Tuesday Nov 26, 2013

Small Steps to Big Data BI&EPM Partner Community Forum January 2014

Open to all OPN partners in EMEA, we are running the Business Analytics Partner Community Forum over two days in London, on 16th and 17th January 2014 - Register Now Here.

This forum entitled “Small Steps to Big Data” will focus on discussing with Partners, how best to exploit the tremendous interest in “Big Data Analytics” and to clarify under what circumstances “R” and “Hadoop” are best deployed, and how these co-exist, integrate with, and extend the capabilities of tools you are already familiar with such as Oracle BI, ODI, Endeca and the Oracle Database. We will consider guidelines to hardware deployments, but the main focus of the forum will be how the software inter-operates: with guest speakers from Cloudera, and other partners who have experience in this field.

On the one hand, I do not think “Big Data=Hadoop”. While on the other, Oracle whole-heartedly embraces useful Open Source innovations such as “R” and “Hadoop”: we are, after all, a big player in Open Source with for example JAVA, NoSql and MySql.

You can download the agenda here.  We will seek to answer questions such as:

· How Big is “Big” ? ... at what size is Hadoop’s MPP approach beneficial ?

· What about “Variety” ? ... how do we digest “Any Data” ?

· Who uses this analytics ? ... a few “Data Scientists” or 100s of “Business Users” ?

· How do you spot a “Big Data Analytics” opportunity ?

· If someone is already using Hadoop, do they want to talk to Oracle ?

· What is NEW, and what is Business-as-Usual ?

Audience: This forum will appeal to CTOs, Solution architects and consultants in Oracle Partners familiar with Oracle’s Business Analytics solutions. We will examine the economics and business cases driving “Big Data Analytics” projects, and dive into the pros-and-cons of technology options available to your customers.

· Day 1 – Thursday 16th Jan. 2014: Starts 11.0 am – Sales and Executive briefing.

o Networking Dinner in Evening

· Day 2 – Friday 17th Jan. 2014: Ends 4.0 pm – Deeper dive technical discussions.

Register Now Here

Tuesday Sep 03, 2013

New Version of Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management

We are pleased to announce the immediate general availability of Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management, Enterprise Edition (FDMEE) Patch Set Update 1 (PSU1 –  available on “My Oracle Support” for partners and customers at http://support.oracle.com (Search for patch 16681929).

This is a significant release for the product because it now provides scripting that allows you to extend and customize the product for implementation specific business rules related to the processing of source data.  A high level description of the new features is provided below, with a detailed description provided in the user documentation.


  • Jython based import, mapping and event scripting
  • Visual Basic event scripting

Financial Management

  • Support for journal loading via excel templates
  • Additional application options
  • New intersection check reports

Custom Target Applications

  • Provides the ability to export data from FDMEE into a user defined flat file format
  • Replaces the data mart and tax adapter features from the legacy FDM product

Additional Features

  • File append and replace methods
  • Load data and mapping rules from an excel formatted file.  Prior releases only supported files in csv formats.
  • Execution of custom calculation scripts for Planning or Essbase
  • Open Batches
  • Batch report execution

Monday Jul 22, 2013

Derive Business Value from Big Data Analytics

Take a look at the new coverage for Big Data Analytics on the Oracle.com site:

Hidden in all the new volumes and varieties of big data is the information your client’s need to grow revenue, cut costs, and innovate. Big data can transform your business, but you have to uncover that new insight with Big Data Analytics.

Monday May 20, 2013

Information Management and Big Data Master-class Webcasts

Watch this great series of 5-minute webcasts to get a good insight into our best practice Information Management and Big Data Reference Architecture.

