Monday Jul 18, 2016

EMEA Big Data Analytics Market and Sales Strategy

Partners can REPLAY this webcast and download the presentation from Mike Connaughton (Big Data Leader EMEA, originally on 13 July 2016) to bring partners up to date on Oracle’s FY17 Big Data & Analytics Go-to-Market (GTM) and Sales strategy. The Oracle Big Data business in EMEA has been growing at more than 3x Market CAGR and 70% of our business is won with Partners.

The objective of the webcast is to share our GTM strategy to help you align with our Sales teams. The strategy encompasses Business Transformation, Data Labs, Analytics and Data Management in the cloud and on-premise. The agenda includes an overview of our GTM strategy, sales plays, customer proof points and the latest sales and technical collateral available to Partners to assist with your own business development working alongside Oracle.

Wednesday Jul 13, 2016

Sales Campaign to Promote Partner Solutions using Visual Analytics and BI in the Cloud

Partners play a central role covering the market and working with our Oracle sales reps, focusing on the business-value proposition from using Visual Analytics and BI in the Cloud. Therefore we have a strong focus on partners in our Sales Campaign plan for this FY17, with a campaign to “promote partner solutions”, to execute jointly or with partner own resources.

As such we invite you to collaborate with us, promoting your business solutions (built with DV / OBI / BICS). To discuss and progress this, join one of these web-conferences where we will inform you about the campaign plan and possible ways of collaboration.


Speaker: Carmen del Campo – EMEA BA Sales Programs Manager

Oracle Business Analytics GTM Strategy FY17
Speaker: Gherardo Infunti – EMEA BA Cloud Solution Director

Oracle Business Analytics H1 Campaign Plan.
Speaker: Andrea Zengin – EMEA BA Business Development Director

Do not miss this opportunity to learn how we can collaborate and register now for:

- WEB-CONFERENCE ON July 20th, 2016 - 09:30 am CET / 8.30 am UK - Duration: 45’

- or WEB-CONFERENCE ON September 6th, 2016 - 09:30 am CET / 8.30 am UK - Duration: 45’

or contact

As part of this sales campaign it is important we have full details about your Partner Solutions you have built using Visual Analytics and BI in the Cloud, so please review this article on How to Sell your Partner BICS Solution Offer with the Oracle Sales Team.

You can also replay on demand this Partner Webcast: about Adding value to your current offering with Oracle Data Visualisation Cloud Service, and if needed, attend the Partner Training 4-day Workshops on Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS) and Data Visualization.

AND Remember to Tell Your Customers about Data Visualisation, and get all of your clients to Download DVD from OTN (and see the Documentation).

Tuesday Jun 07, 2016

Oracle Data Visualisation License Pricing

I guess by now you have already downloaded your own copy of Data Visualisation Desktop (DVD) – having seen my recent post @ New in May 2016 Data Visualisation Desktop.

If you now have some customers who wish to buy it, I just wanted to clarify for you the Oracle Data Visualisation License Pricing:

- On premise, customers can buy ONE (1) Named User License, or more, for Data Visualisation.

- You do not need any other product with DVD – it can access most data and cloud sources (e.g. OBI is not required, nor is Oracle DB – although DVD obviously works well with these).

- The Oracle Data Visualisation License fee is $1250 per named user (minimum lowered to 1), and for this, customers receive both DV for OBI12c and Data Visualisation Desktop (DVD) – the price list can be downloaded @ US Oracle Technology Commercial Price List (PDF)

- When OBI12c and DV are licensed by processor, customers get 80 licenses of DVD per processor, again at no extra charge.

- Data Visualisation is embedded into both of the cloud services, the BI Cloud Service (BICS @ $250 pu/m) and in Data Visualization Cloud Service (DVCS) for $150 / Named User / Month.

- DVD is packaged at no extra cost with DVCS and BICS, so customers who subscribe to those services receive a matching number of DVD licenses at no extra charge. 

So please Tell Your Customers about Data Visualisation, and get all of your clients to Download DVD from OTN (and see the Documentation).

Monday Apr 18, 2016

Partner Webcast: Adding value to your current offering with Oracle Data Visualisation Cloud Service

Watch the recorded Webcast (originally on 19th May) – or share it with a colleague.


“This is a superb tool for gaining the interest of key business executives in our customers, from which further business expansion opportunities will arise.”

