Monday Oct 28, 2013

Demonstration VM BIC2g 2013-10 Partner Edition for Download

UPDATED ! The “BIC2g” demo VM (now version 2013-10) is downloadable from our BIC2g Beehive Online Workspace portal for OPN member partners. Compared to the prior version, Bic2g 2013-04, the new Bic2g 2013-10 has:

  • OBIEE was upgraded from to with BI Mobile Application Designer (BIMAD) added.
  • TimesTen was upgraded from to
  • ODI Client was installed, including a Standalone agent and empty repositories, and the BI Applications 11g ODI Repositories were included (BIAPPS_11g)
  • Informatica and DAC were removed from image
  • There are additional demos for BI-Apps and for Endeca.
  • The compact deployment of EPM is installed and configured, including: Hyperion Foundation, Essbase, Essbase Studio, Essbase Administration Services, Provider Services, Calculation Manager, Planning, Reporting and Analysis, Financial Reporting, Web Analysis, and Workspace.

The access details, for OPN member partners only, to get added to the BIC2G Beehive Online Workspace portal are shown from this page @ BI Solutions Engineering Partner Portal.

This Oracle Business Intelligence Linux VM virtual appliance (“BIC2g”) was developed to support Oracle OBI, BI-Apps and EPM Hyperion sales and Oracle partners in product demonstrations, training activities and POC activities.  If you do not need BI-Apps, then there is a slightly smaller VM OBI Sample-App you can get from OTN: see @ Oracle BI and EPM Demonstration SampleApp V309 on OTN.

Thursday Oct 10, 2013

Oracle BI and EPM Demonstration SampleApp V309 on OTN

The latest new version “SampleApp” V309R2 BI and EPM VM is now available for download by partners from OTN here. This includes a wealth of examples and how-to demonstrations, as well as examples for the new BI Mobile Application Designer, 19 “Apps” and more local data-models.

This server image is based on the standard OBIEE install within a VirtualBox image, including the new Mobile App Designer and Oracle Database 12c; and will run on a 64 bit pc/laptop with => 8Gb Ram, and ~ 90 Gb disk. There is also an optional download for users who require a full standalone EPM deployment.

See also the Oracle BI Tech Demos YouTube Channel & Video: How to download all image files at once and:-



Download Deployment Guide

Step-by-step instructions for download and deployment

Download User Guide

User Guide for SampleApp and related contents

Download What's New in V309R2

New content highlights in SampleAppV309 R2

The SampleApp V309 R2 image includes following preconfigured and integrated software:

  • Oracle Linux 5.9 (el5PAE )
  • OBIEE (including Mobile App Designer, OBIEE-EPM Suite)
  • Oracle Loader for Hadoop 2.2.0, Oracle SQL Connector for HDFS 2.2.0
  • Essbase
  • Oracle Database 12c
  • Oracle TimesTen
  • Endeca Server 7.5.1, Endeca Studio 3.0, Endeca Integrator 3.0
  • Oracle Application Express 4.2, APEX Listener 2.0.1
  • R-2.15.1, Oracle R-Enterprise 1.3
  • Java SE Development Kit 7u17, JROCKIT
  • Oracle SQL Developer 3.2.20
  • EPM Standalone (Offered as a separate add-on download)

 The SampleApp does not include BI-Apps: for these see the Demonstration VM BIC2g Partner Edition.

Monday Sep 23, 2013

Oracle Hyperion Essbase 3-day Training Workshop

This 3-day hands-on bootcamp will help you towards the Essbase implementation Specialisation exam. It is free of charge to OPN member partners only, and is available to partners in any EMEA country who can travel to the UK.

  • Design, customize and configure Oracle’s Hyperion Essbase by employing recommended methodology and leading practices for successful implementations
  • Understand the process of building an Essbase BSO cube using Essbase Studio
  • Simplify cube construction by delivering a single environment for performing tasks related to data modelling, cube designing, and analytic application construction
  • Understand the process of building an Essbase ASO cube using Essbase Administration Services (EAS) and Load Rules

Click here to read more about this training.

Event Details:
Oct 22 - Oct 24, 2013
09:00 AM – 05:30 PM

Oracle Office in Reading
Building 510, Oracle Parkway Thames Valley Park,
Reading, RG6 1RA
United Kingdom

Register Here Now

Friday Aug 02, 2013

Demonstration VM BIC2g 2013-04 Partner Edition

UPDATED !  The “BIC2g” demo VM (version 2013-04) is now available through our BIC2g Beehive Online Workspace portal for OPN member partners.

This updates the June 2013 article "New Version Demonstration VM BIC2g 2013-04 Partner Edition".

The access details are shown from this page @ BI Solutions Engineering Partner Portal.

