Thursday Jun 20, 2013

Register Now! 'In Touch' for EMEA Oracle Partners: Looking ahead to FY14 with Oracle

Dear partners

With the new financial year already upon us, now is the time to start thinking ahead and recognising the opportunities that the new year brings.

The ‘In Touch’ PartnerCast is your chance to get the latest headlines from Oracle EMEA and pose your questions to our studio guests. Join us for the next live broadcast on:

Tuesday 9th July at 10:30am UK/ 11:30am CET

In this cast we will be looking at how Oracle on Oracle solutions can benefit the Oracle PartnerNetwork and sharing best practices from across EMEA Alliances & Channels. Your host David Callaghan, Senior Vice President EMEA Alliances and Channels, is excited to pose your questions to his guests, so get in touch by commenting on this blog, posting on Twitter using the hashtag #DCpickme or by emailing

Under the spotlight and answering your burning questions in this cast will be:

  • Lindsay Johnston, VP, Commercial Operations for EMEA A&C
  • Paul Thompson, Senior Director, EMEA Solutions and Enablement
  • Janusz Naklicki, Vice President, ECEMEA
  • Silvia Kaske, Vice President, A&C WCE North
  • Eric Fontaine, Vice President, A&C WCE South
  • David Tweddle, Vice President, A&C UK & Ireland

To find out more information, including how to watch previous episodes on-demand, please visit out new webpage here.

We look forward to seeing you on July 9th!

Best regards,

Oracle PartnerNetwork

Wednesday Jan 04, 2012

Partners Earn more Margin by Registering BI & EPM deals

Specialist Oracle partners are earning more margin by registering their BI & EPM deals on the OPS (Oracle Partner Store) system. This comes from resale protection, referral and rebate margins: the article below is just a summary reminder of how you can take advantage of these.

For more information on OMM and to access the OPS system to register a deal, see OPS Training and Support Documents: and be sure to check the details of the Open Market Model.

3% Rebates

The “OPN Incentive Program” offers to authorized Oracle resellers, who are transacting through participating authorized Oracle value added distributors (VADs), a 3% rebate on deals “Registered” to the “Broad Customer Base” (outside of the Oracle 2000 List).

For more information, see the global OPN Incentive Program.

In summary, to benefit from a rebate, partners must:

  • Register their opportunities under the Oracle Open Market Model (OMM),

  • Sell into the “Broad Customer Base”,

  • Include Oracle Premier Support with the Oracle product order,

  • Place their order through an authorized Oracle VAD.

5% Referral

Partners who wish to pass a referral opportunity to Oracle may do so using an OMM Registration in the Oracle Global PRM application, and can earn 5% (see table below and policies) on those accepted by Oracle.

Resale Initiative

The Resale Initiative is open to all eligible OPN members to register (here) a net-new opportunity for which the partner has current resale rights under a valid Oracle distribution agreement. You as the resell partner then earn your normal margin based on your resell price and the partner discount from your Oracle distribution agreement. Additionally you are eligible for the 3% Rebate if your order meets those criteria, and you are compensated should the customer choose to purchase direct from Oracle.

Oracle will always respect the customer's purchasing choice and the customer will always be the final arbiter of which company sells or implements the Oracle based solution. Oracle does not guarantee that the customer will purchase from the registered and accepted partner. However, where Oracle closes a deal for hardware, programs and/or services that was registered through OMM and accepted under the Resale Initiative, the registered partner will qualify for a resale fee from Oracle that is 10% of the value of the opportunity.

In all regions, registration of an opportunity for resale will be valid for 365 days from date of acceptance by Oracle. However, partners may request an extension to these terms.

Monday Sep 12, 2011

BI & EPM Demonstration Tools for Oracle Partners

UPDATED - 11g BIC2G v. deployment on the Amazon Cloud

BIC2GTo help partners with their own demoing, training and PoCs (Proof of Concepts for clients) we have a hosted BIC2G solution through the Amazon Cloud.  This hosted environment provides a Windows Server image that contains a full deployment of both the Business Intelligence 11g and EPM products.  This image is essentially the same image that Oracle's own presales team is using.  For latest news on this from OPN see here.

The BIC2G Amazon Machine Image (AMI) is a private image that is not publically available and access to this must be granted by Oracle to individual partners with Amazon EC2 accounts.  Download this document describing how to create a new account and subsequently apply for access to the BIC2G AMI. Also download here the supplement document instructions for port remapping using PuTTY, for partners wanting to use the AMI BIC2G who have issues related to firewalls.

OBI 11g by Example - Sample Applications

The Oracle Sample Application for Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition Plus is a comprehensive set of configuration examples for OBI 11g. This simple and easy to install content illustrates a broad range of OBI capabilities including interactive dashboards, semantic layer modelling and several OBI source integration capabilities. The Sample-App code is free to download and not maintained as a licensed product from Oracle.   To get this essential learning tool for your team click here.

BI Sample Application Virtual Box

In addition to the Amazon AMI that contains the full BI & EPM offering described above, there is a new linux distributable image of OBI only. This image is provided using Oracle's Virtual Box technology which operates very much as VMWare does.

This free to OPN partners image can be downloaded from from the BI Sample Apps page: click here.  On this page is also a setup guide to provide instruction on how to deploy the image.

For a full presentation on how to set up your own install of OBI 11g or to get a copy of our BIC2G demo environment on the Amazon Cloud, please download this "Partner OBI 11g Demo Environments"  (PPT, 4 MB)

Thursday Sep 08, 2011

Certified Implementation Specialist Logos for BI & EPM Partners


OPN now provides “Certified Implementation Specialist logos” that can be used by the Partner Implementation specialists who have passed the relevant exams.For example, they can use it on their business cards.

This helps you as an individual to be recognised for your skills, and is a great way to prove your credentials to any employer.

Make sure you are recognised and certified by following the below links on how to pass these exams.

If you need more help on the why and how of Specialization, try the Step by Step Guide on how to "Get Started" and visit the OPN Specialization page.



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