Thursday Mar 14, 2013

Analytics Driving Customer Experience

“Customer Experience” is the other (hype) term I keep hearing everywhere these days, so here are just a few pointers to some of the interesting stuff Oracle is doing in this area and how it relates to our world of analytics.

It seems as if everyone is talking about the critical nature of measuring the effectiveness and return-on-investment of social media. Brands need to know exactly which specific data is available from Facebook, and all the other the other “social” media out there on the internet, how it can be used, and what it can deliver. So here is a short but sweet article on How Brands Can Optimize Social Strategies with Analytics.

“If you have 100,000 fans but all you know about them is that they appear to like your brand, you might be in trouble. Extracting data out of your social media efforts and analyzing it helps you pin down who cares about your brand, how they are interacting with your brand through Facebook, and how to get fans to not just like but love your brand. Analytics is the way to understand what drives your fans so they can move from passive likes to active engagement.”

Oracle acquired Vitrue in 2012 and this has injected a strong component into our overall CX (Customer Experience) story, e.g. see for example:

And then we have Endeca Discovery, which also plays in this world, and adds even more value by letting you combine this “Social” data and text from external sources (such as from DataSift), with any information internally sourced from within an organisation (e.g. from ERP, CRM and other systems). This combining of both internal and external data is where Endeca’s unique model-free analytics and text linking capabilities work their magic to deliver such powerful insights to Marketing, Sales, and Service professionals.

Thursday Feb 21, 2013

Oracle Announces New Hyperion Tax Provision Module

Oracle Hyperion Tax Provision allows customers to collect, calculate and report on the consolidated tax provision and more closely align tax with financial reporting.

Built on the Hyperion Financial Close Suite, Oracle Hyperion Tax Provision is a web-based tax application that addresses the full scope of the global tax provision process.

Oracle Hyperion Tax Provision replaces the highly manual methods used by most organizations with an automated and standardized process that increases efficiency. Furthermore, it integrates with tax compliance software and improves the overall compliance process by providing a more streamlined book-to-tax process.

Integrated with Oracle Hyperion Financial Management, Oracle Hyperion Tax Provision is based on the same technology trusted by thousands of finance organizations to ensure the accuracy of financial reporting.

“We believe that a corporate tax provision process that is not closely aligned with the financial reporting process may expose companies to unnecessary risk and inefficiencies. Aligning corporate tax and finance systems may greatly enhance the ability of tax departments to execute their responsibilities more effectively,” said Michael J. Johnson, performance management technology leader for Deloitte’s Tax Management Consulting Practice.

FSN article: “New Oracle tax provisioning product aligns corporate tax functions with HFM users” (link).   And join the FSN LinkedIn discussion in Tax Provisioning (link)

Oracle Hyperion Tax Provisioning : see press | blog | o.comwhitepaper | datasheet

Tuesday Jan 22, 2013

BI-Apps released with Manufacturing & EAM Analytics

This version features two new BI-Applications:

  • Oracle Manufacturing Analytics, part of the Oracle BI Applications product family, helps discrete and process manufacturing organizations optimize their supply networks by integrating data from across the enterprise value chain, thereby enabling executives, operations managers, cost accountants and production supervisors to make informed and actionable decisions related to manufacturing execution.  The application includes 21 analytical subject areas that are leveraged to deliver 32 dashboard pages that consist of more than 200 pre-built reports.
  • Oracle Enterprise Asset Management Analytics, part of the Oracle BI Applications product family, offers complete and enhanced visibility to enterprise-wide maintenance information. Pre-built reports covering Maintenance History, Maintenance Cost Analysis and Maintenance Work Orders, provide Maintenance Managers information to maximize performance, identify potential issues much in advance, and address them before they escalate into serious problems. The application includes 11 analytical subject areas that are leveraged to deliver 26 dashboard pages that consist of more than 200 pre-built reports.

Highlights of the Oracle BI Applications Release:

  • New Application - Oracle Manufacturing Analytics with pre-built adapters for EBS Process Manufacturing R12.x and EBS Discrete Manufacturing R12.x and 11.5.10
  • New Application - Oracle Enterprise Asset Management Analytics with pre-built adapters for EBS R12.x, EBS 11.5.10 and IBM Maximo 7.5
  • Universal Adapter to extend the capability to other source systems
  • Certified for OBIEE 11g
  • Certified for Exalytics
  • Certified for DAC 11g including support for Exalytics / Times Ten, Patching Framework, Dual ETL Support and many other performance enhancements
  • Native support for mobile and tablet devices
  • Localized in 28 languages
  • Supported on Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 and Teradata DB

More information can be found on:

Part Number: E35287-01

Wednesday Jan 09, 2013

Comparing Oracle Exalytics and SAP HANA ?

There is a great deal of hype in the market, and sorting the wheat from the chaff is not easy: nor do I promise a resolution of this, since my view is obviously biased. As many might comment, this is maybe apples and oranges, with Hana being more comparable to Exadata rather than Exalytics: but to point you to a few sources on this debate, below are some links -

Compare Oracle Exalytics and SAP HANA

Considering SAP HANA in-memory technology for analytics? ...

