Tuesday Feb 23, 2016

PBCS & Enterprise PBCS Partner Webcast

Dear Oracle EPM Partner,

With an aggressive Q4 Sales cycle coming up, now’s a perfect time to get a roadmap and status update on Planning & Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) and learn about our new Enterprise Planning & Budgeting Cloud Service (E-PBCS).

We have the pleasure to invite you to attend our Planning in the Cloud Update Webcast Series. These series of webcasts will cover an update on Planning & Budgeting Cloud Service as well as an introduction to our new Enterprise Planning & Budgeting Cloud Service.

These Webcasts will take place as follows, please save the dates in you calendar (webcast details will follow shortly):

DATE CHANGE : please note that the PBCS Update webcast is now postponed to April 18th.

March 17th at at 4 pm UK / 5 pm CET: EPBCS introduction   

· Introduction to Enterprise PBCS

· Financial Statement Planning business process

Oracle Speaker: Marc Seewald, Senior Director Product Management, Oracle

March 22nd at at 4 pm UK / 5 pm CET: Workforce Planning in E-PBCS

· The new Workforce Planning module

1. Workforce Planning model

2. Strategic Workforce Planning model

Oracle Speaker: Mark Rinaldi, Director Product Management, Oracle

March 24th at at 1 pm UK / 2 pm CET: Project Financial Planning & Asset Planning in E-PBCS

· Project Financial Planning module

· Asset Planning module

Oracle Speaker: Marc Seewald, Senior Director Product Management, Oracle

April 18th at 4 pm UK / 5 pm CET: PBCS Update

· Status Update on PBCS including customer implementations.

· Roadmap Update with particular focus on the upcoming release of PBCS.

· Open floor for questions on PBCS, integration, roadmap and any topic related to PBCS.

Oracle Speaker: Shankar Viswanathan, Director Product Management, Oracle

Tuesday Dec 01, 2015

Enterprise Performance Management – Strategy & Roadmap Update Webcasts

Dear Oracle EPM Partner,

We have the pleasure to invite you to attend our coming EPM Strategy & Roadmap Update Webcasts that will take place on December 9th and 10th.

These Webcasts will take place as follow :

· December 9th at 2 pm UK / 3 pm CET Add to Calendar

Planning Domain

- Update on PBCS

- Introduction to Enterprise PBCS

- Introduction to Essbase Cloud Service

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· December 10th at 2 pm UK / 3 pm CET Add to Calendar

Financial Close Domain

- Update on EPRCS

- Introduction to Financial Consolidation & Close Cloud Service (FCCS), Account Reconciliation Cloud Service (ARCS), Tax Provision and Reporting Cloud Service (TPRCS)

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Oracle Speaker: Andreea Vasiliu, EPM Product Strategy

Both webcasts will be recorded and the replay will be made available shortly after.

Friday Aug 01, 2014

Rules of the Road for Enterprise Data Discovery

The challenge many companies face today is that insights remain elusive, even though data and the tools to handle it have proliferated. In response, as discussed in the Gartner, Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms (Publication: February 2014), data discovery capabilities are dominating new purchasing requirements, even for larger deployments, as alternatives to traditional BI tools. But "governed data discovery" - the ability to meet the dual demands of enterprise IT and business users – “remains a challenge unmet by any one vendor” {as seen at the time of the report}.

Some customers have been tempted to go with more departmental solutions (as opposed to a more “Enterprise-class” product) to meet business demands for greater self-service analytics, but are often still frustrated by continuing needs to get access to the right data sources: ultimately finding they have selected a limited product solution which does not deliver on the promised business value.

However, partners familiar with Endeca Information Discovery, especially with version 3.1+, will appreciate that its integration to OBI Foundation, coupled with ease of use and the ability to mash-up disparate data and text sources, give Oracle a pretty good response to this client need for governed enterprise data discovery.

To help you navigate this discussion with your key clients, can I suggest you use this white paper (@ The 5 Rules of the Road for Enterprise Data Discovery) to help clarify the agenda, and to help you to guide them towards a sound strategy which will deliver to them real value.

We do not see this as diminishing the need for a solid BI foundation: indeed this is the pre-requisite for sound data discovery. Enterprise data discovery is a natural complement to existing business intelligence practices and platforms, offering analytic agility without compromising quality. Our suggested rules are:

Tuesday Nov 06, 2012

Why Do Spreadsheets Not Work in an Enterprise Planning Environment ?

“Around 93% of managers gather or analyze information in spreadsheets and 54% spend more time gathering information than analyzing it....”  Find answers in this Whitepaper: some extracts below:

“Traditional budgeting and planning is a straight jacketed and hierarchical exercise.... how many businesses have planning and reporting processes that are smart, agile and aligned? The networked economy challenges the fundamentals of business organization, for example, where does the front-office stop and does the back-office start?  Is it still meaningful to plan for customer, channel, or product profitability, or is transaction profitability the only measure that counts?

“Although conceptually, the idea of enterprise business planning is relatively straightforward it has proven to be illusive, because of over reliance on spreadsheet-bound processes, a lack of control over data quality/management, limited use of advanced planning tools and the cultural impediments that afflict many planning processes.

“In the absence of specialist tools, businesses tend to opt for ‘broad brush’ assumptions in financial plans which merely approximate the more granular assumptions used in operational plans.

“Most businesses are familiar with the relationship between risk and reward but in assessing potential opportunities and developing business plans rarely acknowledge risks and probability in a formal way.

Get your customer to see how they do against the “Enterprise Business Planning Checklist”: get them to read the Whitepaper.



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