To view these webcasts, please click here:

  • IM Master Class 1: Architecting the Central Nervous System
  • IM Master Class 2: An Overview of Information Management Components
  • IM Master Class 3: Considerations for Information Sources
  • IM Master Class 4: Architecting a Foundation Layer
  • IM Master Class 5: Considerations for Access and Performance
  • IM Master Class 6: Information Access
  • IM Master Class 7: The Power of Abstraction and Federation
  • IM Master Class 8: Feedback Loops: Information as a Service
  • IM Master Class 9: Securing the Information Management Provision
  • IM Master Class 10: Real-World Examples of IM Architecture
  • IM Master Class 11: Big Data
  • IM Master Class 12: Architecting Big Data

Thursday Apr 18, 2013

Register to Participate in Oracle Data Integrator ODI Specialisation OPN Beta Testing

Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) is Oracle’s strategic product for high performance, flexible, heterogeneous data integration. ODI is our strategic ELT product within the BI-Apps solution, and is the ideal tool for any data warehouse or big data projects.

Download the latest (March 2013) Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle Warehouse Builder statement of direction document.

OPN is preparing the launch of the ODI specialization to match the existing one for Golden Gate. You can participate in this ODI specialization exam beta testing to be in the first group of partners to gain this strategic certificate.

To register please go to this page and click the “Register Now” button.

After we approve your registration (a couple of days) you will get access to the ODI Partner Community Workspace, and we will invite you to participate in the specialization exam beta testing programme.

If you have any questions, please contact directly Milomir Vojvodic, Data Integration, Senior Business Development Manager ( milomir.vojvodic@oracle.com +42 0608 28 32 65 ).

Friday Nov 02, 2012

Drive Innovation from Data with Oracle Business Analytics

Oracle is doing a big marketing push on the transformational value of Business Analytics to our customers, and we hope you as partners can get excited, involved and more business from this campaign.  Work with your local in-country BI business development manager and your partner channel manager: if you want to contribute and are struggling to make contact, then let me know (Mike.Hallett@Oracle.com) and I will facilitate introductions.

Oracle Day Business Analytics Track
Invite your customers to register for their local Oracle Day to get the latest news from OpenWorld and learn about Oracle's Big Data strategy and solution. There is a dedicated Business Analytics track.

Business Analytics Facebook Hub
Encourage your customers to "Like" the Business Analytics Facebook Page @
www.facebook.com/OracleBusinessAnalytics so they can receive useful and interesting information on their Facebook wall.

Tuesday Sep 25, 2012

EMEA Analytics & Data Integration Oracle Partner Forum


For Oracle Partners across Europe, Middle East and Africa: come to hear the latest news from Oracle OpenWorld about Oracle BI & Data Integration, and propel your business growth as an Oracle partner. This event should appeal to BI or Data Integration specialised partners, Executives, Sales, Pre-sales and Solution architects: with a choice of participation in the plenary day and then a set of special interest (technical) sessions.

The follow on breakout sessions from the 13th November provide deeper dives and technical training for those of you who wish to stay for more detailed and hands-on workshops.

Keynote: Andrew Sutherland, SVP Oracle Technology

  • Hot agenda items will include:
    • The Fusion Middleware Stack: Engineered to work together
    • A complete Analytics and Data Integration Solution Architecture: Big Data and Little Data combined
    • In-Memory Analytics for Extreme Insight
    • Latest Product Development Roadmap for Data Integration and Analytics

Venue:  Oracles London CITY Moorgate Offices

Places are limited, Register from this Link {see Register button at bottom right of page}.

Note: Registration for the conference and the deeper dives and technical training is free of charge to OPN member Partners, but you will be responsible for your own travel and hotel expenses.

Event Schedule

During this event you can learn about partner success stories, participate in an array of break-out sessions, exchange information with other partners and enjoy a vibrant panel discussion.

Nov. 12th  : Day 1

Main Plenary Session : Full day, starting 10.30 am. 

   Oracle Hosted Dinner in the Evening

Nov. 13th  onwards

Architecture Masterclass :

IM Reference Architecture – Big Data and Little Data combined

(1 day)

BI-Apps Bootcamp


Oracle GoldenGate workshop

(1 day)

Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle Enterprise Data Quality workshop

(1 day)


For further information and detail download the Agenda (pdf) or contact Michael Hallett at Mike.Hallett@Oracle.com.

Monday Sep 10, 2012

Unlock the Value of Big Data

Partners should read this comprehensive new e-book to get advice from Oracle and industry leaders on how you can use big data to generate new business insights and make better decisions for your customers.

