Friday Aug 31, 2012

BI Applications and EBS 12.1.3 Vision: Integrated Demo Environments

If you need a combined BI-Applications + eBusiness Suite Applications demonstration environment, or for proof of concept work for your customers, then these versions of images on Oracle Virtual Box are now available for partners to download and use.  To get access to these images, Partners must be OPN members, specialised in OBI or BI-Apps.


This is an integrated Demo/Test Drive/POC/Self Enablement environment including two separate images (in English) representing the entire Oracle Stack – Applications, Middleware, Database, Operating System and Virtual Machine.

  • Minimum Hardware requirements for each image to run separately 4GB RAM
  • Minimum Hardware requirements for both images to run concurrently 8GB RAM Dual CPU 64 bit OS


BI Applications Linux based and running on Oracle Virtual Box and compatible with OVM

Image Content:

  • BI Application Analytics demo data extracted from EBS 12.1.3 Vision for Financials and HR using EBS 12.1.3 Vision (image supplied)
  • Built Integration to EBS 12.1.3 Vision image (provided).
  • Fully functional BI Applications software install and configuration
  • Image can be connected to load any data from any other compatible source system.
  • BI Apps Demo data is based on OOTB EBS Vision 12.1.3
  • Configured to run BI Apps data load for all other modules of EBS 12.1.3 Vision.
  • Includes OBIEE Sample demonstration content
  • Documented scripts for running presentations, demonstrations and Test Drives

Image Size: 34GB zip, 84GB unzip.  Min Hardware 4GB RAM


      EBS Vision 12.1.3 Linux based and running on Oracle Virtual Box and compatible with OVM

Image Content:

  • eBusiness Suite (EBS) Applications Vision 12.1.3
  • Standard Vision instance with all given setups, configurations and data
  • Source system for BI Apps

Image Size: 76GB zip, 300GB unzip.  Min Hardware 4GB RAM


The Virtual Box images are posted on an external FTP server @

BI Applications



To download, Partners need to request the current password to access the images.  To request the current password and the password required to unzip the images, please email Marek Winiarski


Support Contact =  Marek Winiarski: Oracle Partner Solution Consultant

Tuesday Jul 31, 2012

Run Live OBI Mobile HD Demos on your iPad

Partners can now run live interactive Demos of the latest version of OBI Mobile on your iPad; including BI Applications.

Business doesn't stop just because you're on the go. See how Oracle BI Mobile makes consuming BI on the go simple, secure and fast. It is the only mobile app that provides a complete immersive experience while providing a full range of analytic functionally from interactive dashboards to location intelligence. It lets you initiate business processes right from your iPad while maintaining complete security on your own servers. Oracle BI Mobile is integrated at the core of Oracle's Business Intelligence Foundation and runs even better on Exalytics.

No separate report development – build your reports once for viewing by browser and iPad

Rapid deployment – all your reports and dashboards are immediately available for mobile

Data security – completely integrated with BIEE's security

Save locally – Save your analyses locally for review, even when you're completely off the grid

Leverage existing data sources – no requirement to move data, access all sources via the BI Server


BI Foundation Mobile Demo

Use this LINK to download the PDF document instructions to setup your own iPad to access these live demos.

This can also be shared with and used for customers that you’re already engaged with, and where you will work to resell them the OBI Mobile option.

Demo script: The configuration PDF contains some familiarisation steps, but for a more complete demo guide you can open the app where you will see the content available, and open the folder “3. Analysis and Dashboards”, then choose the dashboard “3.50 Mobility”.  This dashboard is the demo that accompanies the YouTube video found here. You can learn this business script and take your customers through this demo. 


BI Applications Mobile Demo

BI Applications have also been made available via an OBI mobile app Demo including; Financials, HR, Marketing, Procurement & Spend, Projects and Supply chain. 

Demo Scripts: The mobile app is using the same dashboards and data as the BI Applications Test Drives, which partners can access here. These existing demo scripts for these BI Applications can be used with the BI mobile app.  The instructions regarding the interface will be different, but the story line is the same. 

Partners can access the BI Applications mobile demos by using the same configuration as for the BI Foundation mobility demo, but use the logon credentials below instead;

User – ipad_apps

Pass – welcome1

Try Oracle BI Mobile HD live for yourself

·       Click here to download the PDF document instructions to setup your own iPad for these Demos.

