Tuesday May 29, 2012

New OPN Specialisation Exam for OBI 11g Certification

Our OBI partners can now update their specialisation certification to the latest product version 11g for OBI: until now, the accreditation had examined skills for OBI 10g.

As an introductory offer, since the exam is in “Beta” phase, OPN partners can apply for a free of charge voucher to take this exam.  For more details see @ Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite 11g Essentials (1Z1-591) where you can apply for this Oracle Implementation Specialist credential.

Send an e-mail to opn-edu_ww@oracle.com to get your free voucher NOW and become an Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite 11g Implementation Specialist. For more help, try How To Get OPN “Specialized” - Business Intelligence & Hyperion.

This exam is primarily intended for consultants that are skilled in implementing solutions based on Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite 11g. The certification covers skills such as: installing OBIEE, building the BI Server metadata repository, building BI dashboards, constructing ad hoc queries, defining security settings and configuring and managing cache files. The exam targets the intermediate-level implementation team member. Up-to-date training and field experience are recommended.

Also Note the New OPN on-line Sales & Pre-sales Assessment Tests Available

Contact Us: Please direct any inquiries you might have to the Partner Enablement team.

For More Information

Wednesday May 23, 2012

BI Architecture Master Class for Partners - Oracle Architecture Unplugged

Transformational Change with Business Analytics

Business Intelligence projects are consistently top priority with your customers and are seen by many organisations as the key driver of transformational change. However, often business users challenge IT with issues on trust, access to critical data and understanding of information, while IT sometimes struggles to align with business goals and truly engage with business users.

Join our Master Class for Partners on 21st June 2012, from 9:45 a.m - 3:45 p.m. where you will learn how Oracle's reference architecture can address these issues in a timely, pragmatic and reliable way.  The presenters will follow a "free format" agenda using whiteboards rather than formal presentations to allow as much interaction with you as possible.


  • The Big picture of information management
  • Staging and techniques for loading data, ELT and data flows
  • Atomic data layer
  • Access and performance layer: OLAP and Data Mining
  • Approaches to data modelling: Build vs buy
  • BI delivery: Operationalising BI
  • Financial performance management and Enterprise Performance Management
  • Security & Systems Performance
  • Migrating to the reference architecture (customer examples)

Who should attend?

This workshop will be highly interactive and is aimed at Oracle OPN member partners who are IT Architects and BI+W specialists.  This will be a highly interactive session and does not involve slide presentations or product feature details, it addresses IT-Architectural issues and considerations for the IT-Architect Community. Please come prepared to participate and take your own notes.

Click here to register.

Lastest BIC2g and Exalytics Demonstration VMs for Partners

Make sure you have up to date demonstration images for BI (including Exalytics), BI Apps, and EPM solutions by checking out the Oracle BI Solutions Engineering Group partner portal.

Exalytics Demos: Partners who have purchased the Exalytics engineered solution can install the Exalytics demonstrations; including the TimesTen databases.

Partners who own exalytics machines can download demo data packages from the Oracle ftp location (suggest you use Filezilla, or similar, and use the latest FTP logon and password given at bottom of page at the same Oracle BI Solutions Engineering Group partner portal).  These are each specific Exalytics demo install files that will allow partners to deploy the demos locally onto their systems.


BIC2g BI-EPM Nov 2011 Windows: The Business Intelligence Challenge to Go (BIC2g) is a demonstration, training, and POC business intelligence platform for Oracle Partners. It is a comprehensive platform, containing the full EPM, BI, and BI Apps (including full ETL with DW) product suites, with extensive (40+) demos. It is available in the Amazon Cloud (not as a download).

BIC2g BI Jun 2009 Linux: This BIC2g VM image is based on the Linux platform, and can be downloaded by partners. It includes BI 10g, BI Apps (including ETL and DW), and EPM product and demos: and can be downloaded.

Demos: BI demo packages can be installed into a Partners’ existing BI/EPM environments.

Note also the OBI and sample VMs on OTN : click for OTN here.                           

Tuesday May 15, 2012

New fy13 BI-Applications Price Promotion for MIDSIZE CUSTOMERS

As of today, we are pleased to announce a Midsize Market pricing promotion for a BI-Applications solution package with reduced minimums applicable to Oracle's Business Intelligence Products, including Oracle Database Enterprise Edition.

·       This allows “midsize” customers to buy a minimum of ten (10) users of the set of products needed for a BI-Applications solution at a pre-approved 50% discount.

·       Partners additionally get their normal e-business reseller discount.

This now makes it most attractive to offer the pre-built BI-Applications such as Manufacturing Analytics, Financial Analytics, Procurement and Spend Analytics, Project Analytics, and Human Resources Analytics, to both customers newly implementing Oracle ERP, and for the many existing Oracle ERP (eBusiness suite, Peoplesoft and JDE) customers.

