Monday May 23, 2016

Hyperion and BI Demonstration Systems hosted for Partners

If you need to get access to a demonstration environment, hosted by Oracle, then the current versions of the Hyperion EPM Applications, BI, and Cloud are available for partners to book and use to show to their clients.  These demonstrations cover all the modules including HFM, Planning and Tax provisioning: and there is a demo image which is the same as the PBCS Planning in the Cloud version, as well as OBI, BICS and BI-Apps and Data Visualisation.

These Oracle Demonstration Services are run by the Oracle Global Sales Engineering team (“GSE”).


GSE provides a platform to demo Oracle products in an enterprise setting in the way Oracle is meant to be used. We provide demos that are easily accessible and fast performing, consistent with product strategy and sales needs.

Thursday May 12, 2016

Oracle EPM Cloud is on a Roll – Introducing 3 New Services

Oracle EPM Cloud is on a roll.  With more than 1200 customers and nearly 70,000 users gained over the last two years with our Planning and Budgeting Cloud and Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud solutions, we are continuing the momentum with the availability of 3 new EPM Cloud offerings  –  Enterprise Planning CloudAccount Reconciliation Cloud, and Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud.

So what are the new Oracle EPM Cloud solutions that our customers can now take advantage of?

•    Enterprise Planning Cloud enables business owners to maintain independent plans while aligning planning processes across the enterprise —all with the ease and simplicity of the cloud—and without heavy reliance on IT.  Pre-built business process frameworks for Workforce Planning, Project Planning, Capital Asset Planning, and Financial Statements can be used by both financial and operational planners.

•    Account Reconciliation Cloud enables you to automate reconciliation tasks, support risk-based cycles, and gain real-time visibility into reconciliation performance.

•    Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud helps customers optimize the close with best practice consolidation out-of-the box, functionality to comprehensively address the extended close, and accurate and transparent reporting.

Stay tuned as we continue to add to our portfolio of EPM Cloud offerings and customer successes!

To learn more about EPM Cloud, click here

Listen and read about more EPM Cloud customer successes here

To see the full article, please follow this link:

Monday May 09, 2016

BI, EPM & Big Data in Focus May 2016


Enterprise Performance Management

Big Data and Business Intelligence

Partner Training 4-day Workshops on Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS) and Data Visualization

We invite partners to join these 4-day hands-on technical workshop for Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS) and Data Visualization Cloud Service (DVCS), Remotely (avoid travel time and travel costs by joining remotely). This hands-on workshop will be delivered at no-fee to OPN Member Partners.

This workshop consists of presentations, live demos, and hands-on laboratory exercises with the objective to help BI consultants learn how to implement Oracle BI Cloud Service for their clients.

Workshop Start dates: instructions for Remote Participation will be provided in the confirmation email.

    • 20-Jun-2016
    • 15-Aug-2016
    • 12-Sept-2016
    • 10-Oct-2016
    • 14-Nov-2016
    • 12-Dec-2016

{ Sorry, but the previously announced class “18-Jul-2016 – Remote or in-class in UK” has been cancelled: please select one of the other dates.}

The workshop will cover the following topics:


  1. Oracle Cloud Overview, BI Cloud Overview, Front end Development, Visualization, Analysis & Dashboards, Mobile
  2. Data Visualization deep-dive, Data Mash-ups, Advanced Analytics, BI Search (ASK), BICS Modeler
  3. Data Loading techniques with BICS, Remote and SaaS Data Connectors, Technical Demos, Examples, POCs and Best Practices, Roadmap
  4. Deep-dive Database Cloud Service for BICS, Lift And Shift from On-Premise to Cloud, Integrations, Oracle IaaS Overview for Admin/Developers.

System Requirements - This workshop requires attendees to provide their own laptop.

IMPORTANT: These workshops are available to selected Oracle Partners with a current OPN Gold Level or higher membership. To Register, please provide the following information to your local Alliances & Channel Manager or local Oracle A&C Enablement Contact: InClass or Remote, Partner Company, Participant's name, Participant's Corporate Email Address, Resident Country, Participant's Manager's Corporate Email Address.