·       Download the free app from iTunes now.

·       Get the BI Mobile white paper here.


Tuesday May 15, 2012

New fy13 BI-Applications Price Promotion for MIDSIZE CUSTOMERS

As of today, we are pleased to announce a Midsize Market pricing promotion for a BI-Applications solution package with reduced minimums applicable to Oracle's Business Intelligence Products, including Oracle Database Enterprise Edition.

·       This allows “midsize” customers to buy a minimum of ten (10) users of the set of products needed for a BI-Applications solution at a pre-approved 50% discount.

·       Partners additionally get their normal e-business reseller discount.

This now makes it most attractive to offer the pre-built BI-Applications such as Manufacturing Analytics, Financial Analytics, Procurement and Spend Analytics, Project Analytics, and Human Resources Analytics, to both customers newly implementing Oracle ERP, and for the many existing Oracle ERP (eBusiness suite, Peoplesoft and JDE) customers.

Offer: Reduced minimums and promotional price for Oracle BI Applications, Oracle's BI Technology and Oracle Database Enterprise Edition when these products are sold together :

  • BI Applications*
  • Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition Plus
  • Oracle Database Enterprise Edition**
  • Informatica PowerCenter and PowerConnect Adapters

 (*) Applies to Supply Chain and Order Management Analytics, Financial Analytics, Procurement and Spend Analytics, Project Analytics, Human Resources Analytics, Manufacturing Analytics, Enterprise Assets Management Analytics, Service Analytics.

(**) Restricted use to Business Analytics Warehouse: and no processor minimums required. 

To answer any questions, and to get the partner document with further details of this offer, or to work with us on our local sales campaigns targeting existing ERP customers, please send your query to or or discuss it with your local Oracle Sales or Channel representative for Applications to Midsize Enterprises.  Please note that to resell and distribute “Oracle Business Intelligence Applications” products, you must join that OPN Knowledge Zone and meet certain criteria on OPN. Click here for more detail.

Many partners are already offering fixed-price + fixed-scope starter service packages to their customers for BI Applications.  If you need help to do this, start by looking at the Oracle Business Accelerator (OBA) kits now available for BI Applications: configured for both E-Business Suite, and JD Edwards E1.  These have resources to help partners to sell and deliver tightly scoped OBI-Application implementation projects with low risk and high margin in a few weeks; with huge potential to up-sell many add on services to your delighted client.  To find out more see Business Accelerators for Oracle BI Applications.

This current Promotion Expires November 30, 2012.

This promotion is ONLY for End Customers whose organisations have an Annual Revenue (or Public Sector Budget) below $500 million, and who are based in Europe, the Middle East or Africa.

Ritchie Edwards, Channel Director, WE Applications for Midsize Enterprises

Jacques Senchet, Business Development Director, EMEA Business Analytics

Mike Hallett, A&C Director Business Intelligence & Enterprise Performance Management 

Thursday May 03, 2012

Oracle UK BI Customer Marketing Events Summer 2012

Below are some examples of Oracle UK BI customer marketing events scheduled for the near future.  These are open to Partners to attend, and indeed you can run similar events to these to your customers in your country by accessing the marketing event kits (available in multiple European languages) that we provide to OPN Partners such as the BI Applications Test Drive: Joint Partner+Oracle Go To Market Initiatives.

Event Name

& Date



BI Architecture


14 June 2012



The session is aimed at Architects and Infrastructure managers facing the challenges associated with managing complex multi-tier enterprise information architectures who wish to gain an understanding of reference architectures.


Financial Analytics

- BI Applications

19 June 2012

16 October 2012


Take a ‘Test drive’ on Oracle Financial Analytics, explore its prebuilt business metrics and reports, and see how it can help you to get the insight your organization needs to make better, informed decisions.


Procurement Analytics

- BI Applications

19 June 2012

16 October 2012


Take a ‘Test drive’ on Oracle Procurement and Spend Analytics, explore its prebuilt business metrics and reports, and see how it can help you to get the insight your organization needs to make better, informed decisions.


