Tuesday Jan 29, 2013

Make My Retail Experience ‘Good for Me’, Reveals New Oracle Global Research

The Evolution of Experience Retailing Requires Every Interaction to Meet Consumer Demands Within the Global MarketPlace


  • Consumers are demanding a retail experience that is global, yet localised for their needs and expectations, and is ‘good for me’, defined and dictated by individual preferences, discloses new research from Oracle.
  • Findings from the ‘Evolution of Experience Retailing’ survey reveal that as consumers around the world demand accessibility to the global marketplace, their requirements dictate how retailers should prioritise strategies and key business imperatives to meet customer demand and compete more effectively.
  • Oracle commissioned the survey in August 2012 to examine the evolving marketplace and what this means in terms of meeting the retail requirements of consumers between 18 and 60 years of age in Brazil, China, Germany, Japan, Russia, the UK and USA, looking at fundamental retail principles including service, experience and consumer preferences, in addition to shopping trends and attitudes to technology.
  • In the next few weeks, Oracle will be revealing detailed regional analysis of this research through a series of international events and communications. For more information and for full research findings, visit www.oracle.com/experienceretail.

Thursday Jan 24, 2013

Google calendar and Oracle Fusion CRM synchronization add-on by Aryvart

ARYVART, a France and India based Oracle Partner, has just released a Google Calendar <-> Oracle Fusion CRM synchronization add-on.

Managing appointments or tasks can sometimes cause issues when using the various calendars that are available on a smartphone, on the desktop (e.g. in Microsoft Outlook) or in Google. Adding the CRM dimension can make things even more complicated when one needs to replicate a task or an appointments between the calendars!  

If Oracle Fusion CRM offers out-of-the box synchronization with Mobile devices calendars as well as with Microsoft calendar, nothing was available to sync with Google Calendar until Today!

Known for their Web Services expertize (data exchange between heterogeneous applications and systems), Aryvart has developed this synchronization add–on certified by Oracle: Net synchronization is automatically processed every ten minutes. The application detects new appointments or new tasks in Google Calendar or in Oracle Fusion CRM, then synchronizes automatically with the other systems.

A dual stream synchronization mechanism, developed between the two calendars (Google Calendar and Fusion CRM), ensures that all new appointments or new tasks are automatically reported in both agendas.

Watch the Google Calendar - Fusion CRM synchronization video on You Tube: "

http://www.aryvart.com/fr/index.php - Blog: http://crm-bi-marketing.blogspot.fr/

Lien sur l'article en français sur le blog : http://crm-bi-marketing.blogspot.fr/2013/01/fusion-crm-oracle-google-calendar.html

Monday Jan 21, 2013

M.Video Selects Oracle Commerce Solutions to Support Growth and Develop a Complete Customer Experience

Large Russian Consumer Electronics Retailer Will Use Oracle to Engage Customers at Every Touch Point

  • M.Video, a leading Russian consumer electronics retailer, has selected Oracle Commerce solutions to support growth by helping to deliver a consistent and dynamic customer experience across its web, call centre, mobile and social channels, along with its more than 280 stores in more than 120 cities.
  • The first and only publicly traded company in its sector, M.Video offers over 20,000 audio/video, digital, small and large home appliances, media and entertainment products as well as accessories, and is well known for its outstanding customer service.
  • Following a full and competitive evaluation, M.Video identified Oracle Commerce, including Oracle ATG Web Commerce, Oracle Web Commerce Service Center and Oracle Endeca solutions, as the integrated, scalable platform to support all consumer touch points and facilitate a complete cross-channel experience.
  • The implementation will replace M.Video’s legacy system which lacks the flexibility to meet the changing needs of its customers and engage more effectively through recommendations, promotions and search.
  • Implementation of the Oracle Commerce solutions is underway with Gold-level Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) members, EPAM and Spindrift providing business consultancy, integration and development.


Thursday Jan 17, 2013

Postcode Anywhere: an Oracle partner specialized in address validation in eCommerce scenarios

Capturing and maintaining accurate data is a common problem in CRM – where an address provides the key to identifying and locating customers. However, with over 120 different address formats worldwide, more than 6,000 separate languages and numerous different character sets, the potential for getting new contact details wrong, is considerable.

The implications of inaccurate addresses then filter down through the organisation impacting on customer communications as well as reducing the ability to properly analyse the information.

Postcode Anywhere does a number of things to improve data collection. 

Through its fully hosted platform which includes data from all 240 countries around the world, Oracle users are able to capture, format, validate and standardise international addresses against the relevant reference address databases.

Integrating into contact forms and check out processes, the Postcode Anywhere service, speeds up the time taken to capture contact details by up to a minute per record, making staff more productive.  It improves formatting and standardizing of data reducing data cleansing requirements and also validates the address details to ensure consistent first time delivery where used by customers buying online.

Postcode Anywhere is planning to offer a turnkey integration with Oracle ATG eCommerce in the near future. 



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