Monday Aug 05, 2013

New Exalytics In-Memory Software License Change

In the latest Oracle Engineered Systems Price List, there are some changes to the licenses for Oracle software products running on the Exalytics in-Memory system.

· There is a new “Exalytics In-Memory Software” product which is now mandatory for all valid configurations of OBI and EPM software running on Exalytics (but not for Endeca only configurations). This Exalytics In-Memory Software includes the software-specific enhancements created and enabled on Exalytics including Summary Advisor, hardware accelerations for OBI Server and Essbase and enhanced BI-Publisher bursting.

· If licensing by Named User Plus (NUP), the minimum is now 20 NUP licenses per Customer. The licensing prerequisites for Exalytics In-Memory Software are Business Intelligence Foundation Suite, or Business Intelligence Foundation Suite for Oracle Applications, or Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition Plus or Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition Plus for Oracle Applications and / or Essbase Plus and / or Hyperion Planning Plus.

Friday Jul 05, 2013

Updated Processor sub-capacity License Policy for Exalytics

Until now the policy for Oracle Processor sub-capacity licensing on trusted partitions (Oracle Virtual Machine with Oracle Enterprise Manager) for Exalytics was “socket bound”. The prior policy was that sub-licencing could only be in multiples of 5 “processors”: this has now changed.

Oracle Processor licenses for Exalytics can now be procured as increments of two physical cores (one physical core is counted as the equivalent of two virtual CPUs in OVM). As the Exalytics comes with Intel processors and our current “core factor” for Intel Processors is 0.5, the customer can now buy in increments of one “Oracle Processor license”. Note: this change has no impact on named user “NUP” licensing.

Tuesday Oct 09, 2012

Price Drop for Processor based License on Exalytics

·       33% reduction in the list `per processor` license pricing for the Oracle BI Foundation Suite

·       New capacity-based licensing which allows customers to think big & start small, significantly lowering the entry price point for an Exalytics.

Oracle BI Software List Price changes

In response to new powerful platforms like the in-memory Oracle Exalytics with 40 cpu cores (counted under Oracle pricing policy as 20 “processors”), the list price of “Oracle BI Foundation Suite” (BIFS) is reduced by 33% from $450K per processor to $300K per processor.

Capacity-based licensing on Exalytics (Trusted Partitions)

“Capacity-based pricing” for the BIFS, Endeca, Essbase and Times Ten for Exalytics software is now available for Exalytics systems.

This is delivered using “Oracle VM” (OVM).  We still ship a full Exalytics machine to all customers, but they may choose to only use and license a subset of the processors installed in the machine.   Customers can license Exalytics software in units of 5 “processors”: 5, 10, 15 or the full capacity 20.   As the customer’s implementation and workload increases, it is a simple matter to license additional processors and, using OVM, make them available to the BI or EPM application.

Endeca Information Discovery now available on Exalytics

Oracle has also announced the certification of “Oracle Endeca Information Discovery” (EID) on the Exalytics machine.    EID can be licensed alone or in combination with the BIFS & Times Ten for an Exalytics stack, and also participates in the capacity based pricing outlined above.   The Exalytics hardware is the perfect platform for EID, and provides superb power and performance for this in-memory hybrid text-search-analytics.


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Tuesday Jan 31, 2012

SaaS or Rental: What is the difference ?

In these days of cloud computing there is much talk of flexible commercial models to match the potential from more flexible technology architectures.  Software as a Service (SaaS), Rental or Managed Services are among the many labels variously applied to potential commercial models offered to customers: so how can you as an Oracle BI / EPM Partner best respond when your client asks for this kind of approach ?

In many cases when I get into this conversation, I find most customers are very happy when I explain they can rent Oracle software, for example, for one year.  It is really simple.

If you want to find out more, then download this BI & EPM Partner Guide to renting Oracle software



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