Friday Jun 28, 2013

Business Analytics Oracle Partner Advisory Council 2013

WHEN: Friday the 20th of September 2013 (just before OpenWorld)

Register by: 1st of August 2013

WHERE: Sofitel San Francisco Bay

223 Twin Dolphin Drive, 94065 REDWOOD CITY, CA, USA

Don’t miss this once a year opportunity to meet and drive a closer engagement with Oracle’s global Product Management Team:

  • Oracle global Product Management will host this workshop.
  • Target group: ACE Directors, Lead Consultants and key architects from our partners
  • Topics: Product Development Roadmap, Partner project experience, your feedback, Q&A session
  • For any inquiries please contact

As part of registering for the event, please note that you will need to complete the BI / EPM PAC-survey. Thank you for taking the time to provide this, your valuable input.

The PAC (one for BI, and a separate track for Hyperion) is free of charge, but is only for OPN Specialised member partners, and is subject to availability. (Please do not attend unless you have received a confirmation from Oracle to do so.)

Registration Link Coming Soon

We do hope you will be able to join us - and I look forward to welcoming you in San Francisco.

Thursday Feb 21, 2013

Business Intelligence Master-class for Partners

Wednesday 6th March 2013, Reading, UK

Business Intelligence projects are consistently top priority and are seen by many organisations as the key driver of transformational change.

Join our Business Intelligence Master-class for Partners on 6th March 2013, where you'll learn how Oracle's reference architecture can address key issues in a timely, pragmatic and reliable way.

Due to the great success of previous Master Classes on this subject, your presenters will follow a "free format" agenda using Whiteboards rather than formal presentations to allow as much interaction with you as possible.

Who should attend?

This session is aimed at Oracle partners who are IT Architects and BI & Data Warehouse specialists.
Please note: This workshop is highly interactive, and as such does not involve slide presentations or product feature details, it addresses Architectural issues and considerations for the Architect Community. Please come prepared to take your own notes.

To prepare for the workshop, it will be useful to read the paper on Information Management and Big Data Reference Architecture.

Oracle Corporation UK Ltd

TVP510 - Room: Henley Suite

Oracle Parkway
Thames Valley Park
Berkshire RG6 1RA

Registrations: 9:45 am for 10:00 am – 4:00 pm (Price: FREE to OPN Partners)

Thursday Jan 03, 2013

OBE Oracle-by-Example BI & EPM tutorials in the Learning Library

Try this excellent library of OBE (Oracle-by-Example) tutorials from the OTN Learning Library.

There are + 160 titles for Hyperion and financial management (Click Here for the full EPM library).

And, there are more than 90 different Tutorials for BI (Click Here for the full BI library) such as :




Creating Analyses and Building Dashboards in Oracle BI EE 11g (


120 mins

Creating a Repository Using Oracle BI 11g Administration Tool


360 mins

Oracle Advanced Analytics and Oracle Data Mining Demonstration


70 mins

Building Maps for Oracle Business Intelligence Analyses and Dashboard


90 mins

Setting Up Usage Tracking in Oracle BI 11g


30 mins

Getting Started with Oracle BI Publisher


60 mins

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c: Install and Integrate BI Publisher


4 mins

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c: Implement the BI Publisher Security Model


6 mins

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c: Create a BI Publisher Report


13 mins

Sending Alerts in Oracle BI EE 11g by Using Oracle BI Delivers


60 mins

Upgrading Oracle Business Intelligence from 10g to 11g


45 mins

Integrating Oracle Essbase with Oracle Business Intelligence 11g


45 mins

Tuesday Dec 04, 2012

eSeminar ISV Partner Update: High Quality Reporting for Your Applications

Play eSeminar Duration: 18 Minutes         Description:

This webinar presents to ISV Partners Oracle’s latest release of BI Publisher, and describes how this tool can make their applications more competitive and appealing to their customers by providing High Quality Reporting and Business Intelligence embedded into their solution. • BI Publisher can Provide All Reports… at Lower Cost • Easier, with Better Developer Productivity • Better Managed : Better Performance, Less Administration • Highest Quality : Pixel Perfect and Interactive Reporting.

