Tuesday Jul 30, 2013

Oracle Business Intelligence Training Workshops in UK in September

These trainings are free of charge and only available to OPN member partners from any country in EMEA.

Oracle Business Intelligence 10g to 11g Upgrade 3-day Workshop

If you are a Business Intelligence practitioner and familiar with Oracle BI version 10g, then this work shop will upgrade your knowledge to the latest version of OBI 11g technology, reporting solutions and new features. The Workshop provides opportunities to practice with the OBIEE 11g environment in hands on activities. Participants will gain in-depth understanding of the new architecture of OBIEE 11g security mode, installation & configuration as well as reporting aspects like new ROLAP / MOLAP style hierarchical browsing, new chart types, the Action Framework and Advanced Visualisation. This will prepare you to take the OBI11g OPN Specialisation exam.

Audience for 10g to 11g Workshop

  • Business Intelligence Application Developer or Consultant familiar with Oracle BI version 10g
  • Data Warehouse Developer familiar with Oracle BI version 10g
  • Enterprise Architects & Industry Solutions Architects

Event Details: Tuesday, Sep 10 - Sep 12, 2013, 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM

Oracle Office in Reading
Building 510, Oracle Parkway Thames Valley Park,
Reading, RG6 1RA
United Kingdom

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Oracle Business Analytics Partner Sales Workshop

This workshop is aimed at introducing attendees to Oracle Business Analytics from a sales perspective. It will help you find out what is new and what has been enhanced, and in understanding how this works for existing Oracle Applications Customers, especially with the launch of FUSION Applications.

Attendees will understand how Analytics is positioned for the market opportunities from Big Data, Customer Experience, and Cloud and to be ready to talk confidently about Oracle BI Foundation 11g, BI-Apps, Endeca, Exalytics and Mobile Business Analytics solutions to their clients.

Audience for Sales Workshop

  • Executives, Sales and presales from Oracle Partners
  • Existing partners selling applications or technology or hardware will all benefit by be able to cross-sell Analytics to existing and new clients.

Event Details: Tuesday, Sep 10, 2013 08:45 AM – 05:00 PM

Oracle Office in Reading
Building 510, Oracle Parkway Thames Valley Park,
Reading, RG6 1RA
United Kingdom

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Friday Jul 26, 2013

BI&EPM in Focus July 2013

  • New Social Media Resource: Everything Analytics Social Media Weekly Roundup (link)
  • The Economist Intelligence Unit Report—CFO Perspectives: How HR Can Take On A Bigger Role In Driving Growth (link)
  • Oracle Exalytics in-memory machine updated to analyze larger data sets ( ZDNET link
  • Oracle Revs up Exalytics to Boost Both Speed and Simplicity (Forbes link
  • BI and EPM Keep Projects on Track and Profitable Baseline John Monczewski, Edward J. Cody and Ajay Yelne July 2, 2013 (Baseline link)
  • Great Resource: C-Central Newsletter: Information for Executives (link