Offer: Reduced minimums and promotional price for Oracle BI Applications, Oracle's BI Technology and Oracle Database Enterprise Edition when these products are sold together :

  • BI Applications*
  • Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition Plus
  • Oracle Database Enterprise Edition**
  • Informatica PowerCenter and PowerConnect Adapters

 (*) Applies to Supply Chain and Order Management Analytics, Financial Analytics, Procurement and Spend Analytics, Project Analytics, Human Resources Analytics, Manufacturing Analytics, Enterprise Assets Management Analytics, Service Analytics.

(**) Restricted use to Business Analytics Warehouse: and no processor minimums required. 

To answer any questions, and to get the partner document with further details of this offer, or to work with us on our local sales campaigns targeting existing ERP customers, please send your query to Mike.Hallett@Oracle.com or jacques.senchet@oracle.com: or discuss it with your local Oracle Sales or Channel representative for Applications to Midsize Enterprises.  Please note that to resell and distribute “Oracle Business Intelligence Applications” products, you must join that OPN Knowledge Zone and meet certain criteria on OPN. Click here for more detail.

Many partners are already offering fixed-price + fixed-scope starter service packages to their customers for BI Applications.  If you need help to do this, start by looking at the Oracle Business Accelerator (OBA) kits now available for BI Applications: configured for both E-Business Suite, and JD Edwards E1.  These have resources to help partners to sell and deliver tightly scoped OBI-Application implementation projects with low risk and high margin in a few weeks; with huge potential to up-sell many add on services to your delighted client.  To find out more see Business Accelerators for Oracle BI Applications.

This current Promotion Expires November 30, 2012.

This promotion is ONLY for End Customers whose organisations have an Annual Revenue (or Public Sector Budget) below $500 million, and who are based in Europe, the Middle East or Africa.

Ritchie Edwards, Channel Director, WE Applications for Midsize Enterprises

Jacques Senchet, Business Development Director, EMEA Business Analytics

Mike Hallett, A&C Director Business Intelligence & Enterprise Performance Management 

Thursday May 10, 2012

New Version 2.3 Oracle Endeca Information Discovery and Server now available

Oracle has just announced the general availability of the latest version of Oracle Endeca Information Discovery and Oracle Endeca Server 2.3 on the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud (eDelivery).

The 2.3 release of Endeca Information Discovery makes it easier than ever to create, maintain, and use self-service data discovery applications to rapidly explore and analyze structured and unstructured data.  Highlights of the new release include:

  • Comprehensive visualization and analytics language enhancements
  • Centralized query and metadata management for complex applications
  • Integrated support for working with unstructured data
  • Simplified system management through a new Endeca Server form factor

See it in action on YouTube "Getting Started with Endeca Information Discovery v2.3" @  http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLF23635ACA47F1E6D&feature=plcp

  • To download the software to try it out on Windows 64 or Linux 64, select Product Pack "Oracle Endeca", @ https://edelivery.oracle.com/
  • And get going quickly with the Oracle® Endeca Information Discovery Quick Start Guide to Version 2.3.0 for Microsoft Windows x64 (64-bit) : April 2012.



Wednesday May 09, 2012

New BI/EPM iPhone blog app

Announcing the BI/EPM Blog iPhone App.

In order to access you can download the app on your iPhone /iPad from this link 

To navigate to the blog select 'Partner Network -> Blogs -> BI & EPM Partner Community

WEBCAST: Big Data Discovery for Social Media using DataSift & Endeca

This webcast is an overview of how Oracle Endeca Information Discovery and DataSift are able to leverage Social Media streams to bring rapid and tangible value to a business by building Social Discovery Applications.

To view the recorded webcast, click PLAY NOW.

DataSift is a social-data platform company, enabling enterprises and entrepreneurs to mine the social web for insights from the billions of public social conversations on Twitter, Facebook, and millions of blogs and forums.  As a licensed Twitter resyndication partner, DataSift gulps down and analyses data across the social-web, enabling companies to create powerful filters to listen for social-signals about brands, breaking news, and public opinion. Delivered as a cloud-platform, DataSift does the heavy-lifting for companies wanting to create social insights for their business.

During the webcast, Stewart Townsend provides an overview and demo of the DataSift platform. This is followed by Walter Ochse from Oracle walking through the architecture and then demonstrating two sample applications.

Tuesday May 08, 2012

New Oracle BI Publisher Trial Edition Now Available

Oracle BI Publisher Trial Edition is now available on OTN: this is great for demos and evaluations.



  • Small, lightweight download (~600 MB)
  • 5 minute Install - fully configured and running
  • Quick Start Guide
  • 29 new Samples (over 60 total) fully indexed with feature descriptions

BI Publisher Trial Edition is not supported for production deployments.  You can save any reports developed on the Trial Edition and upload to your production environment.