Oracle A&C Enablement Contacts are:

Denmark, Finland:
Germany, Switzerland:,
Norway, Sweden:

Participation instructions will be provided together with the confirmation email.

Wednesday May 04, 2016

New in May 2016 Data Visualisation Desktop

Oracle’s Data Visualization portfolio expands further with the availability of Data Visualization on the desktop (“DVD”), making it easier and even more convenient for anyone to analyze any data, anytime, anywhere. 

Start now - Download DVD now from OTN (522Mb) and install to start working with your data in as little as 15 minutes.

Get an easy-to-use desktop capability that is part of a complete visual analytics solution to meet all your needs, from individuals to the entire organization, for IT and the business.

Grow as you go by using DV in the cloud (DVCS) or on the desktop (DVD), or both – whatever best suits your needs now, and in the future.

A key element in Oracle’s analytics strategy, Data Visualization Desktop (DVD) is a standalone capability that provides rich, consumer-style analytics, including intelligent data visualization, self-service data discovery, visual storytelling, and predictive analysis, as well as out-of-the-box access to numerous data sources and built-in data preparation.  Highlights and benefits include:

Easy, Engaging Visual Analytics: Oracle Data Visualization (DV) blends drag-and-drop simplicity with powerful analytics, making it fun and easy for anyone to blend, visualize, and gain new insight from their data.  DVD makes visual analytics even more accessible through a quick download and install, allowing anyone to have a local best-in-class visual analytics capability that includes new visualizations, free form layouts, custom coloring and highlighting, and more.  See here the new features video.

Anytime, Anywhere:  DVD complements DVCS, BICS, and BI 12c, making the same rich experience and technology available for personal use on the desktop.  DVD is ideal for organizations that are still sorting out their cloud strategy, offering easy access to visual analytics that creates a natural bridge between premises and cloud.  Equally, it offers cloud customers a simple solution for local analytics, enabling people to work anywhere they need to.    

Push-Button Data Management:  Point-and-click data blending allows users to blend data from a variety of sources – Oracle and other SaaS applications, on-premises systems, external sources and personal files, including:  OTBI/E, Oracle database, Spark, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, Teradata, Redshift, Hive, Impala, MongoDB, SybaseIQ, and Salesforce.  DVD also offers integrated data preparation capabilities, enabling anyone to quickly clean and enhance data as it is loaded, as well as export to CSV files.

Predictive Analytics:  Analytics has progressed from providing oversight to offering insight, and now to enabling foresight.   Oracle Data Visualization supports that progression, delivering embedded predictive capabilities that enable anyone to see trend lines and other visuals with a click, and extend their analysis using a free R download. 

“Buy 1 Get 1 Free”:  DVD is packaged at no extra cost with DVCS and BICS, so customers who subscribe to those services receive a matching number of DVD licenses at no extra charge.  On premises, customers license Oracle Data Visualisation for $1250 per named user (minimum lowered to 1), and receive both DV for OBI12c and DVD; when OBI12c and DV are licensed by processor, customers get 80 licenses of DVD per processor, again at no extra charge.

Resources to help you include:


Monday May 02, 2016

Update Webcast on Planning & Budgeting Cloud Service

Dear Partner,

The next webcast will provide you the roadmap and status update on Planning & Budgeting Cloud Service and will take place this week on Wednesday May 4th at 4 pm UK / 5 pm CET

May 4th at 4 pm UK / 5 pm CET: PBCS Update

• Status Update on PBCS including customer implementations.
• Roadmap Update with particular focus on the upcoming release of PBCS.
• Open floor for questions on PBCS, integration, roadmap and any topic related to PBCS.
Join webcast

Oracle Speaker: Shankar Viswanathan
Director Product Management, Oracle

Monday Apr 18, 2016

Partner Webcast: Adding value to your current offering with Oracle Data Visualisation Cloud Service

Watch the recorded Webcast (originally on 19th May) – or share it with a colleague.