Oracle Exalytics

Oracle Exalytics is significantly better than SAP HANA ...

Some Thoughts on Potential Exalytics Use-Cases

By Rittman Mead


Wednesday Dec 12, 2012

Oracle BI Mobile Security Toolkit For iPad Available for Download

Oracle BI Mobile Security Toolkit for Apple iPad is now available for download from the Oracle Technology Network here.

This toolkit provides the ability to generate a signed version of the Oracle BI Mobile HD application; making use of Apple’s Xcode and the IOS SDKs. With this, partners and customers can get the unsigned, unpacked version of the Oracle BI Mobile app, and combine it with a third-party mobile security vendor of your choice to create a more secure, “containerized” version of Oracle BI Mobile.

Tuesday Dec 11, 2012

Demonstration Image BIC2G for Partners (OBI, Exalytics, BI-Apps, and EPM)

There is now available the new version of the VirtualBox Demonstration Image, "BIC2g 2012-10" for Partners; including support for OBI, Exalytics, BI Applications, and EPM Hyperion applications.

This is a demonstration, training and POV image that contains BI/Exalytics, BI Applications, and EPM product (software). It was originally developed to support internal Oracle Exalytics training, and has been expanded to include BI Applications. It is an OVA virtual appliance that can be imported into VirtualBox.

Details can be found in the BIC2g Partner Edition Exalytics Readme and BIC2g Partner Edition Deployment Guide, and it can be downloaded from the Partner FTP site at /static/BIC2G (see BI Solutions Engineering Partner Portal for connection information and further detail on Demonstration Images for Partners).

Tuesday Oct 09, 2012

Clock is Ticking for OBI 10g Supported Customers to move to OBI 11g

Now is a perfect time for Partners to approach existing OBI 10g customers, to encourage and help them to upgrade to all the great new features in the current OBI v 11g; including the ability to go Mobile, to be in-memory on Exalytics, and to get tighter integration with Hyperion applications, Strategic Scorecards and Essbase.

Oracle Lifetime Support Policy for Oracle BI Suite, version 10gR3, will end ‘normal’ support in July 2013.

The final point release of Oracle Business Intelligence EE & Publisher 10gR3 was, which was generally available from July 2008 and will end “Premier Support” in July 2013.  From this time, customers may purchase “Extended Support” until July 2015, and from then “Sustaining Support”  indefinitely.

For more information :

Price Drop for Processor based License on Exalytics

·       33% reduction in the list `per processor` license pricing for the Oracle BI Foundation Suite

·       New capacity-based licensing which allows customers to think big & start small, significantly lowering the entry price point for an Exalytics.

Oracle BI Software List Price changes

In response to new powerful platforms like the in-memory Oracle Exalytics with 40 cpu cores (counted under Oracle pricing policy as 20 “processors”), the list price of “Oracle BI Foundation Suite” (BIFS) is reduced by 33% from $450K per processor to $300K per processor.

Capacity-based licensing on Exalytics (Trusted Partitions)

“Capacity-based pricing” for the BIFS, Endeca, Essbase and Times Ten for Exalytics software is now available for Exalytics systems.

This is delivered using “Oracle VM” (OVM).  We still ship a full Exalytics machine to all customers, but they may choose to only use and license a subset of the processors installed in the machine.   Customers can license Exalytics software in units of 5 “processors”: 5, 10, 15 or the full capacity 20.   As the customer’s implementation and workload increases, it is a simple matter to license additional processors and, using OVM, make them available to the BI or EPM application.

Endeca Information Discovery now available on Exalytics

Oracle has also announced the certification of “Oracle Endeca Information Discovery” (EID) on the Exalytics machine.    EID can be licensed alone or in combination with the BIFS & Times Ten for an Exalytics stack, and also participates in the capacity based pricing outlined above.   The Exalytics hardware is the perfect platform for EID, and provides superb power and performance for this in-memory hybrid text-search-analytics.


For more information :

Wednesday Aug 29, 2012

R Statistical Analytics with Faster Performance for Enterprise Database Access and Big Data

Further demonstrating commitment to the open source community, Oracle has just released enhanced support of the R statistical programming language for Oracle Solaris and AIX in addition to Linux and Windows, connectivity to Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database in addition to Oracle Database, and integration of hardware-specific Math libraries for faster performance.  Oracle’s Open Source distribution of R is available with the Oracle Big Data Appliance and available for download now.

Oracle also offers Oracle R Enterprise, a component of Oracle Advanced Analytics that enables R processing on Oracle Database servers.   This all goes to make big data analytics more accessible in the enterprise and improving data scientist productivity with faster performance

Since its introduction in 1995, R has attracted more than two million users and is widely used today for developing statistical applications that analyze big data.

