Wednesday Apr 08, 2015

Updated BI Applications v11 Test Drive Scripts

We have hosted the BI-Apps v11 Test Drive onto an Exalytics box, and have updated the Test Drive workshop manuals for the Finance, HR & Procurement Modules.

If the “Test Drive” idea is new to you, we have created for our specialised partners, the ability to run Test Drive Workshops for your customers. For example, a challenge you may be facing is how to easily show the business value of BI to a set of customers.  We find the key to achieve this is to show best in class business analytic examples specific to a business person's role and needs - e.g. "HR analytics" for HR professionals, "Spend Analytics" for procurement professionals, and so on.

These Test Drive Workshops are carefully scripted to allow a customer business person (usually not IT) to navigate for themselves around a series of dashboards and analysis targeted to show how BI can help their business and drive ROI.

Oracle hosts the demo system for this, and partners can book this facility and download the whole kit. We have different types of Test Drive such as:

    For the latest BI-Apps 11g scripts, and the Endeca test drive, you need to gain access to the Emea Analytics Partner shared folder. If you do not already have access granted (e.g. the link above does not work), then send to your logon-ID, and I will add you.

    Thursday Apr 02, 2015

    BICS Demonstration Environments

    Partners can now access BICS (OBI Business Intelligence Cloud Service) demo environments on the Oracle hosted “GSE” (Global Sales Engineering)

    However, prior to making a request, a partner must register with GSE for access to the demo systems as previously explained here at OBI Foundation Demonstration Systems for Partners.

    In summary, OPN Member Partners can Learn more and Apply for Access to GSE, and once approved can access the link to book and run “On Premise” OBI and BICS demos @

    As your partner business with BICS grows, I would recommend you will need to rent your own BICS “pod” on the Oracle Cloud, which you can then persist any demonstration, trial and POC materials you need for working with your clients, and to ensure you always have access to the very latest version of OBI on BICS. For OPN Member Partners, we are currently offering an attractive promotional rate for partners to purchase their own BICS pod for Demo purposes: for more information, contact me at

    Wednesday Mar 18, 2015

    Enterprise Performance Management Top Trends for 2015

    To get the results of the “Enterprise Performance Management Top Trends for 2015” survey, click here. You will also see there, another excellent Report, “Plan and Predict Best Practices”.

    After surveying hundreds of customers, we have put together what we see as the top Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) trends for the remainder of 2015. Please download the paper, read it and forward it on to your customers.

    Modern CFOs are successfully leveraging digital technologies in their Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) processes to transform their finance organizations and generate value for the business. So, which EPM priorities are at the top of the Finance agenda? What are the most compelling developments in big data, analytics, mobile technology, and cloud computing that motivate Finance leaders to undertake new technology initiatives? - click here.

    • Trend 1: EPM Embraces the Cloud, Speed is Key
    • Trend 2: Mobile Goes Beyond Convenience to Strategic
    • Trend 3: Big Data is Creating a New Signal for Finance
    • Trend 4: Modern Planning Practices are Becoming a Reality
    • Trend 5: Detailed Costing Practices are Needed to Stay in the Game or Get Ahead
    • Trend 6: Finance Departments need Literacy as well as Numeracy
    • Trend 7: Organizations are not Realizing the Wider Benefits of Enterprise Data Governance

    Friday Nov 28, 2014

    Partners Earn Referral Fees for Oracle Cloud Service (PBCS or BICS) Transactions

    Similar to license transactions, partners are paid on qualified referral fees for Oracle Cloud Service transactions such as for PBCS or BICS.

    In the OMM Global Policies you will find the rules and percentages for partner Referral fees for Oracle Cloud Service transactions applied to the Annual Renewable Revenue.

    Wednesday Aug 06, 2014

    Oracle Day Marketing Events In 2014

    Please join us, and encourage your clients to come for an Oracle Day event near you to get expert advice, discuss problems and opportunities with peers, and see how Oracle can help you take control of your clients' Enterprise IT future.

    These big Oracle Day marketing events will push the agenda that digital disruption is transforming the modern business environment, with technologies like cloud and Big Data presenting a fresh set of challenges—but also providing new opportunities.

    Part of the day includes a Big Data & Business Analytics Track -
    As organizations embark on digital transformation, cloud, social, mobile and big data are changing how business gets done. Discovering and predicting insights about people, places and things allows companies to compete in new and innovative ways. Learn how Oracle can help IT to be the true business partner for this transformation by creating an Information Management and Analytic capability for Big Data which allows the business to take advantage of ALL available data, blending traditional technology with new innovations, to make every decision in every part of the organization the best it can be at the moment that matters.

