Monday Mar 10, 2014

Partner Business Analytics Webinar Series on BI-Modernisation, CFO-Analytics and CX

We invite you to download the presentations and replay this series of Webinars for Oracle BI Partners so you can better advise your existing clients on how and why they should modernize, upgrade and expand what they can achieve with the latest version of Oracle BI Foundation, and discuss the benefits of combining analytics integrated with ERP, EPM and finance systems to provide a complete view of forecasts, plans and actuals accessible by Finance and all lines of business managers. We will also look at the full spectrum of analytics that clients can deploy to better service and sell to their customers; providing a 360 customer view, predictive analytics, social sentiment analysis, and pro-active real-time decisioning for an optimized multi-channel customer experience.


Date & Time



Replay from MARCH 19 2014

Replay Webinar


Replay from MARCH 26 2014

Replay Webinar


Replay from APRIL 02 2014

Replay Webinar

BI Modernization (March 19)

Help Your Customers Stay Competitive with the Latest Business Analytics

Join us to learn how you can help your customers outmanoeuvre their competition by embracing modern business intelligence to gain alignment, understand their data, and more accurately forecast outcomes.

· Drastically improve your client’s ability to make data-driven decisions

· Keep decision-makers informed even on the go with rich visualizations and mobile BI

· Learn how Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite 11g and Oracle Exalytics can modernize your company’s business intelligence

Business Analytics for Customer Experience Insight (CX) (March 26)

As Oracle Partners you need to talk with our Customers about solutions and not single products, so you need a consistent and comprehensive story about the Role of Business Analytics in Customer Experience (CX).

We want to share with you our partners, our current market and product positioning and presentation material that you can re-use whenever you go to meet your Customers:

· who are interested in Business Analytics, but also want to have an integrated view of all Oracle’s CX product portfolio and architecture,

· and to present Business Analytics as a key component of any CX opportunity.

Oracle Business Analytics for the office of Finance and the CFO (April 2)

The Oracle Hyperion installed customer base represents a major opportunity to sell complementary Oracle Business Analytics solutions. We explain the customer the benefits of an integrated BA+EPM platform and how to engage them in transformational projects.

This webcast will introduce a customer facing presentation, to help you deliver the messages to your clients with confidence.

For existing Oracle Hyperion Customers the benefits can be summarized as:

· The Connected Enterprise - Performance Management support, wall to wall

· In-Memory / Engineered Systems - More Agility and Speed at Lower TCO

· BI Mobile - Critical information at your fingertips wherever you are

· Real-Time Finance - Find hidden Insights to complement your Financial view

· Cloud - Flexible, cost-controlled Planning deployments

Monday Jan 13, 2014

Finance Webcast Series for Spring 2014

Partners are invited to attend this live Finance Webcast Series focused on EPM solutions. This is a new Q3 integrated campaign to create awareness, educate existing customers and prospects, drive demand generation and build pipeline: so please invite your clients to attend these too.

The series will cover these topics to be introduced one per week:


Event Date

Event Time

Event Name

More information

16 January

14 h GMT

15 h CET

Oracle’s EPM innovation hub

More information

23  January

14 h GMT

15 h CET

Finance in the Cloud, ‘where’ is the risk?

More information

30 January

14 h GMT

15 h CET

Plan for Profitable Growth with Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service

More information

6 February

14 h GMT

15 h CET

Financial Close and Tax Provisioning – a common DNA

More information

Friday Nov 08, 2013

Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service - Partner Webcast

Please find here the Replay is now available of the 90 minutes Partner Webcast overview of Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS, recorded on 26th November, 2013).

Topics include:

  • Latest news from Product Management; live demo; overview of assets and collaterals; Q&A session
  • Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) offers organizations the market-leading Oracle Hyperion Planning and Budgeting solution delivered via Oracle’s public cloud service.

For more information download this Whitepaper: Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (link).

And see this 2-minute Video: World-Class Planning with Oracle Planning & Budgeting Cloud (link).


