Tuesday Jan 26, 2016

BI, EPM & Big Data in Focus January 2016


Enterprise Performance Management

Big Data and Business Intelligence

Support of BI-Apps with OBI 12c

Note there are new My Oracle Support Knowledge Articles for Oracle Business Intelligence Applications (OBIA) to provide information for those of you who are planning a technical OBI 12c upgrade for your customers of BI-Apps (using OBIA or OBIA / with Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE)

The notes discuss how to perform the 'Out of Place Upgrade' of OBIEE to ensure compatibility:

New Knowledge Articles: Support of BIApps with OBIEE 12c

  • OBIA Support of BI Applications with OBIEE 12.2.1(12C)  Doc ID 2087632.1
  • OBIA 11g: Support of BI Applications 11g[ &] with OBIEE 12.2.1(12C) Doc ID 2084688.1


OBI 12C Modernisation Sales Campaign for Partners

Join us for a live webcast and Q&A for OBI partners on TUESDAY 16th FEBRUARY 2016 - 9:00 UK / 10:00 CET, to hear how you can take advantage of our OBI 12c Modernisation Campaign, working with our sales team on the opportunity to upgrade and up-sell to your clients.

What’s New

Your clients will want to upgrade quickly to OBI 12c to get the enhancements across the entire platform, as well as getting the new add on Data Visualization capabilities for business users – see more at OBI 12c Major Release is Available.

In the meantime, you can also See and Try Oracle Data Visualisation to Re-Boot your partner Business and see other resources such as:

We have also scheduled a BI 12c Customer Webcast – so please get your clients to attend this at 11.00 UK time, on 8th March 2016 ( Registration Landing Page ).

Wednesday Jan 06, 2016

See and Try Data Visualisation for Big Data

By now you have probably already looked at how you can See and Try Oracle Data Visualisation to Re-Boot your Business, and maybe you are thinking how can you do this for your clients who have complex problems with large amounts of data in many different varieties of formats, probably with lots of text and documents (email, call-centre notes, asset maintenance logs, click streams, twitter, facebook…).

Maybe these clients have already started with Hadoop, but would like to be more productive in their “Data Science” and need to show their business executives some visual stories about the “big data” and how this can create business value.

To start with you can still use Oracle Data Visualisation to access data in Hadoop – for instance see this video demonstration @ OBI 12.2.1 : Visual Analyzer on Big Data. Here the information being used is joining database sets with structured data on Hadoop.

For un-structured, messy data, text information, and where the number of data-sets is large and being acquired so fast that your teams are finding it hard to define structures and prioritise where to start… then you need Oracle Big Data Discovery (BDD) to pre-analyse, mash-up, clean-up, and visualize the many different data sets together – and then to share your evolving insights and analysis with business analysts who can see the value and prioritise further work.

  1. For example I suggest you start with Getting Started with Oracle Big Data Discovery – Module 2: Process Overview (maybe even skip to 2.30 minutes into this video …).
  2. Then review the whole Oracle Big Data Discovery Playlists,
  3. And to download your own VM image with Hadoop, Oracle DB12c and BDD 1.1.1 try Download VM Oracle Big Data Lite 4.2.1 Including Big Data Discovery
  4. And then check back to Partners’ Get-Started-Kit with Oracle Big Data and Analytics and more articles at big and advanced.


For partners, we are running a series of 2-day technical training workshops on Big Data Discovery in EMEA (e.g. in UK), so look out to join these in your or nearby countries.

Hopefully this will get you more productive in your Big Data Science practices and help you visualize a greater variety of solutions and business value for your clients: or even just to make Hadoop a lot easier for your consultants to exploit.

Monday Jan 04, 2016

Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Training Workshops

This FREE to OPN member partners live virtual workshop is delivered by Oracle Development, and in one day will cover partner services needed for implementing Oracle EPRCS.

  • Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Workshop 2016 dates: Register Here

Jan 18th or  Jan 28th

Feb 11th  or  Feb 25th

March 8th  or    March 22nd

This training event is targeted to Oracle partners whose business roles involve implementation consulting, and support. While product messaging and positioning are covered upfront as background, core focus is on technical and functional aspects of Oracle EPRCS. The main objective is to learn what is needed to successfully implement Oracle EPRCS – how to create and manage report packages, coordinate and collaborate with multiple participants via the web and Microsoft Office, and create and deploy optional EPRCS application and dimensional analytic models to move data into the cloud to create and publish report packages.

To familiarize yourself prior to this live training, see these on-demand tutorials –

Wednesday Dec 23, 2015

1-Day Sales Workshop for Oracle Partners on Data Visualization and Modern Analytics

9th February 2016 in UK – Click here for more information – Free to all OPN Partners in EMEA

Business users want Self Service data Visualization and analytics where they can quickly mash-up their data with integrated enterprise data from ERP systems and data warehouses and Big Data. Combining this with an explosion in the variety and quantity of data, traditional IT approaches are struggling to keep up with costs and skills.

