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The Oracle Workflow Business Event System is an application service that provides event-subscription model in E-Business suite. It enables registering interesting business events that occur in an application and create subscriptions to those events to be executed when the event occurs. Business Event System also leverages the Oracle Advanced Queuing (AQ) infrastructure to communicate business events between systems.Uses of Business Event System include
  • Message-based system integration
Propagate business event messages from one system to another. Messages can be propagated to other Oracle Databases through AQ propagation or consumed by external middle tier applications from the AQ.
  • Business event-based workflows
Trigger workflows as a result of a business event occurrence and consume the business event parameters and data in the workflow process
  • Non-invasive customization of packaged applications
Loose coupling between the application raising the business event and the application subscribing to the event. Custom subscriptions can be added for seeded business events without modification to packaged applications.
With above features, Business Event System is a lightweight and powerful layer that enables seamless integration between application within E-Business Suite and with applications outside E-Business suite. Following are some of the SOA based features built on top of Business Event System.

Business Events in EBS Adapter

E-Business Suite Adapter is a component of Oracle SOA Suite 10g and 11g that is available from JDeveloper and SOA Suite middle tier to help integrate with E-Business Suite 11i and R12. EBS Adapter can consume a variety of E-Business suite interfaces that are defined in Integration Repository in R12.

Business Event is one of the EBS interfaces that EBS Adapter can consume inbound. A business event occurrence in E-Business Suite can be communicated to Oracle SOA Suite through EBS Adapter that can in turn be used to initiate a BPEL process or an ESB routing service.

PULL mechanism

From SOA processing perspective, the usage of business event by EBS Adapter can be considered a PULL mechanism wherein the EBS Adapter dequeues the message from WF_BPEL_Q in E-Business suite database to SOA processing in Oracle SOA Suite.


Business Events in Integrated SOA Gateway

As described in earlier posts in this blog, Integrated SOA Gateway is an integral part of Oracle E-Business suite R12.1 that service-enables E-Business suite by exposing E-Business suite interfaces such as PL/SQL, XML Gateway, Concurrent Program and so on as Web Services. Integration Repository is the source of truth for E-Business suite interfaces and also a console for service enablement.

  • Business Event as an Interface in Integration Repository
In Oracle E-Business Suite R12.1, business events are exposed as interface in Integration Repository that Integration Administrators can subscribe to for integration with external systems. By clicking Subscribe button in the business event interface details page in Integration Repository, an event subscription is automatically created as follows.

Source Type - Local
Rule Function - WF_RULE.Default_Rule

In Business Event System this means when that event occurs, enqueue it to WF_BPEL_QAGENT. As to what dequeues from WF_BPEL_QAGENT is left to the implementers. For example, if there is a SOA Suite deployment, AQ Adapter could be used to dequeue the event message and used in SOA processes.

This use-case is synonymous to how business events are dequeued from EBS Adapter but the purpose of exposing business events in Integration Repository and providing ability to create an event subscription is generic in nature. The target consumer in this case could be any AQ client like AQ Adapter or a simple Java program.
  • Business Event as enabler for Web Service Invocation
Integrated SOA Gateway in Oracle E-Business Suite R12.1 provides ability to invoke web services that could reside anywhere on the intranet or internet. This is called Service Invocation Framework (SIF) that has capability to consume a web service given the location of the WSDL and invoke a selected operation on a service defined in that WSDL. SIF essentially is a SOAP client available within E-Business Suite R12.1 that can be used by E-Business Suite products to invoke any standard web service.

How is SIF implemented?

SIF is a layer within Oracle Workflow Business Event Sytem. Given that the business event system is a proven integration methodology in E-Business Suite, the SIF is implemented using event-subscription model as follows.
  • Create an invoker business event
  • Create an Invoke Web Service subscription by consuming the WSDL
  • Raise the invoker business event with appropriate payload to invoke the Web Service
The usage of business event here is purely as a SOAP client to invoke a web service that resides elsewhere. Please read a previous post on SIF in the same blog.

PUSH mechanism

From SOA processing perspective, the usage of business event sytem here is to send a SOAP request to a web service. This can be considered a PUSH mechanism wherein the business event system initiates SOA processing by acting as a SOAP client within E-Business suite.



  • Subscribe action from Integration Repository's Business Event interface details page does not have any impact on Service Invocation Framework. SIF and Integration Repository are two separate functionality.
  • SIF is simple SOAP client built using Business Event System. It does not send any Web Service payload by itself. You have to build and pass all required headers and input to the Web Service as per Web Service operation's definition in WSDL.

The blog gives a clear and succinct information on how Business Event System (BES), in Oracle E-Business Suite, is used for EBS Adapter and for Integrated SOA Gateway.

Posted by Dilbagh Singh on February 22, 2010 at 04:33 AM IST #

Excellent writeup. I was looking for difference between EBS adapter and SOA Gateway and your post hit the nail on the head. Beautiful !. Thanks, Amit

Posted by Amit on March 19, 2010 at 05:00 AM IST #

Interesting article. I have one question. But how can we define WF_BPEL_Q table, agent and business event in Oracle EBS 11i?

Posted by Bibhu on February 23, 2011 at 09:33 PM IST #

Hello Bibhu, WF_BPEL_Q is Advanced Queue that is defined as a Business Event Agent WF_BPEL_QAGENT. The definition of this agent is done as part of creating Oracle Applications Adapter partnerlink in your BPEL process or composite application. Business Events in Oracle EBS 11i are already pre-defined by Oracle EBS products or custom created by the Customer. Creation of Business Events is an action specific to EBS whereas creating WF_BPEL_Q and WF_BPEL_QAGENT to consume it is a Oracle Applications Adapter (SOA Suite) specific action. Hope this helps. Thanks Vijay

Posted by Vijay Shanmugam on February 24, 2011 at 12:12 AM IST #

Hello, we are looking to write program which can read the events generated in ebs. Can you point to appropriate documentation /examples to do this ?


Posted by Rahul Patel on July 28, 2011 at 07:13 PM IST #

What product is better when choosed between the oracle ebs soa gateway and ebs adapter ?
Is there any proformance different between the two way?

Posted by liuliu on December 28, 2011 at 09:15 AM IST #

Post is clear with respect to explanation but I was interested to know if there is any diff in both the approaches, I mean what is the diff using Business Event Subscription using Oracle Application Adapter vs SOA Gateway approach
It would be helpful if you can share your view on this..

Posted by guest on January 06, 2012 at 09:35 PM IST #

Nice Article. This article clarified my few doubts...


Posted by guest on June 21, 2012 at 12:51 AM IST #

Hi Vijay,

Are the Oracle EBS pre-defined Business Events documented somewhere?


Posted by W Brian Leonard Sr on October 16, 2012 at 03:10 AM IST #

Hi, Vijay

I am on functional side, so it will be very helpful if you can provide some examples of when or how business event, business adapter, SOA gateway can be used?

Posted by David on September 03, 2014 at 09:04 AM IST #

We want to develop custom PL/SQL packages that we plan to make as webservices via SOA Gateway. We have done POC and it works. Questions is, can we create these webservcies with out any Business Event context? The webservices we want to create are more to read from EBS by a Thirdparty tools and has nothing to do with any EBS business event, hence this question...

Posted by guest on May 20, 2015 at 11:46 PM IST #

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