Get It here @ the BI Publisher Download page and get started with BI Publisher today.

Thursday May 03, 2012

BI&EPM in Focus - May 2012

General News

  • Customer Newsletter: Business Analytics Launch Edition (link)

  • Flash Demo: Oracle Hyperion Planning on Exalytics in the Public Sector (link)

  • Flash Demo: OBIEE & Exalytics in Retail (link)

  • Twitter Account has been updated: @OracleAnalytics (link)

  • “Driving Innovation Through Analytics” strategy brief (pdf | iBook)

  • Oracle News Release: Oracle Business Analytics Strategy (link)

  • Oracle News Release: Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management ( (link)

  • Oracle News Release: New analytic applications for SAP (link)

  • Oracle News Release: Two new Oracle Business Intelligence Applications (link)

  • Oracle News Release: General availability of Oracle Endeca Information Discovery (link)

  • Launch Replay: Oracle's Latest Business Analytics Strategy (link)

  • Support Information Center: Enterprise Performance Management and BI Index (EPM/BI) (link)




  • May 10: Gain visibility into manufacturing schedules, reduce cost, improve quality & service levels through Oracle Manufacturing Analytics (FCS Consulting) (link)

  • May 15: Navigating your company through today's volatile market (Ranzal) (link)

  • May 17: Is Hope and Email The Core Of Your Reconciliation Process? (link)

  • May 30: Conquering Big Data with the Oracle Information Architecture Model (link)

  • Webcast Replay: Maps, Facts and Stats, Oh My! Exploring Spatial Analytics in Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g  (CapGemini) (link)

Enterprise Performance Management

  • New page for Oracle Hyperion Project Financial Planning (link)

  • EPM Blog article on What’s New in (link)

  • CFO Central: The Changing Role of the CFO (link)

  • Whitepaper: Finance in the Clouds : Five things the CFO needs to know about cloud computing (link)

  • Gartner: CFO’s Priorities for Technology (CFO Central login required)  (link)

  • Support: Oracle EPM System Release is now GA! (link)

  • Upgrade Advisor: Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) System Upgrade from to 11.1.2.x  (link)

  • EPM MyOracle Support Community (link)

  • Using Oracle Diagnostic Framework to Troubleshoot Oracle Hyperion EPM 11.1.2.x (link)

Business  Intelligence

  • Webcast Replay: Exalytics in Action: Airlines, US Census and Federal Spending Demo Applications (link)

  • Webcast Replay: Announcing New BI Applications: Oracle Manufacturing Analytics and Oracle Enterprise Asset Management Analytics (link)

  • Essbase Patch Set released (for Oracle Exalytics) (link)

  • OBIEE Available  (link)

  • OBIEE MyOracle Support Community (link)

  • Master Support Note for Oracle Exalytics BI In-Memory Machine (link)



Oracle UK BI Customer Marketing Events Summer 2012

Below are some examples of Oracle UK BI customer marketing events scheduled for the near future.  These are open to Partners to attend, and indeed you can run similar events to these to your customers in your country by accessing the marketing event kits (available in multiple European languages) that we provide to OPN Partners such as the BI Applications Test Drive: Joint Partner+Oracle Go To Market Initiatives.

Event Name

& Date



BI Architecture


14 June 2012



The session is aimed at Architects and Infrastructure managers facing the challenges associated with managing complex multi-tier enterprise information architectures who wish to gain an understanding of reference architectures.


Financial Analytics

- BI Applications

19 June 2012

16 October 2012


Take a ‘Test drive’ on Oracle Financial Analytics, explore its prebuilt business metrics and reports, and see how it can help you to get the insight your organization needs to make better, informed decisions.


Procurement Analytics

- BI Applications

19 June 2012

16 October 2012


Take a ‘Test drive’ on Oracle Procurement and Spend Analytics, explore its prebuilt business metrics and reports, and see how it can help you to get the insight your organization needs to make better, informed decisions.


HR Analytics

- BI Applications

20 June 2012

17 October 2012


Take a ‘Test drive’ on Oracle HR Analytics, explore its prebuilt business metrics and reports, and see how it can help you to get the insight your organization needs to make better, informed decisions.


CRM Analytics

- BI Applications

20 June 2012

17 October 2012


Take a ‘Test drive’ on Oracle CRM Analytics, explore its prebuilt business metrics and reports, and see how it can help you to get the insight your organization needs to make better, informed decisions.


Project Analytics

- BI Applications

(run by Projected Consulting)

21 June 2012

18 October 2012


Take a ‘Test drive’ on Oracle Project Analytics, explore its prebuilt business metrics and reports, and see how it can help you to get the insight your organization needs to make better, informed decisions.



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