Friday Jun 28, 2013

Hyperion EPM Webcast Tutorials

These LIVE presentation Webcast Tutorials for Partners will be delivered in August 2013:

  1. Oracle Hyperion Planning on Exalytics In-Memory Machine - August 6, 2013
  2. Oracle Hyperion Tax Provision - August 8, 2013
  3. Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service - August 13, 2013

Go here for more details and to register for these.

There are also new updated Webcast Tutorials for Oracle Partners in our EPM Update Series:

Oracle Hyperion Planning (PS3)

Oracle Hyperion Calculation Manager Refresher and (PS3)

NEW Oracle Data Relationship Management (PS3)

NEW Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management (PS3)

NEW Oracle Hyperion Financial Close Suite (PS3)

NEW Oracle Hyperion Profitability & Cost Management (PS3)

Introducing Oracle Data Relationship Governance (DRG)

Also note new content for Oracle BI Applications 11g with ODI:

NEW Overview and Architecture of Oracle BI Applications for ODI

NEW Configuring Oracle BI Applications for ODI

These are all part of the compilation of Oracle BI/EPM online tutorials and webinars for Partners, where you can find many topics are covered.

Thursday May 30, 2013

Business Analytics, and Planning on the Cloud Webcasts July 1st 2013

For OPN Partners, you can join these Webcasts with live Q&A on Monday, July 1, 2013 ( TIME: 15:00 BST UK / 16:00 CET ):

Analytics to Drive Customer Experience Success. Business Analytics for Marketing, Sales and Service organisations to help them really Know their Customers and so enable decisions and processes to improve and sustain the best Customer Experience.

Mike Hallett, EMEA A&C Director for Business Analytics

Please click here

Drive Predictable Performance with Oracle’s Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service. Get the latest news about Oracle strategy for Enterprise Performance Management in the Cloud and understand how Oracle Partners can leverage this new SaaS-based Planning & Budgeting solution to grow their business and extend their footprint with existing customers or reach new ones that have not yet invested in a Planning & Forecasting solution.

Olivier Bernard, EMEA Solution Director EPM

Please click here

These Webinars are part of our Innovations in Applications program to present new functions and features of Oracle Products including sales positioning. The key objectives of these webcasts are to inspire Partner’s personnel to conduct successful sales, after sales and delivery at their Customer. Moreover, we aim to inspire you to conduct further Product Training and Certifications.

Previous Webinars in this series that you can Replay include:

Oracle BI-Applications for Value Driven Partner Services. Oracle BI Applications are a must-have addition for all Oracle applications customers; giving them business analytics pre-built for rapid implementation on top of their existing eBusiness suite, JDE, Siebel and Peoplesoft systems. For partners who know how to correctly position and implement these unique packages, they provide a competitive win over both less adroit service providers, and products competitive to Oracle BI. Partners gain on-going service and resell revenues from clients who see high value from rapid and low risk deliverables.

Mike Hallett, EMEA A&C Director for Business Analytics

Please click here

Hyperion Project Financial Planning, Measure the full financial impacts of your Projects.

Olivier Bernard, EPM Business Solutions Director, EMEA

Please click here


And for even more on-line tutorial see Sales & Technical Tutorials for OBI, BI-Apps and Hyperion EPM.

Monday Mar 18, 2013

EPM Release Partner Training Webcast

Here is the webcast replay (originally on March 6TH ) from the Oracle EPM Product Development team on the latest EPM release.

Join this 2.5 hour, in-depth session to learn about key new features and important product positioning for the Hyperion EPM release.

For our EPM Partners, we also have the “Solutions Factory” micro-site to keep you updated on our EPM Product offerings. You will find here the latest products presentations (for example on Hyperion EPM, sales positioning slide decks, training materials and links to demo content.

· So stay tuned and check this page on a regular basis for new content.

