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How Blockchain Could Help Prevent College Admissions Scandals

Keith Rajecki
Vice President Public Sector, Education & Research


Despite all the recent news coverage of the latest admissions scandal, the bribing, cheating, and falsifying of information to gain admission into educational institutions is not new. While higher educational institutions have implemented policies and procedures for affirmative action, these policies don't do enough to ensure a fair admissions practice. This also does not apply to private primary and secondary educational institutions that don't have open admissions.

Compounding the problem with college admissions, prospective students are applying to twice as many schools today as they were just a few years ago. Combine this with the cost of college recruiting and disaster ensues. So how do educational institutions prevent admissions schemes and reduce the cost of college recruiting while ensuring student success? One option some institutions are considering is using blockchain technology to secure and validate student achievement, academic records, and accomplishments.

Some colleges and universities have been using blockchain independently since early 2015 to record academic achievements. More colleges are starting to use blockchain for verification of student degrees. For example, Central New Mexico Community College provides every new graduate with their diploma and academic information authenticated and recorded in blockchain. Using blockchain, the college creates tamper-proof records. The blockchain records are replicated on multiple servers throughout participating organizations to preserve information. Anyone authorized to access information on that blockchain (which might include, recruiters, admissions officers, or coaches) could verify whether the student’s academic and athletic achievements are legitimate.

Oracle Blockchain Platform can enable school districts, colleges, and universities to prevent admissions scandals by changing the way we manage and share student records. Oracle Blockchain Platform can securely extend the admissions application process while enabling recruiters to increase yield in college admissions and reduce costs. Find out how blockchain can help improve student credentials and admissions process with the Oracle Blockchain Essentials Guide.

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  • John Tuohy Wednesday, March 27, 2019
    Good article! Given that part of the university admissions scandal involved lying about achievements in primary and secondary school, e.g. playing sports, starting the Blockchain in primary school would make it an even more powerful tool for validation.
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