“Big data represents an opportunity averaging 14% of current revenue.” —From the Oracle big data e-book, Meeting the Challenge of Big Data

You’ll gain instant access to:

  • Straightforward approaches for acquiring, organizing, and analyzing data
  • Architectures and tools needed to integrate new data with your existing investments
  • Survey data revealing how leading companies are using big data, so you can benchmark your progress
  • Expert resources such as white papers, analyst videos, 3-D demos, and more

If you want to be ready for the data deluge, Meeting the Challenge of Big Data is a must-read.

Register today for the e-book and read it on your computer or Apple iPad.


Wednesday May 09, 2012

WEBCAST: Big Data Discovery for Social Media using DataSift & Endeca

This webcast is an overview of how Oracle Endeca Information Discovery and DataSift are able to leverage Social Media streams to bring rapid and tangible value to a business by building Social Discovery Applications.

To view the recorded webcast, click PLAY NOW.

DataSift is a social-data platform company, enabling enterprises and entrepreneurs to mine the social web for insights from the billions of public social conversations on Twitter, Facebook, and millions of blogs and forums.  As a licensed Twitter resyndication partner, DataSift gulps down and analyses data across the social-web, enabling companies to create powerful filters to listen for social-signals about brands, breaking news, and public opinion. Delivered as a cloud-platform, DataSift does the heavy-lifting for companies wanting to create social insights for their business.

During the webcast, Stewart Townsend provides an overview and demo of the DataSift platform. This is followed by Walter Ochse from Oracle walking through the architecture and then demonstrating two sample applications.

Friday Mar 09, 2012

BI 3.0 - The Consumerization of Business Intelligence

Attached is a useful and well written article for our partners to consider using with customers & prospects to provide some positioning and guidance around why Oracle Endeca Information Discovery is such a powerful complement to their existing BI strategy.

It provides an agnostic overview of this emerging trend in the BI market towards what has recently been called "BI 3.0", as well as explaining what is behind the various labels such as Data Discovery, Advanced Visualization, Visual Analytics, Business Discovery, Self Serve Business Intelligence, and Agile BI.


Some highlights:

  • Business users are demanding intuitive BI interfaces, in line with the internet experience they are accustomed to, like Google searches or iPhone apps
  • The current low BI utilization rate of about 5% does not provide many companies an acceptable return on their Business Intelligence investment
  • 50% of self serve BI purchasing decisions take place in the business areas and not in IT
  • In-memory techniques allow digestion of huge amounts of information in seconds, what analysts are calling “analysis at the speed of thought” i.e. answers to business questions can be found without interrupting the train of thought
  • Visual Analytics packages are not replacing traditional BI in large organizations but complementing them. They provide fast analytical capabilities to more people that need to gain a competitive edge in the current fast changing market dynamics
  • The new BI generation of tools is taking analytics to a whole new level, hence the triple digit growth rate experienced by many of these tools

Thursday Oct 13, 2011

OBI-Applications data sources, ETL Data Lineage and KPI variables

Occasionally I am asked about where to find better documentation for the BI-Apps data sources.  If you need this, then this is available via the Metalink note (ID 1274680.1), that provides a link to an Excel spreadsheet documenting the data “lineage” of the information found in the BI Apps data warehouse: it is almost 8 MB, in a zip file online link.

Also you may be interested in the Metalink note (ID 846917.1) that contains a link to the Business Analytics Metric Reference Guide.  This contains information on the KPIs and on how certain variables are calculated. 

Hope this helps you in your BI-Apps engagements.

Short-cuts to the download links, so you don’t have to read the entire Metalink notes:

BI_Apps_7.9.6.2_7.9.6.3_DL.zip (7,991.54 KB)

Metrics Reference guide for 796 (7,754.88 KB)

Oracle Business Intelligence Applications ETL Data Lineage Guide Release and [Article ID 1274680.1]

Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Metrics Reference Guide Release 7.9.6, [ID 846917.1]

Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Content Guide Release [ID 1264878.1]

Oracle Business Analytics Warehouse Data Model Reference Version 7.9.6, and [ID 819373.1]



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