    Find out more plus details of an event near you – this is the current schedule:

    Austria- Vienna


    Norway - Oslo


    Belgium - Bruxell


    Poland - Warsaw


    Czech Republic- Prague


    Portugal - Lisbon


    Denmark - Copenhagen


    Romania- Bucharest


    Finland - Helsinki


    Russia - Moscow


    France - Paris


    Spain - Madrid


    Germany - Frankfurt


    Sweden - Stockholm


    Greece - Athens


    Switzerland - Geneva


    Hungary- Budapest


    Switzerland - Baden


    Ireland - Dublin


    Turkey- Istanbul


    Kazakhstan - Almaty


    UK - London


    Netherlands - Bussum


    UK - Manchester


    Wednesday Jul 09, 2014

    FY15 BI Modernisation Sales Campaign

    Oracle partners have a great opportunity to help their customers to modernise their reporting systems. We propose you work with your clients and engage to help them on this journey to migrate or re-implement their analytic reporting and dashboard needs using our modern strategic BI Foundation Suite tools such as OBI, Essbase, BI-Publisher, Mobile-BI and Scorecards.

    Some customers still use older Oracle reporting software tools, such as Discoverer, Oracle-Reports, and Hyperion-Interactive-Reporting (as was BRIO), as well as legacy products from other suppliers. These customers are missing out on the value of the Oracle R&D investment of recent years in Oracle’s strategic BI products. Also, with the rise of Big Data, In-memory Analytics, Cloud and Mobile, the world has changed since customers purchased these older solutions: they need a modern BI technology that can help them meet the challenges of this new world.

    If customers retire the older systems, then they can save on higher administration and maintenance costs and support fees, which can be invested in a modern solution delivering much more value to the business.

    Tools and Resources for Partners

    See on the materials for Better Decisions and Better Productivity.

    Being more specific, you can download a guide on why and how to Migrate Reports to BI Publisher, and here is a 3-minute video-demo on the advantages of BIP.

    The following conversion tools are available:

    • Oracle Report to BI Publisher Conversion Assistant
    • Actuate Report to BI Publisher Conversion Assistant
    • And the following white paper describes a step by step approach on how to convert a Crystal Report to BIP

    Please find the documentation on downloading and using the above tools @ the BI Publisher OTN page.

    For the full Oracle BI Foundation Suite, you can download this excellent in-depth Technical White Paper.

    You might like to see, as an example, how Oracle Consulting positions its services at:

    You might also like to check our current Oracle Lifetime Support Policies, and specifically the Lifetime Support Policy: Oracle Fusion Middleware Products (PDF).

    For some specific areas of modernisation see for example these short explanations @

    Tuesday May 13, 2014

    Endeca Self-Service Test Drive for Partners’ Clients

    Partners can use Endeca Information Discovery as an innovative, potentially disruptive, offer to set a new agenda with their c-level client contacts. Endeca can quickly reveal previously hidden patterns in a client’s business that will help them drive better customer experience and revenues, better product and service quality, reduce fraud, and increase profits.

    Seeing is believing”: just as you would always test-drive the car you want to buy, then so too, your prospects for Endeca can experience the tools hands-on to appreciate the ease of use and productivity of Enterprise Self-Service Data Discovery; empowering business users to mash up data (e.g. directly from OBI) and text sources and innovate from their own analytics journey, in balance with IT governance and control.

    This Oracle-hosted Test Drive system is available at no cost to OPN specialist partners to run their own marketing events to excite their clients about the great usability and visualisations. We are keen to help you to build your pipeline, to find new sales opportunities by running your own lead generation and marketing campaigns and so we have provided a complete Event Kit with presentation material and hosted demonstration environments to accelerate your business development.

    Partner Dowloadable Test Drive Endeca Kit - Invite your clients to your Endeca “Test Drive” event with this kit which explains how partners can run this, and book our hosted Test Drive server for a low cost, high impact marketing event.

    This kit is in the BI&EPM Partner folder of “” – if you do not yet have access to this, email your access request to providing me with your corporate email id and logon-id).

    If you need to learn more try Get Started and Learn More about Endeca Information Discovery 3.1.

    And if you want to download a VM to host the Test Drive on your own servers, then you can get the “Bic2g VM” here at UPDATED Demonstration VM for BI Partners (BIC2g 2014-03 Download).

    We also have OBI Test Drives such as:

    Tuesday Apr 01, 2014

    Simply, Optimize and Innovate with Oracle Business Analytics

    Our customers tell us they want to do three things. They want to use data and analytics to optimize their business to be more effective, simplify their business to be more efficient, and nurture innovation.

    Find out how to do this from these short ( ~ 3 minutes each ) presentations:

    Simplify your Business, (Video)

    Optimize your Business, (Video)

    and Nurture Innovation, (Video)

    with Oracle Business Analytics.

    Real-Time Decision (RTD) Management Solutions

    There is increasing value for organizations who can respond with situational awareness in real time with event-based Decision Management Systems, especially for:
    1. Real-time marketing – to give personalised offers most likely to increase revenue
    2. Proactive customer support – to deliver that superior customer experience
    3. Fraud detection – to stop and counter risk and loss
    4. Internet of Things – responding effectively to Sensor feeds

    Find out more how Oracle Partners can help their Clients with RTD, eCommerce & Insight:

    Monday Jan 13, 2014

    Finance Webcast Series for Spring 2014

    Partners are invited to attend this live Finance Webcast Series focused on EPM solutions. This is a new Q3 integrated campaign to create awareness, educate existing customers and prospects, drive demand generation and build pipeline: so please invite your clients to attend these too.

