Friday Feb 03, 2012

BI&EPM in Focus - February 2012

General News

  • REPLAY the EMEA Oracle BI&EPM Partner Community Video-Cast (originally Jan. 26th 2012): this introduction to the Oracle Partner BI & EPM Community will bring you a wealth of new opportunities.

  • EPM Blog: Questions to Ask SAP About BPC and Their EPM Strategy (link)

  • Looking for material on EPM/BI subjects for your customer or prospect?  Take a look at our  whitepaper library on (link)



  • In depth technical workshops from PTS {no cost to Gold + partners}:

  • Feb 16: Big Data Essentials - What you need to know.  Register today for this half-day online event here (link)

  • Feb 16 11am PST: CFO Webcast - Leveraging the Potential of XBRL: Making Production and Consumption Easier (link)

  • Feb 23: Foundation Analytics: Developing New Analytic Models Using Oracle® Business Intelligence Foundation Suite (Marketsphere) (link)

  • Webcast Replay: In-memory Analysis: Delivery Insights at the Speed of Thought – by TechTarget  (link)

  • Webcast Replay Customer Case Study: Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts - Align Strategic and Financial Planning Processes (link)

  • Webcast Replay:  Real Time Access to Financial Information & Analytics for HFM. (link)

Enterprise Performance Management

  • Webcast Replay: Coming Soon - Oracle Hyperion Project Financial Planning (link)

  • Profit Magazine - KPIs vs. the Bottom Line: Are key performance indicators more important than the big picture? (link)

  • Profit Magazine - Pervasive EPM in Oracle products can help planners in volatile times (link)

  • Blog: EPM Resolutions for 2012 (link)

Business Intelligence

Wednesday Jan 18, 2012

Advanced Analytics Training for Oracle Partners - March 1st 2012 in UK

Hands-on Training for Oracle Data-Mining and Oracle R-Enterprise

Where is the knowledge that is lost in information?

Where is the wisdom that is lost in knowledge? - T.S.Eliot

2-day Workshop - March 1st 2012 : Oracle London, UK

Workshop Description

“Big data”, without deep analytics, is just “data”. Data doesn’t become useful, actionable information until data analysis and interpretation are performed. Advanced Analytics is needed to extract meaning from data, creating valuable information that helps companies and organizations to:

  • Better understand customers, their behaviour and their needs

  • Perform a wide range of basic and statistical analyses

  • Build predictive models

  • Detect anomalies, potential fraud and rare events

  • Develop greater insight and understanding

Oracle's Advanced Analytics tools transform the Oracle Database into a powerful data mining, predictive analytics, statistics and advanced analytics platform. The Oracle Advanced Analytics Option, which bundles both Oracle Data Mining and Oracle R Enterprise together, enables companies to bring the algorithms to the data as compared to the traditional approach of extracting data to specialized and expensive dedicated statistical/data mining servers.

With the Oracle Advanced Analytics Option, data movement is eliminated, or dramatically reduced, while analytical and compute intensive operations are performed within the database where the data resides; significantly improving performance and reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of analytics.

The Oracle Advanced Analytics Option integrates a comprehensive array of predictive analytics, data mining, text mining, basic and advanced statistical functions and analytics into the database.

  1. Oracle Data Mining provides powerful machine learning techniques that run as SQL functions for in-database data preparation, model build and model deployment.

  2. Oracle R Enterprise integrates the popular R statistical programming environment with the Database to further extend the Database’s analytical capabilities. Oracle R Enterprise can be used to address an extensive variety of data driven problems.


This 2-day Hands on Training for Oracle Data Mining (ODM) and Oracle R Enterprise (ORE) is designed for Oracle Partners’ Consultants to gain an overview of ODM, ODM value proposition(s), competitive advantages and differentiators, and example customer use cases, as well as some proficiency in using these software tools.

During this training course, you will learn:

  • Data Mining, Predictive Analytics and Advanced Analytics Overview

  • How to use the SQL Developer/Oracle Data Miner GUI to mine demo data

  • Ideas for integration of ODM results into OBIEE dashboards and Applications

  • Basic concepts and most common Oracle R Enterprise command, functionality and demo scripts

  • We will also introduce you to Oracle RTD (Real Time Decisions) to position this compared to ODM and ORE.

Training Goals:

  • Students should understand the basics of Oracle Data Mining and will be able to use the Oracle Data Miner GUI

  • Students should become familiar with Oracle R Enterprise and do simple "Hello world" examples

  • Students will understand resources to self-study and learn more after this course.


Students must come to the class with their own laptops with the following:

  • Oracle Database 11g Release, including Sample Examples data installed
  • SQL Developer 3.1 with Oracle Data Mining Extension installed - download 3.1 EA3
  • Oracle R Enterprise installed + open source R

Additional pointers to pre-course resources and study aides will be available before the class. For more info goto ODM on OTN And ODM Examples E-Tutorials.


· Oracle Partners in EMEA:

o Consultants familiar with Oracle BI or Oracle Essbase

o Consultants familiar with other advanced analytics and statistical tools

Schedule - March 1st and 2nd 2012

Places are limited, and we will confirm your registration within two weeks of the event. This training is free to Oracle Gold or Platinum partners.