HR Analytics

- BI Applications

20 June 2012

17 October 2012


Take a ‘Test drive’ on Oracle HR Analytics, explore its prebuilt business metrics and reports, and see how it can help you to get the insight your organization needs to make better, informed decisions.


CRM Analytics

- BI Applications

20 June 2012

17 October 2012


Take a ‘Test drive’ on Oracle CRM Analytics, explore its prebuilt business metrics and reports, and see how it can help you to get the insight your organization needs to make better, informed decisions.


Project Analytics

- BI Applications

(run by Projected Consulting)

21 June 2012

18 October 2012


Take a ‘Test drive’ on Oracle Project Analytics, explore its prebuilt business metrics and reports, and see how it can help you to get the insight your organization needs to make better, informed decisions.

Friday Mar 09, 2012

BI 3.0 - The Consumerization of Business Intelligence

Attached is a useful and well written article for our partners to consider using with customers & prospects to provide some positioning and guidance around why Oracle Endeca Information Discovery is such a powerful complement to their existing BI strategy.

It provides an agnostic overview of this emerging trend in the BI market towards what has recently been called "BI 3.0", as well as explaining what is behind the various labels such as Data Discovery, Advanced Visualization, Visual Analytics, Business Discovery, Self Serve Business Intelligence, and Agile BI.

Some highlights:

  • Business users are demanding intuitive BI interfaces, in line with the internet experience they are accustomed to, like Google searches or iPhone apps
  • The current low BI utilization rate of about 5% does not provide many companies an acceptable return on their Business Intelligence investment
  • 50% of self serve BI purchasing decisions take place in the business areas and not in IT
  • In-memory techniques allow digestion of huge amounts of information in seconds, what analysts are calling “analysis at the speed of thought” i.e. answers to business questions can be found without interrupting the train of thought
  • Visual Analytics packages are not replacing traditional BI in large organizations but complementing them. They provide fast analytical capabilities to more people that need to gain a competitive edge in the current fast changing market dynamics
  • The new BI generation of tools is taking analytics to a whole new level, hence the triple digit growth rate experienced by many of these tools

Tuesday Jan 31, 2012

SaaS or Rental: What is the difference ?

In these days of cloud computing there is much talk of flexible commercial models to match the potential from more flexible technology architectures.  Software as a Service (SaaS), Rental or Managed Services are among the many labels variously applied to potential commercial models offered to customers: so how can you as an Oracle BI / EPM Partner best respond when your client asks for this kind of approach ?

In many cases when I get into this conversation, I find most customers are very happy when I explain they can rent Oracle software, for example, for one year.  It is really simple.

If you want to find out more, then download this BI & EPM Partner Guide to renting Oracle software

Monday Jan 09, 2012

Be Recognised: Publish your Partner BI&EPM Customer References

What sells? Good products and services are important, but good relationships and customer references open doors and close deals.

Oracle provides funding and resources to help eligible partners and their customers to turn success stories into references. The Oracle Partner / Customer Reference Program showcases partners’ successes with their customers through publishing references. The reference can be a partner snapshot, magazine article, customer forum, video or podcast - depending on the eligibility and opportunity.

To be considered for this Oracle References program, you need to
submit a reference request online.

For example we just published (Jan 6th 2012) this story on, with UK partner Beyond Systems:

University of Hertfordshire Delivers Real-Time Intelligence to Ensure a Successful and Sustainable Business in Increasingly Competitive Global Markets

The University of Hertfordshire worked with Oracle Specialized Gold Partner Beyond Systems Ltd to implement Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition after Beyond demonstrated its detailed knowledge and experience.

“In any BI project, it is always difficult to get the definition right at the start, as users and managers may be unaware of the new system’s capabilities,” said Martin Ayre, data warehouse consultant, University of Hertfordshire.  “We developed a prototype as a starting point, but there was a very steep learning curve. Beyond helped us through this learning curve and brought valuable knowledge and experience to the project. The Beyond team was always helpful, flexible, and understanding to ensure we achieved the optimum efficiency gains from our initial deployment of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition.”  

To find a published reference, you and your customers can start here at:

Wednesday Jan 04, 2012

Customers can Find Specialised Partners in New Search

Customers often start their search for a Partner to help them to implement their BI & EPM project at

Try the new Explore Specialised Partners tab, to make sure your entry is maximising customer leads to your business.