In this 1-Day Workshop for Oracle Partners we will present and demonstrate how Oracle is successfully selling solutions that rapidly deliver business value, and help our existing customer base to modernise and exploit their current investments in Oracle products and expand into new technologies such as Hadoop.

Partners can seize this great opportunity for self-service Data Visualisation by prototyping and showing visual stories to their clients; convincing them on the agility and depth of analysis the partner can deliver with an integrated Oracle architecture.

Click here for more information – Free to all OPN Partners in EMEA

To prepare yourself you can preview some of the new visualization tools such as:

  1. See and Try Oracle Data Visualisation to Re-Boot your Business
  2. And see Oracle Big Data Discovery Demos
  3. There are also many BICS tutorials @ BI Cloud Service - Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service DocumentationVideos and Tutorials.

Tuesday Dec 22, 2015

BI, EPM & Big Data in Focus December 2015


Enterprise Performance Management

Big Data and Business Intelligence

See and Try Oracle Data Visualisation to Re-Boot your Business

2016 will re-boot your Oracle analytics business with the new Data Visualisation.  You can captivate your clients by exploiting the revolutionary ease of use and simplicity of deployment in the new Oracle data visualisation software and cloud services. Partners can deliver rich services to help setup and exploit rapid deployments for Data Visualisation, and then expand in many directions to enrich this initial project with the full stack of integrated Oracle analytics solutions.

Demonstrate and Learn about these most recent Oracle BI and Data Visualisation capabilities with more than 30 short videos arranged into playlists at YouTube-BI-Tech-Demos. These include:

  1. Try the software, by downloading the pre-built VM @ Demo OBI 12c and Visual Analyzer with SampleApp v511 Download,
  2. Or you can request a trial on the cloud with BICS and visual analyzer for yourself or your clients with the “Try it >” button @ Oracle BI Cloud Service (BICS),
  3. Or subscribe to the Data Visualization Cloud Service (DVCS) for $150 / Named User / Month with a 5 user minimum.

Oracle 'Fly High' Cloud Training Series for Oracle EMEA Partners

To continue supporting the Cloud Hypergrowth and to engage next year 2016 in the starting blocks, we are happy to launch new webcasts as part of Fly High Cloud Training Series.

These sessions provide our Partner Executive, Sales and Service Leaders with a clear update on the cloud opportunity with Oracle.

Each session covers the market evolution, our leading offerings and our recommendation to you on how to monetize Cloud and evolve your business model to become a Cloud Partner.

Please mark your calendar today and do not miss our EPM webcast on January 14th at 9 am UK / 10 am CET.

Register Now

Enterprise Performance Management – Replay of Strategy & Roadmap Update Webcasts

Dear EPM partners,

Following the live webcasts delivered by Andreea Vasiliu early December to present our strategy and roadmap for EPM solutions, we have the pleasure to now share with you the replay links for both sessions.

Replay Strategy & Roadmap update - Planning domain

Replay Strategy & Roadmao update - Financial Close Domain

Please have a look and learn about the latest EPM product news and strategy moving forward.

Monday Dec 21, 2015

Demo OBI 12c and Visual Analyzer with SampleApp v511 Download

The latest OBI SampleApp v511 prebuilt Virtual Box image includes OBIEE 12c, Visual Analyzer, Advanced Analytics & Oracle Database 12c. It provides numerous examples of OBI 12c capabilities, and includes the new features and capabilities of the OBI 12.2.1 release.

This SampleApp is a complete BI virtualized environment for demonstrating Oracle BI solutions. It provides a fully self-contained and configured environment with a comprehensive out of the box collection of examples to demonstrate Oracle BI capabilities, product integrations, and design best practices, including:

  • Visual Analyzer Projects
    • Numerous Visual Analyzer features and functional examples
  • Mashups & XSA datasets
    • Numerous external Mash-up demo datasets & examples
    • Joining datasets, persisting BI reports as datasets
  • BI 12c Native Advanced Analytics
    • Native Advanced Analytics Function Examples in VA and in Answers
    • R/ORE integration, R visualizations embedding in dashboards
  • For additional information refer to the whats new in SA 511 document via the OTN download page.

INSTALLATION - Download SampleApp v511 from OTN

  • To assist in getting started, installing and starting the services for Sample App v511 refer to the Quick Deployment Guide
  • For further assistance in getting started, visit the Oracle BI TechDemo YouTube video Step by Step demo on how to deploy this release. This 4 minute video demonstrates how to download, deploy, setup and run the Sample App v511.