Thursday Jan 12, 2012

OBI 11g Hands-on “Partner Developer Day” 23 January 2012 in UK

You can come to our FREE half-day Developer Day covering Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g on the 23rd January 2012 at the Oracle Offices, Reading, UK.

This is NOT a in-depth training session: the intention is to provide developers and architects with an introductory hands-on overview of Oracle BI EE 11g and its various components.

  • Discover how through ease-of-use, you can unlock IT resources from report and dashboard development and put the power back in the hands of the business.
  • Learn how the toolset delivers "a single version of the truth", for complete, trustworthy and relevant insight - regardless of where or how information is used.
  • Experience how to empower decision-making processes with greater business insight. Increase productivity, drive agility, and provide a complete perspective on your past, current and future business performance.
  • Attain true self-service BI through intuitive and consistent and productive tools.

After an introductory presentation, Oracle experts will guide you through a hands-on tutorial where you can:

  • Construct dashboards and reports
  • See how information can be visualised, analyzed and consumed to suit your needs
  • Add interactive maps to the dashboards and experience advanced visualisation

In addition, gain an understanding of the architectural components of BI EE, how to build and maintain metadata in the BI Server, and see the new Oracle Strategy and Scorecard tool.

Note:  Please bring your own laptops.

Duration: half-day - 23rd January 2012

09.00 am Registration & Start
13.30 pm Finish

Oracle Customer Visit Center
Oracle Parkway
510 Thames Valley Park
Berkshire RG6 1RA


Please register using your email address provided by your company. Personal email addresses such as gmail, hotmail etc. are no longer accepted for free Partner Enablement courses.

To register, please click on the link below. This will direct you to our online registration system. You will be prompted to log on to OPN with your usual partner login and password.

PLEASE NOTE : In order to complete the registration you will need your OPN agreement name. If you do not have this information contact the Oracle University Partner Education Hotline at: 0118 92 40700.

REGISTER HERE: 23rd January 2012, Oracle Reading

Tuesday Jan 10, 2012

BI&EPM in Focus - January 2012

General News

  • December Edition of EPM/BI Customer Newsletter: Oracle Acquires Endeca, New Crystal Ball Release, How Oracle Brought XBRL Filing in House.  Encourage your customers to subscribe now! (link)
  • Blog: EPM Resolutions for 2012 (link)
  • OVUM Analyst Report - Oracle Exalytics: An Engineered System for Business Analytics (link)


Enterprise Performance Management

  • Jan 25: Successful Long-Term Planning for Higher Education (link), by Ranzal
  • Jan 26: North County Transit Explains the Benefits of Automating Environmental Reporting  (link)
  • Feb 16 11am PST: Leveraging the Potential of XBRL: Making Production and Consumption Easier (link), at
  • Profit Magazine - KPIs vs. the Bottom Line: Are key performance indicators more important than the big picture? (link)
  • Profit Magazine - Pervasive EPM in Oracle products can help planners in volatile times (link)
  • Sustainability Reporting Partner Webcast REPLAY

Business  Intelligence

  • New BI Applications ERP Product Guide “SOLUTION IN DETAIL” - includes OBIEE 11g screen shots
  • Webcast Replay: Improve Workforce Productivity and Drive Successful HR Programs with Oracle HR Analytics (link)
  • Webcast Replay: Oracle Financial Analytics Case Study featuring McDonalds (KPI Partners) (link)
  • Webcast Replay: Turn Insights into Real-Time Actions with Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile  (link)
  • Webcast Replay: Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine: Overview for Customer Presentations (link)
  • Webcast Replay: Oracle Exalytics: In-Memory Analytics Technical Overview (link)

Thursday Dec 08, 2011

2012 Partner Training Programmes for Game-Changing Exalytics and Endeca

Getting specialised has never been more important, than now. Go here to find out how.

I am putting together the 2012 Partner training programmes for our new game-changing Exalytics and Endeca rollouts, to enable you to deliver services to your clients. But as always, places are limited, and I have to give preference to accepting specialised partners, and most specifically the specialised BI & EPM implementation consultants for these free-to-partner in-depth hands-on workshops. Join our community and get specialised to ensure you are invited to these.

Even though we have now some 1,000 “OPN Certified” specialised BI & EPM partner implementation consultants throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), I am regularly told by my sales teams, customers and partners that the demand is well out-stripping supply for BI and EPM due to the incredible growth and gains in market share that Oracle is winning here.

We need to at least double this number in 2012, and we see a number of partner practices actively cross-training their people away from legacy (our competitor’s) products to OBI and Hyperion. And we (the Oracle Partner Network) provide subsidised or free-to-partner BI / EPM Bootcamps (typically 3 to 5 days hands-on workshops) to get you up-to-speed as quickly as possible. There were, for example, some 100 of these BI / EPM Partner Bootcamps in EMEA in 2011: and we have an expanding schedule coming up for 2012.

Join our BI&EPM Partner community and get specialised to ensure you and your teams are invited to these.

Meanwhile you can REPLAY these tutorial recordings here at :

  • Webcast Replay: Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine: Overview for Customer Presentations (link)
  • Webcast Replay: Oracle Exalytics: In-Memory Analytics Technical Overview (link)
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