This allows clients to search by Specialisation and Country, as well as a new facility to sort by "Recomendations".  So get your existing customers to go here to click on the Recomend tab for you.

Friday Dec 09, 2011

Große Herausforderungen – einfache BI-Lösung

For our German partners - just a link here to a great initiative from our BI partner community there.

Große Herausforderungen – einfache BI-Lösung

Thursday Dec 08, 2011

How To Work with the Oracle BI & EPM Sales Teams

If you could see into the future, you could obviously do rather well.

To help us do just that, specifically in terms of us collaborating as Partner and Oracle Sales teams, it really helps if we can get visibility of each other’s sales forecast and pipeline. We all get many benefits from this to help us coordinate scarce resource on key deals, to ensure we anticipate skills needed to ensure client success, and to efficiently go to market in a joined up way.  We can also work more effectively in joint marketing initiatives, such as the "Test Drives", by tracking the sales leads we get together.

You of course can additionally benefit from referral fees, our rebate programme and help protect your resell pipeline. Even if you do not plan to resell, registering your “co-selling” opportunities puts you consistently in front of the Oracle sales teams as a pro-active partner; highlighting your profile to maximise sales collaboration. We call this the “Open Market Model” (OMM).

For example if you need to get access to an Exalytic system for a pilot / proof-of-concept for one of your clients, then we need this opportunity to be flagged up in our sales forecast by you to “create a registration” by submitting this as a new opportunity in the Global PRM portal.

So, make the most of being a Specialised BI/EPM Partner by registering all of your OMM opportunities as soon as possible, both re-sell and co-sell, using the global Partner Relationship Management (Global PRM) system. Already have access? - then login to Global PRM and select “Create Registration” to submit a new opportunity.

If you are new to the Open Market Model (OMM), it is a comprehensive OPN channel engagement strategy designed to provide you with maximum opportunities to earn revenues with Oracle: see here for more on how to register leads with Oracle.

Monday Dec 05, 2011

Try the OBI Mobile app on your iPad from our Publicly Accessible site

Try out the OBI Mobile app for yourself on your iPad from our live Publicly Accessible OBI server host.  You can also get your customers to try this too by getting them to "Register" for this demo.

Please follow the instructions below to configure the Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile app on your iOS device, iPhone or iPad. 

  1. Search for “Oracle BI” on the iPad “App Store”: and install the “Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile” app.  You can also see this on here at 
  2. Launch the app on your iPad
  3. Accept the terms and conditions.  You will then need to setup your connection.  Touch the + icon to “Add Server”.
  4. Fill in the information as shown below then touch the “Save” button on the top right:
    • Name “Oracle BI Demo”
    • Host “”
    • Port “7779”
    • User “ipad_user1”
    • To get the password, you need to "Register" for this demo. On the registration acknowledgement screen, you can then download the .pdf from the "please read these configuration instructions." link, in which is revealed the password.
    • … and other settings as in the screenshot to the left.
  5. You should now have the “Oracle BI Demo” entry with a green tick indicating that it is the default connection.  Now touch the “Login” button.
  6. With a successful connection the app will perform a one-time download to setup that particular server.
  7. Next you’ll be shown the “Favourites” on your mobile from which you can select to view the reports and dashboards that comprise the demonstrations available; currently the “3.50 Mobility Brand Analysis” dashboards.
  8. After selecting the “3.50 Mobility Brand Analysis”, you can explore the dashboard using typical iPad gestures, changing the drop-down selections, and moving to other dashboards by selecting from the drop-down near the top labelled “Brand Analysis”. 


Demo walk through suggestion

Watch a YouTube video and then follow along using the same dashboards and reports on your device.  The live mobile demonstration matches the video @ Oracle BI Mobility demo - .


Business Intelligence Gets a Makeover on

Check out the new customer facing OBI page on  It includes custom content delivered by role, built-in slide shows and more, to showcase the power of Oracle Business Intelligence.  So this does not just “tell”, but also “shows”.  Please let your customers know by including this link to the new page in all your out-bound communications, and let your customers and prospects see great quality content within a few clicks.