Play eSeminar (Only accessible to Oracle Partners).

Wednesday May 09, 2012

New BI/EPM iPhone blog app

Announcing the BI/EPM Blog iPhone App.

In order to access you can download the app on your iPhone /iPad from this link 

To navigate to the blog select 'Partner Network -> Blogs -> BI & EPM Partner Community

Tuesday May 08, 2012

New Oracle BI Publisher Trial Edition Now Available

Oracle BI Publisher Trial Edition is now available on OTN: this is great for demos and evaluations.



  • Small, lightweight download (~600 MB)
  • 5 minute Install - fully configured and running
  • Quick Start Guide
  • 29 new Samples (over 60 total) fully indexed with feature descriptions

BI Publisher Trial Edition is not supported for production deployments.  You can save any reports developed on the Trial Edition and upload to your production environment.

Get It here @ the BI Publisher Download page and get started with BI Publisher today.

Thursday May 03, 2012

Oracle UK BI Customer Marketing Events Summer 2012

Below are some examples of Oracle UK BI customer marketing events scheduled for the near future.  These are open to Partners to attend, and indeed you can run similar events to these to your customers in your country by accessing the marketing event kits (available in multiple European languages) that we provide to OPN Partners such as the BI Applications Test Drive: Joint Partner+Oracle Go To Market Initiatives.

Event Name

& Date



BI Architecture


14 June 2012



The session is aimed at Architects and Infrastructure managers facing the challenges associated with managing complex multi-tier enterprise information architectures who wish to gain an understanding of reference architectures.


Financial Analytics

- BI Applications

19 June 2012

16 October 2012


Take a ‘Test drive’ on Oracle Financial Analytics, explore its prebuilt business metrics and reports, and see how it can help you to get the insight your organization needs to make better, informed decisions.


Procurement Analytics

- BI Applications

19 June 2012

16 October 2012


Take a ‘Test drive’ on Oracle Procurement and Spend Analytics, explore its prebuilt business metrics and reports, and see how it can help you to get the insight your organization needs to make better, informed decisions.


HR Analytics

- BI Applications

20 June 2012

17 October 2012


Take a ‘Test drive’ on Oracle HR Analytics, explore its prebuilt business metrics and reports, and see how it can help you to get the insight your organization needs to make better, informed decisions.


CRM Analytics

- BI Applications

20 June 2012

17 October 2012


Take a ‘Test drive’ on Oracle CRM Analytics, explore its prebuilt business metrics and reports, and see how it can help you to get the insight your organization needs to make better, informed decisions.


Project Analytics

- BI Applications

(run by Projected Consulting)

21 June 2012

18 October 2012


Take a ‘Test drive’ on Oracle Project Analytics, explore its prebuilt business metrics and reports, and see how it can help you to get the insight your organization needs to make better, informed decisions.

Tuesday Mar 27, 2012

Oracle Endeca "Getting Started" Partner Guide

For partners looking for a concise step by step guide to getting started with Oracle Endeca Information Discovery, here it is to help you get started as quickly as possible.

  • Step 1: Join the Knowledge Zone as a company and an individual - this will give you a) the right to resell Oracle Endeca ID, and b) notice of any free / subsidised training events in your region
  • Step 2: For a quick general overview & positioning see the following article, in particular the Agile BI Video series which are useful in sharing with prospective clients. Also find a link to the official OEID Data Sheet.
  • Step 3: For a more detailed overview there is a live recorded OEID partner webcast with downloadable slides. In conjunction with this, your sales / presales team have free access to the official OEID Partner Playbook as well as the full Oracle price book.
  • Step 4: Download the OEID software and install. Please be aware you will need a 64-bit machine & a 64-bit Operating System. A useful solution for partners that have a 32-bit Operating System is to use Oracle's free VirtualBox software to quickly and easily create a Linux image and install on that.
  • Step 5: Get started building a first application using the YouTube channel as well as resources on is
  • Attend a free / subsidised training event in your region (keep an eye on the blog for updates + join Knowledge Zone as an Individual (opt in) to be informed of these. 

