Oracle Analytics, Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and Big Data Updates for Oracle Partners in Europe,...

Partners’ Get-Started-Kit with Oracle Big Data and Analytics

Mike Hallett
Partner Development for Business Analytics

If you are
struggling with how (and why) to get started with “Big Data” and Hadoop based
tools with Oracle and your Analytics practice, then see below for some
resources and I will post some additional topics and hints on this theme in the
next month. Especially start by trying
the ETL tools (ODI & GoldenGate) on Hadoop as a lower cost ETL and staging platform
for any data warehouse, and try out the new Oracle Big Data Discovery, Now
Available - The Visual Face of Hadoop.

Hands-on Labs - Big
Data and Analytics

There are several
hands-on-labs available to help you get started with the platform which you can
practice by downloading the pre-configured VM (
Big Data Lite Virtual Machine

Oracle Big Data Learning Library

Numerous hands on labs and videos for capabilities
that span the Oracle Big Data platform.

Analyze All Your Data with Oracle Big Data SQL

Learn how to securely analyze all your data - across
both Hadoop and Oracle Database 12c - using Oracle Big Data SQL

Access Data in Oracle NoSQL Database from Oracle Database

Access data in Oracle NoSQL Database from Oracle Database
12c using external tables.

Tame Big Data with Oracle Data Integration

Learn about how to design Hadoop data integration
using Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle GoldenGate.

Integrate Hadoop Data with Oracle Database using Oracle Big
Data Connectors

Use Oracle Loader for Hadoop to efficiently load data
into the Oracle Database using MapReduce jobs. Access data in HDFS directly
from the Oracle Database using Oracle SQL Connector for Hadoop.

Using SQL Pattern Matching

This series features both OBEs and recorded webcasts.
Learn how to use SQL for Pattern Matching. Row pattern matching in native SQL
improves application and development productivity and query efficiency for row-sequence

Oracle Data Mining 12c Tutorial Series

The OBE's in this series provide you with instructions
on how to perform data mining with Oracle Database 12c, by using Oracle Data
Miner 4.0. Oracle Data Miner 4.0 is included as an extension of Oracle SQL
Developer, version 4.0.

Oracle R Enterprise v 1.4 - Tutorial Series

Oracle R Enterprise (ORE), a component of the Oracle
Advanced Analytics Option, makes the open source R statistical programming
language and environment ready for the enterprise and big data.

Introduction to Oracle NoSQL Database

Use Oracle NoSQL Database in the context of the Oracle
MoviePlex application. Create schemas, load data and then utilize that data
in the online movie application.

Oracle NoSQL Database - Installation/cluster topology
(pdf | scripts)

Learn how simple and intuitive it is to deploy a
highly available (production ready) Oracle NoSQL Database cluster.

Data Manipulation with Hive and Pig (pdf 
| script)

A Quick introduction to HDFS, Pig and Hive.

Big Data Lite Virtual Machine
: Free Download (for testing, demo and
educational purposes only)

(version 4.0.1) provides an integrated environment to help you get started with
Big Data. Many Oracle Big Data platform components have been installed and
configured - allowing you to begin using the system right away, including:

  • Oracle
    Database 12c
    Release 1 Enterprise Edition (
  • Oracle Big Data SQL-enabled external tables
  • Cloudera
    Distribution including Apache Hadoop (CDH5.1.2)
  • Oracle Big Data Connectors 4.0
  • Oracle NoSQL
    Database Enterprise Edition 12cR1 (3.0.14)
  • Oracle JDeveloper
    12c (12.1.3)
  • Oracle SQL Developer and Data Modeler 4.0.3
  • Oracle
    Data Integrator 12c
    R1 (12.1.3)
  • Oracle
    GoldenGate 12c
  • Oracle R Distribution 3.1.1

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