Tuesday Jan 21, 2014

Big Data Analytics is Big News

From our BI partner Forum last week in London focusing on Big Data Analytics, I think the messages coming through from the discussions with partners and clients can be distilled into a few points:

1. Find Value = Organisations are more successful in finding value from potential Big Data Analytics projects when they combine data from “Hadoopable” sources with their traditional Oracle databases: for example merging social sentiment information with existing customer loyalty and product revenue data. Hadoop projects in isolation are struggling to complete the business case.

2. Oracle+Hadoop = Open source Hadoop and “R”-analytics are very complimentary to the Oracle stack, and indeed are greatly strengthened by Oracle’s software distribution and connectivity options – notably with OBI, Endeca, ODI, SQL, and the Oracle Big-data-Connectors for Hadoop.

3. Interconnect = Any Oracle partner can get going with this by downloading the software onto a relatively modest server, where they can interconnect the complete platform, and quickly get to grips with it: see below.

a. You can directly access data from Hadoop to analyse, visualise, and assess its’ value, and join it to Oracle DB data within OBI and Endeca and R.

b. If and as needed, data in Hadoop can be economically selected, processed, and enriched with familiar tools like ODI, and then moved with the Connectors into an Oracle database at very high speed transfer rates, within your data governance model (e.g. see the Oracle's Information Management Masterclass Tutorials).

4. Start Smaller = Of course, an Oracle Big Data Appliance plus the Exalytics and Exadata engineered systems are the ultimate solution for this, but all of the software platform from Oracle runs very well with Hadoop on smaller commodity servers. The choice of scale depends on your client’s needs – this is not a constraint on getting value from the integrated software stack. Projects can start relatively “small”; with one commentator suggesting the median deployment is around 10 Tb, and only very few are in the Petabyte range).

5. Enterprise-grade = For the successful Enterprise-grade projects, the Oracle tooling that connects with Hadoop and R provide the security, speed and reliability needed to de-risk the project and surface the value. These familiar tools (OBI, ODI, SQL, Big-data-Connectors) also minimise the skills gap and cost otherwise needed for extensive Java and MapReduce programming.

6. Hadoop is not Big Data = The key to value is using the right set of tools for the job: this may or may not include Hadoop.

This is a recent customer story where the full architecture is being put to broad use:

CaixaBank deploys new big data infrastructure on Oracle - Enables the Spanish Bank to Develop Better Customer Services, Integrating Data Created Across All Its Channels.

Interconnect the complete platform

Partners can assemble a complete platform from these VMs. These pull together a large set of tools, and so I recommend you put this on a server with 32Gb RAM.  You can also get some hints @ Oracle BI Partners Get to Grips with Big Data Analytics

Find out more @ Oracle's Information Management Masterclass Tutorials

and White-paper @ Information Management and Big Data Reference Architecture

Oracle BI Partners Get to Grips with Big Data Analytics

Quite a few Oracle BI Partners are investing in a better understanding of the complete set of tooling and rich architecture options that have been integrated by Oracle for Big Data Analytics. For example, you can get some great hints and tips from other partners’ experiences such as:

@ Rittman Mead - http://www.rittmanmead.com/category/big-data/

Wednesday Apr 17, 2013

Oracle CloudWorld Event in London May 14th and Munich May 15th

Mark Hurd, President and Thomas Kurian, Executive Vice President, Product Development are the keynote speakers at Oracle CloudWorld London (14th May 2013) and on the 15th May 2013 in Munich.

For example, Oracle’s public cloud offering of Fusion Applications embeds (OBI) business analytics, and you can hear how you can Drive Predictable Performance with our (Hyperion) Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service.