· To get the logon password to the EPM Solutions Factory, or for more information, please contact:

Olivier Bernard
EPM Sales Development Director


Tuesday Apr 10, 2012

Video Presentation and Demo of Oracle Advanced Analytics & Data Mining

For a video presentation and demonstration of Oracle Advanced Analytics & Data Mining  click here. (This plays a large MP4 file in a browser: access is from, and this works best with Google CHROME).

This one hour session focuses primarily on the Oracle Data Mining component of the Oracle Advanced Analytics Option along with Oracle R Enterprise and is tied to the Oracle SQL Developer Days virtual and onsite events and is presented by Oracle’s Director for Advanced Analytics, Charlie Berger, covering:

  • Big Data + Big Data Analytics

  • Competing on analytics & value proposition

  • What is data mining?

  • Typical use cases

  • Oracle Data Mining high performance in-database SQL based data mining functions

  • Exadata "smart scan" scoring

  • Oracle Data Miner GUI (an Extension that ships with SQL Developer)

  • Oracle Business Intelligence EE + Oracle Data Mining results/predictions in dashboards

  • Applications "powered by Oracle Data Mining" for factory installed predictive analytics methodologies

  • Oracle R Enterprise

Please contact should you have any questions. 

Tuesday Mar 27, 2012

REPLAY Mark Hurd and Balaji Yelamanchili present Business Analytics Strategy

REPLAY Mark Hurd and Balaji Yelamanchili presenting the latest advances in Oracle’s strategy for placing analytics into the hands of every decision-makers—so that they can see more, think smarter, and act faster. ( Originally Wednesday, April 4, 2012 )

Plus Breakout Sessions:

Also see the Press releases:

And, further information can be accessed here at:

Friday Feb 17, 2012

REPLAY Webcast - Intro to Oracle Endeca Information Discovery

To replay the recorded presentation (from Feb. 22nd, 2012) with Grant Schofield, Director for Endeca Partner development, please see the link below.

This is for partners wanting to find out more about how you can now sell Oracle "Endeca Information Discovery" (EID) to your customers to deliver Agile BI and provide a truly innovative way to drive real benefits against significant customer challenges, combining search and analytics on both structured and un-structured (text) information.

For links to more material read the following article:  Agile Analytics and Information Discovery with Oracle Endeca

Also hear how you can get up to speed with our partner EID training programme, download the software, and how EID is priced.

REPLAY Webcast: Endeca Information Discovery

To REPLAY the Webcast

Thursday Jan 05, 2012

REPLAY Videocast: Partners Grow their Business with Oracle BI & EPM

You can now REPLAY the EMEA Oracle BI&EPM Partner Community Video-Cast (originally Jan. 26th 2012)

If you are a business decision maker, project leader, technical leader or business development manager you will gain value from these events, and we believe that this introduction to the Oracle Partner BI & EPM Community will bring you a wealth of new opportunities.


In this Community Cast you will:

  • Find out more about the potential coming from the adoption of the Oracle BI and EPM solutions

  • See how BI & EPM is the perfect up-sell to existing Database, Middleware and Applications customers

  • Understand the analyst perspectives on this specific topic and where are the available business opportunity for you


Tuesday Dec 20, 2011

Oracle Hyperion & BI Competence - Partner Webcast

JANUARY 16TH, 2012 AT 04:00 PM CET (03:00 PM GMT)

The Competence programme will present Oracle Application Products' new functions and features including sales positioning. The key objective of these webcasts is to inspire System Integrator's implementation personnel to identify up-sell opportunities in their Customer projects.



To Register

EPM / Business Intelligence Foundation Suite – Sales and Product Updates

Liviu Nitescu
(Senior BI Sales Consultant – EPC) 

Register Now

EPM / Hyperion Planning - Sales & Product Updates

Andreea Voinea
(EPM Sales Consultant – EPC)

Register Now

For more details please visit Competence other breakout sessions.

Delivery Format - Competence programmme (Competence Virtual) is a series of FREE pre-recorded Applications products presentations (less than 1 hour) followed by Q&A. It will be delivered over the Web. Participants have the opportunity to submit questions during the webcast via a chat box and subject matter experts will provide verbal answers live. You can also see Competence afterwards as its content will be available online for the next 6-12 months.