    The series will cover these topics to be introduced one per week:


    Event Date

    Event Time

    Event Name

    More information

    16 January

    14 h GMT

    15 h CET

    Oracle’s EPM innovation hub

    More information

    23  January

    14 h GMT

    15 h CET

    Finance in the Cloud, ‘where’ is the risk?

    More information

    30 January

    14 h GMT

    15 h CET

    Plan for Profitable Growth with Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service

    More information

    6 February

    14 h GMT

    15 h CET

    Financial Close and Tax Provisioning – a common DNA

    More information

    Monday Nov 18, 2013

    Marketing Campaign to Partner Clients for Smarter Decisions with Mobile Business Intelligence

    We are launching a marketing campaign to OBI customers to target the growing demand across every business for access to critical information, anytime and anywhere. Research shows that the average number of users for mobile BI applications will more than double to 34% in the next 18 months.

    As an Oracle Partner, we invite you to join this campaign by sending this template invitation to your clients, inviting them to try the demonstration sites, and to call you to implement Oracle Mobile BI for them. Just add your logo and contact details to this template invitation.

    Monday Jul 22, 2013

    Derive Business Value from Big Data Analytics

    Take a look at the new coverage for Big Data Analytics on the site:

    Hidden in all the new volumes and varieties of big data is the information your client’s need to grow revenue, cut costs, and innovate. Big data can transform your business, but you have to uncover that new insight with Big Data Analytics.

    Tuesday Jun 25, 2013

    New Oracle BI Mobile Demonstration and SampleApp V305 on OTN

    There is a new version of the Oracle BI Mobile HD app for iPhones and iPad. So download / update your App now.

    Then we have also changed the public server for hosting the Oracle BI Mobile Demonstration. This server image is based on the standard OBIEE Sample Application (V305) which you can also download as a VirtualBox Image (this is a turnkey virtual environment with full SampleAppV305 preconfigured) from OTN here.

    When your App is on your iPad, go into the “Settings” and “Add Server” to fill in the host location and access details as shown below:

    · Host =

    · Port = 7780

    · Username = Prodney

    · Password = Admin123

    · Note: SSL and SSO = OFF

    This same SampleApp V305 Demonstration server can also be accessed from your PC browser @

    Thursday May 02, 2013

    Exadata and Exalytics Proof of Concept Facilities for UK Partners

    Avnet has recently extended its Oracle Engineered Systems resources for UK partners and their customers, by providing access to localised Exadata and Exalytics Proof of Concept facilities either on site, off site or remotely via The Resource centre in Avnet’s Bracknell office.

    So if your customers are considering migrating to an Oracle appliance or looking to consolidate their environments onto a shared service, why not propose a POC to help move a decision along?

    Lee Davies, Oracle Business Unit Manager at Avnet commented “In light of Oracle seeing huge growth and strong pipeline around Oracle’s Engineered Systems offering the new Exadata and Exalytics POC facility will help our Oracle partners in the UK close more engineered systems business with their customers and generate help drive incremental revenues”

    Click here for more information

    Wednesday May 01, 2013

    Exalytics lowers the Operational Cost of Infrastructure for Business Analytics

    It is natural that when evaluating Exalytics and planning for its adoption, organisations want to be sure that they can manage it effectively on a day to day basis in the context of their existing skill sets and organisational structures. As well as radically increased performance and capacity, a significant result of architectural simplification is that Exalytics can be much simpler to manage, thus offering the potential for more agile and lower cost administration. The white papers below provide examples of simplified administration and explain how these benefits can be maximised by considering 4 key questions;

    • Is Exalytics the same as standard Oracle hardware and software?
    • People. What impact, if any, might Exalytics have on application server support organisations?
    • Process. What tasks does the Exalytics support organisation need to be able to address?
    • Technology. What are the primary tools recommended to manage Exalytics systems?

    To assist Partners, I.T. managers and senior executives, who are evaluating or planning for Exalytics deployments, to understand how to manage it as efficiently as possible and how it can fit into their support organisations and processes we have produced a white paper (Part1 below). More details of best practise for administration tasks are then also provided in the companion white paper, Managing Oracle Engineered Systems – Exalytics: Part 2 Administration Tasks and Tools.

    1. You can download these white papers from our BI & EPM Partner community Oracle fileshare...
    2. You will need your normal Oracle logon to do this.... (if you are already registered for this OPN Specialist fileshare).
    3. To get registered for this OPN Specialist fileshare, you need to be a current OPN member BI/EPM Specialist, and then to email to me your Oracle logon Userid (usually your corporate email id), so I can grant you access to it.

    Managing Exalytics Part 1 Operational Management Impact .pdf

    1.52 MB

    Managing Exalytics Part 2 Admin Tasks and Tools .pdf

    2.11 MB



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