Discover your next steps at Oracle CloudWorld, a premier executive event series hosted by Oracle. . Experience insightful keynotes, real-world case studies, hands-on demos, face-to-face networking, and in-depth tracks on how mobile, social, and cloud are redefining how business gets done for:

  • Sales – Customer Experience – Empowering People, Powering Brands
  • Customer Service and Support – Customer Experience: Empowering People, Powering Brands
  • Human Resources – Power HR's Business Contribution
  • Finance and Operations
  • – Run a Back Office that Puts You in Front
  • Application Developers – Transform Developer Experience with a Powerful and Flexible Platform
  • Applications IT - Sessions for Security and Integration

London : Tuesday, 14 May 2013, 08:15 – 18:30, ExCel Center, agenda and registration
Munich : Wednesday, 15 May 2013, 9:00 – 19:00, The Westin Grand München, agenda and registration

Monday Mar 04, 2013

Upgrade Your Skills and Customers from OBI v10 to OBI11g

To keep your partner services competitive, you need to prove to our customers that you have the skills and capability to work with the latest version of Oracle OBI11g. Many partners have already upgraded their OPN Certificates from OBI v10 to the new OBI11g Specialisation. If you have not yet done so, then now is the perfect time to get this done over the next few months in preparation for increased demand from clients for partner services to upgrade them from their old v10 systems.

Because standard Oracle support for v10 expires in July 2013, all customers will have even more incentive to upgrade to OBI11g: make sure you are ready to service this demand. For more information see -

There is also a step-by-step hands-on tutorial on the procedures for using Oracle Fusion Middleware Upgrade Assistant to upgrade an existing Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) Enterprise Edition 10g Release 3 ( or later) environment to Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g in a Windows environment on a single machine. Access this here @ Upgrading Oracle Business Intelligence from 10g to 11g.

Remember ! ... Oracle does not charge any licence fee to upgrade from OBI 10 to OBI 11g. The OBI 11g version has many improvements over the OBI 10 version, which the customer gets for no additional cost (as long as they have a current Oracle Support agreement). There are additional new modules (such as the Mobile BI add-on), which a customer may choose to licence after they have done the upgrade: this is entirely optional.

Friday Sep 21, 2012

Oracle BI and EPM Partner Blogs

Below is a simple list of some of our specialist Oracle BI and EPM Partner Blogs, where there is lots of great material and discussions.  
















If you are a specialist OPN EMEA BI and EPM Partner with hints and tips to share, and would like your Blog to be added to this list, then just let me know @ Mike.Hallett@Oracle.com.

Become an Oracle BI or Hyperion Ace Director

Now you are a specialised Partner, how can you go even further to differentiate yourself as a real expert in the field, and cement closer links with Oracle’s R&D and Strategy teams ?

Become an Oracle BI or Hyperion ACE Director , and you get more air-time to publish your ideas and stories throughout the Oracle network, and thereby promote yourself and your company.  Often ACE Directors get more involvement in product development advisory boards and Beta testing programmes.

What is the Oracle ACE Program?

The Oracle ACE Program is designed to recognize and reward members of the Oracle Technology and Applications communities for their contributions to those communities. These individuals are technically proficient and willingly share their knowledge and experiences.  Read the FAQ for more details.

Friday Aug 24, 2012

Quick-Pick list of Business Analytics Sessions at OpenWorld 2012 now Available

If you want to sort out your diary for Oracle OpenWorld 2012 in San Francisco, and prioritise the BI & EPM sessions – here is a quick reference list of all the Business Analytics Sessions at OpenWorld; including BI-applications, Hyperion applications, data warehousing and Big Data topics.  This is also available in spreadsheet format zipped.

You might also want to register into the parallel sessions dedicated for partners under the banner of “Oracle PartnerNetwork Exchange @ OpenWorld”:

  • Branded as “THE” partner event at Oracle OpenWorld
  • Provide partners with tools to differentiate themselves, be recognized by Oracle, and preferred by customers
  • Provide Certification Testing – allowing Specialization onsite.

And if you missed this before, see if you can join us at the Oracle BI/EPM Partner Advisory Council in San Francisco, on 28th September 2012.



Thursday Jun 07, 2012

Where to find Oracle Training for BI & EPM Partners

We run both “Live Virtual Training” (web-based classes) as well as “In Class Training” in most countries around Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Some of these are subsidised for OPN partners, while others are available at a discount (usually 25%) to OPN partners via OU (Oracle University). 

