Monday Mar 25, 2013

Endeca Information Discovery Version Release 3.0

Oracle Endeca Information Discovery 3.0 and Oracle Endeca Server 7.5 are now available on Oracle Software Delivery Cloud (eDelivery @ ).

Oracle Endeca Information Discovery (OEID) includes Endeca Information Discovery Studio, for end-user discovery and creation of discovery applications, and Endeca Information Discovery Integrator, for ingesting data into Endeca Server and discovery applications.

What’s New?

Enhanced End-User Discovery Experience 

  • Oracle Endeca Information Discovery (OEID) Studio 3.0 comes with a completely refreshed look and feel. Discovery applications are cleaner looking and more powerful than ever to maximize the discovery experience.

Improved Business Self-Service Capabilities

  • Without IT assistance, business users can upload Excel files to create personal discovery applications. Also build discovery applications on curated data sets already provisioned by IT.
  • Encourage collaboration by allowing discovery applications built both by business users and IT to be viewed and shared with appropriate security rights.
  • Improved information management capabilities, including an enhanced View Manager to make it easier for business users to create applications based on centrally defined data and metadata definitions.


  • OEID Studio 3.0 is translated and localized for 10 languages. Oracle Endeca Server 7.5 now supports data in 22 languages.

A Robust Data Discovery Platform for the Enterprise

  • OEID 3.0 is more tightly integrated with Oracle BI for more confidence in your data.  Use OEID Integrator 3.0 to connect to Oracle BI Server as a data source and spin up a new discovery application in minutes. Use the new wizard to select subject areas, tables and metadata from Oracle BI Server allowing complete alignment between Oracle BI and OEID discovery applications.
  • OEID Integrator 3.0 enhances social media and unstructured data capabilities, with a native JSON reader, new HTTP connector with OAuth support (for accessing common web service based APIs), and better Text Enrichment and Sentiment accuracy on short form text (e.g., Twitter).
  • Deploy on WebLogic 11gR1.
  • Even more powerful analytics due to many new EQL enhancements including 17 new functions and improvements to many existing functions.

Pricing note

Endeca Information Discovery pricing and packaging changes were also announced recently: for more details, see the Oracle Technology Commercial Price List, and product information at

Thursday Mar 14, 2013

Analytics Driving Customer Experience

“Customer Experience” is the other (hype) term I keep hearing everywhere these days, so here are just a few pointers to some of the interesting stuff Oracle is doing in this area and how it relates to our world of analytics.

It seems as if everyone is talking about the critical nature of measuring the effectiveness and return-on-investment of social media. Brands need to know exactly which specific data is available from Facebook, and all the other the other “social” media out there on the internet, how it can be used, and what it can deliver. So here is a short but sweet article on How Brands Can Optimize Social Strategies with Analytics.

“If you have 100,000 fans but all you know about them is that they appear to like your brand, you might be in trouble. Extracting data out of your social media efforts and analyzing it helps you pin down who cares about your brand, how they are interacting with your brand through Facebook, and how to get fans to not just like but love your brand. Analytics is the way to understand what drives your fans so they can move from passive likes to active engagement.”

Oracle acquired Vitrue in 2012 and this has injected a strong component into our overall CX (Customer Experience) story, e.g. see for example:

And then we have Endeca Discovery, which also plays in this world, and adds even more value by letting you combine this “Social” data and text from external sources (such as from DataSift), with any information internally sourced from within an organisation (e.g. from ERP, CRM and other systems). This combining of both internal and external data is where Endeca’s unique model-free analytics and text linking capabilities work their magic to deliver such powerful insights to Marketing, Sales, and Service professionals.



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