Wednesday Jun 26, 2013

New Version Demonstration VM BIC2g 2013-04 Partner Edition

This Oracle Business Intelligence Linux VM virtual appliance (“BIC2g”) was developed to support Oracle OBI & BI-Apps sales and Oracle partners in product demonstrations, training activities and POC activities. It is now available through our BIC2g Beehive Online Workspace portal (see the deployment guide and “BIC2g 2013-04 Partner Edition Readme” pdf from the link below) and is available for OPN member partners.

This BIC2g image is based on OBIEE v. with Essbase and Essbase Studio Server started when starting BI. It also contains:

  • Updated BI-Apps Cross Functional Demo (date advanced from 2011 to 2013), including DAC, Informatica 9.0.1 and is configured for a load against EBS R12. Both the rpd/catalog and the rpd/catalog versions of BI-Apps are provided.
  • Updated integrated Essbase - BI Apps - EBS Demo (date advanced from 2009 to 2013.
  • Re-configured BI Apps Data Sets to remove VPD (simplification) and greatly improved performance.
  • Hyperion EPM
  • Endeca 3.0

The access details are shown from this page @ BI Solutions Engineering Partner Portal.

Thursday Jan 31, 2013

Live Virtual Bootcamps for BI Partners Feb 2013

Below are some of the Live Virtual Bootcamps for BI Partners scheduled in Feb 2013. The cost to attend includes the voucher to cover the cost of the associated OPN Implementation Specialist Exam: to be taken within 6 weeks of completing the training.


Exam Guide





Oracle Essbase

Please Read

Feb. 18th - 22nd 2013

9 - 5 EST



OBI 11g Foundation

Please Read

Feb. 18th - 22nd 2013

9 - 5 IST



Endeca Info Discover


Feb. 11th -13th 2013

9 - 5 CET



Oracle Golden Gate

Please Read

Feb. 18th - 21st 2013

9 - 5 EST



Friday Nov 02, 2012

Exalytics Increases Customer Revenue, and Saves Time, Risk & Cost

We are getting some great proof point stories now from our customers who are succeeding with the Exalytics in-memory system for OBI and Essbase.  See below for some recent testimony:

  • San Diego Unified School District Harnesses Attendance, Procurement, and Operational Data with Oracle Exalytics, Generating $4.4 Million in Savings: according to independent assessment by Mainstay Salire, the district is on track to achieve substantial benefits from the Oracle Exalytics solution, including an $8.25 million increase in attendance revenue, $75,000 a year savings in operational efficiencies, and $1 million in hardware cost avoidance.
  • NilsonGroup chooses Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine as their solution to access critical data to keep its stores competitive with real-time Mobile BI: it took only “3 days to get up and running” with Exalytics.  Video
  • Nykredit, in the Danish Financial Sector, describes their experiences from testing the Exalytics Business Intelligence Machine: “it was up and running within 4 days” with “more intuitive dashboards” and “up to 70x better performance” and “cheaper maintenance and lower total cost of ownership”. Video
  • Sodexo chose Oracle Exalytics as their business analytics platform; accelerating Essbase “more than 8x” performance for more than 2,000 Excel-addin users, “significantly changing how people in information management now deal with data”.  Video
  • Polk, Savvis, Nykredit, and Key Energy describe testing of the Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine: to “reach more users than we ever have before”, “to fly through the data without impeding the analytic process”, “drive our enterprise groups into this tool instead of having departmental solutions”, and the “advanced visualisation this product enables”.  Video

Tuesday Oct 09, 2012

Price Drop for Processor based License on Exalytics

·       33% reduction in the list `per processor` license pricing for the Oracle BI Foundation Suite

·       New capacity-based licensing which allows customers to think big & start small, significantly lowering the entry price point for an Exalytics.

Oracle BI Software List Price changes

In response to new powerful platforms like the in-memory Oracle Exalytics with 40 cpu cores (counted under Oracle pricing policy as 20 “processors”), the list price of “Oracle BI Foundation Suite” (BIFS) is reduced by 33% from $450K per processor to $300K per processor.

Capacity-based licensing on Exalytics (Trusted Partitions)

“Capacity-based pricing” for the BIFS, Endeca, Essbase and Times Ten for Exalytics software is now available for Exalytics systems.

This is delivered using “Oracle VM” (OVM).  We still ship a full Exalytics machine to all customers, but they may choose to only use and license a subset of the processors installed in the machine.   Customers can license Exalytics software in units of 5 “processors”: 5, 10, 15 or the full capacity 20.   As the customer’s implementation and workload increases, it is a simple matter to license additional processors and, using OVM, make them available to the BI or EPM application.

Endeca Information Discovery now available on Exalytics

Oracle has also announced the certification of “Oracle Endeca Information Discovery” (EID) on the Exalytics machine.    EID can be licensed alone or in combination with the BIFS & Times Ten for an Exalytics stack, and also participates in the capacity based pricing outlined above.   The Exalytics hardware is the perfect platform for EID, and provides superb power and performance for this in-memory hybrid text-search-analytics.


For more information :



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