Thursday Feb 21, 2013

Information Management and Big Data Reference Architecture

This is essential reading for all Oracle Analytics partners, and something you can share with your customers. Here is the latest February 2013 version of the “Information Management and Big Data Reference Architecture” Oracle White Paper from our Doug Cackett and Andrew Bond.

“In our original white paper on Information Management Reference Architecture we described how information was at the heart of every successful, profitable and transparent business in the world – something that’s as true today as it was then.

What has changed in the last few years is the emergence of “Big Data”, both as a means of managing the vast volumes of unstructured and semi-structured data stored but not exploited in many organizations, as well as the potential to tap into new sources of insight such as social-media web sites to gain a market edge.

There is a pressing need for organizations to align analytical and execution capabilities with ‘Big Data’ in order to fully benefit from the additional insight that can be gained. Received wisdom suggests that more than 80% of current IT budgets is consumed just keeping the lights on rather than enabling business to innovate or differentiate themselves in the market. Economic realities are squeezing budgets still further. For organizations looking to add some element of Big Data to their IT portfolio, they will need to do so in a way that complements existing solutions and does not add to the cost burden in years to come.”

Thursday Jan 03, 2013

OBE Oracle-by-Example BI & EPM tutorials in the Learning Library

Try this excellent library of OBE (Oracle-by-Example) tutorials from the OTN Learning Library.

There are + 160 titles for Hyperion and financial management (Click Here for the full EPM library).

And, there are more than 90 different Tutorials for BI (Click Here for the full BI library) such as :




Creating Analyses and Building Dashboards in Oracle BI EE 11g (


120 mins

Creating a Repository Using Oracle BI 11g Administration Tool


360 mins

Oracle Advanced Analytics and Oracle Data Mining Demonstration


70 mins

Building Maps for Oracle Business Intelligence Analyses and Dashboard


90 mins

Setting Up Usage Tracking in Oracle BI 11g


30 mins

Getting Started with Oracle BI Publisher


60 mins

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c: Install and Integrate BI Publisher


4 mins

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c: Implement the BI Publisher Security Model


6 mins

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c: Create a BI Publisher Report


13 mins

Sending Alerts in Oracle BI EE 11g by Using Oracle BI Delivers


60 mins

Upgrading Oracle Business Intelligence from 10g to 11g


45 mins

Integrating Oracle Essbase with Oracle Business Intelligence 11g


45 mins

Tuesday Dec 11, 2012

Demonstration Image BIC2G for Partners (OBI, Exalytics, BI-Apps, and EPM)

There is now available the new version of the VirtualBox Demonstration Image, "BIC2g 2012-10" for Partners; including support for OBI, Exalytics, BI Applications, and EPM Hyperion applications.

This is a demonstration, training and POV image that contains BI/Exalytics, BI Applications, and EPM product (software). It was originally developed to support internal Oracle Exalytics training, and has been expanded to include BI Applications. It is an OVA virtual appliance that can be imported into VirtualBox.

Details can be found in the BIC2g Partner Edition Exalytics Readme and BIC2g Partner Edition Deployment Guide, and it can be downloaded from the Partner FTP site at /static/BIC2G (see BI Solutions Engineering Partner Portal for connection information and further detail on Demonstration Images for Partners).

Hyperion Training from Oracle University

There is a great portfolio of the latest version of Hyperion Training from Oracle University, available at a discount for Oracle Partners, for example see these sets of courses:

Tuesday Nov 06, 2012

Why Do Spreadsheets Not Work in an Enterprise Planning Environment ?

“Around 93% of managers gather or analyze information in spreadsheets and 54% spend more time gathering information than analyzing it....”  Find answers in this Whitepaper: some extracts below:

“Traditional budgeting and planning is a straight jacketed and hierarchical exercise.... how many businesses have planning and reporting processes that are smart, agile and aligned? The networked economy challenges the fundamentals of business organization, for example, where does the front-office stop and does the back-office start?  Is it still meaningful to plan for customer, channel, or product profitability, or is transaction profitability the only measure that counts?

“Although conceptually, the idea of enterprise business planning is relatively straightforward it has proven to be illusive, because of over reliance on spreadsheet-bound processes, a lack of control over data quality/management, limited use of advanced planning tools and the cultural impediments that afflict many planning processes.

“In the absence of specialist tools, businesses tend to opt for ‘broad brush’ assumptions in financial plans which merely approximate the more granular assumptions used in operational plans.

“Most businesses are familiar with the relationship between risk and reward but in assessing potential opportunities and developing business plans rarely acknowledge risks and probability in a formal way.

Get your customer to see how they do against the “Enterprise Business Planning Checklist”: get them to read the Whitepaper.

Friday Sep 21, 2012

Oracle BI and EPM Partner Blogs

Below is a simple list of some of our specialist Oracle BI and EPM Partner Blogs, where there is lots of great material and discussions.