  • BI&EPM Customer Reference Flash -  (link)
  • Press: Land O' Lakes Improves Its Data Analysis and Sales With Oracle Endeca Information Discovery, Wins Gartner BI and Analytics Excellence Award (link)
  • Felsineo Increases Food Production and Distribution Speeds by 30%  (link)
  • Castello Banfi Streamlines Wine Production Lifecycle Management with Enterprise Resource Planning Upgrade Management  (link)
  • Indorama Ventures Integrates 41 Heterogeneous Sites on a Single Enterprise Data Platform and Accelerates Corporate Decision-Making  (link)  
  • Capital Power Corporation Deploys Enterprise Resource Planning System  (link)
  • Dubai Customs Assesses 20,000 Customs Declarations per Day, Reduces Average Time for Processing a Declaration from Four Hours to Less Than Ten Minutes (link)
  • Banque Centrale de la République de Guinée Enables Economic Development with Optimized Fiscal, Monetary, and Trade Policy Decision Making  (link
  • JD Sports Fashion Gains Near Real-Time SKU-Level Analysis, Runs Reports 18 Times Faster, Leverages Fact-Driven Merchandising to Outperform Competitors  (link)
  • Oracle Helps UL Grow and Transform by Standardizing IT  Video (link)
  • Oracle Real-Time Decisions Review by James Taylor  Video  (link)
  • Qi Rong Pu Hui (Beijing) Technology Cuts Customers’ IT Costs by 30% and Increases System Availability Fourfold  (link)
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health Optimizes National Healthcare Infrastructure with Unified Business Intelligence Platform  (link)
  • QLogic Eliminates 77% of Custom Objects, Cuts Cloning Time with Upgraded Applications and Data Infrastructure  (link)
  • Imperial College London Improves Visibility, Decision-Making, and Control with Cross-Functional Analysis and Reporting   (link)
  • Carolina Biological Supply Doubles Customer Loyalty Scores in Six Years with Integrated ERP, Business Intelligence, and Web Commerce System   (link)
  • ReachLocal Provides Global View of Financial Data, Accelerates Monthly and Yearly Financial Closes with Enterprise Resource Planning System  (link

Enterprise Performance Management

  • Aug 14: Performance Architects: Best Practices in Implementing Oracle EPM (Hyperion) Planning: Customer Case Study (link)
  • Blog: The CFO as Catalyst for Change - Part 3 (link)
  • Blog: Oracle’s Business Analytics Customer Value Index Program – Part 1 (link)
  • Hyperion Planning Automation & Position Control at College of DuPage Conference Slides (link)

Business  Intelligence

  • Aug 14: Big Data at Work Webcast Series - How Dell Improves Customer Interaction (link)
  • Blog: A Closer Look at Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Release (link
  • Blog: OBIEE 11g patch set is available (link)
  • Blog: OBIEE SampleApp V305 ( Now Available (link)
  • Business Analytics Advisor Webcast Schedule & Archives (link)
  • Migrating an Old BI Technology to Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) Conference Slides (link)
  • Staying Ahead of the OBIEE Upgrade Wave: Versions, Support and Integration - Webinar Recording and Slides (link)
  • Video: Using Big Data to Improve the Customer Experience (link)
  • Video: Using Big Data to Deliver a Personalized Service (link)
  • Endeca Resources, all in one place (link)

Wednesday Jul 24, 2013

Replay Tutorials for E-Business Suite Extensions for Oracle Endeca

There are some videos and tutorial links below to get you started with the E-Business Suite Extensions for Oracle Endeca. Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) has incorporated Endeca technology to extend the ERP’s value to make stronger and more profitable decisions. Endeca Information Discovery is a comprehensive technology platform to store, manage and process data for searching and analyzing structured and unstructured information together.

EBS users now have access to millions of records of information in real time so they can see more and act faster to business challenges.

· For a quick overview see this You-tube link: EBS Endeca Applications: Introduction

· Then try the Webinar linked from Replay Available: Using Endeca with E-Business Suite 12

· Then see this set of Demo videos for many of the subject areas, such as:

o Oracle E-Business Suite Extensions for Oracle Endeca

o Endeca for eAM and iProcurement: Work Order Material Planning

o Endeca for iProcurement - iProcurement Shopping

o Endeca for OM to Manufacturing and Product Search

o Endeca for Discrete Manufacturing: MES Exceptions Management

o Endeca for Discrete Manufacturing: Work In Process - Progress Insights

· Also see how you can use Endeca to do UI Content Customization @ this Youtube Video

· You should also be able to find in-class training on Endeca Information Discovery v3.0 (e.g. at OU @ Endeca Information Discovery )

And read about the latest release at Announcing Oracle E-Business Suite Extensions for Oracle Endeca

Monday Jul 22, 2013

Derive Business Value from Big Data Analytics

Take a look at the new coverage for Big Data Analytics on the Oracle.com site:

Hidden in all the new volumes and varieties of big data is the information your client’s need to grow revenue, cut costs, and innovate. Big data can transform your business, but you have to uncover that new insight with Big Data Analytics.