Things are moving fast, so please be aware that the team are working hard to produce more and more material such as downloadable data sets (structured / unstructured), a downloadable image, access to demos, and over the next few weeks we will update this article as soon as new material becomes available!

Friday Mar 09, 2012

BI 3.0 - The Consumerization of Business Intelligence

Attached is a useful and well written article for our partners to consider using with customers & prospects to provide some positioning and guidance around why Oracle Endeca Information Discovery is such a powerful complement to their existing BI strategy.

It provides an agnostic overview of this emerging trend in the BI market towards what has recently been called "BI 3.0", as well as explaining what is behind the various labels such as Data Discovery, Advanced Visualization, Visual Analytics, Business Discovery, Self Serve Business Intelligence, and Agile BI.

Some highlights:

  • Business users are demanding intuitive BI interfaces, in line with the internet experience they are accustomed to, like Google searches or iPhone apps
  • The current low BI utilization rate of about 5% does not provide many companies an acceptable return on their Business Intelligence investment
  • 50% of self serve BI purchasing decisions take place in the business areas and not in IT
  • In-memory techniques allow digestion of huge amounts of information in seconds, what analysts are calling “analysis at the speed of thought” i.e. answers to business questions can be found without interrupting the train of thought
  • Visual Analytics packages are not replacing traditional BI in large organizations but complementing them. They provide fast analytical capabilities to more people that need to gain a competitive edge in the current fast changing market dynamics
  • The new BI generation of tools is taking analytics to a whole new level, hence the triple digit growth rate experienced by many of these tools

Tuesday Jan 31, 2012

Oracle Leapfrogs BI Competitors By Acquiring Endeca

"Oracle Leapfrogs BI Competitors By Acquiring Endeca...."

  • But then I would say that would'nt I ?

Maybe you should also see what Boris Evelson of Forrester has to say on the subject, here at:

Tuesday Dec 20, 2011

Oracle Hyperion & BI Competence - Partner Webcast

JANUARY 16TH, 2012 AT 04:00 PM CET (03:00 PM GMT)

The Competence programme will present Oracle Application Products' new functions and features including sales positioning. The key objective of these webcasts is to inspire System Integrator's implementation personnel to identify up-sell opportunities in their Customer projects.



To Register

EPM / Business Intelligence Foundation Suite – Sales and Product Updates

Liviu Nitescu
(Senior BI Sales Consultant – EPC) 

Register Now

EPM / Hyperion Planning - Sales & Product Updates

Andreea Voinea
(EPM Sales Consultant – EPC)

Register Now

For more details please visit Competence other breakout sessions.

Delivery Format - Competence programmme (Competence Virtual) is a series of FREE pre-recorded Applications products presentations (less than 1 hour) followed by Q&A. It will be delivered over the Web. Participants have the opportunity to submit questions during the webcast via a chat box and subject matter experts will provide verbal answers live. You can also see Competence afterwards as its content will be available online for the next 6-12 months.


Friday Nov 04, 2011

EMEA BI & EPM Partner Executive Briefing - Thursday December 1, 2011 - London UK

Register Here!

This 1-day event will give all EMEA BI & EPM Hyperion Partners an opportunity for insight into Oracle’s latest product releases for Business Intelligence and Enterprise Performance Management, an update on our overall BI and EPM products strategy, and strategic product roadmaps and directions.

Attendees can also interact and have open dialogue with the Oracle BI and EPM Product Development Senior Management team on new product releases, product roadmap plans, and how you can partner to drive more revenue and success with your clients.