If you are a specialist OPN EMEA BI and EPM Partner with hints and tips to share, and would like your Blog to be added to this list, then just let me know @

Friday Sep 14, 2012

EPM Planning (Hyperion) V11.1.2 Implementation Hands-On Boot-camp

  • 5-Day Training for Partners: 29th October - 2nd November 2012, London (UK): REGISTER Here

For more upcoming classes, check back here as the registration links get updated for:

This for Partners 5-day workshop is designed to provide implementation instruction on Oracle Hyperion EPM Planning.  This boot-camp is intended for prospective implementers of the Planning and Budgeting functionality of Oracle EPM or implementers that are currently familiar with the basics of EPM Planning and looking to strengthen their base of knowledge in the product.

The class begins with an overview of Essbase, the foundation of Hyperion Planning. It provides a general overview of Planning and Planning terms, the architecture of all the Planning components, and how they are commonly used. The course goes over all the steps to create an application from scratch. This involves some preparation work outside of Planning and leads to developing the application in both the Planning Windows and Web clients. Participants will modify existing dimensions and build out the hierarchies using the Web client.

Topics Covered

The boot-camp shows developers how to build out dimensions using Classic Planning and by using EPMA. It covers the mechanics and cover strategies for automating the build process such as interface tables. It reviews data loads using Load Rules to load the Planning database. The course focuses on tasks that end-users must perform during the planning cycle. It walks students through creating and modifying forms, working with forms to enter data, adding annotations, and the rest of the form features such as running business rules and managing task lists. It covers how to use the forms in the Smart View client and finishes up the end-user perspective by going through Workflow Management and the process of submitting a plan for review. The final section of the course covers Security and other administration topics such as automation and deployment.


Ideal participants are Oracle partners (SIs and resellers) with a background in business information systems and a clientele of customers with ongoing or prospective EPM initiatives. Alternatively, partners with the background described above and an interest in evolving their practice to a similar profile are suitable participants. Further online OPN guided learning path information and webinars are available at: Oracle Hyperion Planning 11 Essentials.

Please note that attendees are required to bring a laptop. View here laptop requirements and detailed agenda.

· REGISTER Here : acceptance is subject to availability and your place will be confirmed within two weeks ( and for help see the Partner Registration Guide ).

Training Location: Oracle Corporation UK Ltd

Columbus Room

Customer Visit Center

1 South Place



Training Dates: 29th October - 2nd November 9:30 am – 5:00 pm BST

For more information please contact

Friday Aug 24, 2012

Quick-Pick list of Business Analytics Sessions at OpenWorld 2012 now Available

If you want to sort out your diary for Oracle OpenWorld 2012 in San Francisco, and prioritise the BI & EPM sessions – here is a quick reference list of all the Business Analytics Sessions at OpenWorld; including BI-applications, Hyperion applications, data warehousing and Big Data topics.  This is also available in spreadsheet format zipped.

You might also want to register into the parallel sessions dedicated for partners under the banner of “Oracle PartnerNetwork Exchange @ OpenWorld”:

  • Branded as “THE” partner event at Oracle OpenWorld
  • Provide partners with tools to differentiate themselves, be recognized by Oracle, and preferred by customers
  • Provide Certification Testing – allowing Specialization onsite.

And if you missed this before, see if you can join us at the Oracle BI/EPM Partner Advisory Council in San Francisco, on 28th September 2012.



Thursday Jun 07, 2012

Where to find Oracle Training for BI & EPM Partners

We run both “Live Virtual Training” (web-based classes) as well as “In Class Training” in most countries around Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Some of these are subsidised for OPN partners, while others are available at a discount (usually 25%) to OPN partners via OU (Oracle University). 

To see what is scheduled for in-depth hands-on implementation training for partners see:


For example, these are some of the OBI11g Boot-camps we currently have scheduled:

11 - 15 June 2012 Bucharest, Romania

21 - 23 August 2012 Johannesburg, South Africa

24 - 28 September 2012 Utrecht, Netherlands


You can also selectively filter search for courses via the Partner Events Calendar @


Otherwise, it is worth checking the Oracle Partner Enablement BLOG for any BI / EPM news, especially the sub-Blogs on the right for each country.  And there are many Self-Paced Tutorials for BI&EPM Partners available on demand at any time


There is also a monthly Partner Enablement Update (PDF) to find out the latest partner training on Oracle's new products and new releases.

Wednesday May 23, 2012

Lastest BIC2g and Exalytics Demonstration VMs for Partners

Make sure you have up to date demonstration images for BI (including Exalytics), BI Apps, and EPM solutions by checking out the Oracle BI Solutions Engineering Group partner portal.

Exalytics Demos: Partners who have purchased the Exalytics engineered solution can install the Exalytics demonstrations; including the TimesTen databases.

Partners who own exalytics machines can download demo data packages from the Oracle ftp location (suggest you use Filezilla, or similar, and use the latest FTP logon and password given at bottom of page at the same Oracle BI Solutions Engineering Group partner portal).  These are each specific Exalytics demo install files that will allow partners to deploy the demos locally onto their systems.