What we will cover

Oracle Data Visualisation Cloud Service (DVCS) is a powerful user friendly tool which can complement your existing offerings and help you to maximize the value for your customers of your solutions with powerful visual analytics and storytelling. A business user can easily connect to Oracle SaaS Applications & Databases and ‘mash-up’ Excel files to provide them with the ability to gain valuable business insight.

It’s a very simple and easy, yet powerful way of being seen to add value without complexity to your customers, whilst being very cost effective at $150 / Named User / Month, 5 user minimum.

This session will explore how DVCS can help complement the value of your offerings through:

Delivering powerful visual analytics accessible to your business users

  • Quickly uncovering and sharing hidden patterns and actionable insights
  • Visual storytelling. 100% self-service on every device
  • Exploiting the data in your solution via the connectors to Oracle SaaS Applications, Databases & Excel Files

The session will include both presentation and live demo and will give you the capability to develop simple business related offerings relevant to your customers and talk them through its benefits.


This session is aimed at all Oracle Partners - To register for this event please click here.

And please Tell Your Customers about Data Visualisation

And access collateral from the DVCS Sales Campaign tools – Partner Folder *

(*To download, you need to gain access to the Emea Analytics Partner shared folder. If you do not already have access granted (e.g. the link above does not work), then send to your logon-ID, and I will add you.)

Tuesday Apr 12, 2016

How to Sell your Partner BICS Solution Offer with the Oracle Sales Team

Internal to Oracle, we have a portal repository for the use of the global Oracle Business Analytics Sales Team, so they can easily find Analytics Cloud Partner Solutions (the “Analytics Cloud Partner Solutions Portal”).  This is private within Oracle to protect any partner ideas and confidential information: although it can of course also include any public information too (such as URLs to your web-site).

The portal holds details of all BICS & DVCS offerings from Partners that wish to collaborate with the Oracle sales team; and you can input and update your information to this portal. These Partner solution offerings can be, for example, quick start implementation services, and provide some pre-built content or “Apps”, built in BICS or DVCS, maybe with connectors to applications (ERP, CRM, HR...) that partners can implement to provide customers with a fast path to value.

Oracle Sales people select an area (e.g. EMEA from the regions menu) ... And then filter on multiple values including things such as Country, Industry, Data sources and so on.... These Oracle Sales people can then contact the partner to approach customers and to do joint marketing campaigns.

So, if you want to sell your Partner BICS Solution Offer with the Oracle Sales Team, then download this Partner Cloud Solutions Portal - Info Needed Guide.pptx * and send us your solution offers in the templates provided, and our sales team can then find you and introduce you to their customers.

* To download, you need to gain access to the Emea Analytics Partner shared folder. If you do not already have access granted (e.g. the link above does not work), then send to your logon-ID, and I will add you.

Thursday Feb 25, 2016

Fast Cloud Analytics for Partners

You can replay the webcast, and download the presentation material, (originally on March 9, 2016) to hear from the Oracle experts, how you as an Oracle partner can accelerate your analytics business with the Fast Cloud Analytics Program sales campaign.

The Fast Cloud Analytics Program is a market proven, high volume, recommended business program delivered by leading Oracle Cloud Partners consisting of a suite of Oracle Analytics flagship cloud offerings bundled with a “Jump Start” partner consulting services offering.

What’s in there for my customers?

Everything your customer needs to quickly, efficiently and affordably make a successful Business Intelligence Proof of Value and initial live project.  This new Data Visualization capability is the perfect complement to existing Cloud Applications SaaS customers, and to any business application.

  1. Simple to Use and Consume
  2. Free 30 day Trial for Customers: click “Try it” and go
  3. Transparent Pricing and Partner Resell Margin: We will clearly explain how partners can earn a good margin for reselling these cloud solutions: and collaborate in our Sales campaigns.
  4. More Visual: with Data Visualization capabilities, business users can point and click to upload personal data and blend it with IT-managed data
  5. More Mobile: Deploy analytics on the go from the Oracle public cloud, without fire wall issues at customer data centres
  6. For Everyone: For all Apps users in cloud or on-premise – does not need to be an Oracle database customer
  7. Friendlier: a new user interface simplifies the layout, making it easier for users to quickly create their own Data Visualization Analytics to see what’s important
  8. Additional Partner Services: to guide best practice for success, and provide advanced data management and integration for your clients

Replay the webcast, and download the presentation material

In the meantime, you can also See and Try Oracle Data Visualisation to Re-Boot your partner Business and other resources such as:

Tuesday Feb 16, 2016

Tell Your Customers about Data Visualisation

DVCS “info-walls” are live in seven languages - EN, FR, IT, DE, ES, TK and PL.