To see what is scheduled for in-depth hands-on implementation training for partners see:


For example, these are some of the OBI11g Boot-camps we currently have scheduled:

11 - 15 June 2012 Bucharest, Romania

21 - 23 August 2012 Johannesburg, South Africa

24 - 28 September 2012 Utrecht, Netherlands


You can also selectively filter search for courses via the Partner Events Calendar @



Otherwise, it is worth checking the Oracle Partner Enablement BLOG for any BI / EPM news, especially the sub-Blogs on the right for each country.  And there are many Self-Paced Tutorials for BI&EPM Partners available on demand at any time


There is also a monthly Partner Enablement Update (PDF) to find out the latest partner training on Oracle's new products and new releases.

Wednesday May 23, 2012

BI Architecture Master Class for Partners - Oracle Architecture Unplugged

Transformational Change with Business Analytics

Business Intelligence projects are consistently top priority with your customers and are seen by many organisations as the key driver of transformational change. However, often business users challenge IT with issues on trust, access to critical data and understanding of information, while IT sometimes struggles to align with business goals and truly engage with business users.

Join our Master Class for Partners on 21st June 2012, from 9:45 a.m - 3:45 p.m. where you will learn how Oracle's reference architecture can address these issues in a timely, pragmatic and reliable way.  The presenters will follow a "free format" agenda using whiteboards rather than formal presentations to allow as much interaction with you as possible.


  • The Big picture of information management
  • Staging and techniques for loading data, ELT and data flows
  • Atomic data layer
  • Access and performance layer: OLAP and Data Mining
  • Approaches to data modelling: Build vs buy
  • BI delivery: Operationalising BI
  • Financial performance management and Enterprise Performance Management
  • Security & Systems Performance
  • Migrating to the reference architecture (customer examples)

Who should attend?

This workshop will be highly interactive and is aimed at Oracle OPN member partners who are IT Architects and BI+W specialists.  This will be a highly interactive session and does not involve slide presentations or product feature details, it addresses IT-Architectural issues and considerations for the IT-Architect Community. Please come prepared to participate and take your own notes.

Click here to register.

Lastest BIC2g and Exalytics Demonstration VMs for Partners

Make sure you have up to date demonstration images for BI (including Exalytics), BI Apps, and EPM solutions by checking out the Oracle BI Solutions Engineering Group partner portal.

Exalytics Demos: Partners who have purchased the Exalytics engineered solution can install the Exalytics demonstrations; including the TimesTen databases.

Partners who own exalytics machines can download demo data packages from the Oracle ftp location (suggest you use Filezilla, or similar, and use the latest FTP logon and password given at bottom of page at the same Oracle BI Solutions Engineering Group partner portal).  These are each specific Exalytics demo install files that will allow partners to deploy the demos locally onto their systems.


BIC2g BI-EPM Nov 2011 Windows: The Business Intelligence Challenge to Go (BIC2g) is a demonstration, training, and POC business intelligence platform for Oracle Partners. It is a comprehensive platform, containing the full EPM, BI, and BI Apps (including full ETL with DW) product suites, with extensive (40+) demos. It is available in the Amazon Cloud (not as a download).

BIC2g BI Jun 2009 Linux: This BIC2g VM image is based on the Linux platform, and can be downloaded by partners. It includes BI 10g, BI Apps (including ETL and DW), and EPM product and demos: and can be downloaded.

Demos: BI demo packages can be installed into a Partners’ existing BI/EPM environments.

Note also the OBI and sample VMs on OTN : click for OTN here.                           

Thursday Dec 22, 2011

Oracle OLAP - Exadata Performance Demonstration White Paper

Oracle OLAP can provide exceptional query performance for analytic queries on an Exadata Database Machine.

Share this Oracle OLAP on Exadata White Paper  with your customers

This paper describes a performance demonstration of the OLAP Option to the Oracle Database running on an X2-2 Exadata Database Machine half rack. It shows how Oracle OLAP cubes can be used to enhance the performance and analytic content of the data warehouse and business intelligence solutions, supporting a demanding user community with ultra-fast query and rich analytic content.

The demonstration represents users of a business intelligence application using SQL to query an Oracle OLAP cube that has been enhanced with a variety of analytic measures. The cube contains data loaded from a fact table with more than 1 billion rows.