“This is a superb tool for gaining the interest of key business executives in our customers, from which further business expansion opportunities will arise.”

What we will cover

Oracle Data Visualisation Cloud Service (DVCS) is a powerful user friendly tool which can complement your existing offerings and help you to maximize the value for your customers of your solutions with powerful visual analytics and storytelling. A business user can easily connect to Oracle SaaS Applications & Databases and ‘mash-up’ Excel files to provide them with the ability to gain valuable business insight.

It’s a very simple and easy, yet powerful way of being seen to add value without complexity to your customers, whilst being very cost effective at $150 / Named User / Month, 5 user minimum.

This session will explore how DVCS can help complement the value of your offerings through:

Delivering powerful visual analytics accessible to your business users

  • Quickly uncovering and sharing hidden patterns and actionable insights
  • Visual storytelling. 100% self-service on every device
  • Exploiting the data in your solution via the connectors to Oracle SaaS Applications, Databases & Excel Files

The session will include both presentation and live demo and will give you the capability to develop simple business related offerings relevant to your customers and talk them through its benefits.


This session is aimed at all Oracle Partners - To register for this event please click here.

And please Tell Your Customers about Data Visualisation

And access collateral from the DVCS Sales Campaign tools – Partner Folder *

(*To download, you need to gain access to the Emea Analytics Partner shared folder. If you do not already have access granted (e.g. the link above does not work), then send to your logon-ID, and I will add you.)

Wednesday Apr 13, 2016

BI, EPM & Big Data in Focus April 2016


Enterprise Performance Management

Big Data and Business Intelligence

New Big Data Appliance BDA X6-2

The Big Data Appliance X6-2 is designed to meet the demands of evolving big data workloads which are less batch-oriented and increasingly near-real-time; delivering more value at the same price as prior models.

In-memory workloads are largely driven by the emergence of Spark as a processing engine and innovative new applications and discovery tools like Oracle Big Data Discovery.  With 20% more cores and twice the memory, BDA X6-2 is optimized to meet the rigorous demands of the new processing frameworks.

Enterprise Performance Management Top Trends for 2016

Download this survey to find out the key trends in the way Finance leaders are implementing and using Cloud computing for EPM. Many CFOs are successfully leveraging Cloud technology in their Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) processes to transform their finance organizations and generate value for the business.

  • Trend 1: Enterprise Performance Management Hits the Big Time
  • Trend 2: ‘Planning and Budgeting’ is the EPM Beachhead to Cloud
  • Trend 3: The Future is Even More Planning in the Cloud
  • Trend 4: EPM Goes Straight to the Cloud
  • Trend 5: EPM is Better in the Cloud
  • Trend 6: Perceptions Change Once You have Moved to the Cloud
  • Trend 7: Cloud Drivers and Benefits are not the Same
  • Trend 8: Cloud is an EPM Enabler
  • Trend 9: Culture is the Surprise Enemy of the Cloud


Tuesday Apr 12, 2016

How to Sell your Partner BICS Solution Offer with the Oracle Sales Team

Internal to Oracle, we have a portal repository for the use of the global Oracle Business Analytics Sales Team, so they can easily find Analytics Cloud Partner Solutions (the “Analytics Cloud Partner Solutions Portal”).  This is private within Oracle to protect any partner ideas and confidential information: although it can of course also include any public information too (such as URLs to your web-site).

The portal holds details of all BICS & DVCS offerings from Partners that wish to collaborate with the Oracle sales team; and you can input and update your information to this portal. These Partner solution offerings can be, for example, quick start implementation services, and provide some pre-built content or “Apps”, built in BICS or DVCS, maybe with connectors to applications (ERP, CRM, HR...) that partners can implement to provide customers with a fast path to value.

Oracle Sales people select an area (e.g. EMEA from the regions menu) ... And then filter on multiple values including things such as Country, Industry, Data sources and so on.... These Oracle Sales people can then contact the partner to approach customers and to do joint marketing campaigns.