Here is a new “Info-Wall” you can tell your clients to check out to learn about the new Oracle Data Visualisation capability (DVCS).

You can also download a set of Sales tools from the DVCS Sales Campaign tools – Partner Folder: to get logon access to this if you do not yet have it, email your Oracle-ID to

Please also invite your customers to attend one of these Data Visualisation Cloud Service Webcasts for Customers that we are running from Oracle:

Business Area Focus


Webcast Language


Registration Link


10.00 UK



Registration Link


09.30 CET



Registration Link


11.00 CET



Registration Link


10.00 UK



Registration Link


09.30 CET



Registration Link


11.00 CET



Registration Link


10.00 UK



Registration Link


09.30 CET



Registration Link


11.00 CET



Registration Link


10.00 UK



Registration Link


09.30 CET



Registration Link


11.00 CET



Registration Link

Wednesday Jun 10, 2015

Partner Web-conference Update on What is New for BICS

You can REPLAY this Conference by clicking on Replay Webcast (originally on 22/June, audio will play over your computer speakers or headset, but you have to login to Oracle first).

This Partner Web-conference update was on what is new for BICS, where we showed some of the latest features such as Visual Analyzer and discussed some of the use-case study stories for the many customers who have already bought into the Oracle BI Cloud Service. We also confirm the partner resell and referral processes for you to earn your partner margin.

If you need to catch up on the past announcements, try the links below:

Tuesday May 26, 2015

Publish Your Apps and Services to Oracle Cloud Marketplace

Partners can Advertise their Apps and services from Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

Oracle Cloud Marketplace is an online store for our customers, dedicated to marketing cloud business apps and professional services offered by Oracle Cloud partners.

Are you an independent software vendor or integrator ?

Do you develop apps that work on, with or extend an existing Oracle Cloud solution (Paas or SaaS) ?

Do you provide consulting, training, or integration services for Oracle Cloud ?

You can take the next step and join us today to get access to the Partner Portal so you can showcase your apps or services on Oracle Cloud Marketplace (e.g. to work with BICS, PBCS or EPRCS).

For example on our Business Intelligence Cloud, partner KPI has published their App, “KPI Cloud Analytics: Procurement and Spend Analytics for Oracle EBS”, so our clients can easily analyze their EBS procurement data using their app installed and running on the PaaS Oracle BI Cloud Service (BICS).

  • eBook: Customers - Discover Oracle Cloud Marketplace

  • eBook: Partners - Market Your Cloud Apps and Services

Thursday Mar 12, 2015

Partner Resell Right for BICS Business Intelligence Cloud Service

There is a new “Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service Knowledge Zone” where you can Apply to Resell BICS, and see the specific Business Intelligence Cloud Service Resell Criteria.

Note that the Get Specialized with OBI11g and BICS is still on the “Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Knowledge Zone” page, and you can follow the Guided Learning Paths for OBI & BICS @ Get Trained, e.g. for an Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service Specialist.

Also download this new White Paper - Agile Analytics in the Cloud with BICS, and check for some more hints and tips below:

Friday Nov 28, 2014

Partners Earn Referral Fees for Oracle Cloud Service (PBCS or BICS) Transactions

Similar to license transactions, partners are paid on qualified referral fees for Oracle Cloud Service transactions such as for PBCS or BICS.

In the OMM Global Policies you will find the rules and percentages for partner Referral fees for Oracle Cloud Service transactions applied to the Annual Renewable Revenue.

Wednesday Jul 09, 2014

FY15 BI Modernisation Sales Campaign

Oracle partners have a great opportunity to help their customers to modernise their reporting systems. We propose you work with your clients and engage to help them on this journey to migrate or re-implement their analytic reporting and dashboard needs using our modern strategic BI Foundation Suite tools such as OBI, Essbase, BI-Publisher, Mobile-BI and Scorecards.

Some customers still use older Oracle reporting software tools, such as Discoverer, Oracle-Reports, and Hyperion-Interactive-Reporting (as was BRIO), as well as legacy products from other suppliers. These customers are missing out on the value of the Oracle R&D investment of recent years in Oracle’s strategic BI products. Also, with the rise of Big Data, In-memory Analytics, Cloud and Mobile, the world has changed since customers purchased these older solutions: they need a modern BI technology that can help them meet the challenges of this new world.