And two highlights from this:


  • Customers talk about Extreme Analytics in this new customer video montage featuring Polk, Nykredit, Savvis Communications and Key Energy.
  • Show customers how they can analyze a billion records instantly with this Exalytics demo.
  • Share the new Exalytic 3-D demo to explain how it delivers the industry’s fastest performance for business intelligence and planning applications.

Mobile OBI

  • Everybody is talking about “anytime, anywhere, Business Intelligence”. Give your customers Oracle’s mobile Business Intelligence story with this new, high impact video.  Use it at events, in customer meetings or in your demand generation activities.

Friday Nov 11, 2011

BI Applications Test Drive: Joint Partner+Oracle Go To Market Initiatives

 A challenge you may be facing is how to easily show the business value of BI to a set of customers.  The key we find to achieve this is to show best in class business analytic examples specific to a business person's role and needs - e.g. "HR analytics" for HR professionals, "Spend Analytics" for procurement professionals, and so on.

We have created for you, our specialised partners, the ability to run Oracle BI Applications Test Drive Workshops for your customers.

These are carefully scripted to allow a customer business person (usually not IT) to navigate for themselves around a series of dashboards and analysis targetted to show how BI can help their business and drive ROI.

These Oracle BI Applications Test Drive kits (in English) are now downloadable from our OMS4P/OPN portal . See it by clicking on this link:

This kit translation into Italian, French, Spanish and German will be added to this portal soon.

NOTE: These are not designed for "training" customers: they really address the need for an effective call to action for any customer you talk to who is in the early stages of exploring their options and the business benefits of a BI project, especially if they are already an Oracle applications customer (eBusiness suite, Peoplesoft, Siebel, JDE).

For more demand generation kits see another blog article "Joint Partner+Oracle Go To Market Initiatives: BI Customer Event Kits"

Thursday Oct 13, 2011

“CFO Central” and “EPM Virtual Briefing Center”

There is some great material here for you to use and point your customers towards.  The “CFO Central” portal ( ) has been exclusively conceived for CFOs to address their top challenges, priorities and strategies, with:

  • Videos “cfo-2-cfo” and interviews with their peers,
  • Case studies of Oracle deployments by the CFOs,
  • Executive CFO events delivered presentations,
  • Latest materials (white papers, analyst reports, etc.)

And the “EPM Virtual Briefing Center” (Register here  ) is a collaborative portal dedicated to both EPM (Enterprise Performance Management) and GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) – all designed to help users on their journey to Management Excellence.  Here you can share and download collateral on best practices, value propositions, demonstrations, White papers, brochures, podcasts, Customer success stories, references and videos.

Wednesday Oct 12, 2011

Oracle Business Analytics Summits Around Europe, Middle East and Africa

Oracle, the #1 provider of business analytics software, invites our customers and partners to join us for an information-packed event where you'll learn about the recently announced Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Business Intelligence Machine, the industry's first engineered system for analytics. The event will also provide valuable information about the latest trends, best practices, and innovations in business intelligence, analytics applications, and data warehousing.

If you are an IT professional involved in BI strategy, program management, systems management, architecture, or deployment, this event is for you. You'll find out about:

  • New ways of deploying and delivering business intelligence on premise, in the cloud, and on mobile devices to a diverse base of business users
  • New approaches for integrating, storing, managing, securing, and accessing your ever-growing volumes of structured and unstructured data
  • The latest strategies for dramatically increasing the ROI of your ERP and CRM deployments

Choose a city below and register for an Oracle Business Analytics Summit event near you.       


October 11

October 17

(Oracle Day)

October 18

October 19

(Oracle Day)

October 19

October 20

Kuwait City
October 26

October 26

(Oracle Day)

October 27

October 27

(Oracle Day)

October 27

(Oracle Day)

October 31

(Oracle Day)

November 1

(Oracle Day)

November 1

November 1

(Oracle Day)

November 2

November 2

(Oracle Day)

November 3

(Oracle Day)

November 8

November 8

November 10

November 10

(Oracle Day)

November 15

(Oracle Day)

November 17

November 17

Abu Dhabi
November 21

(Oracle Day)

November 22

November 30

(Oracle Day)



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