So, if you want to sell your Partner BICS Solution Offer with the Oracle Sales Team, then download this Partner Cloud Solutions Portal - Info Needed Guide.pptx * and send us your solution offers in the templates provided, and our sales team can then find you and introduce you to their customers.

* To download, you need to gain access to the Emea Analytics Partner shared folder. If you do not already have access granted (e.g. the link above does not work), then send to your logon-ID, and I will add you.

Friday Apr 08, 2016

Planning in the Cloud Webcast Series

Dear Oracle EPM Partner,

We have the pleasure to invite you to attend our Planning in the Cloud Update Webcast Series.

The next webcast will provide you the roadmap and status update on Planning & Budgeting Cloud Service

April 18th at 4 pm UK / 5 pm CET: PBCS Update

• Status Update on PBCS including customer implementations.
• Roadmap Update with particular focus on the upcoming release of PBCS.
• Open floor for questions on PBCS, integration, roadmap and any topic related to PBCS.
Join webcast

Oracle Speaker: Shankar Viswanathan
Director Product Management, Oracle

You can also view the replays of the previous sessions!

1- EPBCS Introduction

• Introduction to Enterprise PBCS
• Financial Statement Planning business process
Play Offering

Oracle Speaker: Marc Seewald
Senior Director Product Management, Oracle

2- Workforce Planning in E-PBCS

• The new Workforce Planning module

1. Workforce Planning model
2. Strategic Workforce Planning model

Play Offering

Oracle Speaker: Mark Rinaldi
Director Product Management, Oracle

3- Project Financial Planning & Asset Planning in E-PBCS

• Project Financial Planning module
• Asset Planning module
Play Offering

Oracle Speaker: Marc Seewald
Senior Director Product Management, Oracle

If you need any additional information please send an email to Olivier Bernard.

Tuesday Apr 05, 2016

Announcing Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service for Real-time Data Replication

Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service is the much awaited real-time data streaming cloud service that builds on top of Oracle industry-leading data replication technology.

Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service is pre-integrated with Oracle Database Cloud Service and can move data from various sources including Amazon RDS for Oracle.

Cloud platforms offer customers a secure, flexible and affordable choice to run their solutions and infrastructure. Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service is the first step to moving data in real time from on-premise heterogeneous databases to the Oracle Cloud so that your customer’s cloud-based analytics solutions (BICS) and data warehouses have the latest live data to work with.


Monday Apr 04, 2016

Big Data Discovery Technical Training Workshops

These scheduled Big Data Technical Training Workshops, are free to all EMEA OPN Partners:

Oracle Big Data Implementation LVC April 2016 - from 14 April, 2016

This is a “Live Virtual Class” which you can attend remotely from anywhere in EMEA: and is scheduled to run over three days - 14 April, 2016 plus 21 April, 2016 plus 28 April, 2016 – you should attend all three days for the full course.

Oracle Big Data Discovery (BDD) 1.1 hands-on 2-day workshop – UK, Apr 14 - Apr 15, 2016 

In this technical hands-on workshop, you will use BDD to start with a visual catalog of data in Hadoop to quickly see data sets, then explore it to understand its shape, quality and overall potential. You will be able to transform and enrich data in Hadoop, without complicated modeling or programming, simplifying prep and then combine data sets with search and navigation to visualize new insights.

Wednesday Mar 23, 2016

Oracle Data Integrator and GoldenGate Training

Oracle Data Integrator is a key strategic resource for an Oracle Big Data or Analytics partner. It is Oracle’s strategic ELT tool for BI-Apps v11, for Hybrid Cloud, and for an integrated Big Data architecture: and has strong technical advantages over competitive tools to provide better productivity and performance speed.

You can download a pre-built VM environment to trial ODI and Golden gate with the Oracle Big Data Lite 4.4 VM to see how it integrates Hadoop and Databases.

To learn more, select briefings and by-example hands-on tutorials from the Learning Library – here are some examples:

There are also lots of tutorials on YouTube, and there is also further Oracle University training available.



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