  • Come and learn about the newest releases of Oracle BI and EPM, including the recently announced engineered system, the Oracle Exalytics in-memory machine, and how these solutions are enabling enterprises to improve timely and accurate role-based insight, and drive business strategy and performance.
  • Learn first-hand from Oracle Product Development where Oracle will be taking Business Intelligence, BI Applications, and Enterprise Performance Management over the next 12 to 18 months – via dedicated breakout sessions -- so that you can confidently guide and advise your clients.
  • Learn how the next generation of enterprise applications, Oracle Fusion Applications, is leveraging Oracle Business Intelligence 11g, BI Applications, and integration with Enterprise Performance Management.

Wednesday Oct 12, 2011

Oracle Business Analytics Summits Around Europe, Middle East and Africa

Oracle, the #1 provider of business analytics software, invites our customers and partners to join us for an information-packed event where you'll learn about the recently announced Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Business Intelligence Machine, the industry's first engineered system for analytics. The event will also provide valuable information about the latest trends, best practices, and innovations in business intelligence, analytics applications, and data warehousing.

If you are an IT professional involved in BI strategy, program management, systems management, architecture, or deployment, this event is for you. You'll find out about:

  • New ways of deploying and delivering business intelligence on premise, in the cloud, and on mobile devices to a diverse base of business users
  • New approaches for integrating, storing, managing, securing, and accessing your ever-growing volumes of structured and unstructured data
  • The latest strategies for dramatically increasing the ROI of your ERP and CRM deployments

Choose a city below and register for an Oracle Business Analytics Summit event near you.       


October 11

October 17

(Oracle Day)

October 18

October 19

(Oracle Day)

October 19

October 20

Kuwait City
October 26

October 26

(Oracle Day)

October 27

October 27

(Oracle Day)

October 27

(Oracle Day)

October 31

(Oracle Day)

November 1

(Oracle Day)

November 1

November 1

(Oracle Day)

November 2

November 2

(Oracle Day)

November 3

(Oracle Day)

November 8

November 8

November 10

November 10

(Oracle Day)

November 15

(Oracle Day)

November 17

November 17

Abu Dhabi
November 21

(Oracle Day)

November 22

November 30

(Oracle Day)

Friday Oct 07, 2011

Exalytics In-Memory Oracle Business Intelligence eSeminar REPLAYS

Big excitement at OpenWorld this week, with standing room only for the launch of Oracle's new Exalytics “In-Memory BI Machine” for BI & EPM.

Exalytics enables business users to gain quicker insight, make better decisions, and take immediate action. Based on proven in-memory technology on an engineered hardware and software system, Exalytics lowers cost of ownership and reduces operational risk. Exalytics supports all Oracle BI Applications, Essbase and Hyperion Planning out of the box.

Exalytics is an integrated software and hardware solution for:

· Fastest Visual Data Discovery - Lightening fast Reports | Dashboards | Ad-Hoc analysis

· Smartest Financial Operational Planning - Near Real Time, Accurate Forecasting, What-if & Scenario Modeling

· Best User Experience - Easy, Effective, Intuitive user experience

See here for more information :

This eSeminar series is focused on teaching Oracle Partners how to sell and demonstrate Exalytics, and how Exalytics can complement your current portfolio of services to your customers.

REPLAY the recording for these webcasts here at :

  • Webcast Replay: Oracle Exalytics: In-Memory Analytics Technical Overview (link)
  • Exalytics in Action: Airlines, US Census and Federal Spending Demo Applications (available here)
  • Tuesday Sep 27, 2011

    Updated customer videos and shrink-wrapped Demos

    We have updated customer Videos and also shrink-wrapped Demos which you can share with your customers:

    Customer Videos

    Self-running Demos

    These can all be found near the top of the page in the VIDEO and DEMO tabs:



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