Wednesday Jul 17, 2013

Oracle OBI11g, BI Apps and Hyperion Planning Bootcamps

Kick off FY14 with a fantastic hat-trick of training events by attending one, two or all three of the forthcoming Oracle Bootcamps. Each of these hands-on 4 to 5 day technical Bootcamps are available to partners at a special price to OPN members of only £750 per person ex VAT.

These are open to partner from any country, but will take place in the UK at Oracle Corporation, Thames Valley Park, Building 510, Customer Briefing Centre, Reading, Berkshire, RG6 1RA
For directions please see the location map

Oracle Hyperion Planning Implementation Bootcamp: 9th to 13th September 2013
The Oracle Hyperion Planning Implementation Boot Camp will provide implementation instruction on Oracle Hyperion's System products Planning functionality. This 5 day bootcamp will be a fast-paced, five-day class, teaching students what they need to know in order to implement and manage Oracle Hyperion Planning applications.

· Find out more details about this Bootcamp including the agenda and how to register here+

Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation 11g Bootcamp: 16th to 20th September 2013
This 5 day hands-on bootcamp highlights the strengths of OBIEE 11g by providing attendees a hands-on experience with the BI 11g product and is for Oracle Partner consultants to gain familiarity and be able to implement OBI11g projects for their clients. After taking this course, Oracle Business Intelligence 11g Foundation, you will gain insight into OBIEE11g technology, reporting solutions and new features. This Bootcamp provides opportunities to practice with OBIEE11g environment as hands on activities and participants will gain in-depth understanding of new architecture of OBIEE 11g, security mode, installation/configuration as well as reporting aspects like new ROLAP/MOLAP style hierarchical browsing, new chart types, Action Framework and Visualization.

· Find out more details about this Bootcamp including the agenda and how to register here+

Oracle Business Intelligence Applications 11g Bootcamp: 1st to 4th October 2013
The Oracle Business Intelligence Applications offer out-of-the-box integration with Siebel CRM and Oracle eBusiness Suite and provide pre-built Operational BI solutions for eBusiness Suite, Peoplesoft, Siebel, and SAP. This training will provide attendees with an in-depth working understanding of the architecture, the technical and the functional content of the Oracle Business Intelligence Applications, whilst also providing an understanding of their installation, configuration and extension.

· Find out more details about this Bootcamp including the agenda and how to register here+

Upon registration you will then receive a link to an external booking site where you can confirm your place and pay the £750.00 course fee by credit card. Please note the places are very limited on these Bootcamps and will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis in terms of confirmed booking through payment.

These training bootcamps are OPN certified, and are designed to prepare you for OPN Specialisation exams, and are being managed for Oracle by Avnet Technology Solutions, UK.

Tuesday Jul 16, 2013

New Exalytics X3-4 System and Patchset 3 Released

Just announced, we have the news of Oracle Exalytics X3-4 Powers Real-Time Analytical Insights (July 15, 2013). This launches a new release of the Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine, called the “X3-4” model. The new system features significant software enhancements and hardware updates, dramatically expanding the capabilities of this high-speed engineered system for business analytics.

The new Exalytics X3-4 system features 2 TB of main memory, 2.4 TB of flash storage, and 5.4 TB of hard disk. Oracle also released system upgrades to increase memory capacity for existing Exalytics X2-4 customers, and updated software for all Exalytics customers.

Oracle Exalytics Patchset 3 Software is Now Available

The fourth major release of Exalytics software and associated certifications is  now available for use with Exalytics X2-4 and X3-4 engineered systems. 

What’s New

The new patchset includes a full software version stripe for Exalytics that has been tested together and is delivered as one Engineered System.  Exalytics customers can now access significant enhancements across the whole complement of Exalytics software.  