Friday Dec 16, 2011

Sustainability Reporting Partner Webcast REPLAY

You can now replay this key webcast (recorded on 21st December 2011) on integrating Sustainability reporting with Financial Reporting using Oracle's Hyperion Financial Management.

Forward-thinking organisations are now looking for enterprise-class software solutions that bring rigour and control to the collection, consolidation and reporting of sustainability metrics and that can align sustainability reporting with financial reporting.

Here we will demonstrate how Oracle's Hyperion Financial Management is a great solution for corporate-level sustainability reporting for customers using the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework.

  • Replay the Sustainability Reporting WebCast and download the .ppt {select “References” at the top} from the recording link: Play Offering

BI-Applications Promotional Pricing: REPLAY Webcast

To help you grow your Partner business in Middle East, Eastern and Western Europe, and Africa, we are offering a ‘Promotional package’ of BI-Applications bundled with the necessary OBI Technology to support the requirements of “mid-market” customers (i.e. with a turnover of less than $500m).  This 45 minute Webcast (recorded on Tuesday 10th JANUARY 2012) for Oracle Partners will give you the information you need to seize this opportunity.

This enables Partners to position an irresistible and highly competitive BI-Applications solution to both the installed base and alongside net new opportunities: to both re-sell, and to provide high margin implementation services.  The BI-Applications Promotional Pricing provides a much lower entry point for the complete bundled package for this solution, to make it cost effective, high value, low risk, and very attractive to Oracle Applications customers (e.g. those with eBusiness suite, Siebel, Peoplesoft or JDE). 

Friday Oct 07, 2011

Exalytics In-Memory Oracle Business Intelligence eSeminar REPLAYS

Big excitement at OpenWorld this week, with standing room only for the launch of Oracle's new Exalytics “In-Memory BI Machine” for BI & EPM.

Exalytics enables business users to gain quicker insight, make better decisions, and take immediate action. Based on proven in-memory technology on an engineered hardware and software system, Exalytics lowers cost of ownership and reduces operational risk. Exalytics supports all Oracle BI Applications, Essbase and Hyperion Planning out of the box.

Exalytics is an integrated software and hardware solution for:

· Fastest Visual Data Discovery - Lightening fast Reports | Dashboards | Ad-Hoc analysis

· Smartest Financial Operational Planning - Near Real Time, Accurate Forecasting, What-if & Scenario Modeling

· Best User Experience - Easy, Effective, Intuitive user experience

See here for more information :

This eSeminar series is focused on teaching Oracle Partners how to sell and demonstrate Exalytics, and how Exalytics can complement your current portfolio of services to your customers.

REPLAY the recording for these webcasts here at :

  • Webcast Replay: Oracle Exalytics: In-Memory Analytics Technical Overview (link)
  • Exalytics in Action: Airlines, US Census and Federal Spending Demo Applications (available here)
  • Monday Sep 26, 2011

    Tutorial Webcast Series and Training for OBI 11g and Hyperion EPM

    To find out more about the individual components of OBI 11g and Oracle BI Publisher 11g, there is a series of short webcast tutorial which you can replay and find here for OBI Tutorials.

    You may also find these links helpful:

    • Oracle BI 11g Foundation Suite: FAQ click here to read more.
    • There are also self-paced technical hands-on tutorials, "OBI Oracle-By-Example", including those for BI Publisher here.
    • For live training events OPN provides heavily subsidised courses for specialised and specialising partners in EMEA for OBI, Essbase, Hyperion, and OBI-Apps: for dates in your countries see, and here,
    • For Eastern European countries and CIS, see this page, under the "The Academy" tab.

    Oracle Hyperion EPM System Release 11.1.2 ("Talleyrand")
    For a similar set of short webcasts tutorial on Hyperion EPM, look here at EPM System 11.1.2 Tutorials.



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