If customers retire the older systems, then they can save on higher administration and maintenance costs and support fees, which can be invested in a modern solution delivering much more value to the business.

Tools and Resources for Partners

See on the materials for Better Decisions and Better Productivity.

Being more specific, you can download a guide on why and how to Migrate Reports to BI Publisher, and here is a 3-minute video-demo on the advantages of BIP.

The following conversion tools are available:

  • Oracle Report to BI Publisher Conversion Assistant
  • Actuate Report to BI Publisher Conversion Assistant
  • And the following white paper describes a step by step approach on how to convert a Crystal Report to BIP

Please find the documentation on downloading and using the above tools @ the BI Publisher OTN page.

For the full Oracle BI Foundation Suite, you can download this excellent in-depth Technical White Paper.

You might like to see, as an example, how Oracle Consulting positions its services at:

You might also like to check our current Oracle Lifetime Support Policies, and specifically the Lifetime Support Policy: Oracle Fusion Middleware Products (PDF).

For some specific areas of modernisation see for example these short explanations @

Tuesday May 13, 2014

Endeca Self-Service Test Drive for Partners’ Clients

Partners can use Endeca Information Discovery as an innovative, potentially disruptive, offer to set a new agenda with their c-level client contacts. Endeca can quickly reveal previously hidden patterns in a client’s business that will help them drive better customer experience and revenues, better product and service quality, reduce fraud, and increase profits.

Seeing is believing”: just as you would always test-drive the car you want to buy, then so too, your prospects for Endeca can experience the tools hands-on to appreciate the ease of use and productivity of Enterprise Self-Service Data Discovery; empowering business users to mash up data (e.g. directly from OBI) and text sources and innovate from their own analytics journey, in balance with IT governance and control.

This Oracle-hosted Test Drive system is available at no cost to OPN specialist partners to run their own marketing events to excite their clients about the great usability and visualisations. We are keen to help you to build your pipeline, to find new sales opportunities by running your own lead generation and marketing campaigns and so we have provided a complete Event Kit with presentation material and hosted demonstration environments to accelerate your business development.

Partner Dowloadable Test Drive Endeca Kit - Invite your clients to your Endeca “Test Drive” event with this kit which explains how partners can run this, and book our hosted Test Drive server for a low cost, high impact marketing event.

This kit is in the BI&EPM Partner folder of “” – if you do not yet have access to this, email your access request to providing me with your corporate email id and logon-id).

If you need to learn more try Get Started and Learn More about Endeca Information Discovery 3.1.

And if you want to download a VM to host the Test Drive on your own servers, then you can get the “Bic2g VM” here at UPDATED Demonstration VM for BI Partners (BIC2g 2014-03 Download).

We also have OBI Test Drives such as:

Tuesday May 06, 2014

Resell Rights and Specialisation for PBCS (Hyperion Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service)

Oracle Partners can now apply for PBCS Resell Rights. The Oracle Hyperion Planning and Budgeting Cloud Services now has a dedicated Resell Knowledge Zone where you can Apply to Resell.

To qualify you will need to meet the applicable PBCS Resell criteria.

Note that the “OPN Specialisation” for Hyperion Planning can be separately found in the Hyperion Knowledge Zone, where you can apply to Get Specialized, and this also includes PBCS. The Specialisation criteria can still be found here at Hyperion Planning and now requires partners to take the PBCS examination in addition to the prior criteria.

Monday Aug 05, 2013

New Exalytics In-Memory Software License Change

In the latest Oracle Engineered Systems Price List, there are some changes to the licenses for Oracle software products running on the Exalytics in-Memory system.

· There is a new “Exalytics In-Memory Software” product which is now mandatory for all valid configurations of OBI and EPM software running on Exalytics (but not for Endeca only configurations). This Exalytics In-Memory Software includes the software-specific enhancements created and enabled on Exalytics including Summary Advisor, hardware accelerations for OBI Server and Essbase and enhanced BI-Publisher bursting.

· If licensing by Named User Plus (NUP), the minimum is now 20 NUP licenses per Customer. The licensing prerequisites for Exalytics In-Memory Software are Business Intelligence Foundation Suite, or Business Intelligence Foundation Suite for Oracle Applications, or Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition Plus or Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition Plus for Oracle Applications and / or Essbase Plus and / or Hyperion Planning Plus.



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