· New Software improvements of Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite This release has more than 200 enhancements across the suite and many features targeted exclusively for Exalytics, such as extremely fast ‘hot-data’ recommendations from the database cardinality estimate feature, and BI Publisher high-volume bursting that can enable the generation of an extremely large number of personalized reports and documents for business users in time periods that were previously not achievable. In addition, Essbase, a component of Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite, benefits from Flash memory and expanded main memory available with Exalytics X3-4 or with hardware upgrades for Exalytics X2-4. Multiple cubes can run concurrently with up to 25X improvement in load times and 9X improvement in calculation times when compared to the previous release running on Exalytics X2-4 without Flash storage.

· New release of TimesTen In-Memory Database enhancements and new functionality for Exalytics, including a new TimesTen import utility for analyzing data in the Oracle Database and importing to TimesTen in Exalytics with recommendations for optimal data types, columnar compression, and indexes, enhanced parallel inserts for compressed tables and data loading time reduction. These capabilities speed up data load times. In-memory join optimizations in TimesTen result in up to 3x improvement over regular workloads in BI Applications, for instance.

· New Software Certification of EID 3.0.  Exalytics now supports the new, major release of Oracle Endeca Information Discovery, which enables rapid insights into structured and unstructured data including social media, websites, content management systems, raw text from documents, email, and more. By correlating this data to the structured data in data warehouses and enterprise applications, users will be able to more accurately manage data and meaning form unstructured sources, ultimately driving better business decisions and innovations.

· New release of BI Applications  This major release features new content across all the BI Applications, two new analytic applications—Student Information Analytics and Indirect Spend Planning—and new use of Oracle Data Integrator and GoldenGate. 

· New Software Certification of EPM Exalytics now supports the latest version of Oracle Hyperion EPM.  In addition to taking advantage of all of the new user experience, integrations and functional enhancements Exalytics now supports versions of Hyperion Planning, Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management and connections to Hyperion Financial Management.

· Support for Hyperion Planning Hyperion Planning customers with EPM deployments can now take advantage of Exalytics without needing to upgrade to EPM release or With an existing deployment of Hyperion Planning, customers can now leverage the performance and scalability of Essbase deployed on Exalytics. 

· NEW Exalytics In-Memory Software.  Software optimizations specific to Exalytics, and not available on generic hardware or other Engineered Systems, are now packaged as part of a new priced item, “Exalytics In-Memory Analytics”.  This new line item provides rights to use Summary Advisor, Essbase Flash optimizations, BI Publisher enhanced bursting for Exalytics, TimesTen for Exalytics unique features, and other capabilities unique to Exalytics In-Memory Machine.

For more information:

· Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine

· Oracle Exalytics X3-4 Data Sheet

· Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine White Paper

· Webcast: Lowering Your Total Cost of Ownership with Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine

Friday Jul 05, 2013

Updated Processor sub-capacity License Policy for Exalytics

Until now the policy for Oracle Processor sub-capacity licensing on trusted partitions (Oracle Virtual Machine with Oracle Enterprise Manager) for Exalytics was “socket bound”. The prior policy was that sub-licencing could only be in multiples of 5 “processors”: this has now changed.

Oracle Processor licenses for Exalytics can now be procured as increments of two physical cores (one physical core is counted as the equivalent of two virtual CPUs in OVM). As the Exalytics comes with Intel processors and our current “core factor” for Intel Processors is 0.5, the customer can now buy in increments of one “Oracle Processor license”. Note: this change has no impact on named user “NUP” licensing.

Oracle Real-Time Decisions Review by James Taylor

Take a look at this new seven minute video on RTD recorded with James Taylor (the leading independent analyst of http://jtonedm.com/ ) explaining decision management and the links to big data analytics and “CX” Customer Experience.  He also provides his view on Oracle RTD. 



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