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What is New in Oracle Data Visualisation v 12.2.2

Mike Hallett
Partner Development for Business Analytics

Oracle’s Data Visualization portfolio takes another leap forward with the release of Data Visualization Desktop DVD 2.0, extending its’ rich data discovery and visualization experience with new capabilities that surpass the competition.

Go beyond just visualization. Let’s face it – pure visualization has been commoditized. However, many visualization tools need expensive add-ons to provide comprehensive data preparation, auditability and re-usability of data. Replace mixed bags of tools with Oracle Data Visualization to seamlessly integrate visualization and data preparation, not to mention a full featured cloud.

Empower business leaders with analytics, not just analysts. Business leaders have usually been limited to consuming another’s analysis. Unshackle them with Smart insights, search based BI, and let them “talk” to their BI-engine to get instant answers to pressing questions.

Start now - No need to wait.  Download and install DVD 2.0 on your laptop, and start making the most of your data in as little as 15 minutes. 

What’s New

Connect & Prepare.  DVD 2.0 delivers a whole new experience for accessing and managing data:

  • Connect to more sources:  a host of new connections means DVD 2.0 now supports over 40 sources, covering everything from the most-used personal data to the top big data sources including CSV; Microsoft Access; Google Cloud, Analytics, and Drive; Amazon Aurora and EMR; Hortonworks and MapR Hive; IBM BigInsights; and many more – see the product for the full list. 
  • Powerful self-service data preparation: Surpass the competition with the integrated, full featured data flow functionality that provides auditability, consistency  and re-usability of data preparation steps.  See the demo video.
  • Easier data management:  a redesigned Data Sources page makes it easier to find and create new connections, and the Create New Data Source page now offers the option to add filters when connecting to database sources. In addition, DVD 2.0 tracks the location of Excel source files, enabling users to refresh data in their visualizations as they work. Together these offer a more streamlined way for users to get data and make it meaningful for analysis. 

See & Detect:  Go beyond The competition with smart, intuitive, and easy ways to explore data and get insights without manually creating visualizations. This extends the reach of analytics beyond “analysts” to everyone.

  • Smart insights: the first step towards cognitive BI, Smart insights visually describes the data by generating a series of charts generated using best practices. These visuals, available at any time with a click, visually profiles the data, enables instant identification of hidden data patterns and data quality issues.
  • As easy as search:  "BI Ask" in DVD 2.0 means finding insights is as easy as typing into the search box.  Intuitive keyword search uses fuzzy matching and natural language processing to look across the projects and data sources to dynamically generate visualizations as users type.
  • New visualizations and extensible framework:  in addition to new visualizations such as timeline, parallel coordinates, network, and more, DVD 2.0 includes a Software Developer Kit (SDK) that allows developers to create custom visuals that integrate natively with the tool, enabling users to easily incorporate preferred and industry-specific visualizations to meet their needs.

One service – cloud and desktop.  Desktop is just another device to use your Data Visualization subscription. Subscribe to either DVCS or BICS and get Data Visualization Desktop for every subscriber.

Demos - in the Demo Store

o   Download DVD from OTN

o   DVD documentation

o   OTN Community DV Forum


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