Tuesday Dec 01, 2015

Enterprise Performance Management – Strategy & Roadmap Update Webcasts

Dear Oracle EPM Partner,

We have the pleasure to invite you to attend our coming EPM Strategy & Roadmap Update Webcasts that will take place on December 9th and 10th.

These Webcasts will take place as follow :

· December 9th at 2 pm UK / 3 pm CET Add to Calendar

Planning Domain

- Update on PBCS

- Introduction to Enterprise PBCS

- Introduction to Essbase Cloud Service

Join Webcast

· December 10th at 2 pm UK / 3 pm CET Add to Calendar

Financial Close Domain

- Update on EPRCS

- Introduction to Financial Consolidation & Close Cloud Service (FCCS), Account Reconciliation Cloud Service (ARCS), Tax Provision and Reporting Cloud Service (TPRCS)

Join Webcast

Oracle Speaker: Andreea Vasiliu, EPM Product Strategy

Both webcasts will be recorded and the replay will be made available shortly after.

Tuesday Nov 03, 2015

BI, EPM & Big Data in Focus November 2015


Enterprise Performance Management

Big Data and Business Intelligence

Test Drives for BDD and BICS

We have updated the Test Drive kits for partners to run their own marketing events for their clients covering either BI Cloud Service and Visual Analyzer, or Big Data Discovery.

If the “Test Drive” idea is new to you, we have created for our specialised partners, the ability to run Test Drive Workshops for your customers. For example, a challenge you may be facing is how to easily show the business value of analytics to a set of customers.  We find the key to achieve this is to show best in class business analytic examples specific to a business person's role and needs - e.g. "HR analytics" for HR professionals, "Self-service Visual Analysis” for any business person, or “Big Data Discovery” for business analysts and data scientists.

These Test Drive Workshops are carefully scripted to allow a customer business person (usually not IT) to navigate for themselves around a series of dashboards and analysis targeted to show how analytics can help their business and drive ROI.

Oracle hosts the demo system for test drives, except for those that use BICS (where a partner needs to use their own BICS pod subscription). To access these, you need to gain access to the Emea Analytics Partner shared folder. If you do not already have access granted (e.g. the links below do not work), then send to Mike.Hallett@Oracle.com your Oracle.com logon-ID, and I will add you.

Partners can download these kits and guides for test drives such as:

We ourselves at Oracle are running these test drives for our customers, and you may wish to invite your clients to attend these too, for example we have these in the near future in the UK:

Big Data Discovery Hands-on Workshop

19 November 2015 - London

Big Data is at the heart of today’s digital economy. Rapidly understanding and harnessing this Data Capital is key to remaining competitive. Join us for a hands-on workshop to experience how Oracle Big Data Discovery unlocks your Data Capital.

Unleashing the Business User

BI Cloud Service Hands-on Workshop

11 November 2015 - London

Join us for a hands-on workshop looking at Oracle BI Cloud Service. Discover how your organisation can simplify operations with a comprehensive solution that decreases the number of analytics tools in use, deliver more value faster with a 100% cloud based platform and also reduce risk with a secure solution.

Financial Analytics & Procurement Analytics Hands-on Workshop

17 November 2015 - London

Experience Oracle’s Financial Analytics and Procurement & Spend Analytics hands-on, explore their prebuilt business metrics and reports, and see how they can help you to get the insight your organization needs to make better, informed decisions. Now also including information on the road to Fusion.

HR Analytics Workshop

Driving Return on Human Capital Investment

18 November 2015 - London

This hands-on event will introduce you to the power of Oracle’s Human Resources Analytics. Hear how HR Analytics can drive return on human capital investment through real time reporting on your organisation’s most valuable asset – its people. See for yourself how HR Analytics (available on premise or on cloud) can deliver dashboards, KPI’s and alerts for the business and HR. Find out how multiple HR data sources can be consolidated and reported upon.

Monday Nov 02, 2015

BICS Partner Training 2-day Workshops

We are running more “BI Cloud Service” BICS workshops which are 2 or 3 days in-class, or alternatively can be remotely attended as a web-class; consisting of presentations, live demos, and hands-on laboratory exercises with the objective to help BI consultants learn how to implement BICS for their clients.

Start Dates

Week days


Country Contact



ES, Madrid




UAE, Dubai




GE, Munich




SE, Stockholm


To register, please provide the following information for all people from your company wishing to attend, to your local Oracle A&C channel manager contact: Workshop, Workshop date, Partner Company, Participant's name, Participant's Corporate Email. Participation instructions will be provided together with the confirmation email. If you do not know your local contact, then please address your registration request to the above country contact. More information is here @ Details.

Prerequisites - This workshop requires attendees to provide their own laptop. Students are expected to know the following before attending the training:



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