Friday Nov 08, 2013

New Version 3.1 Endeca Information Discovery Now Available

Business User Self-Service Data Mash-up Analysis and Discovery

integrated with OBI11g and Hadoop

Oracle Endeca Information Discovery 3.1 (OEID) is a major release that incorporates significant new self-service discovery capabilities for business users, including agile data mashup, extended support for unstructured analytics, and an even tighter integration with Oracle BI.

· Self-Service Data Mashup and Discovery Dashboards: business users can combine information from multiple sources, including their own up-loaded spreadsheets, to conduct analysis on the complete set. Creating discovery dashboards has been made even easier by intuitive drag-and drop layouts and wizard-based configuration.  Business users can now build new discovery applications in minutes, without depending on IT.

· Enhanced Integration with Oracle BI: OEID 3.1 enhances its’ native integration with Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation. Business users can now incorporate information from trusted BI warehouses, leveraging dimensions and attributes defined in Oracle’s Common Enterprise Information Model, but evolve them based on the varying day-to-day demands and requirements that they personally manage.

· Deep Unstructured Analysis: business users can gain new insights from a wide variety of enterprise and public sources, helping companies to build an actionable Big Data strategy. With OEID’s long-standing differentiation in correlating unstructured information with structured data, business users can now perform their own text mining to identify hidden concepts, without having to request support from IT. They can augment these insights with best in class keyword search and pattern matching, all in the context of rich, interactive visualizations and analytic summaries.

· Enterprise-Class Self-Service Discovery: OEID 3.1 enables IT to provide a powerful self-service platform to the business as part of a broader Business Analytics strategy, preserving the value of existing investments in data quality, governance, and security. Business users can take advantage of IT-curated information to drive discovery across high volumes and varieties of data, and share insights with colleagues at a moment’s notice.

· Harvest Content from the Web with the Endeca Web Acquisition Toolkit: Oracle now provides best-of-breed data access to website content through the Oracle Endeca Web Acquisition Toolkit. This provides an agile, graphical interface for developers to rapidly access and integrate any information exposed through a web front-end. Organizations can now cost-effectively include content from consumer sites, industry forums, government or supplier portals, cloud applications, and myriad other web sources as part of their overall strategy for data discovery and unstructured analytics.

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Wednesday Mar 28, 2012

Hands on with Endeca Information Discovery

I would like to draw your attention to a very useful external site for partners looking to self-start with Endeca. Using the information in this site you or your team should be able to be up and running with your first Agile BI application built in a few hours. 


For those who learn best by doing, this is a great way to get a head start prior to attending classroom based training.

Tuesday Mar 27, 2012

Oracle Endeca "Getting Started" Partner Guide

For partners looking for a concise step by step guide to getting started with Oracle Endeca Information Discovery, here it is to help you get started as quickly as possible.

  • Step 1: Join the Knowledge Zone as a company and an individual - this will give you a) the right to resell Oracle Endeca ID, and b) notice of any free / subsidised training events in your region
  • Step 2: For a quick general overview & positioning see the following article, in particular the Agile BI Video series which are useful in sharing with prospective clients. Also find a link to the official OEID Data Sheet.
  • Step 3: For a more detailed overview there is a live recorded OEID partner webcast with downloadable slides. In conjunction with this, your sales / presales team have free access to the official OEID Partner Playbook as well as the full Oracle price book.
  • Step 4: Download the OEID software and install. Please be aware you will need a 64-bit machine & a 64-bit Operating System. A useful solution for partners that have a 32-bit Operating System is to use Oracle's free VirtualBox software to quickly and easily create a Linux image and install on that.
  • Step 5: Get started building a first application using the YouTube channel as well as resources on is
  • Attend a free / subsidised training event in your region (keep an eye on the blog for updates + join Knowledge Zone as an Individual (opt in) to be informed of these. 

Things are moving fast, so please be aware that the team are working hard to produce more and more material such as downloadable data sets (structured / unstructured), a downloadable image, access to demos, and over the next few weeks we will update this article as soon as new material becomes available!

Friday Mar 09, 2012

BI 3.0 - The Consumerization of Business Intelligence

Attached is a useful and well written article for our partners to consider using with customers & prospects to provide some positioning and guidance around why Oracle Endeca Information Discovery is such a powerful complement to their existing BI strategy.

It provides an agnostic overview of this emerging trend in the BI market towards what has recently been called "BI 3.0", as well as explaining what is behind the various labels such as Data Discovery, Advanced Visualization, Visual Analytics, Business Discovery, Self Serve Business Intelligence, and Agile BI.

Some highlights:

  • Business users are demanding intuitive BI interfaces, in line with the internet experience they are accustomed to, like Google searches or iPhone apps
  • The current low BI utilization rate of about 5% does not provide many companies an acceptable return on their Business Intelligence investment
  • 50% of self serve BI purchasing decisions take place in the business areas and not in IT
  • In-memory techniques allow digestion of huge amounts of information in seconds, what analysts are calling “analysis at the speed of thought” i.e. answers to business questions can be found without interrupting the train of thought
  • Visual Analytics packages are not replacing traditional BI in large organizations but complementing them. They provide fast analytical capabilities to more people that need to gain a competitive edge in the current fast changing market dynamics
  • The new BI generation of tools is taking analytics to a whole new level, hence the triple digit growth rate experienced by many of these tools

Tuesday Feb 07, 2012

Agile Analytics and Information Discovery with Oracle Endeca

As of February 2012, Oracle can now provide Endeca Information Discovery (EID) to its customers and partners.

The Endeca Information Discovery product is available today, and is being used by customers to rapidly enable useful intelligence to be gleaned from a diverse set of sources to bring real business benefits such as:

  • Combining valid social sentiment analysis with enterprise data to identify threats and opportunities across product lines impacting top line and bottom line revenues,

  • Achieving previously impossible business outcomes such as using unstructured claim information to create a model for pricing risk in the insurance industry,

  • Quickly combining a large variety of data types (without the need for modelling) to identify security threats (Endeca is used by some of the world’s largest government intelligence agencies).

For some useful and brief getting started information on Endeca please see the following links:

We also welcome Grant Schofield into Oracle from Endeca, where he was working with their European partner network. Grant brings to us a wealth of knowledge about this exciting market opportunity for us all, and provides continuity for the Endeca partners who we hope will all become strong Oracle partners too.



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