Analyst Report: Oracle Advances its Advanced Analytics Strategy


Wednesday Aug 08, 2012

Oracle Retail Customer Analytics Fuels Insight for Customer Experience Management

Customer experience management (“CX”) is the latest and greatest new must-have solution for most organisations (even Public Sector wants “citizen experience management”): and within this,customer insights, through robust analytics is probably the most important component.

To provide this, Oracle has just released Oracle Retail Customer Analytics.  At first glance focusing on just the retail sector may seem limited, but in reality, everyone’s trying to sell something, so in a sense everything is retail.

Oracle Senior VP for Oracle CRM, Anthony Lye says Oracle’s CX strategy is a combination of both organic development and acquisitions to put together a CX solution footprint beyond any other single vendor.  He said we are now in a process of moving beyond CRM and that today, many customer experiences systems are built, maintained and managed outside of classical “CRM”.  To manage this, customers need a vendor that can:

  • Abstract data away from the CRM system and master data,
  • Offer experienced based apps that are multi-channel and cross channel,
  • Combine this with Social Apps,
  • And a range of platform services, most notably Business Intelligence (BI).

To find out more see the Video: Anthony Lye, SVP, Product Development, Oracle (17:33)  and other resources, such as Your Experience Platform (PDF) and the Data sheet: Oracle Retail Customer Analytics (PDF).


Monday Jul 30, 2012

New version of Oracle BI Mobile in Video Demo

The new version of Oracle BI Mobile is now available, and has a much improved user interface for iPad and iPhone.

See how the new Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile capabilities enable users to quickly access and analyze key business information at the speed of business - anytime, anywhere.  


Wednesday May 23, 2012

Lastest BIC2g and Exalytics Demonstration VMs for Partners

Make sure you have up to date demonstration images for BI (including Exalytics), BI Apps, and EPM solutions by checking out the Oracle BI Solutions Engineering Group partner portal.

Exalytics Demos: Partners who have purchased the Exalytics engineered solution can install the Exalytics demonstrations; including the TimesTen databases.

Partners who own exalytics machines can download demo data packages from the Oracle ftp location (suggest you use Filezilla, or similar, and use the latest FTP logon and password given at bottom of page at the same Oracle BI Solutions Engineering Group partner portal).  These are each specific Exalytics demo install files that will allow partners to deploy the demos locally onto their systems.


BIC2g BI-EPM Nov 2011 Windows: The Business Intelligence Challenge to Go (BIC2g) is a demonstration, training, and POC business intelligence platform for Oracle Partners. It is a comprehensive platform, containing the full EPM, BI, and BI Apps (including full ETL with DW) product suites, with extensive (40+) demos. It is available in the Amazon Cloud (not as a download).

BIC2g BI Jun 2009 Linux: This BIC2g VM image is based on the Linux platform, and can be downloaded by partners. It includes BI 10g, BI Apps (including ETL and DW), and EPM product and demos: and can be downloaded.

Demos: BI demo packages can be installed into a Partners’ existing BI/EPM environments.

Note also the OBI and sample VMs on OTN : click for OTN here.                           

Thursday May 10, 2012

New Version 2.3 Oracle Endeca Information Discovery and Server now available

Oracle has just announced the general availability of the latest version of Oracle Endeca Information Discovery and Oracle Endeca Server 2.3 on the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud (eDelivery).

The 2.3 release of Endeca Information Discovery makes it easier than ever to create, maintain, and use self-service data discovery applications to rapidly explore and analyze structured and unstructured data.  Highlights of the new release include:

  • Comprehensive visualization and analytics language enhancements
  • Centralized query and metadata management for complex applications
  • Integrated support for working with unstructured data
  • Simplified system management through a new Endeca Server form factor

See it in action on YouTube "Getting Started with Endeca Information Discovery v2.3" @

  • To download the software to try it out on Windows 64 or Linux 64, select Product Pack "Oracle Endeca", @
  • And get going quickly with the Oracle® Endeca Information Discovery Quick Start Guide to Version 2.3.0 for Microsoft Windows x64 (64-bit) : April 2012.



Tuesday May 08, 2012

New Oracle BI Publisher Trial Edition Now Available

Oracle BI Publisher Trial Edition is now available on OTN: this is great for demos and evaluations.



  • Small, lightweight download (~600 MB)
  • 5 minute Install - fully configured and running
  • Quick Start Guide
  • 29 new Samples (over 60 total) fully indexed with feature descriptions

BI Publisher Trial Edition is not supported for production deployments.  You can save any reports developed on the Trial Edition and upload to your production environment.

Get It here @ the BI Publisher Download page and get started with BI Publisher today.

Wednesday Apr 04, 2012

What is the Endeca MDEX Engine?

Today I would like to draw your attention to a really helpful article by Rittmanmead taking a deeper look under the covers at the Endeca MDEX engine; how it works, what's so different about it, and why that matters to customers. This will in particular be useful for the technical audience. The other articles in the Endeca Week series are equally useful for a wider audience.



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