BIC2g BI-EPM Nov 2011 Windows: The Business Intelligence Challenge to Go (BIC2g) is a demonstration, training, and POC business intelligence platform for Oracle Partners. It is a comprehensive platform, containing the full EPM, BI, and BI Apps (including full ETL with DW) product suites, with extensive (40+) demos. It is available in the Amazon Cloud (not as a download).

BIC2g BI Jun 2009 Linux: This BIC2g VM image is based on the Linux platform, and can be downloaded by partners. It includes BI 10g, BI Apps (including ETL and DW), and EPM product and demos: and can be downloaded.

Demos: BI demo packages can be installed into a Partners’ existing BI/EPM environments.

Note also the OBI and sample VMs on OTN : click for OTN here.                           

Wednesday Apr 11, 2012

Oracle Hyperion EPM Release version is now available

Updated Datasheets for all EPM products for R11.1.2.2 are on this link, available on

Partner Training Materials from the EPM workshops in Barcelona in April 2012

For our EPM Partners, we have designed a Solutions Factory page to keep you updated on our EPM Product offerings. You will find here the latest products presentations, sales positioning slide decks, training materials and links to demo content.

  • So stay tuned and check this page on a regular basis for new content.

  • To get the logon password to the EPM Solutions Factory, or for more information, please contact:

Olivier Bernard
EPM Sales Development Director

Tuesday Mar 27, 2012

Gartner: Magic Quadrant for Corporate Performance Management Suites, 2012

Hyperion clearly leads the pack again in Gartner’s analysis of the CPM / EPM market, saying; “Oracle is a Leader in CPM suites, with one of the most widely distributed solutions in the market. Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management is recognized by CFOs worldwide. The vendor has a well-established partner channel, with both large and smaller CPM SI specialists. Hyperion skills are also plentiful among the independent consultant community, given the well-established products. “

“Oracle continues to innovate, bringing incremental improvements across the portfolio as well as new financial close management, disclosure management and predictive planning additions. Furthermore, Oracle has improved integration of Hyperion with the Oracle BI platform, and has improved planning performance, enabling Hyperion Planning to use Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine.”

For the full article see here: Gartner: Magic Quadrant for Corporate Performance Management Suites, 2012

And if you missed it, here is also the MQ for BI: Gartner: Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms, 2012

Tuesday Feb 07, 2012

Hands-On Training for new Hyperion EPM - APRIL 2-4 2012

If your organization has embraced the Oracle Partner Specialization process, and you have personally demonstrated your expertise in the Enterprise Performance Management Hyperion solutions, then you can be among the first to join with the Oracle European pre-sales team for the EMEA kick off hands-on training on EPM new version release in Barcelona, Spain, April 2nd to 4th  2012.

Partners can Register and Enroll for this training now here enroll.

ALL INCLUDED ACCOMODATION  (room and meals) & TRAINING COST:  Partners must book their hotel nights to register to the Hyperion Hands-On Training.  Partners have the ability to stay before or after the event at the same 120€-per-night negotiated rate, as stated in the registration link (129.60 EUR VAT included).

The registration link will take you to the hotel room booking page (NH Hotels).  This booking page only shows the room price, and when checking out, a 380 €uros conference fee will be added to your hotel bill.  e.g. You will be charged:

  • 620 €uros total for 2 nights
  • 740 €uros total for 3 nights
  • 860 €uros total for 4 nights

Transportation is not included.

Network with your European Oracle pre-sales peers who daily drive EPM business at our customers and prospects: get ahead and work with the new release functionality.  We are looking forward to learning and working together in order to drive record joint Hyperion business. 


  1. You must as an individual have passed or have scheduled to take the Hyperion or Essbase implementation specialisation exams,
  2. As we plan on using the Cloud for hosting the latest EPM image, you must bring your laptop to this session for the hands-on workshops.

Agenda : What’s New in EPM version

  • Hyperion Financial Close Suite
  • Hyperion Enterprise Planning Suite, Strategic Finance, and Project Financial Planning
  • Fusion Financials and EPM
  • Profitability & Cost Management
  • Hyperion Planning with Exalytics InMemory Machine
  • Financial Data Quality Management )
  • Financial Close Management & Account Reconciliations
  • Public Sector Planning & Budgeting
  • Disclosure Management
  • Data Relationship Management

Tuesday Jan 31, 2012

Questions to ask SAP about BPC and their EPM Strategy

Just a quick note to highlight for you this great article from our John O'Rourke and Rich Clayton about Questions to ask SAP about BPC and their EPM Strategy, comparing to Oracle Hyperion EPM.

See here at:


Thursday Nov 17, 2011

Sales & Technical Tutorials: Updated for OBI, BI-Apps and Hyperion EPM


To get the latest updated OBI, BI-Apps and Hyperion EPM Sales & Technical Tutorials, goto the Oracle Business Intelligence and Enterprise Performance Management library for Partners, a compilation of pre-recorded Oracle BI & EPM online tutorials and webinars that have been delivered recently from Oracle: that you can replay at any time.

Sales & Technical Tutorials for OBI, BI-Apps and Hyperion EPM.



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