracle Unveils Oracle Fusion Tap for the iPad

Oracle Fusion Tap: Productivity Amplified Anywhere, Anytime

Oracle today announced the availability of Oracle Fusion Tap, a native iPad application that redefines the level of productivity users can achieve while on-the-go.
Oracle Fusion Tap runs off cloud-based enterprise applications and across Oracle Application Cloud Services, requiring only one simple Apple App Store installation.
Automatically personalized to each user, Oracle Fusion Tap gives users exactly what they need at their fingertips and provides the long-sought, key functionalities to remain productive and to keep business moving, even when away from the desk.
Designed specifically for the iPad and the mobile workforce, Oracle Fusion Tap provides access with or without an Internet connection.
By grouping functional capabilities into three core areas of "connect," "analyze," and "work," users can easily and directly connect with what they need in the app, complete activities, and move on.
As organizations strive for a lean and agile workforce, Oracle Fusion Tap helps users find and make connections with the right people at the right time, obtaining answers to questions quickly and removing roadblocks faster.
Oracle Fusion Tap also provides users with secure access to actionable performance indicators and day-to-day management of their workforce and sales force automation.

Supporting Quotes

"Both the enterprise and technology providers must recognize the need to innovate and adapt for the increasing mobility of the workforce—not just for sales teams, but across the organization," said Carter Lusher, Research Fellow and Chief Analyst of Enterprise Applications Ecosystem, Ovum. "A mobile application that quickly and powerfully allows employees to make connections, analyze data, and complete activities at any time and wherever they may be located drives new levels of business value and enhances efficiency. Frankly, mobile access is no longer a 'nice to have' but a 'must have.'"
"The mobile workforce is a business reality, and Oracle Fusion Tap is an example of how Oracle delivers mobile and cloud innovations that fundamentally improve productivity and how we work," said Chris Leone, Senior Vice President of Application Development, Oracle. "With Oracle Fusion Tap users will have an all-in-one, easily extensible app that puts mission-critical data and colleague connection at their fingertips."

Supporting Resources

Oracle CRM on Social Media



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