Utilizing Exadata features such as Smart Flash Cache, Oracle Database supported a community of 50 concurrent users querying the cube with queries that are typical of those executed from a business intelligence tool such as Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition.

Key Metrics

  • 1 billion row fact table as source to Oracle cube
  • 4,000 randomly generated analytic queries
  • 50 concurrent users with no wait time between queries
  • Median query performance of .49 seconds
  • Average query performance of 1.54 seconds
  • 95% of queries returned in 3.5 seconds or less

Take Action

  • Share this paper with your Exadata customers and prospects to demonstrate how Oracle OLAP exploits Exadata capabilities to make business intelligence applications smarter and faster.

Oracle OLAP is a key component of the Oracle Data Warehousing platform - delivering a world class multidimensional analytic engine that is embedded inside the Oracle Database.  Oracle OLAP delivers three key benefits: rich in-database analytics, speed of thought performance and simplicity of deployment.

For more information on the Oracle OLAP Option, Oracle cubes and cube-organized materialized views:


Friday Nov 04, 2011

Business Intelligence Partner Training & Enablement Calendar

    The UK has built a detailed guide to BI Partner training which can be downloaded from the OPN blog below.  The calendar is organised by job roles (Sales | Marketing | Pre-Sales | Delivery and Support); with each of these job roles having an overview slide which lists all the appropriate content for that role and URL links.

UK Oracle Partner Practice Builder - BI Enablement

For all EMEA live training events, OPN provides courses for specialised and specialising partners in EMEA for OBI, Essbase, Hyperion, and OBI-Apps: for dates in your countries see blogs.oracle.com/opnenablement,

Oracle Buys Endeca

On October 18, 2011, Oracle announced it has entered into an agreement to acquire Endeca, a leading provider of unstructured data management, web commerce and business intelligence solutions. The transaction is subject to customary closing conditions and is expected to close before the end of 2011.

After the transaction closes, Oracle with Endeca plans to create a comprehensive technology platform to process, store, manage, search and analyze structured and unstructured information together enabling businesses to make stronger and more profitable decisions. Adding Endeca Latitude software to Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBI EE) is expected to provide a single unified user interface for analysis of structured and unstructured data.

Monday Oct 10, 2011

Financial Management Analytics for Hyperion HFM is now available

Oracle Financial Management Analytics is now available and is a new addition to Oracle's financial close solutions that integrate with Oracle Hyperion Financial Close Management and Oracle Hyperion Financial Management to provide business critical information about the financial close process and financial results.

Using Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBI EE) technology, it leverages investments already made in Oracle Hyperion Financial Close Suite modules to provide senior finance management with unified insight into the current position of the financial close process as well as the financial results.  Essentially, Financial Management Analytics is a pre-built BI-Application providing any Hyperion HFM customer with a simple way to include HFM information into dashboards that can be widely deployed, and can be combined with information from many others sources via OBI EE.

Products to be licensed separately with Financial Management Analytics (prerequisites), include Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition Plus or Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite AND Hyperion Financial Management Plus or Hyperion Financial Close Management or Hyperion Financial Close Suite.

See here for more information : Oracle Financial Management Analytics

Monday Sep 26, 2011

Tutorial Webcast Series and Training for OBI 11g and Hyperion EPM

To find out more about the individual components of OBI 11g and Oracle BI Publisher 11g, there is a series of short webcast tutorial which you can replay and find here for OBI Tutorials.

You may also find these links helpful:

  • Oracle BI 11g Foundation Suite: FAQ click here to read more.
  • There are also self-paced technical hands-on tutorials, "OBI Oracle-By-Example", including those for BI Publisher here.
  • For live training events OPN provides heavily subsidised courses for specialised and specialising partners in EMEA for OBI, Essbase, Hyperion, and OBI-Apps: for dates in your countries see blogs.oracle.com/opnenablement, and here,
  • For Eastern European countries and CIS, see this page, under the "The Academy" tab.

Oracle Hyperion EPM System Release 11.1.2 ("Talleyrand")
For a similar set of short webcasts tutorial on Hyperion EPM, look here at EPM System 11.1.2 Tutorials.



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